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Chapter 05

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Mikey moves school and meets a boy named Frank Iero. They become best friends, but something happens. Does being best friends mean nothing can come between us?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Mikey Way - Published: 2007-02-02 - Updated: 2007-02-02 - 82 words

It's not like I actually meant for this to happen.
I just wanted him to get out of my way.
Not fall down the stairs.

Okay, so maybe it's partially my fault.
I over reacted.
And the resualt was me hospitalizing my best friend.
I feel awful about it.
I really do.
But nothing I can do will ever make him talk to me again.
And in the end, it's me who has to suffer.
I've lost everything from all of this.
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