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The Reinforcements

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With Yuan Shao's forces surrounding Bei Ping, what can Zhao Yun possibly do to reverse the outcome of the siege? The dawn of Zhao Yun's destiny has just begin. (Zhao Yun X Zhen Ji)

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Dynasty Warriors: Kingdom Under Fire

Chapter 3: The Reinforcements


Between Xiang Ling and Bei Ping

"Brother Bei, sorry to keep you waiting. I will like to introduce you my son Guan Ping," Guan Yu announced.

"My liege, I'm yours to command. Well, that is if father don't mind one bit." Guan Ping said.

"Mmm, hey brother, will you like to have a bite," Zhang Fei shows up.

"No thank you, Zhang Fei. Now that all of you are here, we're still missing another force to arrive," Liu Bei said.

Another cavalry approach, this time Sun Qian and his former servants Mi Fang, Mi Zhu, and Jian Yong arrive along with a few other officers.

"Lord Liu Bei, we brought along more troops as you requested," Sun Qian said.

"Men, we are here to save Lord Gongsun Zan from Yuan Shao's treachery. When you see a scout named Zhao Yun, follow him to the siege. Onward!" Liu Bei commanded.

"Oh boy, it's been a while since that damned dog Lu Bu and Cao Cao both caused us enough trouble to the land," Zhang Fei said.

"With this battle, we shall redeem ourselves, brother," Guan Yu said. "Guan Ping, this will be your first battle experience. Are you ready?"

"I never disappoint you on anything, father," Guan Ping said.

The reinforcements are drawing close. With this much man power, not even Yuan Shao's numbers can stop the irresistible forces of the three brothers in arms.

In Gongsun Zan's court...

"Zhao Yun, do you think you can isolate Yuan Shao's forces by outrunning them across the valley?" the now nervous white horse general questioned.

"I never been caught for a long time since childhood. Not a single one of Yuan Shao's, Dong Zhuo's or even any army of region leaders captured me when I was a ronin," Zhao Yun said proudly. "This is part of the plan to ambush them from east side where Liu Bei's reinforcements will arrive."

"But, will they make it here on time before Yuan Shao makes up his mind about capturing you and just burns the entire town with all these innocent people who work hours around developing our lands?" Zhen Ji said.

Zhao Yun looks at the whole war council with advisors, generals, and commoners showing doubts of hope. With all this plaguing their kingdom, he can rest assure that the plan to turn the tide of the siege will succeed. Zhao Yun puts a calm smile on his face.

"Fear not, I can't give up so easy on that two faced bastard. We'll win this battle with a miracle," Zhao Yun said.

Everybody look at each others faces seeing the light of hope in this young man. The heavens have truly blessed the Little Dragon. Zhen Ji has never seen an officer this self-possessed before. One can tell why it's hard to take this man's heart as a lover.

"Lord Gongsun Zan?" an advisor asked. The old lord stands up and walks toward his bravest officer. Zhao Yun grew up to be one of the mightiest and youngest generals of his vassals. It is insufferable of Yuan Shao to ignore such a valuable presence.

" Come with me alone," Gongsun Zan said.

The two walk up to a barn where a couple of horses are breed. One horse caught Gongsun Zan's attention is the white horse; a glorious one with shining steed that can run miles longer. It's no red hare, but the horse can out maneuver any cavalry it overcomes.

"This is a gift for your loyalty. I don't have anything richer to offer than giving you this horse. It is my horse, but now it's all yours for the token of serving me," Gongsun Zan said.

"My lord..." Zhao Yun gasped. "I..I don't know if this is appropriate for me to take something that cost to highly for an officer like me."

"Ha! Royalty don't mean jack to me. You've earned every right to have my property lad. I'm very sorry to have looked down at you in shame of my position as your superior. Go on and prepare that plan of yours," Gongsun Zan said.

"Currently, my liege," Zhao Yun said. He accepts Gongsun Zan's horse and prepares for the plan in a few hours. When the old man alone at the barn, he looks up to the heavens.

"Heavens, I will not live long to see the lad becomes the warrior within him. Now I shouldn't worry about the future," Gongsun Zan said to the heavens.

