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Chapter2-The Bloodline of the Knight

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Aftermath from Operation Blacksun and a history lesson

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*Dumbledore's Office*

"So, he is of the bloodline. I thought that it died out with Abraham Van Hellsing. So what side is if from? His father was a pure blood, and his mother was a Muggle Born, I wonder?" Albus said to himself as Harry got back up from the floor. Sirius burst thru the empty remains of a doorway as he fired a round out of his Mossberg 500 tactical shotgun with Ghost Ring sights (A/N-Go to That is where I get all of my ballistics info from). Nicholas waved his hand and his eyes turned pure black, as the world went a photonegative color scheme. The pellets from the round all stopped in mid air as Nicholas used some form of magic to make them disintegrate. As Nicholas's eyes returned to normal time returned to its normal flow (A/N-Quicksilver Style from DMC 3.).

"What the fuck was that?" Sirius shouted. Since he was the only one who did not know the basics of Nicholas's power, he had no clue what was going on.

"I suggest a truce Albus. You bring all of your personnel and mission data to my command center. You surely must understand my reasoning. As soon as a set of wards are breached, they are never safe again, you know miniscule cracks and all of that. I am offering you as a former colleague and hopefully friend that you and your organization come with me." Nicholas said as Harry looked like he would go threw the roof.

"Nicholas, what the hell, I really do not trust these people. I loathe your Head Interrogator by the way. Why the fuck should they are allowed to enter the Arcanum Moenia when even I don't trust them. You know how trustworthy I am of people normally, but I just get bad feelings from them!" Harry said in outrage. Nicholas just silenced Harry with a look that said, Trust me.

"Harry here however will need that book back, it is very important as you know. Surely you remember exactly what it does since you have a copy, and I am sure you make sure that you know where it is every second of the day, am I correct?" Nicholas said as he grabbed the diary sized book and handed it to Harry. Visible relief passed over Harry as it entered his possession again. Dumbledore then said something to Sirius as he walked out of the room. Sirius then got up and walked to the men's quarters to begin the transfer process.

"Nicholas, I am going back to Arcanum Moenia. You can find me in the firing range." Harry said as he Dissapparted to Arcanum Moenia.

As Harry apparated to the apparition identification point in Arcanum Moenia, he took a second to look warmly at this magical fortress. Harry then continued to his room to drop of his sword as he headed to the firing range to clear his head. Harry grabbed his two pistols and a Mossberg 500; he also grabbed an ungodly amount of ammo for both of the guns. Harry spent the entire time firing his pistols, ignoring the Mossberg. Harry noted that the barrels were out of alignment by a fraction, which was causing his aim to be a little bit off. Also, one of his barrels had a small crack which was causing frequent jams. Harry then went over to a work bench and field stripped his guns to examine the damage. The chrome colored gun, which was the one with the crack definitely need a new barrel, the black colored one however was an easy fix, nothing major. Harry lit yet another cigarette as he replaced the barrel and properly aligned it along with the other barrel.

"Sir, I need you to follow me to the Training Room, Nicholas has asked for your presence there." A soldier still wearing his assault gear said. He was treated with such respect which was odd for a sixteen year old boy, when the respect was coming from men old enough to be his father gave it to him. But after all he was Nicholas's second in command for two reasons. The first was his literally killer instincts, and the second reason was his unique abilities which came from the Bloodline.

In the Training Room waited ten men in fighting gear, Nicholas, and Dumbledore. "Albus here wants a demonstration of your abilities, non-lethal followed up by a no holds bar match against one of our 'guests'. You may begin" Nicholas said as he stepped out of the fight's way.

Five of the men were armed with bo-staffs and the other five were armed with bokken. Two of the bokken wielders came charging towards Harry. Harry jumped and spun his body around so that it would be doing a horizontal tornado. Harry then landed and did a sweep kick knocking both of the men down. Harry then gave both a quick punch at a pressure point to knock them both out as a bo-staff wielder tried to hit Harry. Harry crouched down and did a back flip kick to the man's chin, flinging him back and breaking his jaw. A bokken wielder and a bo-staff wielder came towards Harry trying to flank him. Harry grabbed both weapons in mid-strike and broke the wood of which they were made out of and proceeded to spin kick both of them in the head giving them both a concussion. In a final all-or-nothing charge the remaining warriors came charging towards Harry. Harry smiled ah he picked up on of the bo-staffs on the ground and did a spin sweep on the ground, knocking three of the men down, the final two were taken down with a perfect hit and throw with the staff.

"So, who's next?" Harry asked as three medium sized Cerberus wolves were released. "Oh shit..." Harry said as all three of the hound charged him. "Well, Showtime baby!" Harry finished as his eyes turned black and a black fire like energy surrounded his hands and feet. Harry grabbed the lead wolf's left and right head and ripped the creature in half covering Harry in black blood. Another spray of black blood blocked Harry's view as the other two wolves came charging up towards Harry. Harry axe kicked one, literally cutting it in half and ripped all three of the heads off the other sending out a geyser of blood.

"Impressive as always Harry, just be a little be cleaner next time will ya?" Nicholas said in a cheerful tone. Albus and all of the other observers had almost fainted at how calm Nicholas and Harry were considering how fast Harry had slaughtered three average power demons so quickly. "Clean up and meet me in my office Harry." Nicholas said as he started to talk to Dumbledore. Harry did as he was asked and headed to Nicholas's office after a forty five minute shower.

"So, Nicholas here tells me that the little show you did today was only a fraction of your power. Have you ever done a full release of your power?" Dumbledore asked Harry.

