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Alex has been gone for two months to polish off the first leg of FF training,Kristin is side lined with a persistant cold. Between training missions,they stumble upon a tomb untouched by the war or...

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Disclaimer: I absolutly DO NOT own the MIGHTY DUCKS nor do I make a profit off of them in any way shape or form. Now on to the story.
Note: In this story, Kristin and Alex have been gone for the two months that they had off from their games and finally come back from their search for the legendary Guardian Star Crystal Magic without success until Wildwing offers to help out. After they return back from Mars to deal with Dragaunus's goon,then they return to the pond where Tanya is in disbelief at how many generations were killed and were dying for the sake of Kristin's home planet,then Mallory asks what it was like for centuries before the Plutarkian's bought and started strip mining the planet. Also Shin from DBZ makes an apperance in this story to find out what Kristin knows of the strange energy wave that had been felt all the way in the heart of the universe.This story also depicts the birth of Shane's first child by Krystin who endures a longer than normal labor process due to an anomoly of nature where she finds out she and Shane are expecting not ONE but TWO babies a boy and a girl.


It was a dark,rainy stormy day in late October nearing Halloween in Anahiem, two months to the date that Kristin and her brother Alex had decided to take a two months trip back to Mars to search for the legendary Guardian Star Krystin Warrior Souls. The two week absence had Wildwing's curiosity get the better of him and he asked Kristin after she'd gotten off the elevator why she and Alex had been gone for two months.

Wildwing looks up and finally sees a familiar face saying: Kristin! Where've you been for the last two months? We've been worried sick about your absence! (Envelopes Kristin in a tight hug that she returned saying) Are you alright? Not hurt are you? (Lets Kristin go so he could hear her answer)

Kristin takes a deep breath and says: Alex and I went back to Mars on a hunch that there was Guardian Star Krystin Magic near the base where we grew up. I'm fine,just a bit tired from the commute from Mars to Anahiem, that's all. On top of that we just finished this two month portion of our FF training with our Senior partners and that coupled with the pressure change is getting to us making us kinda sleepy. (Returns all the hugs until everyone was satisfied that she wasn't hurt)

Wildwing: Any luck in finding the source? How much longer until you go out on a mission solo?

Alex comes in behind Kristin saying: No,no luck only dead ends. Each time we feel the magic getting stronger, we always wind up at a dead end! It's frustrating! The ancient magic is strong, but we can't find the source of where it's coming from! Not for a long time, we're still senior rookies ahead of the class by ten years. Once we graduate this portion there's more training to be started. No one ever said fighting a war would be easy as pie,the training has intensified as has the weight training regiment we have to go through. The med physicals are done and Kris has to go back, since she was sick with a cold. Terrence wants to ensure her breathing has calmed back down and the virus is completly out of her system before signing off on her medical release form.

Wildwing: Figures, he wants to ensure she's virus free before he signs off on the medical release forms. Doesn't want to be held responsible if she's still sick. Need any help in finding it? We can always go with you, we'll be careful not to get involved with the war that's going on.

Kristin: Ehh why not! We can teleport to Mars.

Nosedive: Just how are you going to pull the teleportation trick off?

Kristin: In the sub-basement of the house that our team lives in during the hockey season, a friend of my uncle Throttle's set up a transporter that can send anyone any where and bring them back with the press of a button. Mind you that Mars is at war right now and if you're not careful,you'll be short a few limbs!

Taking Kristin and Alex up on their offer to go to their home planet,the Ducks and Phil all left the Pond and went over to the Timberwolves's house,unlocked the front door and stepped inside then followed Alex and Kristin down the basement until they came to a door and opened it then continued going down until they reached the hidden sub- basement and got their first look at the transporter that stood unplugged, waiting for someone to plug it in and use it.

Alex plugs in the transporter saying: We just used it a few months ago to bring dad and the others here for a visit and our god father just recently came for a visit then left so we know that it's safe to go between here and Mars safely. (Calls up the last set of coridinates and double checked them to ensure they were set for Mars then says) It's spacious in there, so everyone inside while I call someone on Mars to let them know we're coming. (Watches as Phil and the Ducks got into the transporter and waited for him and Kristin to join them and says to her) Kris why don't you call Mac and see if he's home? If he isn't then I'll call Terrence and let him know we're bringing some friends for a visit.

Kristin hangs up with Stoker and says: Mac wasn't home, but Coach was and he'll be there to ensure we arrive in one piece. Let's get going! (Lets Alex in first then gets in next and presses the third right button and in a flash they vanished and reappeared on Mars then exits the transporter and says) All in one piece. No one's missing so we made it.

Wildwing looks out the window and sees nothing but red soil and red sky then says: Where-where are we?

Stoker opens the door and enters saying: You're on Mars where else would you be? Hi sweetie it's been a while! (Gives Alex and Kristin a tight hug saying) How ya feelin? You've been out sick for a long while!They wanna find out about your home?

Kristin: Still got the sniffles and that echoing cough. Still not healthy enough for missions or training until Terry says go.

Alex: Yeah and they're here to help us find out where that magical trail winds up.

Stoker: So that's why you haven't been training! You're still sick! Good, someone else can look out for you when I'm not around! Each time we follow the trail, it stops dead at a large mountain that hasn't been knocked down. Once you get there, you soon realize that there's no way to get inside to find out what's in there. We don't want to use explosives incase those stink fish are around to hear it. (Hears his pager go off and says) I've gotta go take care of someone's goof up somewhere else on this base so you'll be guided around by Alex and Kristin sorry I was hopin to get you into other parts but I've gotta go fix this screw up before something else gets screwed up! (Leaves the teleportaion room to go take care of the pressing matter before things got out of hand and got worse instead of better)

Alex: Now then let's start the tour of Arsis Base and remember you have official security clearance by being with us since we once lived here,they all know us pretty well considering we used to roam these halls insearch of our dad. Oh and before we even leave this room,you'd better wear these or Carbine will have our heads! (Hands out security clearance badges that read VISITOR on them then said) Alright let the tour begins now.

After handing out the security clearance badges and waiting while Phil pinned his to his suit jacket and the Ducks pinned them to their battle gear, Kristin and Alex followed Stoker out the door and began walking the halls telling Phil and the Ducks what it was they were seeing until they came to the Medward where they stopped.

Mallory: Why'd you stop?

Alex: I'm not stopping here,Kristin is. She has to get more sugar pills from Terrence who wants to see her now that he found out that she's here. He also wants to check her health,if you haven't noticed Kristin's been sick lately and Terrence won't let her do the physical training. The school work she does when she has the energy and turns them over to Pike who ensures that they get to his brother on time. The rest of us will continue on the tour of Arsis base and wind up back here.

Phil: Sugar Pills? I thought Kristin controlled her diabetes by watching how much sugar she ate every day!

Alex: That's only when she's not in school. The Vegan Vegetarian's won't let us normal kids bring anything sugary into the cafeteria so the sugar pill will keep Kristin going until her lunch break starts and she's free to eat what she likes when she likes where she likes and if the vegetarian's don't like it,she just tells them to stuff it in their ears or fight about it. Let's just say that the Vegan's won't fight,they're too peaceful or the best way to describe them is terrified of her. They know dad taught her to fight properly so they won't fight her and they leave Kristin to her sugar filled lunch.

Tanya: Vegan Vegetarians are a big pain in the backside! All they do is whine whine whine whine! Let's continue our trip.

Alex: Alright then, but there are certain places that not even I get to see because I'm a rookie. But there are places that we can go and see but they're not pleasant. One of which is where those who didn't make it through the night go to so they can be identified by their loved ones and either be properly burried or cremated.

Dakota: In other words the Morgue. No we don't want to go there thank you. Not a plesant place ta visit even if you're goin to identify a body.

After getting a round of Not Interested from the Ducks and Phil,Alex continued with his tour of the base and stopped when he came to the outdoor garden where he stopped for the first time since they dropped Kristin off.

Alex: Take a good look around you, as you can plainly see, Mars is barren again. When I was a child, it was blue and beautiful once more but that was only for eight years then the war started again and we moved off the planet and went back to earth to live. Just looking around at the majority of the people who are injured badly, I can only identify ten of them as friends that I haven't seen since I was eight years old. Many of them are seeing war for the first time in their lives. The one in the red shirt with the dusty blonde hair? His name's Hunter he has a sister named Cobalt we all grew up together and we've never seen war until now, he told me in the last email he sent me that he'd been drafted into service but his sister managed not to be drafted,where their parents are they don't know. Hunter's lucky, he got off with a gash in his upper bicep, I've already lost half of my friends that are my age. Most of them were killed once they stepped out into the open, none of them were older than I am and will never know what it's like to graduate from school because they're all dead. But this isn't the first time that this planet has seen war, it has seen and bore witness to a nasty war over a thousand years ago, back when Throttlerian of the Blackruby Clan ruled the land and there were such things as High Priestesses.

Canard: A High Priestess? What's that?