"Lord Gongsun Zan..." Zhao Yun sighed. Something isn't right, but the horse cheers him up by licking his face. Yes, Yuan Shao gone too far. Picking on Lord Gongsun Zan because he didn't have the guts to gain ambition for the control of the Northern lands. It's time to make a giant fool out of the bastard's strength in numbers.

At Yuan Shao's war council...

"Today is the birth of expanding our kingdom. Once that old geezer out of the way, we'll begin our invasion at Yang province. Oh yes, an honorable battle with my old friend Cao Cao. Or is it Cow Cow?" Yuan Shao taunted.

His soldiers can't help it, but laugh at their great master's sense of humor. Pronouncing Cao Cao's name wrong is fun. Yuan Shao thinks about that time when Cao Cao and him were sparring each other. The two of them promise they'll meet again as rivals over the control of the land. Zhang Jiao, Dong Zhou, Lu Bu, and Gongsun Zan. There are still plenty of other rulers left on the list to wipe out. But, Cao Cao is the closes. Sadly, he'll have to get through Cao Cao first. Then Liu Biao of Jing, the Sun brats at Jiang Dong, Liu Zhang and Zhang Lu of Yi, and finally Ma Teng and Han Sui of Xi Liang.

"Ah, so many rivals. So much time to advance," When Yuan Shao finishes; the guard comes in and reports the commander about Gongsun Zan's appearance at the south wall.

"So the old geezer finally comes out of his shell. Alright troops, it's time to meet an old friend," Yuan Shao said.

At the top of the gate...

"You've been a troublesome bully with me for years. Now it's time we settle this..." Gongzun Zan thought.

Yuan Shao shows up looking at the now wimpy soldier whom once known as The White Horse General. There is history between those two who guard the north from the Hsiung barbarians, better known as eastern Russian tribes.

"Well well, look who's here. Times have changed and so does the Han Empire. You were a torn on my side since He Jin was Regent Marshal. I couldn't do a damn thing to get your old ass off this land till the 10 eunuchs hacked Jin's numb brained leadership to pieces." Yuan Shao said as he continues, "Oh man, that was hilarious. " HELP! HELP! Yuan Shao!"

All of Yuan Shao's generals laugh so hard on one of the facts Han Empire failed to restore its power.

"I didn't know it was a trap, but me and Cao Cao surely did enjoy killing those 10 yanks. It's a shame though, the empress was dead before we rescued the weak Emperor," Yuan Shao said.

"That was before you hide your true colors I assume," Gongsun Zan said rolling his eyes.

"Then came the fat rapist Dhuo Zhuo. Oh did I hurt your feelings to taking the title of Grand Commander from you?" Yuan Shao smiled.

"All you and Cao Cao's doing. I knew you both rats are hiding something from me. Hell Ma Teng told me about it the night before we invade Luo Yang. Kong Rong, Tao Qian, Sun Jian and my brothers all can't really trust your usurpation of the authority you bastard!" Gongsun Zan shouted.

"Well, Yuan Shu and I did put quite a show on the battle of Huo Lao Gate. First Sun Jian, hehehe, he suffers lost of provisions and troops while overpowering Hua Xiang. That was also hilarious. To make a tiger so hungry he had to fight his way the oncoming of his death," Yuan Shao said.

"That is also another reason you don't deserve the position...." Gongsun Zan said complicatedly.

"Manipulating Liu Biao on several options to unite the land quicker by taking that Imperial Seal from Sun Jian. Who knows, Sun Jian was protecting the seal at the hands of corrupted scum," Yuan Shao said.

"Says the hypocrite himself," Gongsun Zan coughed.

"When Cao Cao took the emperor for himself and recovered the Seal. I knew the day will come when the two of us battle for this land. I used Liu Bei on operating Cao Cao's weaknesses. Don't care about him being a part of the Emperor's throne as the Imperial Uncle. He's no Uncle of mine, more than a loser like you. Both of you sorry asses are a waste of space," Yuan Shao mocked. "What does this world see in both of you?"

Yan Liang spit at the grass as a compliment and Wen Chou just smirks. The rest of the generals tend to add insult to the injury with Shao. Soon the gate opens and a figure approaches at the field.

