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Eary morning's suck

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"This was fun but I'm pooped!" I stretched my arms up and out Frank reached over and tickled under my arms "Ahh! Stop!" I rushed to put my arms down as I laughed "Ewe!" he rubbed his hands on m...

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"This was fun but I'm pooped!" I stretched my arms up and out
Frank reached over and tickled under my arms
"Ahh! Stop!" I rushed to put my arms down as I laughed
"Ewe!" he rubbed his hands on my arm
"It's all sweaty under there"
"Yea well you have Repunsell living under yours"
I lifted my head up and walked off
"His name is not Repunsell... It's bob" He followed
"What!?" bob exclaimed
"Oh uh... Keya I'm coming!" he ran down the hall
"Yea whatever"
"What do you want?" I looked out from the door
"I'M COMING!" Frank ran to the door
"Yea well your not getting my room all white" I slammed the door and waited
"......BAM......" I smiled to myself
"Owe... KEYA!! I DIDN'T MEAN THAT!!!" He yelled through the door
"Well then... be more specific" I cracked the door open to let him in
"Well then, be that way" he plopped on my bed as I got my night clothes out
"Well then, fine" I walked into the bathroom to change
"While I'm in here you mine as well get in your pj's"
"I can't imagine any other band having better kids than ours; if they do, at least I know ours kids can beat up there's" frank quoted as I through the night gown over my head
"Yea; and I can't imagine you being any more off topic than you already are" I smiled as I heard him moan
"Shut up"
"Oh lighten up"
"Hey this is my room; I can through you out and you won't sleep with me tonight"
I walked out of the bathroom only to find frank in some long night checkered pants
I blushed a little as I felt him stare at my night gown
It was a little too short and nothing but silk so it was a little skimpy but hey; this is my frank, so I wear what I want
I crawled under the blanket and looked over at Frankie with the best puppy dog eyes I could muster
"Me cold" I looked
"Too bad" he said as he reached over to turn off the lamp and snuggled into his regular ball shape
"Hey!" the pouting was showing through my voice
"Get over here!"
I felt him turn around and look at me
"What?" I asked
"I love you"
"I love you too" I closed my eyes
"But I'd love you more if you would warm me up"
I felt him curl up to me and I rested my head on his curled up chest
"Thank you"
In minutes, my world went black as I feel in to a peaceful sleep

Next morning

"RING, RING" the alarm went off
"Ugh, it's too early!" I rolled over to the alarm clock and hit it four time before I took it and smashed it on the wall
"What did you do that for?" frank mumbled as he rubbed his eyes trying to adjust to the sunlight
"Itwon'turoff" I slurred out of my mouth; half my lip was on the pillow and half covered by the pillow
I kept my eyes closed but I could feel frank staring at me
"Wha?" I asked
"Nothing; your just so beautiful"
"It's too early in the morning to kiss up now" I rolled to the other side of the bed
"It's true"
"Uh" I said throwing my arm in the air and putting it back down beside me
"But..." he started
"Shhh... It's peaceful to hear the wind of the ocean"
"But we're not near an ocean"
"That's the beauty of it; imagination"
I rolled back over to the other side and tried to sleep a couple of more minutes before Gerard came in to take pictures.

I am sorry it is short but you should have told me last chapter if i should make it long. Hey; this is your falt
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