Alex: A High Priestess was considered to be the child of Ares God of War and Protector of Guardian Warriors that are still in their eternal sleep hidden in a long lost cave somewhere on this planet. No one knows too much about them, only that they've been in an eternal sleep for over five thousand years. They awakened once and that was when Drake DuCaine was alive,an evil force tried once again to rule this world,but the legendary Eternal Guardian Warrior of the Universes was finally found and brought forward to defeat the evil Overlord. Since then all the warriors have been in an eternal sleep in their hidden tomb, no one has been able to find it, some say it's only a legend,others like myself and Kristin who descend directly from two of them, know that they do exist because we can feel the presence of the long forgotten Guardian Star Crystal Magic flowing through the land but have been unsuccessful in finding where it comes from. Lately when we don't have practice,we've been here scouring the hillsides looking for the source but can't find it. (Hears Kristin coming up behind him and says) Finally you got back! What took so long?

Kristin: Paitence is a virtue Alex! Terry was busy so I had to wait a few minutes for him to get my sugar pill refill in order. Well he wanted to check me over to ensure that nothing was going wrong,then we went over my diet to ensure that I was eating according to the charts that we made together to keep me on track,then he drew blood to check it for anything out of the ordinary. Of course he's still refusing to sign my med release forms because I'm still sick so I have to wait a long while longer before he gives the green light to start training physically again. He's not satisfied that the cough still lingers and he wasn't the least bit thrilled with my blood test results from three weeks ago. The white cells are higher than the red cells which clearly told him that I had been harbouring an infection but came to the conclusion that I was coming down with something and sat my med relase form aside tacking it up on the "Not No Way,Not No How am I signing this" board and sent me on my way. That's what took me so long to get back,Terry wants to be through when he checks me over.

Wildwing: Where does the magic trail start Kristin? You said it starts somewhere around here.

Kristin: Yeah it does. The trail begins right where you're standing and ends five miles from here. It's a long hike that's usually why we wind up camping out in shelters for the night and continuing on in the presence of a guard during the daylight hours. Shall we begin our long five mile hike? The pull is stronger when you're on foot, if you ride in a vehicle then the feeling is muddled. The feel of magic will pull anyone to where it vanishes leaving them wondering where the magical feeling could have gone off to. (Sees Pike walk by and says) Oh I'll be right back, there's something I have to give someone before I forget about it! (Pulls an envelope out of her jacket pocke then walks over to Arrence, hands him the envelope and says) Here fresh from KC on Earth,pictures of your soon to be born child.

Arrence takes the ultrasound pictures from Kristin and says: Thanks, I miss her. How's she doing with out me?

Kristin: She's fine,tired alot but she's alright. She wants you to go home to her or at least let her come here.

Arrence: No! I don't want her to be travelling anywhere when she's this far along in her pregnancy! I don't want to loose the baby! I'll go to her now that I've got some time on my hands! Besides,it's almost time for her to have the baby and I want to be there when it's born! (Heads towards the transporter room to head to his pregnant wife's side to be there if and when his child was born)

Kristin heads back to where Alex and the others stood waiting saying: Sorry, his wife wanted me to give him the latest ultra sound pictures of his yet to be born child. Now then, let's start following this trail. Mind you that it goes up and down quite a few times so if you get queasy stop and take a few deep breaths then keep going.

Once Kristin warned them that they might feel sea sick for awhile since the trail went up and down quite a bit,they began to follow the homing Krystin as it pulled them five miles to where the trail ended pointing directly at the wall of stone.

Kristin: Well this is where the trail ends,but the homing Crystal keeps tugging me further. There's gotta be something behind this slab but no one's been able to move it out of the way. Would you like to take a crack at it Grin?

Grin walks over to the stone slab and easily picks it up and moves it aside saying: What doesn't slide must be picked up and moved! There's an entrance here, but where's it go to?

Kristin: That's a good question Grin, no one's been able to move that slab until you moved it, once we leave here, move it back into place, this is sacred ground and should never be redisturbed. Shoot, no flashlight! Oh wait! I always have one in my bag! (Takes her bag off her back, sets it down on the ground and pulls out the flashlight that her dad had given her then sets it aside and rezips her bag closed then puts it back on her back saying) Alright we have light! (Turns on her flashlight and watches as everything was bathed in light and says) Well let's go find out where this trail ends! (Continues following the path until the homing Krystin pointed dead ahead and says) Well I guess we go into this chamber to find out if they really exist or if they're just a legend! (Enters the chamber and catches her breath in awe at all the eternally sleeping warriors and says) They do exist! The warriors of old have been asleep for countelss centuries after the last epic struggle to regain control of Marsis! (Notices one of the warriors was awakening and says) Shh!

Warrior sits up then slides off his sleeping pad then stands saying: Who are you that you have disturbed our eternal sleep?

Kristin steps forward and says: I be the direct descendent of Kristin Dorial Silvercley O'Connersston! My brother Alexander is also a driect descendant of Alixander Dorial. We have come to claim what is ours by heritage, the evil that you fought so hard to destroy, has threatened to once again come back.

Alex: It is time for us to become one as we were many centuries ago.

Warrior: I had hoped to have a few more milleniums of sleep before being awakened, but it is time to become one as we once were. (Goes about awakening his comrands saying) It is time my friends, the evil has threatened to return once more to try and destroy another world ! (Stops at the Warrior of Fire and Thunder's sleeping slabs then sadly moves on to awaken the others then turns and says to Kristin) I know you are wondering where our commrads of Thunder and Fire are. We do not honestly know where they are. They did not make the trainsmigration from mortal body to here for the eternal sleep. We searched everywhere until we could no longer fight the magical sleep and were drawn here to sleep until we were once again needed.

After awakening his sleeping comrades,the warrior straightened out his cape and uniform donning his sword then turned to speak to his comrades giving clear instructions on remembering that they were guests sharing the vessels of a younger generation and that no harm should have to be fall them,then in a bright light they all vanished four of them vanishing into Kristin and Alex while the others vanished into the star Crystal lockets that remained on their sleeping pads waiting to be taken to their new vessels.

Wildwing hears his tracker going off and says: We'd better get going back to earth! Draganus is at it again! We can get back to Anahiem,can't we Kristin?

Kristin enters the chamber and quickly picks up the lockets and puts them in the puck bag on her belt then says: Of course we can, we can get back the same way we got here. We just have to keep to this path and we'll wind up back at base.

After reassuring their friends that they could get back the same day with the transporter, Kristin,Alex and the others made their way back down the corridor,up the stairs and out the entrance that Grin respectfully placed the stone slab over then they headed back to Arsis Base and back to the Transporter Room where they all piled in and were sent back to the Timberwolves's sub-basement where they got out of the transporter and went up the stairs and out the door and into the Migrator while Alex and Kristin sat aside the other Krystins and joined their friends in saving the world from Draganus using their new found powers which were stronger than their old powers. Once they had helped to save the world,everyone went back to the Pond where Mallory finally asked what Mars used to look like before the wars destroyed all of the natural beauty and wonders.

Tanya sinks down onto the couch beside the others and says: So much destruction,no buildings left standing! Countless generations sacrificing their lives to free their home from those who bought it. I've never seen so many injured people in my life!

Mallory: To think that Mars was once beautiful like Puckworld. What was Mars like before the what were they called again?

Kristin: Plutarkians,they're raunchy smelling fish who destroyed their own planet and are on a conquest to destroy Earth after they strip Mars of what is under the soil and kill off all the Martian Mice who stand in their way.

Mallory: What did Mars look like for centuries before the Plutarkians bought and started stripping your planet?

Kristin turns around,holds out her hand splaying her fingers apart then concentrates her magic until at long last Ancient Marsis was displayed on Drake 1 then says: For countless centuries Marsis was beautiful in nature. Untouched beauty that spanned for ages, the people that lived there took pride in their planet and took good care of it. Especially the village where my ancestor grew up. As a child she was taught by her mother that Marsis was a living breathing being and that taking only what you need and replacing it was the right thing to do. Each time her father had to chop a tree for winter fire wood,she'd plant a sapling in it's place for future generations, back then there were no fast food restaraunts to go to, no big fancy grocery stores to get meat, produce and things like that from. Everything was homemade and fresh especially the milk and eggs, not a plesant chore when the chickens and cow were in a bad mood but the eggs and milk had to be brought in or there'd be no meals on the table.

Nosedive: What'd you do for entertainment? Watch TV?

Kristin: Sorry Dive TV hadn't been invented yet nor had electricity,running water or indoor plumbing. All our meals were cooked over an open fire and we mended our clothes by hand then when they got to be too small for us to wear,they were washed by hand on a washboard then hung to dry then folded and put into a steamer trunk for the next baby to wear and in my ancient family,there were plenty of little girls in need of clothing. Morcam didn't have much wealth to flaunt, what money he did have was always gone by the end of the week spent on fabric,food and new clothing for his children. His six children were the only people he didn't have to worry about starving because they were breast fed their mother's milk. But as the years went on and they were gradually weened onto solid foods, he knew he'd have to scrimp and save nonstop knowing that with three daughters there was always the marriage dowry to be paid, something that he never had to pay for his sons when they got married.