"Planning to retreat, Zhao Yun?" Yuan Shao questioned. "No matter where you go boy, the right path is always in my gasps. Where will you go to get food, where will you go to get some hospitality, shelter, money and a job?"

"Anything better than living with some hypocrite," Zhao Yun replied.

"You, sir. Have no idea what its like to have a life," Yuan Shao said. "Gentlemen, prepare for round 2! Show this traitor what happens when you oppose me! Reward for those who capture him alive!"

"And dead?" Zhang He asked.

"That's beautiful!" Yuan Shao grinned devilish.

Zhao Yun suddenly moves slowly with his newly white horse with Yuan Shao's troops slowly did the same by following him. Carefully, he didn't want his own mind distracted by the closing minutes between him and Zhen Ji.

Minutes ago...

"Zhen Ji, tell me about your life? Have you ever enjoyed all the wealthy services a rich woman like you can have?" Zhao Yun asked.

"Being a concubine. You know, wander around the court with several other concubines. Didn't enjoy all of that. Because I hope Yuan Shao is joking about me with Shang and Tan; I'm always with Xi. Lately, I sang a song about the evening phoenix eyeing the time of chaos and greed. I had learned books about ping-fa, Confucius, history, the western world, and other stuff. All my family are rich and they care less of helping the poor people to develop themselves as equals. Our world is repeating history over and over," Zhen Ji said.

"I always dreamed of seeing the western world. Here it's a nightmare that can't go away. I'm sure the western world is like that, but the people there are honest," Zhao Yun said.

"Why did you join the imperial army?" Zhen Ji asked.

"My older brother recommended me when our family moved during the wake of the rebellious yellow dragon, Zhang Jiao himself," Zhao Yun replied. "My father used to be a general and my ancestors too."

"Were they all warriors?" Zhen Ji eyes widened.

"Well, I'm probably the most surpassable of the Zhaos," Zhao Yun grinned.

"Courtesy to right now, you're putting such a number on Yuan Shao," Zhen Ji said.

"He sucks. Come on, the guy gets his huge numbers by larger amounts of resources and provisions. His family is hugely rich and part of the people that build the ancient world," Zhao Yun complained. "He is so indecisive when it comes between him, his generals, and strategists. He thinks himself highly above all. Yan Liang and Wen Chou are like his brothers. Compare to Lord Liu Bei with Zhang Fei and Guan Yu."

"I'm not proud of what my status were with him," Zhen Ji said.

"Hmm, you should do a better job at spying. I will like to teach you the hard way of doing it. The basic will only make you end up the spy of the opposing force once your motives becomes suspicious," Zhao Yun said. "We never had any spies in our forces."

"So you figured me out easily by acting kind to me as one of your vassals," Zhen Ji awed.

"The true're so beautiful. I never had any woman; because of how self-possessed I am with my mission. Not a single lady could understand it yet," Zhao Yun said. "I used to baby-sit my older brother's two sons as my duty to protect my family and the people."

"Well, thank you for saying that I am, Handsome," Zhen Ji grinned.

"I better start going out there right now. Yuan Shao will grow impatient if his show leaving out the main event. Zhen Ji, when this battle is over, I will like to show you the garden. Gongsun Zan and I worked together on building it." Zhao Yun said.

"Really? Couldn't wait till the bastard gets off of it." Zhen Ji smiled.


Yuan Shao will get off his land. He's been in it unwelcome and now it's time to end it once and for all. Zhao Yun mound eastward to where Liu Bei's reinforcements will soon make it. Thousand of soldiers begin to chase after him for the grand prize.

"My lord, he's going east to Xiang Ping!" Ju Shou said.

"Hahahahaha, dead end. See, there's no hope of reinforcements coming. Cao Cao and I surely patrolled the southwest and Xu from Liu Bei's. Don't waste my time, Yun! They will not make it!" Yuan Shao shouted. "Lu Kiang, Chen Zhen, and Chinyu Qiong. Follow the pursuit!"

The three generals follow their commander's orders and join the fray. When no one is left to participate the chasing game, he took his imperial seat and resumes his garbage talking with the White Horse General.

"Now where are we?" Yuan Shao smoothing his beard while Gongsun Zan clears his throat.

At the valley near Bei Ping...

