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"A 'Perfect' Life"

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A boy named Frankie lives in what we would call an "alternate" universe. He lives ina world where everyone and eveything is perfect. Everyone is succesful. There is no hate, no murder, no fighting,...

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CRAZY- by Emily Tolliver

(This is to all my friends that have suffered problems in their lives: Livy, Bianca, Cherie, and Rachel)

"I loved where I once lived. Now I can't find my way home, sadly. I am in this horrible 'alternate universe'. 'Alternate' to me, complete reality to everyone else. Although I shouldn't complain, if it wasn't for my "curiosity" I wouldn't be in this terrible place. I know exactly what landed me here. I can relay everything I am suffering right now to that one night- the night of my 15th birthday. The night I made that imprudent wish. The one thing- and biggest thing I regret in my life. It changed everything. It ruined my family, demolished my education, and broke my life."

It all happened on my 15th birthday, I was walking home from school watching people live their happy lives and I just felt somehow empty. Like something was missing in my life -my ideal life- the perfect life everyone else lived. Nothing was missing in it, I had everything. I made it into my house and my parents greeted me with exhilaration, and excitement. We had a wonderful party with my parents, my sister, some friends, and me. After the festivities I ventured off to my room and isolated myself. My sister detected my detachment and commented.
"Frankie," She said. "What's wrong?" I set down the magazine I was reading on the side of the bed.
"I don't know, Francine." I said. "I just feel like something is missing." She looked at me than sat next to me on my bed.
"Frankie," She said. "I know what you're going through. Only this happened on my 16th birthday. You see, when I turned sixteen I lost my ignorance. I realized the truth about the world."
"Which is?" I asked.
"It is a boring miserable world." She answered.
"Miserable?" I asked. "But everything is so happy! Everyone is successful, everyone has a great family, people are not dying, and everyone has a happy life. Why would I be miserable?!" My sister cleared her throat.
"Frankie, think about what you just said: 'everything is happy! Everyone is successful, everyone has a good family, and everyone has a happy life.' How can you be happy with what you got when everyone else has got it too?" She explained.
I didn't quite understand what she was explaining to me. "I don't understand, Francine." I said. She sighed.
"Here." She said. She got up and walked into her room, which conjoined with mine. She came back with a blue and yellow book. It had the stars and moon on the cover. "This is a book by my favorite author: Charles Stevenson. It is called: 'Another Galaxy'. It is about a world he discovered, which he called 'horrific paradise'. He woke up one day and found himself no longer here but in a world where people weren't happy, people weren't successful, people didn't have good families, people did die, and people didn't lead a happy life. However he somehow found it happier then the world we live in. He established a living in this world and started to launch a happy, successful life. In no way was it perfect but that was what made him the happiest. Sometimes he wished he never came, but he quickly recovered and was very very happy." She elucidated. Yet again I wasn't 100% with her on the subject.
" I don't understand." I said. "Why would he be happy and successful in a place where no one was either happy nor successful?"
"THAT'S JUST IT!" She exclaimed. "People were happy and successful! Just a lot of people weren't, others were average, and a lot were very successful. The thing was, no matter who you were there was always someone who had it worse than you and you were happy that you have the life you had knowing that your doing well for a person who lives in a world like that. Do you understand now?"
"I think, but I'm sure I would identify with this book better if I read it." I said.
"Very well." Said Francine as she stood up, setting the book on my bed. "Enjoy."
Than she left leaving the book with me. After my light was turned off, my reading light came on. I dove right into the book. It started out very interesting. It was a wonderful little fantasy about a man's imagination drifting him away to the new world my sister was talking about. The man's name was "Doug" and he was an architect. By the time he even reached the new world it was time for me to sleep.