Nosedive: Okay whoa a minute! What's a dowry?

Tanya: It's the price a father pays for his daughter to be married into another family.

Kristin: Want the dictionary definition of dowry? I'd give it to you but my dictionary's burried somewhere in my book bag underneath Mount Everest of homework for tonight, let's just say it's a payment for the son of one family man to marry the daughter of another man's family. It was either food,clothing,furniture or even animals like a cow or a pig or a goat. I guess it was supposed to ensure that you had many children by your new wife. Heck in some families,the marriage was arranged and you never even got to meet the bride or groom until the day you got married, who knows he could be gorgeous or absolutley hideous the same goes for the bride. She could be a bombshell or a hideous monster you wouldn't know until the day you got married. Some girls were married off at thirteen to men who were in their thirties and had several other wives to boot. The girls who were married at thirteen were mothers at fourteen. Be thankful you don't have to pay thousands or even millions of dollars to one day marry Dakota to Nosedive Duke you'd be broke! The only thing you'd have to pay for is the wedding reception and the catering of the reception.

Duke: M-m-m-millions of dollars?

Kristin: That's right,millions of dollars or back then gold coins to pay for your daughter to be married. Back then we girls were considered an expense that had the family had to get rid of so they came up with a dowry,married off the girl to her beau and were free of the expense of having to care for a virginal girl.

Duke spies Kristin's back pack and unzips it then finds her dictionary,pulls it out and hands it to her then says: Here's your dictionary Kris, look up dowry and give Nosedive the definition for a better picture of what it is.

Kristin takes the dictionary from Duke's hand then opens it to the D's then mutters: Dowry,dowry,dowry ah ha! Here we go! The definition of Dowry is as follows: The money,property etc that a bride brings to her husband. Clear enough for you Nosedive?

Nosedive: So basically the father of the bride is saying here's my daughter and fifty thousand gold coins take her and ensure the first born is a boy not a girl. Make sure you have a nice family full of boys so you don't have to hurridly marry your daughter off.

Kristin: When it all boils down,that's right.

Wildwing: Getting back to your planet's ancient past?

Kristin: Marsis was beautiful up until Limbergeron had Terrenceran and the High Priestess's convoy kidnapped along with Throttlerian's parents so he took his only heirloom, the jewl of BlackRuby which was later turned into the Guardian Star Crystal of Blackruby which was given to Kristin Dorial when the Golden Guardian Crystal Shattered in battle nearly killing her. By the time Throttlerian and Terrenceran had found her,she was near death well to be honest on death's doorstep. Without her magic she was dying quickly and they knew that they had to do something but what it all boiled down to was turning the Black Ruby into a Guardian Star Crystal to save her life. It was a sacrifice that the Blackruby family was willing to live with as long as it meant that Kristin Dorial would live.

Nosedive: Your ancestor nearly died? I knew those Star Crystals were powerful but I never knew that they were connected to a Warrior's bodily functions! Did Marsis survive?

Kristin: You're talking to me aren't you? If she hadn't survived, I wouldn't be standing here talking to you now would I?

Nosedive: Guess not. But what happened after your ancestor recieved a new star Krystin?

Kristin: No one knows for sure, both Terranceran and Throttlerian were knocked out cold by the blast that has been said to destroyed the evil returning the planet back to it's state of natural beauty. After using a great deal of her new powers, The Guardian Warrior of Blackruby passed out and didn't wake for several weeks. When she finally did awaken, Kristin Dorial was told that Terranceran had been seriously hurt in the battle and could be on his death bed. She knew that something wasn't right and immediately against Neil's orders got up out of bed and went to the old Spellbinder's house where she found out that his leg had been badly injured, he wasn't on his death bed, he was in bed but not dying. He had broken his leg from the thigh right down to the ankle bone.

Nosedive: Ouch that had to hurt. It'd be even worse with fur on your body in a heat wave! Is that all that you know about your planet's ancient past?

Kristin: That's it in a nut shell. I still haven't had a chance to finish reading my ancestor's diary yet,that's a challenge in it's own right. The language it's written in has long since vanished as has the culture,the food,the clothing and unfortunately; The Sword of Ares. My ancestrial father's sword vanished when Kristin's last child passed away at almost a hundred and ninty years old. They lived a long life and passed on, now I inherit eternal youth.

Dakota: Eternal Youth? What's that?

Kristin: It means that I will never die, by the time you guys are in your graves I'll be watching as your children's children's children grow up and I'll watch the earth,Mars and Puckworld change with time. It's a perk that I don't particularly like having. The only other way to get the gift of eternal youth is through a blood transfusion the way I got it from Mac,or to have it granted to you by the Supreme Guardian by saving the life of one of her Guardians. Don't be too surprised if you've already had it bestowed upon you by the Supreme Guardian, you spared my life so many times that she probably decided to give you eternal youth and life the same two gifts that I have. You will never age physically nor will you ever die.

Nosedive decides the subject is getting stale then says: So did you get the results of your IQ test yet?

Kristin: Yeah I got them back and it's pretty bad when you out score your own teacher by two hundred and nintyseven points. My fourth period teacher sits at one ninty two and I'm above that sitting at four hundred and eighty nine. The highest score in the shool district. I don't like flaunting my intelligence around,that's why I didn't want to take this stupid test in the first place. I already knew that my IQ put me in the advanced intelligence ranks for years but I don't like being questioned to see if that's a true statement.

Tanya: Great minds think alike! We're at the same intelligence level! Well I'm two points higher at four ninty one but hey who really cares? Each person has their own IQ standing and no one likes a person who shows off their intelligence by putting other people down. You tutor other kids your own age putting your brains to good use. What credit do you get for your services?

Kristin: Nine fifty an hour. I do in home tutoring for those who are having difficulty with their subjects.

Canard: Uhh how many hours do you tutor for?

Kristin: Depends on the person's needs. If they're having trouble in a course that I've already taken and aced,usually an hour. If it's a course that even I had a hard time with then one to four hours five at the most. The day the school lets me do tutoring in the building is the day the world stops, they have people to help the students to quote achieve their full potential in life. Bunch of phooey if ya ask me, the person I just got through tutoring is on a waiting list that can encircle the earth then encircle Mars then Puck World before it ends. She was first in line at the begining of the year but she still hasn't gotten a tutor, so her parents called me and asked me to tutor her. There's a fee that you have to pay to get a tutor ahead of time and it's three fiftyseven nintyfive.

Tanya: Who in their right mind would pay three hundred and fiftyseven dollars and nintyfive cents to secure a tutor that might not go to them? That's outrageous! (Suddenly remembers the story that Kristin had been telling them and says) You never got a chance to finish telling us about how selfish you were in kindergarten! Why'd you hit what's his name again? Dwight? Why'd you hit him?

Kristin: Why'd I hit Dwight? He tried to kiss me on the mouth and to make matters worse, he'd already had a peanutbutter and sardine sandwich with pickles,onions,tomatoes and garlic for lunch! If you were me,would you have let him kiss you?

Duke: Peanutbutter and Sardine sandwich with pickles.onions,tomatoes and garlic? Yeech! No way I'd be lettin him kiss me!

Wildwing: Oooh man,my stomach's lurching at the sound of it! That's disgusting! To think that kid wanted to kiss you after eating that for lunch what was his drink?

Kristin: Drink? Drink? Are you kidding,that kid never brought one! All day long I had to put up with stinky breath sitting infront of me at the coloring table and beside me in Primary Chorus. Believe me,he didn't smell that hot. Oh wait there were a few shocking times when he did bring a drink but it was always hot herbal tea that smelled worse than his sandwiches that smelled awful on their own! (Begins to feel the end result of using her new powers and says) I don't know about you guys,but I'm heading to bed for the rest of the night. I'm too tired to keep awake any longer. (Grabs her bag up off the couch then turns and heads for her bunk to get ready for bed getting a round of "g'night's" from everyone as they went to their rooms to get ready for bed.)

After showering,washing her hair and fur clean of the Martian soil that had was caked on to her,Kristin slipped into her favourite shorts and Anahiem jersey then pulled on a pair of clean socks,hung up her wet towel to dry then went over to the light switch,turned off the lights, walked over to her bed,slid under the covers and when her head hit the pillow; she was sound asleep feeling more comfortable then she had when she slept on Mars. Very early the next morning, Kristin woke up and looked at her alarm clock thinking it was time to get up only to find it was only one fifteen a.m. way too early to get up but late enough for her to worry about her sugar levels being too low. Thinking that her blood sugar was dangerously low, she opened her night stand drawer,pulled out her testing kit to check her sugar levels. Once she pulled out her testing kit, Kristin turned on the machine and placed it on the crook of her arm to spare her fingers from getting pricked then waited while the monitor calculated what her sugar count was. After waiting two minutes it finally beeped with a reading of nine point two which for her was a normal reading which meant that her blood sugar wasn't as low as the thought it was and put away the blood testing machine. Kristin knew something wasn't right.