Zhao Yun rode his way from half a million forces chasing after him. Are they in luck with the prize? What makes him so special to Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan? He spends his younger days as foot soldier gaining rank really quick to promote himself as a leading lieutenant. Possibly the youngest who always work during times of victory and defeat. Never been captured, never runaway from the battle when stood against an army as large. Giving himself the title of the little dragon during several campaigns against bandits, barbarians, and hostile forces. Yuan Shao was about to promote when...

A few years ago...

" can't possibly give up on restoring the Han Empire! I learn everything from you to take this promise from my family!" Zhao Yun shouted.

"Do you really think such a task in restoring some buried dynasty can be possible? Don't make me laugh boy. Forget about the Han Empire. For now, you shall continue serving me when I establish my own empire. So get back to your post before I'll stripe your rank off in front of my highest officers and they'll watch you as an example of an incompetent follower of my rising power!" Yuan Shao scolded.

Zhao Yun looks back seeing all of Yuan Shao's followers staring at him with distrust. Times have changed so fast. All he has accomplished became good for nothing. The two Yuan brothers Shang and Tan smiles wickedly. They are happy to see signs him getting out of the way. The people who have trusted Zhao Yun now are hurting of this commotion.

Zhao Yun later about to leave Ye when suddenly Zhang He shows up. What the hell does he want?

"Yun, please think this over for a second. Leaving the most beautiful and powerful force of our country because of Prefect's decision? Just forget about what he says and keep on doing what you do best for yourself, not him!" Zhang He said.

"I only fight for what is best to the people..." Zhao Yun said coldly with his eyes darken. The thunderstorm was heard and rain begins to fall. "Yuan Shao should take his mouth right up his ass. Just who helped his cavalry from Lu Bu? All he did is sit there barking us like dogs just to give him all the credit stolen from our hard work for the protection and safety of the people of the Han."

"......." Zhang He didn't bother to reply.

Zhao Yun finally left the gate riding north. This is the price of loyalty.

After the flashback...

They're catching up with him, which is good. Yuan Shao's troops are well training in preparing for the chase. Now, if only Liu Bei's forces make it in time.

The trail a few miles close to Bei Ping...

"Brother Bei, is that the scout you're talking about?" Guan Yu questioned pointing at a figure on white horse mounting extremely fast, well not as fast as the red hire Guan Yu possess.

Liu Bei takes a clearer look. No doubt it's Zhao Yun, not only himself, but a hundred thousands of troops chasing him.

"So, this is the little dragon you told me about," Mi Zhu said.

"Men! We must aid Zhao Yun and crush this pursuit!" Liu Bei ordered.

"Is there a point why he is being chased? What I'm seeing is a cowardly dragon..." Mi Fang rolled his yes in amusement.

"And you don't even know him well to call him a coward you dog!" Zhang Fei argued.

"Enough! And follow my orders!" Liu Bei scolded.

The reinforcements have arrived and they pierce through Yuan Shao's forces. Zhao Yun is glad to see them here, but something race through his heart. What if Yuan Shao about to burn the city before he comes back with the reinforcements? Quickly he mounts back to the west.

"My Lord, we must hurry!" Zhao Yun alerted.

"We'll take it from here my lord while you, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Guan Ping hurry up to Lord Gongsun Zan!" Jian Yong said.

Meanwhile back in the siege...

"Ah, here comes my ex daughter in law. Zhen Ji, you've been a torn to my sons and. I'm offering you back to Ye. Yuan Xi will forgive you about the ruse I joked," Yuan Shao requested.

"That was not funny and no I'm not coming back to your caged kingdom fill with assholes like you at least, give Yuan Xi my regards. I will never forget him the kindness he treat me as a good wife," Zhen Ji said.

"Well then, he won't know that you are alive once this siege is over. There are plenty of other men over there, but none of them are as good as my men. Give up, there's no fortune being around with that old fart," Yuan Shao sighed.

"But there are plenty of wine and provisions we stocked," Gongsun Zan grinned.

"Hmph..." said Yuan Shao.

The sound of horse mounting can be heard near the castle. Yuan Shao sees his three generals approach to bring him some disturbing news.

"Lord Yuan Shao, an unknown cavalry has feint our forces from chasing after Zhao Yun!" Lu Kiang reported.

