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4. All I could see was the forest.

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The cops arrives.

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The time had passed four and I was worried to death. Suddenly my cell rang. I hoped it would be Frankie telling me everything was a nightmare, nut inside I knew it was Cameron, Franks mum.
"Hello?!" I said.
"Oh. Hi Lizzie. It's me. We've just called the cops. They are comming to our house, luckily, we haven't sold it yet. Anyways, they want you to be there. They want to ask some simple questions. Is that okay for you?"
"Yes, ofcourse Cameron. I'll be there in a minuite."
"Thank you. Byebye darling!"
"Bye mrs. Iero."
Should I tell them the thruth? I really didn't know. What if they blame me for making Frank run away.
But then, ofcourse. I'd do anything that can make Frank come home again, even if I have to take the blame.

Frankies POV
Finally the sun came up. Now I could se. I was right, we or at least I was stuck in a forest out in nowhere.
I wondered where I was, the ride hadn't taken so long, I couldn't be so far from Jersey.
I tried to reach my cell. But the ties were to tight. I thought that it was no idea even bother about them. I looked around if anyone else was there, but all I could se was trees.
Suddenly, the man came out of the bushes, a woman was behind them.
He walkes up to me and said:
"Had a nice sleep?"
"How the fuck do you think I can sleep while I'm tied up to a damn tree."
"You better change your attitude if you ever wanna get out of here."
"Why have you taken me?"
"You'll find out, Frank."
"Whooaa. How do you know my name?"
"I know everything about you."
"Yeah right"
"I know your age, where you live, the names of all your schools, friends etc."
"Then, tell me something about me. I don't belive you."
"Well, your first girlfriend was Ramona, you broke up with her after two hours."
"How do you know everything?"
"You'll see."

When I got to Franks house, the police was already there.
I rang on the doorbell and Camron opened.
"Lizzie, oh my god" She said and gave me a bearhug.
"Hi Cameron." I noticed that she had cried alot.
"Come in." Franks dad Patrick said.
I walked in and two cops sat in on the coutch in their livingroom.
I walked up to them and introduced myself as Elizabeth, Franks bets friend.
"Hi, Elizabeth. We just want to ask some simple questions. It's that okay with you?"
"Okay, did Frank tell you anything about escaping?"
Tears started to fall from my eyes and the whole story came out. Our goodbye, the notes, how he never showed up, how my mum found me and so on.
"Thank you, we'll do everything, absolute everything to find Frank!"
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