Kristin feels a sharp feeling hit her in the stomach and thinks: Something isn't right! This feeling that something's wrong isn't a signal that I need sugar to perk up my levels! Ooh man I feel like a quarter back hit me in the stomach! (Flings back her covers, gets up off the bed, grabs the pouch that held her homing and scrying Krystins then slips it over her shoulder, leaves her room and heads down the hall towards Nosedive's room wondering if he felt it too)

Nosedive wakes up feeling like someone had punched him in the stomach,got up out of bed,left his room and came face to face with Kristin and says: Whoa! Did you feel that?! I've never felt a presence that strong before! What is it?

Kristin: You felt it too? I don't know what it is but I have a bad feeling that Alex

might know what it is! But the one person who may have felt it stronger than us would be Grin. He's one with the Universe remember?

Nosedive: Yeah I remember. Let's go see if Grinster felt it too!

Both Nosedive and Kristin head towards Grin's room and knock on the door until he said they could enter, then they both walked in and seen Grin's face then knew that he'd felt it as well.

Nosedive: Did you feel that wave of power a few minutes ago?

Grin: Yes I did, it was powerful! What do you sense Kristin?

Kristin: I sense something and it isn't pretty. I'll try my usual scrying. (Reaches into her pouch and pulls out the scrying Crystal and says) There's something out there alright,but all I see is black, smokey gray,gray blue,sliver,gray and dark purple. I sense an evil power that is beyond what I normally consider safe.

Grin: Black,smokey gray,gray blue,sliver,gray and dark purple? Not a good sign! It must be a warning that pure evil lurkes in the midst. Was that all you could see?

Kristin: Yeah that was it. This gives me the creeps, I've never felt evil like this before and I know pure evil when I feel it. I wonder if the others felt the same feeling we did.

Grin: Only one way to find out. (Leaves his room with Nosedive and Kristin in tow and met up with Wildwing, Tanya, Duke, Mallory,Canard,Joey,Alex and Dakota who had all been hit with the same feeling they had been hit with.)

Duke: Whoa you guys felt it too?

Alex: Kristin what is it that we feel?

Kristin: That's a good one Alex, I don't know. All I get when I scry is black,smokey gray,gray blue,sliver,gray and dark purple then I get a feeling like a football team punched me in the stomach. That's it, even for someone of my calibre this is disturbing. I feel pure one hundred percent evil but I can't pin point where it is and I've trained on the Planet of Kai's with the supreme Kai. I wonder if Shin felt this sudden surge of power as well? He's a Supreme Kai so he might know what it is!

Duke: Whoa,whoa,whoa, what's a Kai and who is Shin?

Alex: Remember that little dude that came to see Kristin a few months back with the big guy? Yeah that's a Kai and his name is Shin and the big guy? Keebeto's his name. He warned Kristin to prepare to feel a wave of evil at a level that has never been felt since the time of Kristin Dorial's last battle that sent her warrior spirit into the eternal slumber to regain it's power. (Feels a familiar energy pattern and says) Oh I guess Shin did feel it as well.

Canard: How can you tell?

Kristin recognizes Shin's energy pattern and says: Because he's coming for a spontaneous visit.

In a bright flash of pink light Shin and Keebeto appeared before everyone much to the amazement of Phil.

Shin speaks directly to Kristin saying: It has been a VERY long time since we seen eachother. How are you holding up lately?

Kristin: One I'm fine just worn out from my new powers and two there's something out there that I can't see. The wave of energy is blocking my scrying ball's magic,all I see when I scry is black,smokey gray,gray blue,sliver,gray and dark purple accompanied by a pain in the stomach equivalant to Goku smashing his fist into my stomach at Super Sayien 3 level. Unfortunately I can't get a lock on the energy readings. It seems my warrior spirits know who it is but doesn't remember it's name or what it wants in this age.

Shin: New powers? You have new powers? I had not realized that there were warrior spirits still roaming!

Alex: Whoa! One they were not roaming, the spirits had been in an eternal slumber since their host bodies lost the ability to handle their growing powers and were forced to use up what power they had to defeat the evil that tried to take over our ancient world. We just recently found their tomb and they became one with us because we have the capatability to become one in the same person when not in battle and a wiser person in battle. Our powers are drawn from these (Reaches into his pouch and pulls out a blue star crystal saying) This is what gives us our powers now, our old crystals were destroyed ages ago and we knew that if we wanted to continue living, we had to find the Guardian Star Warriors and fuse together. Only the Warriors of Fire and Thunder didn't make the transmigration into this world while sleeping. Matter of fact they didn't fall into the deep sleep the others fell into and no one knows where they are.

Shin stares wided eyed and opened jawed at the Star Krystin and says: Th-th-that crystal! It has unlimited powers that are very strong! You have evolved into Guardian Star Warriors at such a young age! You are meerly teenagers and yet you posess the Eternal Guardian Star Crystal of Marsis! Now all the warriors that were tainted with evil will be purified and restored to their original state!

Kristin feels her heart break and says: Shawn,Jarred and Brandt were killed trying to keep me from being dragged over to the evil side of the crystal. It's been three years since they were killed, the only problem now is that I need the resurrection spell to cast to resurrect Shawn, Jarred and Brandt from their eternal slumber. The only place that I can find that spell is in Terranceran's spell book, I have the next crystal so it should be near time for it to present it self to me along with the sword of Blackruby and the Sword of Ares the one that belonged to our ancient father, I'm sorry to say but we're NOT teenagers. We're in our twenties now and both of us are parents Alex to twins and me to two sets of twins by Shawn.

Shin: Paitence when the time is right, the items will present themselves to you. Alex rightfully gets the Sword of Ares and you rightfully get the Sword of Blackruby and the book of spells. You're parents? How much time has passed in this world that you're all parents to children?

Kristin: The last time you showed up we were thirteen now we're twenty four so I'd say eleven years have passed since then. My twins were born when I was twentyone and they're now six years old and of course I have yet another set of twins that are on their way in about nine months. Alex's kids are a year older then my twins and Sammy has four kids of her own and Jamie's still single,James is engaged and Terrance is married with twins a boy and a girl. I guess only time will tell who rightfully gets what. Right now, I'm not too sure on how to revive three dead warriors from the grave. That'll have to wait until I find the book that Terranceran left me. It's strange though ,the power levels I felt earlier are gone and my scrying ball's clear again. Something really weird's going on but I can't find out what it is because the amount of evil out there blocks my scrying powers. I'll let you know when and if I find out anything new about this wave of pure evil, then again there's only one person who knows what it is that I'm feeling but she's married with a family on Mars. It'd be too early in the morning to call there now and I don't know if my cousin felt it too since he's always busy. (Watches as Shin and Keebeto vainish then says) If only I could remember who it is that raises evil like that, it's so familiar but only Kari knows the identity of the overlord behind the pure evil.

Duke: Yeah and this guy makes Draganus look like a do gooder! Not even Draganus's evilness rank any where near what we felt! Who is this guy and what does he want?

Kristin: I don't know what he wants though I have a sinking feeling that he wants Shawn,Jarred and Brandt.

Mallory: Why would he want Shawn,Jarred and Brandt? They're dead, we all went to their funeral so that you'd have strong support!

Kristin: When I first met those three as Warriors, they were under this guy's influence and had evil magic coursing through their Crystal, with Kielley and Rielley-Shawn's two eldest daughters, still learning the ropes on how to transform and use their powers, they can easily be used to get him through the barrier to get at Shawn,Jarred and Brandt to taint them. I just came into my powers of purity three years after the twins were born and I don't want a repeat of what happened the first time I had to purify three warriors at the same time. Shawn swore he'd never go back to his original form as the warrior of Darkness and smashed his dark star Crystal into a thousand pieces setting his powers free.

Nosedive: Can this guy revive the dead?

Kristin: Unfortunately, yes he can and he can also drain them of their pure energy and replace it with dark energy and they would forever be at his command with no hope of ever being purified again. Once you've been purified and you've been tainted again, you are forever a dark warrior with no hope of returning to your old life. It's a done deal once he's gotten you to the point where you're backed into a corner with no way out you wind up signing the contract to become his personal servant for eternity. After that you are beyond my help, I can no longer purify you until the Star Crystal of Purity has been found. Once the Star Crystal of Purity has been found, I can purify dark souls once more, but until then they remain at his command for an eternity even a person with perfictly aligned and balanced Karma can be put under his dark influence it doesn't matter to him if you have a pure heart or not. Believe me I've been on the other side and I know what it's like to be pure evil without a care in the world, it's not a place that I'd want to go back to and that's what Shawn,Jarred and Brandt fought and died for. But now with him on the loose I know he's after Kielley smd Rielley since they're still vulnerable! He doesn't care that they're young and vulnerable, he can still taint Rielley and Kielley to get at Shawn. That'll be his ace in the hole, by using Kielley and Rielley as a bargaining tools he can instantly force Shawn,Jarred and Brandt to once again become his servants and taint the kids before their powers gain momentum and purify their young bodies of the evil that would make itself at home.