I barely even fell asleep before my parents woke me up. I got up quickly, dressed, and headed off to school. My friends Jaime, Ricky and Caroline met me. Caroline greeted me with a big smile as she did every morning. I liked Caroline a lot. She was so sweet, caring, and beautiful. Ricky is my best friend. We do everything together, and have a lot of fun too. Jaime is a sweet innocent friend of mine who was sort of treated like one of the guys. She was a lesbian, and accepted by everyone here in our perfect world. She was the dream girl of all the other lesbians in school. Together the four of us ventured to meet Katie. Katie was a mommy's girl. Her and her mom were best friends along with her little brothers and sisters. It was a great relationship we each had. And today I planned to ask Caroline a special question. As my friends and I walked down the hall everyone greeted us warmly and friendly. Our school was "picture-perfect education". The girls wore knee-length skirts with long socks that covered the rest, and white blouses and plaid ties that matched their skirts. The men wore black pants with shirts and black ties. The couples could be any sex with any sex and the displays of affection were tasteful and also accepted by teachers and school personnel. Jaime greeted her girlfriend Courtney. In our school, homosexuality was just as common as heterosexuality. It was just anther way people dated and lived. Everyone came out because it was so customary.
Once we came closer to time for the bell to ring I felt it was necessary to talk to Caroline. I stopped her as the others went on.
"Um... Caroline." I started.
"Yes Frankie?" She asked.
"Well I have discussed this with Ricky often but I think it is time for me to ask you..." I continued.
"Ask me what?" Asked Caroline.
"Would you go to Homecoming with me?" I finally asked. She was silent.
"Oh my gosh, Frankie!" She exclaimed. "Of course!"
I smiled and we hug each other. As we pulled our faces away, we pressed our lips together. It was very sweet.
At the Homecoming dance, we all hung out in the dance floor. At our school, everyone danced no one was ashamed, because no one criticized. Caroline and I had lots of fun and when it came to slow dance time I was a bit nervous but we ended up having a lot of fun. After our dance Charles Baker and Kyle Marley came to talk to Caroline and I.
"Good Job, Smith." Said Charles. Charles and Kyle always referred to people by their last names though no one understood why.
"What?" I asked.
"Your girl, Caroline. She is beautiful. You have such a wonderful life, Smith. I mean she is as beautiful and wonderful as my boyfriend." Said Kyle. Kyle was gay, but still the toughest guy in school. Everyone looked up to him; he was a star athlete intelligent, gay men longed for him. However, he belonged to the love of his life...Coven Cabell. He was kind of a nerdy kid but still adorably irresistible to Kyle. "Have you met Cindy yet?" Asked Kyle. "It's Charles' new girlfriend. She is so beautiful too; they make a wonderful couple, together. So does every other couple in this all to perfect school." These words seemed all too familiar to me. I started to feel empty and something in the pit of my stomach made me want to just leave. I felt like the world was nothing to me, like I didn't belong. All of the sudden everything thing seemed to spiral away from me. As if the room was melting away. I was breaking down. I had to get away. I raced out of the gym, and immediately got into my car to leave. Not thinking of anyone or anything. I just left. Not quite understanding the cause of my behavior. When I got home I barged through my door and ran to my room, slamming the door. I put the "do not disturb" sign on Francine's door and lay on my bed with my face smothered in the pillow. I started to do something odd. I did something I 'd never done unless I was suddenly hurt, and this happened only when I was young. I started to cry. What was wrong with me? I didn't understand. Then suddenly I saw the light I reached into my drawer by my bedside. The book Francine had lent me was still there. I grabbed it and opened it to the page where the man wished to go to the new world.

"I sat in this small stall and rocked my body back in forth, and mumbled: 'I wish I had a new life, I wish I had a new life, I wish I had a new life'. I looked around and was still in this scary stall. A place I didn't want to be. Then I said with all passion: 'LET ME LEAVE THIS WORLD!!' Suddenly..."

I followed this; I rocked my body, and screamed "LET ME LEAVE THIS WORLD!" Over and over again I screamed this. Suddenly I felt a pull. Like someone was yanking me away. I saw light then Francine. She was screaming at me, and then I saw my parents. Then the light got brighter. Their faces blurred away I just kept screaming the words. Then the words just turned to shrill screams and all I saw was white.
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