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Daydreamin' of Love and the big times

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Patrick Stump and Megan have been together for a half of year and they're still going strong. Patrick's band, Fall Out Boy, is unsigned and still in their 'garage phase'. But chaos soon ensues when...

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"You're so beautiful," said Patrick to his girlfriend, Megan.
"Awe, thanks babe," Megan replied.
Megan and Patrick have been together for about half a year now, and they're going strong. Megan is Fall Out Boy's biggest fan and always gets her friends, as well as random strangers, to attend their gigs. Fall Out Boy was still in high school and still had dreams of making the big times, while flipping burgers at McDonald's.
The lunch bell rang and Patrick walked Megan back to class.
"I'll see you next hour, ok?" said Megan as she kissed Patrick good-bye.
"Yep, have a good class, babe," replied Patrick.
Megan walked into her class and immediately met-up with her best friend, Ally. They hugged and Megan sat on top on her desk. They were waiting for their teacher to arrive, and they were gossiping about Patrick, Pete, and the guys. Ally was going gaga about her boyfriend, Jeremy; Megan thought he was a real jerk to Ally.
"Yea, I think I might as well just dump the kid. This relationship sucks anyway," laughed Ally.
Megan laughed and replied, "Yea, he's not exactly boyfriend material."
Suddenly, their teacher walked into the classroom and started class.
"Now, today class, we will be going over scenes 4 and 5," announced Mrs. Brown.
"Good we're not in those scenes. We can still talk," laughed Ally.
"Yea, I know. Ally!! Fall Out Boy has a gig tonight, want to go?" Megan asked.
"Heck ya I do! Where is it?" asked Ally.
"Downtown Chicago and Pete's giving me a ride," replied Megan.
"Do you think he'd give me a ride, as well?" asked Ally.
"Yea, I'm sure he will, Pete's a nice guy," replied Megan.
"Ladies, shoosh!!" said Mrs. Brown.
The girls immediately stopped talking, but then smiled, because they were so excited for the show, tonight.
Class ended and the girls met-up with Patrick and Jeremy. Megan gave Ally a look and then Ally took-off with Jeremy. Ally was to break-it-off with him, sometime, so she chose now. Patrick and Megan walked-off hand in hand to Megan's locker. Once, they reached her locker, she opened it up and grabbed her math book. She then checked herself in the mirror and applied some lip-gloss.
"Ready?" asked Megan as she closed her locker.
Patrick nodded and they continued their way to the math hallway.
"Hey Wentz," said Patrick as he met-up with Pete in the classroom.
"Hey Pat. Hey Meg," replied Pete.
They went on with class and as soon as the bell rang for the end of the day, Pete and Patrick left with Megan. They all piled into Pete's car and headed home; Megan only lived a block away from they guys, but she decided to get ready at Patrick's place.
"I'm stealing this," Megan said as she took one of Patrick's hoodies from his closet.
Patrick laughed and replied, "Alright, only if I can steal this."
He kissed her passionately on the lips and then Megan giggled.
"I love Patrick kisses," said Megan sweetly.
"I love Megan," replied Patrick.
Megan put on Patrick's hoodie and layed down on his bed. She got under his covers and pretended to fall asleep. Patrick's bed was right next to his computer and he turned his focus from his computer to his girlfriend. He climbed into bed with her and kissed her head. Megan opened her eyes and smiled; they kissed again.
"Let's do it," said Patrick.
Megan giggled and shook her head.
"No baby. You know how I feel about that. Not until the time is right," said Megan.
Patrick sighed and settled for another.... 'Patrick kiss'.
Later on, Ally came over to Patrick's house. She told everyone the news about her break-up with Jeremy and how he didn't take it as well as she had hoped. They all left Pat's house and got into Pete's car to go to the show.
The show went great and everyone was having a blast! Pete, Ally, Patrick and Megan were all dancing to the other bands that were playing. Patrick and Megan couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Megan and Ally were wearing matching Fall Out Boy t-shirts, that the band had printed prior, to the gig. Megan's shirt was specially made for her, because on the front it read 'Fall Out Boy', and the back side read 'Patrick's girl'. Megan had on dark navy blue denim jeans and black and white converse. Ally had on black pants and white and black vans. They both looked amazing.
Patrick and Megan snuck into Pete's car, without him knowing and started making-out. Megan would gigle when Patrick would kiss her neck; they were in-love and everyone could see it.
Later, they left the gig and headed back to Patrick's house to hang-out and what not, when suddenly a car came speeding around a very tight corner. This car seemed to be headed straight for them!
"PETE WATCH OUT!!" screamed Megan as she watched her life flash before her eyes.
Before anyone could say anything, a drunk driver had smashed into Pete's car. Luckily, everyone was wearing their seatbelts, but that didn't prevent them from getting cut up. The driver of the other vechile had hit a tree, head-on, but didn't explode or even kill the driver.
"Megan, can you hear me?" asked a male's voice.
Megan slowly opened her eyes and she noticed the car windshield had been smashed into. Megan lifted her head slowly and immediately became dizzy; she had cuts all up her legs and had bruises on her arms. Ally got out of the car with only a few scrapes and the same with Pete and Patrick. The EMS people helped Megan out of the car.
"Ohh Meg, look at you," said Ally.
" you mean?" said Megan meekly.
Patrick looked at Ally and gave her a look that basically said, "Don't mention that she's badly hurt."
Ally nodded and then looked over at the drunk driver. The driver of the other vehile was laying on the side of the road, bleeding. She decided to walk over to see who the driver was, and to her surprise it was, Jeremy.
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