Nosedive: How do you get through the barrier that enshrouds the grave sites?

Kristin: With the chosen one and I'm the chosen one since I do have the Guardian Star Crystal of Black Ruby in my posession, I can get you through the barrier at the grave yard but we'd have to jump the fence to get in since it's closed. There is another way and that's to pick the lock on the gates to get in and believe me the grave yard will literally scare you silly it's not a plesant place to be after dark.

Wildwing: Where're Kielley and her sisters staying?

Kristin: I don't know honestly, after Shawn's death, the authorities whisked her and her sisters off to Ireland to live with family of the father. Wait a minute! (Pulls out her cell phone saying) Jed would know where his nieces are! He's always going back to Ireland to check up on them! (Dials Jed's number and is greeted on the third ring saying) Oh hi Jed, yeah I felt it too and he's after Kielley and Rielley! You don't happen to know where in Ireland they are do you? Whaddya mean they're not in Ireland? Well where are they? If They're with you then you'd better keep them safe! If he gets his hands on them, then he'll use them to get to Shawn,Jarred and Brandt his three former servants. (Listens to Jed groan then says) Yeah if it is him then the only choice I have is to go to the graveyard while the moon is still out lighting up the pathway to the barrier of the training grounds and go through the barrier to alert them that he's back again and give them their Krystins! Alright Jed I can hear your voice faltering which means laryngitis. So I'll let you go get some sleep to rest your voice. Take care bye Jed. (Hangs up and says) Jed felt it too and it's definitly him. The power wave is too strong to be any one else but Drake Darkstein.

Duke: The Master of the Dark? I heard of him but I always thought that he was banished back to the dark zone a thousand years ago by the warrior of light! How could he break the barrier between the worlds?

Kristin: The Warrior of Light who was Todd's only younger sister Carrie,passed away after sealing him in the dark zone drained of her life force. It's not that hard when the Warrior who banished you is dead and their magic no longer exists. The Star Crystal of Light is pure white with specks of pale pale blue in it. An extremly rare Star Crystal to be found, the only way to find it would be with the Heart Crystal of Light and no one knows where that Crystal is burried! Unless the strange object imbedded in my scrying balls stand is the star Crystal of light! (Reaches into her statchel to pull out the stand and homing crystal then points the it at the star shaped object and sees and immediate reaction and says) I was right! This stand is the Star Crystal of Light! All I have to do is pop it out and figure out who it goes to! (Bends the stand back and forth gently then pops out the star crystal saying) Here we go and nothing got broken. Now the last thing I need to do is get myself to the grave yard before the moonlight fades and the path vanishes and the barrier becomes solid!

Duke: G-g-grave y-y-yard? At this hour? (Glances at Wildwing who nodded then says) Alright what cemetary are we goin to?

Kristin: The one in the other Anahiem, we warriors can't be burried here among mortals, we're burried in the Magical Anahiem in the cemetary to the north east of town. Borg knows how to get to the grave yard from here. There's only two nights a year that the barrier is at it's weakest and that's on Halloween and Christmas night, I know you're not thrilled to be going to a grave yard but if I were to take you at any other point in time,the barrier would kill you instantly,but now that it's weak I can get you in and out without anyone getting killed.

Wildwing: It's nearing the real witching hour of three a.m., if we don't hurry we'll miss the moon when it rises high in the night sky illuminating the pathway! Everyone go get dressed,we've got a job to do! (Watches as everyone went back to their bunks to get dressed)

A few minutes later everyone was gathered around Drake 1 where Kristin and Alex opened up a portal to the Super natural Anahiem where Borg waited for them to arrive to safely escort them to the grave yard. Once everyone was on the other side of the portal,Borg immediately began to head in the direction of the cemetary. Twenty minutes later they arrived at Anahiem's grave yard where Duke picked the lock then pushed the gates open allowing everyone to enter the realm of the dead.

Kristin: I'm gonna have to ask you guys to be quiet,there are people here who are trying to sleep and alot of them have been burried here for centuries. The last thing I need is to bother a poor soul who is having a difficult time adjusting to being dead.

Wildwing: How far until we find what we're looking for?

Borg: Shouldn't be long now, we have to climb to the top of the hill and wait for the moonbeam to illuminate the pathway and open the barrier to let us in. (Turns and looks up at the moon then says) It's almost directly in position,just a few more minutes and you'll soon see the hidden pathway that will get us to our destination safely.

Duke watches as the moon's beams shone down and says: Look at that! There's the path! But who is that?

Kristin: Oh no! It's Kielley and Rielley! The gravitational force of magic teleported them here! We'd better get down there before The Master of Darkness shows up and forces the girls to let him through the barrier!

Hurridly following the moonlit pathway to where young Kielley and Rielley Connersston stood, Kristin and the others finally arrived and took her into their group to protect her.

Alex drops down to Kielley's height and says: Kielley,Rielley honey what're you two doing here at this hour of the night? You should be with Jed not out here in the grave yard!

Kielley: We 'eard him callin our name, we had to answer the call.

Kristin: You heard who calling your name baby?

Rielley: We 'eard daddy callin us over and over again

Alex: The barrier's weaker than expected. If they can hear Shawn calling their names over and over again, the barrier is open and we can get through unharmed. Though you two are gonna stay with us so you won't be turned evil! (Stands up and lifts Kielley off her feet and into his arms saying) You two have no shoes on your feet! I guess one will have to ride on my back and Nosedive will carry the other until we get to the barrier then we'll set you two down. (Allows Kielley to climb onto his back while Nosedive picked up Rielley then says) Now lets continue on wards, we're almost there.

Kristin nods saying: It's not far now, just a few more feet and we'll be through the barrier and you'll see daddy again for the first time in three years. (Silently thinks to herself as she looks at Kielley and Rielley) Oh my darling daughters, you two look more and more like Shawn each day! Shawn was the only person I slept with and was faithful to! When I found out I was pregnant with you two and told your father, he was estatic about it! Shawn was there for me every step of the way and all the way through the delivery process. Unfortunately he died in my arms in the middle of the road from a severed liver and loss of blood. (Snaps herself out of her thoughts and says) We've just a few more feet to go and judging from the brightness of the moonlight, we'd better get a move on!

After ensuring Kielley was comfortable on Alex's back and Rielley on Nosedive's back, Kristin and the others picked up speed and headed down the remainder of the path until they came to the barrier that was open enough for them to go in one behind the other. Once everyone was inside,Alex put Kielley down on her own two feet the same time Nosedive sat Rielley down so that they could continue following their father's faint voice,finally after following the remainder of the hidden path way they arrived at the burrial site where they found Brandt, Jarred and Shawn sitting on their graves leaning back on their headstones staring up at the waning moon.

Kielley and Rielley spy their father and goes to him calling: Daddy? Daddy?!

Shawn hears his daughter's clear voice and gets up saying: Kielley? Rielley? Kielley,Rielley where are ya? I can 'ear ya but can't see ya! (Spies his two daughters coming around from behind a large tombstone and says) K-Kielley?! R-Rielley?!

Kielley and Rielley throw themselves into their fathers arms saying: Daddy! We found ya!

Shawn lowers himself down to Kielley and Rielley's height and catches them in his arms saying: Kielley! Rielley! What're ya both doin way out 'ere at this hour o' the night? Especially with no shoes or coat on yer bodies! 'Ow'd you two find me 'ere anyways? Ye both were wee bairns at the time o' me passin,too small to bring to a funeral and a burrial! 'Ow'd you find me baby?

Rielley: We 'eard ya call our named and our magic brought us 'ere from our warm beds back 'ome.

Shawn removes his cloak and drapes it around Kielley and Rielley saying: Oh yer both freezin cold! 'Tis no season to be out 'ere without a coat on yer bodies lass! The last thing I need is for both o' ya to come down with a cold and sore throat from not wearin a coat! Now, 'owd you two get through the barrier to get 'ere? Yer magic's not strong enough to allow the two o' ye to pass through the barrier to come 'ere unless someone's with ya! Don't tell me yer mother's 'ere as well?

Rielley: Aye mommy's 'ere with Uncle Alex and their friends.

Kristin finally catches up with Kielley and Rielley then says: Sh-Shawn?

Shawn stands up and says: Kris-tin? What're ya doin 'ere?

