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I don't wanna go!

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Therisa has the greatest voice EVER! and Atlanta drags her to Canadian Idol! she doesn't wanna go, but she does...what will happen????

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WTF! why am i even here? Why is Atlanta such a booger some times? Why the hell am i talking to myself!!!!! This is sooooooo retarded! "Atlanta, you've lost your mind! I am NOT, N-O-T going to sing for that stupid thing!" I scream at her, she smiles at me as she drags me towards the now short line "no! never! that show sucks! you can't make me do it!" I yell at her, she remaines silent and smiles wickedly again, 'ohhh she's got nerve'. She drags me in the building that we call 'the everything place' but it's also a HUGE building where all kinds of shows go on! it's pretty cool, but at the moment, i hate the builders!I wanna hurt 'em all real bad! well dreams shall be dreams and nightmares are coming true, jesus, i've lost my mind!

"Aren't we supposed to be friends? I mean what type of friend makes them do something they don't wanna do?" i whine, i'm desperatly trying to escape her, but she isn't letting go anytime soon, she dicided to talk now, after killing my wrist "Therisa, you have the greatest voice EVER! And this is the biggest opportunity EVER!You'd have to be bonkers not to grab it" Atlanta told me, i guess...this is gonna hurt my self esteem...she's right...OUCH!! "I guess...but how did you hear me?" i asked "wel, i kinda listened at the bathroom door" I frowned and gave her that 'that was very naughty of you' look. Once i signed in, and gotten my number we got back in the line, it was now shorter, i was the last day at the last possible moment, so almosteveryonehad gone.

Atlanta had drove me (by force) to Toronto to do this god-forsaken thing. It's called 'Canadian Idol' it's where people sing, and if their good, they get a gold ticket, and if they aren't quite good enough they get the boot and a good laugh at from the judges! But the winner is that years 'canadian Idol' and they get a record deal and a music video of they're own! I wasn't interested. So i slowched in line.

"Hello, what's your name?" Asked a man, he came over to me and Atlanta with a camera man and a few other guys holding weird devisis "Therisa" i said, perking up at once, i was on TV! The man smiled "Where are you from Therisa?" he aksed smiling and coming to my side "New-Olympia" i said smiling, "you do know that in just a few more peoples turns go by, you willbe in front of our judges? are you nervous?" he asked, "the worst that could happen is if they knock me down and keep kicken, just gotta get backup and try again" i said, he gave me a smack on the back "and who is this traveling with you?" he asked pointing the camera at Atlanta "Atlanta, she's the one who got me to come" i said howing him my wrist "wellforced me to" i added, he laughed "How do you think yor friend is ging to do in there Atlanta?" the man asked pointing th microphone at Atlanta, we were on either side of him now "i think she'll come out of that room with a golden ticket" Atlanta said smiling "what do you two wanna say to Canada?" he asked, heasked this question a lot "hey, Canada, your watching Canadian Idol!" Atlanta squeeled as i said it.

The mangot the camera's to go away toget a drink "how long you been singing Therisa?" he aksed "well-head only my shower knows that secrete" i told him, helaughed, Atlanta was smiling wildly, the line shortened bit by bit as me and Atlanta chatted with the host guy. Finally it was my turn, the girl befor me came out crying, she left, the camera's came back to film me going in, as i marched in, i looked at the camera and bit my lip while showing both of my hands with there fingers crossed for good luck. I went in...

"Hello" Came the commun voice of the only women host, Sass Jordan!!! "hey" i said smiling, I walked out in front of the judges "well she has my votes for looks" Zack said, the others nodded in agreement, I stood n front of them "what are you going to sing for us today?" asked the black host "um,I think i'll be singing 'i'm like a bird' by Nelly Furtado" i said "first, what;s your name?" Sass asked "Therisa" i told her,she smiled, i noticed the camera's suddenly. I refrained from going 'shit' aloud. "okay" Sass said as i sign for me to start.

I sang the whole song, once i finished i stood there waiting "yes" Sass said clapping girlishy, the black host "dude you got pipes","i agree with the bald man" said a host with the top of his head hairless, and the restof his hair was blond/gray, he wore the coolest aqua blue suit EVER "she's got full marks fro me" Zach finished, i went wide eyed "i-i get a golden ticket?" i asked blinking "yes, my dear, welcome to candian Idol!" Sass said happily giving me a hug! She passes me a golden ticket, i thank them and leave, i open the door and scream while jumpingup and down,the camera's are there "yes!" Atlanta yells, hugging me while we jump in unison, the host comes over and comically joins us, this is all being taped i presume.

"I'M IN CANADIAN IDOL!!!!" i yell to the camera "I love you Canada!" i yell with Atlanta. "so are you happy?" He asked, we laugh "No kidding" i manage to say "well there you have it, the last gold ticket has been given, next week wewill have all of our 100 competitors here live in Toronto, tuesday nightat 9:00 o'clock, be here cause" he points at me "we'll be here!" i cry happily to the camera "exactly,goodnight Canada!" he finishes. The camera men leave and the host shakes my hand "goodluck, i hope to see you again behind stage, onthereal Canadian Idol-stage" he said "i hope so to" i told him we let our hands go and run out the door with a box that the host had passed to me, it contained al the info i needed! I am soooooooo happy right now! "I love oyu Atlanta, thanks for making me do this!" I tell my best friend, she smiles and jumps again "and, i'll be here all the way!!!!" she says as we get in my little red car and drive off back to new-olympia...but i'm not gonna tell anyone...not till they see me on Tv!

Hey guys, it's moi, well here's my newest story! gonna have to alternate keepingthem all up! well g2g, Rate and Review if you pleasy! later aligators (though i pray your human and not reptiles...see my pretty english!)
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