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a date?

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An archie and atlanta story sorry to all the people who are j/t fans but i love a/a stories.:)

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The next day
Theresa enters atlnats room to find that her room is even messier than usual.
"Atlanta?" What happened?" theresa asked
"Oh thank gods Theresa I can't decide what to where" Atlanta said going through a pile of clothes on her floor.
"Oh my gods you do like him" she said smirking
"No why do you say that?" atlanta replied blushing slightly
"because you never care about your clothes" Theresa said smiling and giggling at the fact that Atlnat had almost turned the colour of her hair.

"shut up I do not" Atlanta shot back she put her clothes down and laid down on her bed and sighed. Theresa walked over and sat next to her
"Okay maybe I like him alittle" atlanta said
"a little?" theresa raised her eyebrow
"okay alot, he's so sweet and funny and cute, and he's always there for me" atlanta said sighing. Theresa got up and walked over to Atlanta's closet and picked out a cute outfit.
"here and I'll go get some of my accesories" Theresa ran over to her room and came back to help Atlanta get ready because her date was in an hour.
1 Hour later
Archie came up to Atlanta's door and knocked nevously. Atlanta popped out Archie was stunned at how beautiful she looked. She was wearing a tuquoise tank-top with a flower on it, a pair of jeans with sparkles at the bottoms, and golden heels. She was also wearing golden hoop earrings and a beautiful necklace with a sapphire on it.
"wow you look amazing" archie managed to say before blushing feriously.(A/N spelling?)
"thanks where are we off to?" Atlanta asked
"A movie" archie said starting to walk.
At the movies
They got tickets to the new horror movie. Half way through the movie a really gory scene came on and Atlanta buried her face in archie shirt.
'who would've thought that a horror movie could actually be scary?' Atlanta thought then pulled away from Archie blushing.
After the movie at the dorm, outside atlanta's room
"I had a great time tonite, we should do it again" Atlanta said blushing at how close her Archie were.
"ya" was all he could say before Atlanta had her hands around his neck and he had his around her waist and then they leaned in and kissed passionatley. When they broke apart Atlanta went into her room and Archie went to his smiling.
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