Kristin reaches into her puck bag that hung from her belt and says: I came to give you life again. It's been three years and he's returned to try and revert you back to Warriors of the Dark. I felt his presence but I can't find him anywhere! (Drops her voice and says) He wants our daughters Shawn! He wants to turn Kielley and Rielley into Dark Warriors! The very same way he turned you into a Dark Warrior,he's trying to lure our children over to the dark side! That's why I'm here, to give you the (pulls out a firey red star Krystin and says) Star Crystal of Fire! It's yours Shawn, you're the warrior of Fire the way Kielley might one day become. Though until we find the ancient Warriors of Fire AND Thunder,you're going to have to rely on your powers that are now coursing through your body! They never made the transmigration from century to century and never fell into the deep sleep the others gave into!

Shawn takes the firey red star crystal from his former wife's hands and says: Ya know I'd take it to protect our daughters! They're vulnerable right now! I-I just wish that after we leave 'ere, we could go back to our old lives of living together and raise Kielley, Rielley and the twins together instead o' six months out o' the year. But if that's what winds up 'appening,then I'll accept it. Don't worry, we'll find them even if it means goin back to the Ancient Past to find them! (Fastens his new Star Crystal onto the front of his shirt and instantly feels his dead magic starting to flow again and says) It has been a long three years without me powers coursin through me body! It feels so good to be back amongst the living! (Scoops Kielley who was on the verge of falling asleep on her feet into his arms saying) It's past yer bedtime me dear bairn, when we leave 'ere we're gonna go back 'ome and yer goin straight back ta bed for the remainder o the night!

Kristin reaches into her puck bag that hung from her belt and pulls out two more star Crystals and says: Jarred, Brandt come get your Crystals!

Jarred comes forward and takes his star Krystin from Kristin's hand saying: A Star Crystal! It's beautiful! But what're ye doin 'ere? Yer not dead!

Shawn fills his two brothers in saying: Our old Master Drake's back and he wants to turn Kielley and Rielley into Dark Warriors the way we all once were! They're vulnerable right now since they're still learning to control their powers, Kielley and Rielley can be manipulated into signing a contract with him not knowing that they can never leave his palace o' eternal darkness! We 'ave to keep them safe and away from him! We know all his disguises so we'll be on high alert when walking them to and from school everyday and when they're out playing in the park or the front or back yard!

Jarred notices Shawn's cloak draped around Kielley and says: Where in this world are yer coats and shoes little ladies?

Shawn: They must've 'eard me thoughts and their magic teleported them 'ere from their warm comfortable bed out 'ere in the dark cold night's air.

Jarred: I wouldn't doubt that's what happened! Kielley and Rielley's magic is still strong and not under complete controll yet. They're a long way to go before they completly controls their magic. It's on nights like this that they'll be transported to where ever their magic takes them. Lord knows where it'll take them on Christmas night! I dare not think o' 'ow far we'll have to travel to find them again. (Removes his cloak and wraps it around Rielley then picks her up saying) Come it's time for us to take ya 'ome and put ya back ta bed for the night!

Shawn: Some 'ow some way we'll figure out 'ow to keep their magic from over powering them and transporting them where fhey don't want to go. As for now, we'd best get goin so we can get Kielley and Rielley here into bed for the night before they catch their deaths out 'ere. The last thing I need is for them to come down with a head cold from not 'aving a jacket on and no shoes on their feet!

Jarred: Well then lets get going and get Kielley and Rielley back to their own beds before they catch their deaths out 'ere and besides, the poor thing's have fallen asleep already.

Shawn looks down at a peacefully sleeping Kielley then at a peacefully sleeping Rielley and says: Aye so they 'ave fallen asleep. Tis past their bedtime and they've had a hard day in school. Jed must be huntin all over for them right now wonderin where they've gotten off to.

Kristin: Then we'd better get a move on, the moon's magic is almost gone! If we linger here too much longer, then we'll be trapped here until Christmas Eve!

Heeding Kristin's warning, everyone started to file out of the enclosure until every last person was accounted for and the barrier sealed it's self closed again. Once on the outside of the Barrier,Shawn looked down at a sleeping Kielley and back at Kristin knowing what lay ahead.

Kristin picks up on Shawn's thoughts and says: No one but the people who know of our magic know you really passed away, to anyone else you've been gone away to school for three years to finish off your degree. You know our old quarters are still open to you and the kids! I'm sure if you called Jed right now and told him that you're at the cemetary he'd know what happened to Kielley and Rielley! (Pulls out her cell phone and turns it on handing it to Shawn saying) Here,I'll take Kielley for a bit while you clue Jed in on what he's missed out on by having laryngitis.

Shawn: Jed's caught layrngitis? What'd be the use of callin him? He wouldn't be able to speak without his voice! I'll send him an instant message and he can respond. (Hands Kielley over to her mother for a few minutes then activates the instant messanger and types in a message for Jed to reply to then sends it and waits until a message came up saying that Jed was relieved Kielley was alright and safe then stated he had to get some sleep since he was on heavy medication then hung up as he said) One Jed's thankful Kielley and Rielley are alright and two he couldn't continue his fight against his medication, it's too strong for him to fight off. So let's get goin back to the regular Anahiem, no offense I like it here but I prefer the world I was reborn in to this one. (Gives Kristin back her cellphone then takes Kielley from her arms ensuring that his cloak was wrapped over her tiny feet to keep them warm as she slept.)

With everyone safely out of the barrier around the Gravesites of Warriors of old, everyone headed back to the gates of the Cemetary unaware that Drake Darkstein's informant had been watching in the guise of a stone Angel that stood above his own grave that was the entrance to his kingdom.

Drake hears out his informant and says: So they still live do they? Well now, we have the perfect bait to lure him back to our side now don't we Corrin?

Corrin: That we do. All we have to do is allow him to 'escape' in to the girl's dreams and beg her to help him and then we let him 'escape' from here and go get help but not without putting the collar on him to bring him back on a whim without anyone knowing about it. They'll think that his magic has gone haywire and teleported him to the last place he remembered being then we'll ensnare Shawn again and FORCE him to sign the contract once again!

Meanwhile in the torture chamber that had been his home for the last 10,000 years, Shane O'Connerston was barely conscious as yet more volts of electricity coursed through his weak and tired body that was hanging by chains that were attached to his wrists and ankles that held him up as his mistress 'disciplined' with him some more.

Shane screams in agony as twelve thousand volts of electricity coursed through his body that had been abused for the last 10,000 years silently thinking: When will she stop?! I canna take much more of this torture she calls play time! How many years have passed since I was brought here? Isn't anyone going to help me? PLEASE SOMEONE WHO CAN HEAR ME,HELP ME BEFORE I DIE FROM THESE SHOCKS I GET EVERY TIME I DISPLEASE HER! ME FRIENDS IF YE CAN HEAR ME, I AM STILL ALIVE BUT BARELY! IF YE CAN HEAR ME, HELP ME PLEASE FIND ME!

Alex feels his warrior spirit jerk awake and sits up saying: What's wrong? You have a night mare about the last half of the battle you fought?

Alix: No, I heard Shane's voice! He may still be alive somewhere! He sounded weak,tired and just barely clinging to life! He said something about being tortured with electricity each time he displeased someone. All I know is that it is a she who tortures him if he misbehaves.

Alex: Is it possible that Drake got a lock on his magic's wave length and instead of Shane appearing on his sleeping slab,he wound up elsewhere intercepted and re-directed to another place?

Alix: It IS possible that is what has happened to him. Drake IS powerful enough to re-route a Warrior on their way to sleep until needed.

Alex reaches over to his night stand to switch on his light then opens the drawer and pulls out the book on Drake Darkstein and flips to the family section and says: Then the 'she' Shane's refering to has to be his only daughter Felicity! She's just as twisted as her father is but pales in comparison to her mother Arianna Darkstein.

Alix feels his heart drop and the blood rush from his face and says: Oh god, poor Shane! Ten thousand years of torture of god only knows WHAT Felicity has done to him! What is her torture specialty? Does it say?

Alex reads through Felicity's biography and says: Electrical and Sexual Torture and Mind Control.

Alix: No, Shane has only been with one woman his entire life and that happened AFTER Todd passed away. After casting a life force draining spell, there was no hope to revive him and his last wishes were for Shane to marry Krystin and take care of her and the kids. (Realizes why his sister was so uncomfortable on her slab and says) My god, Krystin is pregnant with Shane's baby! THAT'S why she had a hard time slipping into the magical sleep! She has her own developed magic and the developing magic of the baby that was growing inside of her that belongs to Shane!

Alex sadly shakes his head and says determinedly: Then for her sake, we HAVE to find Shane and Dominic! But there's nothing for us to do t'night, it's late and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Alix: Then rest my friend, it is all we can do for now. There is no sense in fighting the sleep that is coming on. (Lays back against his pillows that were on the floor and switches off the lamp Alex had turned on and fell into a restless sleep.)

Meanwhile Back in the Torture Chamber,in the basement of the Darkstein Castle that had stood for milleniums,Felicity, the one Shane identified as 'her',realized what he had done and cranked the voltage level up causing Shane to emit a blood curling scream as she spoke

Felicity: My dear Shane, how stupid do you think I am? I know what you just did! You called out for help! You didn't ask to call for help now did you? (Lowers Shane down to his knees and says) You disobeyed my rules didn't you Shane? Now you've really hurt my feelings, you don't even take my feelings into consideration when you cry out silently for help! Now my heart has been broken and you know what you have to do to fix it don't you?