"It must be Liu Bei's forces. Now that I mention it, he took an unexpected route to Yue Ling. It doesn't matter now, my mind made up," Yuan Shao said.

"My lord, it's Zhao Yun!" Yan Liang reported.

Gongsun Zan turns to see his young companion with fellow allies Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei. As happy as Gongsun Zan is, he looks up at the heavens. It sadden him that his fate shall soon be put to judge. Yuan Shao's generals ran to face off the reinforcements.

"Long ears, it's been a while!" Yuan Shao taunted.

"Don't call me that!" Liu Bei shouted as he chase after Yuan Shao, however the youngest Yuan Shang blocked Liu Bei's way. Liu Bei decides he'll repel the Yuan sibling and then take Shao's head.

"I'll get my revenge on humiliating me you cheap beard mouthed brute!" Yan Liang cried. He and Guan Yu square of a rematch when Guan Yu was forced to join Cao Cao on his first campaign against Yuan Shao.

"Ha! My brother Guan wasted you wimps off so it shall be easier for me to handle you" Zhang Fei said. He fights Wen Chou.

"Now it's time to show Yuan Shao's forces that we're not afraid of their numbers!" Gongsun Xu shouted. Gongsun Zan's army finally gain some momentum with the return of their acting commander and the sworn brothers at their side. They race out of the city in engaging the remaining forces.

"Damn, they got some balls left to confront my forces...." Yuan Shao said.

Zhang He, who is inactive, watches the battle raging on. Is there anyone handsome enough to challenge him? Guan Ping looks at the inactive young general and charges after him.

"Hm, reveal yourself." Zhang He said still standing like a distinguish gentleman with no fear of danger.

"I'm Guan Ping, son of Guan Yu. At least, you can fight against me," Guan Ping said.

"For a new comer, your dressing astonishes me. Don't make my claws tear up the best quality of your clothes," Zhang He accepted Guan Ping's challenge.

All forces collide, some been thrown at the wall, others hack and slash their way with valor. Zhao Yun can see the moment his kingdom will survive. Zhen Ji is still on top of the South walls watching the battle. Looking directly at Zhao Yun, she felt the stars shining this awesome warrior's might. Her heart can't stop pumping without getting close to the man that controls her heart. Falling in love at first sight and still the two of them has a long way to go in getting to know each other.

Yuan Shao prepares for plan B, he takes out a special item from inside the envoy. It's the tool of the future, something to change the way all battles fought. It's a crossbow, fires at distance range faster with more precision time and accuracy. He light up the arrow with fire and walks up in slow motion with the scene of the battle next to him. He looks up at Gongsun Zan.

"Lord Gongsun Zan, I will like to introduce you my latest technology. what being a powerful ruler is like" Gongsun Zan said. He targets his crossbow aiming at the cabin where the gate is still open. Then fires the arrow to let the flames rises. To Gongsun Zan's amazement, he alert the guards quickly.

"Douse the fire!" Gongsun Zan ordered. The flames are growing stronger as it spreads from the next building to the next.

"Oh and this isn't the only prototype..." Yuan Shao said. Guo Tu raises his arms up and the down to order the new crossbow troops to use fire volley over the gates to the buildings next to it.

"You arsonist! Men! Evacuate the people out of the city and douse the fires now!" Gongsun Zan shouted.

Liu Bei strikes his blade summoning the golden dragon cyclone. The move knocks the youngest Yuan feet back landing next to the tent near him. Liu Bei looks up at Bei Ping in flames. When the rest of the reinforcements arrive after swarming Yuan Shao's troops a couple of miles east from Bei Ping.

"Oh no, we're too late!" Sun Qian said.

"Lord Liu Bei, we must evacuate the people out of Bei Ping," Mi Zhu said.

Liu Bei nodded and orders his men to help the evacuation. While Yuan Shao dances around like a cheerleader who is proud of the latest equipment in his army. They may have failed in forcing Gongsun Zan to surrender, but successfully put Zan's kingdom in flames.

When Zhao Yun gets the news of Bei Ping fire, he turns in shock like the heavens have begotten his confident. All this time he tries to keep the city from Yuan Shao's hands, but now Yuan Shao wants to play sore loser and just pull the plug. That bastard always sucks.
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