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Chapter 1

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Sam gets attacked by a vampire and strange, uncertain happenings unfold from there. She's never really sure about her feelings anymore.

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She walked quickly through the dark streets, scattered with autumn debris. Her pace was kept constant, never slowing.

A brutally cold wind swept up, stinging her cheeks and eyes. She rubbed her gloved hands together to try and warm herself and then she flipped her scarf back over her shoulder because the wind had partly unwound it from her neck.

She hadn't intended to walk home, but then again she hadn't intended to miss the last bus home either. Hailing a taxi had been pretty much out of the question because there seemed to be a shortage of them lately. Never around when you need them.

So she had choked down her fear and opted to walk the dark streets by herself, all alone.

The wind was still blowing wildly and soon she felt several droplets of rain splash down upon her face. It'd be just her luck that it would start pouring down. All of a sudden there was a loud clap of thunder and a bright, blinding flash of lightning.

In that split second the lightning illuminated the street ahead and for that split second a dark humanesque figure became visible.

She edged closer to the brick wall running along the pavement out of caution and fear. Probably more so out of fear.

She could hear the person's footfalls crunching dead and decaying leaves with every step.

Her breath caught in her throat as the person edged closer.

She could barely make out anything in the dark ahead of her. She was hoping visibility was low for the mystery person as it was or her. She hoped the shadows were hiding her well.

The footsteps stopped and in the silence of the night all she could hear was her own shallow breathing.

Then out of no where she felt herself being slammed hard against the brick wall. She tried to cry out but there was a hand clamped tightly over her mouth.

"Don't scream." She heard her attacker warn in a surprisingly gentle tone.

She could feel his breath on her cheek.

He pulled back her scarf, still covering her mouth with his other hand.

He looked longingly at her neck. He could almost taste her blood, through her skin, coursing through her veins.

"This won't hurt." He soothed, breathing reassurances in her ear.

She began to quiver in fear as she felt his sharp pointed fangs graze her skin. She was whimpering quietly, afraid of what he was intending to do.


She heard someone yell and felt her attacker pulled off her.

The moon had all of a sudden decided to emerge from behind the dark grey clouds. It illuminated the lonely street. She was still pressing herself against the wall and now she could see who had attackted her.

He was all dressed in black; black jeans, black t-shirt, black hoodie and black shoes. Even his hair was jet black, long and slightly messy.

The man that had pulled him off her was shorter then him but dressed in black also, the moonlight glinted off a piercing in each his lip and his nose.

He was speaking softly in the man's ear in a low voice. Her attacker now looked resigned, his shoulders were slumped.

She began to panic again when they came over to where she was still backed against the wall. She pressed herself as far into the wall as possible, hoping she would completely dissolve into the safety of the brickwork.

The man that had attacked her raised his eyes from the cracked pavement so he could meet her own.

"I'm really sorry." he said, in the sincerest tone. "I... I didn't mean to do that."

She stood there speechless, unsure what to say to the man who had just tried to make a meal of her. She was unsure what to say to a... a vampire.

He had now lowered his gaze back to the pavement. The shorter man was still holding on to his arm.

"We're really sorry, miss" he said politely, almost even bowing.

Wait, what the hell was going on?

"Uh.." she began, words had abandoned her.

She could see the taller man was getting restless, his companion noticed too. He turned and started to quickly usher him down the street, soon they were out of sight.

Finally she let out a sigh of relief and twisted her scarf back around her neck.

She peeled herself off the wall and headed for home, hoping for no other drama tonight.


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