Shane: Oh god no! Please no not that!

Felicity walks closer to Shane until she was face to face with him them grabbed his firery red hair in her hand yanked his head back and forcibly kissed him knowing full well he didn't want to kiss her then breaks it off and says: You will make the perfect father for my children that you, Shane,will sire starting tomorrow!

Shane thinks fast and weakly says: I canna sire any children! Not with being tortured with electrical shocks for years! Those shocks have made me steril, I canna give ye any children. Me body has stopped producing seed alas I am steril and unable to impregnate ye. Ye will have to find another to impregnate ye and have children by.

Felicity: Y-you're STERIL?!

Shane weakly: Aye, electrical shocks will do that to a fertile man especially years o' it.

Felicity smacks Shane across the face then hisses: Then what good are you to me?

Shane weakly: The only choice ye have is to turn me loose with no strings attatched and let me go me own way.

Felicity: No, I'm certained that father has plans for you and I can't interfere with his plans. The eletrical shocks will be reduced from 10,000 volts down to five thousand volts. Perhaps they may even stop and father will unchain you so you can rest and gather some more strength. (Turns and leaves the torutre chamber to meet with her father and says) The shocks have made him steril, he can't produce children! Do as you wish with him father, he is your willing servant.

Drake enters the room and walks over to Shane and says: Well,well,well, well,well, we're still alive after years of eletrical shocks are we?

Shane weakly: What do ye want with me? Please just let me join me friends and sleep for ten thousand years!

Drake laughs and says: You've been down here so long you've lost track of all time haven't you?!

Shane weakly: Wha? What do ye mean?

Drake: This is the year 2009!

Shane weakly: No! It's 2009?! How can it be?

Drake: You were re-routed away from you trek to the Tomb of the Sleeping Warriors down here in the year 12009 and 12009 from 2009 is exactly ten thousand years!

Shane weakly: Why have ye kept me down here for ten thousand years?! Please, just let me go so I can sleep and regain strength! I canna keep this up much longer! I haven't been free to move without the chains in almost ten years!

Drake: You WILL be set free but with MY conditions! As you know my dear SON.........

Shane gasps: What did ye just call me?

Drake: Ahh I see yer mother never told ye about me now has she?

Shane: Wha? I don't understand! How can ye be me father? Me father died in combat shortly after me mother was taken prisoner with me sisters and me brothers and meself in tow!

Drake: It IS true that I died in combat but I made a pact with a dark wizard who granted me eternal life if I were to have but one of each child in me posession of varying ages. Ye Shane are thirty Felicity is twenty there is a ten year gap between the two of ye and she is unaware that ye are her brother and that is the way I will keep it! The genetics you have are vastly different from the genetics Felicity has. As you know my dear SON, it has been decades since ye have seen the light of day many a thing has changed in the outside world. Your peaceful planet is peaceful no more. You're wife is no more nor are your children, the only remnants of your family that survive are your children's ancestors and that's it.

Shane: What do ye need me for? What's this all about?

Drake: You are the bait we need to retrieve some wayward children and bring them to their senses.

Shane: Ye want me to force some poor souls into going back to their dark roots again? Why? Why would I do that for ye?

Drake: Because you have no choice or say in this matter! You HAVE learned of the dark Crystals have you not?

Shane struggles against his restraints saying: NO! I canna do that!

Drake walks around behind Shane and in one fluent movement fastens the dark Crystal collar around his neck saying: As I said you have no say or choice in this matter. There now, no matter where ye go, I will always be able to retrieve you! Mind you though that YOU cannot touch this collar or you will be subjected to over 10x the electrical shock you've been getting from Felicity. (Snaps his fingers and the guards come in and says) Unchain him and throw him in the isolation room where he can sleep! (Exits the torture chamber to go about planning to retrieve Shawn,Jarred and Brandt with Corrin)

Guards begin to unchain an exhausted weak Shane who could barely stand on his own two feet and dragged him over to the small room he had never been in to sleep, something Felicity had never permitted him to do. Prefering instead to keep him suspended from the ceiling and floor. Once the door was opened, Shane was roughly thrown inside and the door slammed shut and was locked from both sides behind him.

Shane manages to weakly get himself over to the bed and sits down on it rubbing his chaffed wrists thinking: I'm finally being permitted to get some sleep! Me poor body feels as though it could sleep for ten more decades! I haven't had the privelige of sleeping since before I was re-routed here. I may as well get some sleep whilest I have the chance to do so. (Stretches his worn exhaused body out on the bed and silently repeats his plea for help) PLEASE SOMEONE WHO CAN HEAR ME,HELP ME BEFORE I DIE FROM THESE SHOCKS I GET EVERY TIME I DISPLEASE HER! ME FRIENDS IF YE CAN HEAR ME, I AM STILL ALIVE BUT BARELY! IF YE CAN HEAR ME, HELP ME! PLEASE FIND ME! (Gets an unexpected answer from the distance)

JC: Do not worry, they will find ye and set ye free again just as they promised they'd do!!

Shane weakly answers the voice back silently saying: JC? JC,is that ye I hear? Ye made the transition to slumber then met up with yer new body?

JC: Aye I did make it safely to this new day and age. I miss ye uncle Shane! Don't give in to their torture! Keep strong for us!

Shane: All I want is to be set free and not be used as a pawn to lure the three dark warriors back.

JC: Why would they want Shawn,Jarred and Brandt back?

Shane: I haven't any clue why. I've just been forced into the picture. I don't want to do this but I have no other choice. If I don't, then they'll find Krystin and kill her and the baby! (Realizes just how clear his neice's voice was and sits up thinking) Yer voice, it's clearer then most! Almost as though ye were near by! (Scans his surroundings then sees a small figure in the shadows of the right corner,gets up off the bed and leaning heavily on the wall he makes his way over grabbing the lantern from the table he illuminates the right corner to reveal his neice then sets the lantern on the floor and drops to his knees saying) JC! What're ye doin here?! (pulls her into his strong arms and strokes her hair to soothe her)

JC relaxes into Shane's arms and says: I was re-routed here as well shortly after meeting me new counter part.but before we could merge into one; I blacked out and woke up here with a shooting pain in me left arm and now I canna move it.

Shane: C'mon lets get ye over to the bed and into better light so I can see what ye did to yer arm! (Assists his neice to her feet and slowly leaning on the wall and stopping every so often due to his exhaustion he helped JC over to his bed and into better light and seen the angle of her left arm saying) It's broken! Hopefully 'tisn't too far gone for me to heal it properly. (sits down on the bed before he collapsed onto the bed saying) Ere sit down, I canna stay standin much longer.

JC sits down beside Shane and says: Ye still have that abitlity?

Shane heavily breathing manages to say: Of-of course I still do! I'd never let it slip to them I have multiple abilities! 'Tis the reason me crystal isn't all red! Now hold still and don't move! (Peels his protective white gloves off his hands and gently grasps JC's broken left arm placing one hand below her shoulder and the other at her wrist ensuring he had the bone in his gentle grasp then allowed his healing magic to penetrate through the skin,muscles and tendons directly into the bone until he felt it setting back in place while the break healed under the warmth that eminated from his hands until the broken arm had healed and said while slipping his gloves back on) Try an' move yer arm now. Let's see if I still have the touch.

JC slowly flexes her arm and says: I couldn't move it before but I can now! It's healed but now I-I- (looses her battle against exhaustion and drifts off to sleep for the night)

Shane feels his own exhaustion,picks up the lantern from the table beside the bed,blows out the candle in the lantern setting it back down on the table and with JC asleep beside him with her head on his shoulder and his arm keeping her close to his side,he nestles his head against the soft cool pillow and instantly falls into a deep relaxed sleep.

A few hours later,though resting much more comfortably then while hanging by his wrists from shackels that were wired up to allow the electricity to flow for the shocks he'd recieved, Shane sat up careful not to awaken his deeply sleeping neice and realized why he'd awakened wasn't out of restlessness but due to the feeling of familiar magic other than JC's near by very close so close it woke JC out of her sleep.

Shane feels magic that was on the same wave length as his and turns and says to JC: Ye feel that?

JC nods and thinks: Could it be? (Gets a long feel of the magic and thinks) DADDY! I know that magic anywhere! I thought Uncle Shane and I were the only warrior's here! But where is father? He's here but where? (Scans the room until her eyes rested on a door across the room then says) The feeling's coming from that room on the other side of that door! (gets up off the bed and hurries across the room to the door and pulls on the door knob only to find it locked saying) The door's locked! What ever is on the other side they don't want us knowing about it!

Shane pulls out a couple of Felicity's knitting needles she'd left behind in the room that was once her's and inserts them into the lock jingling them around until the lock clicked and he was able to turn the door knob and says: Ye go first and see who they don't want us knowing about.