"Once, but I couldn't control it..." Harry said giving Nicholas a pleading look. Nicholas tried to change to the subject and it worked, but he knew Dumbledore would ask him again. "So, what has the Order done to combat Voldemort that others have not?" Harry asked in a tone that said, do not fuck with me.

"Our organization was mainly about Reconnaissance and a few tactical missions of course. However, we have had a few casualties, like Sturgis today as I am sure you know." Dumbledore said.

"Do you want to know what killed him? It was no demon; it was someone who you use to trust, a name that you will never forget, Peter Pettigrew. On Zero Day as you call it, he was given the power of one of the Devil knights. The demon's name was Varius, on of Lord Mundus's many servants. I know that I have hurt him greatly, since I blew out his right eyes and I used one of my curse shots to do it, no silver eye for him!" Harry said with a look of victory. "Well as Nicholas probably told you, I am a descendant of the Alta Venator, Sparda, also known as the Legendary Dark Knight."

"Tell me Harry, what do you know about Sparda?" Dumbledore asked, almost testing Harry about his knowledge.

"Well, I know that Sparda was part of the invasion by Lord Mundus on the first race of humans. But, he led a coup against Mundus when he fell in love with a woman named Eva. After a few years, he had two sons, one named Dante and the other named Vergil. He died soon after for unknown reasons." Harry said and Dumbledore soon nodded his head accepting Harry's story. After all, this was all that anyone knew about the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda because after all he was born in the Eden period of the world.

"Well Harry, it seems that you need some wizarding training since Nicholas has told me that you only get by only demon magic. I am offering to put you in a sixth year class at Hogwarts, after a little bit of tutoring of course." Dumbledore said, thinking that Harry would accept right away.

"Fuck you old man. I don't need shit from you after what you did to me. Not just today, but you have fucked with me all of my life!" Harry screamed as energy was being destroyed around him, which was not possible due to the law of conservation of mass. "First, you tell my parents that they have to hide from some motherfucking mad man, but you refuse to be there Secret Keeper! Then after they are killed, you send me to Hell, also known as the Dursleys family! Why in the FUCKING HELL SHOULD I TAKE ANYTHING FROM YOU GOAT FUCKER!!?" Harry screamed as red lightning started to spark from his body. Nicholas stopped time just at the right time to avoid Harry's broadsword from cutting of his old friend's head. Harry's eye color turned red with the rest of his eye turning black as he literally flew towards Nicholas with the intent of killing him.

Nicholas did not hold back his power as Harry's speed became near-human now. Nicholas summoned a double ended crystal headed staff from mid-air as he blocked Harry's strike. Harry gave a demonic growl as he spun around slashing at Nicholas's legs. Nicholas used his life force to tap into the part of his power that should never be used. This part of his power almost made the Earth stand still, and Harry was now moving like a normal human. Nicholas said a demon sealing spell and reverted time back to its normal pace as Harry fell asleep in the Deep Sleep spell. Nicholas told Dumbledore, "Please go Albus; I must take care of Harry." Nicholas said as he picked up his young student and took him to his (Harry's) room.

*Three Hours Later*

Harry awoke with a start and tried to find out where the Hell he was when he saw Nicholas. "I lost control again didn't I? I am sorry Nicholas, but he just got me so pissed off." Harry said. "I mean, he had the nerve to say I need help!" Harry's eyes started to turn black again.

"HARRY, CALM DOWN! Well, before we continue this talk, we need to re-build your barriers. Go into your mind..." Nicholas's voice slowly was drowned out by nothing and everything at the same time as he went into his mind.

"How are you on this fine day my child?" A snide voice said out of no where. A figure that looked like Harry other than the fact that he was wearing clothes of the Victorian era. The figure morphed into Nicholas's form and then it turned into what he thought he would look like without being an Alta Venator.

"Why did you awaken my power, you know what happens when I do?" Harry said bringing up flashbacks of death and destruction.

"Because, my primary order is to serve the Bloodline of the Alta Venator. I felt that it was in your best interest to use some power to send a message." Harry's mind gave Harry his large broadsword, and the figure made one just like it. "You're really gonna try this kind of shit again aren't you?" The figure was only given an answer by Harry charging him. "Okay, be my guest." The figure easily fought back Harry, but did not try and kill him like Harry was. "Lesson one; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." The figure said as Harry put to much force into a downward swing, getting his blade struck in the arena that appeared out of no where. "Lesson two; always be prepared for the unexpected." The figure said as two clones of the Figure appeared out of no where.

"There is really only one thing I really learned from you, nothing is as it seems." Harry said as he shoved his sword point down into the arena floor and went into a lotus position and released one of his magic chakras. Magical chakras are very different than muggle chakras. There were seven of course, which was the most magically powerful number. Harry opened the Chakra of Movement, which was located in the right palm. As the three figures came flying towards as Harry held out his right palm and they all stopped in mid-air. He opened another chakra which was located in his left palm. This chakra was the Chakra of Materialization. The two clones became dust as Harry sent out the original figure flying away using the Chakra of Movement.

"Very good, I guess I can keep myself under control for a little while longer. Remember, the about your awakening and remember what happens when you don't complete it in time." The figure said as he flew away as black sand. Harry woke up and had two fresh burn marks on his palms. The one on his right palm had an equal arm cross with a crescent moon in each quarter. His left palm there was a circle with twenty four lines in it (Buddhist Wheel of Life). Nicholas handed Harry a roll of bandages without a word. Nicholas knew what was going to happen very soon as did Harry.


Author's Notes- For everyone whop is unfamiliar with the concept of chakras; they are points in the human body that channel spiritual energy in the faith of Buddhism.

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