JC slips into the next room,scans around letting her eyes settle on a forlorn figure on the bed and rushes over to it throwing herself into the shadowy figure's arms quietly crying: DADDY!

Dominic wraps his arms around his long believed dead daughter's small body saying: Oh dear god ye are alive! (Closes his eys allowing his pent up tears to fall as he choked out) Oh god thank ye! I've been worried sick about ye! Yer the only one of me girls 'ere? Then the other's must've made it and merged with their new counter parts! What're ye doin 'ere? I'd have thought ye'd have merged with yer counter part as well!

JC relaxes into her father's arms and says: I was re-routed here as well shortly after meeting me new counter part.but before we could merge into one I blacked out and woke up here with a shooting pain in me left arm.

Dominic: A shootin pain in yer left arm? The only way ye'd get that pain is if yer----they broke yer arm? (gently squeezes JC's left arm and says) 'Ow'd yer arm get 'ealed? Don't tell me Shane's 'ere!

Shane finally appears in the door way leaning on the frame with shaking knees that finally gave out on him causing him to collapse to the ground while he attempted to catch his breath exhausted from the long walk through the entry way of the room.

Dominic untangles JC from his waist,jumps off the bed and darts over to Shane's side saying: Me god Shane! I've never seen ye this weak before! What has she done to ye?

Shane finally regains his breath and says: Ten thousand years o' electrical torture,no sleep,very little movement and very little food is what she did ta me. (Passes out from a hunger pang and lurches forward)

Dominic catches Shane in his arms saying: She shocked the life out of ya,starved ya and didn't let ya move? What about releving yerself?!

Shane slowly awakens and says: One thing she DID allow me to do alone was relieve meself. (Passes out from hunger again)

Dominic hears familiar voices faintly calling his name and says: Finally they've arrived! I thought they'd never get 'ere!

Alix rounds the corner and spies Shane out cold in Dominic's arms and says: Oh my god, is he alive? He's so much thinner then the last time I seen him!

Dominic: You would be too if for the last four years ye were being fed off and on!

Alix notcies Shane's cream colored fur was singed around the wrists and says: She used electrical shocks to keep him in line but how?

Dominic: Through the shackels that were on his wrists and ankles keeping him in place that's how. The shocks were upped as the years went by. Where's.......?

Alix: I wouldn't let her come, not in her condition. It was hard enough for her to slip into the sleep but coming all this way wasn't an option I was willing to risk especially not this far along. Right now we best be getting him to where his counter part is waiting. Ready on three

Shane slowly tries to awaken only to be told to rest by Alix

Alix: No Shane, rest it's the best thing for you right now. Ready? One,two,three hup (Lays Shane on Dominic's back and followed him out allowing JC to grab his hand so she wouldn't get separated from the group that was waiting outside.)

Damien sees Shane's thin body and says: Oh me good lord,she's starved the lad! (Spies his missing niece and says) Oh thank god Yer alright! (Allows JC to hug him tightly saying) We've been worried sick about yer where abouts after that bright flash! (Hands her off to the rest of his brothers that were waiting saying) Yer mother's home with Krystin worried sick about ya! (Turns and speaks to the others saying) Let's get going before anything goes wrong and while we still have the moon's protection for the barrier of invisiblity! If we teleport outta here someone's gonna have to hold on to Dominic's cloak since he has Shane on his back. (Spies something around Shane's neck and says) Jarred? Ye can touch that collar without killin yerself,take it off his neck! He's not a pawn to anyone!

Jarred walks over to Dominic,reaches up anad unfastens the Dark Crystal Collar from around Shane's neck and fastened it around the nearest statue and says: Now they'll think he's stuck between worlds since their technology isn't able to penetrate invisiblity! Let's get out of here, someone's mother is waiting for her and someone's expectant wife is waiting for him to arrive. (Nabs ahold of Dominic's cloak and JC's hand)

While the others all grasped hands and focused their energy on Krystin's energy,their combined powers created one bright flash that took them home and when the bright light subsided they were all back where they had started from with JC,Dominic and Shane.

Tara looks up and sees the bright light fading to reveal the warriors that had left to find Dominic,Shane and JC then sees her long missing thought dead daughter and cries: Jenna? Jenna!

JC hears someone calling her by name and looks up just in time to be swept into her mother's arms saying: Mommy? Mommy!

Tara: Oh god I'm so glad you're alright! (Sets JC down on her own feet and is caught off guard by a pair of strong hands covering her eyes) Who turned the lights out? (Feels a wedding band on the third left finger and says) Dominic?!

Dominic: Ooh yer good! (wraps his arms around Tara saying) Ye were expectin someone else other then me?

Tara turns and wraps her arms as far around Dominic as they would go saying: Oh god I'm so glad you're alright! But where's Shane?

Dominic: Damien took him inside,me back needed a rest. He's in no condition to wake up just yet. Ten thousand years o' electrical torture and being fed every now and then, took it's toll on Shane, he passed out just before Alix showed up. (Glances around and says) Where are the rest o' me girls?

Tara: Lookit what time it is! It's past two in the morning and they've been in bed since a little past midnight! That's why they're not out here to greet you! Don't even think of waking them up,they need their sleep,merging isn't as easy on them as it is on us!

Dominic: I know it isn't easy on them as it waaait a second've got it backwards! It's harder on us since we're older and easier on them since they're younger! They haven't matured into their powers yet so fusing or merging is easier when yer younger not older. (Feels a drop of rain hit his head and says) Let's get in out of the rain before we catch cold. (Turns and calls) Jenna dear it's starting to rain and I don't want ye catching a cold! Time for us to get indoors where it's warm and dry. (Heads into the house with his arm around Tara's waist ensuring JC was behind them getting in out of the cold fast pouring rain then says) Upstairs and run yerself a nice warm bath or have a nice warm shower and wash yer hair it'll help ye sleep better then come down for something to eat.

JC heads on upstairs to change out of her warrior outfit to shower,wash her hair and body then slip into her summer night clothes and head downstairs for something to eat before going to bed for the remainder of the night still feeling exhausted.

Tara gets a whiff of her husbands odor and says: Pew speaking of showering, YOU should follow your own advice and go have one in the guest room bathroom! I'll go and warm up something for you and Jenna to eat when she comes down and you're done having a shower. (Parts ways with Dominic and heads into the kitchen to see how much of her stew was left in the pot and finds just enough for nine servings five for her daughter and four servings for her husband and was turning the burner under the stew pot onwhen she heard the sound of familiar foot steps looks up and says) You look humane again JC! How do you feel?

JC: Much better not so itchy. Lots of dirt and mud washed out of me fur and hair. Now if only I didn't have steel wool for hair I'd finish brushing it out and tie it back again.

Tara comes around the island and sits behind JC taking her hair brush and gently tugs it through her hair saying: You and your father have the same color hair when it's clean it's a wonder they didn't want to call you Dominica the feminine version of Dominic! How's your uncle Shane?

JC: Sleeping like a log. Doubtful he'll wake up anytime soon. Not after ten thousand years of electrical shocks given through his shackels that were rigged with teeny tiny wires on the inside that carried the electricity in them.

Tara: Does Krystin know he's safely home?

JC: No,daddy said not to excite her right now. She too is asleep or trying to sleep anyway she can. She's tired and the baby's energetic to the point where it's keeping her up,I still say she should go for the modern emergency inducement and have the baby now instead of in three more weeks. The less sleep she gets the harder on her body it gets. Where as if she has the baby earlier then the three to four week period the doctors are trying to get her to aim for,the better chance her body has at getting some long over due sleep. It isn't always in the baby's best intrest it stay in her womb three to four more weeks,it's in the best interest of the mother to have the baby earlier then three to four weeks. She's past her due date like almost four weeks ago t'day,her water hasn't broke yet but if this keeps up, the baby will be too big to deliver naturally and as it stands now,she can barely even walk properly!

Tara: Are you saying she's three weeks over due? Why hasn't anyone broken her water yet? This is a dangerous situation to be in!

Dominic enters the kitchen and says: What's a dangerous situation to be in?

Tara:You're dear sister in law is three weeks over due to have her baby! The doctor wants her to shoot for three to four more weeks saying she's still a bit early to have the baby but she can barely even walk as it is!

Dominic sinks on to the stool behind him and says: Oh dear god that child HAS to come out of her sooner or later preferably sooner! The longer she carries it the harder it will be for her to deliver it!

Kristin enters the kitchen and says: I've checked Krystin over and she's in dire straits. Her child is getting bigger and at this moment maybe too big to be pushed through the birth canal. I've arranged for her to have a C-Section to get that child out of her womb before something terrible happens to her or the child neither of which Shane would want to happen! (Hears the Ambulance pull up and says) I need someone to come help her downstairs since she can barely move on her own.

Dominic stands up and says: I'll go up and help her,that way Krystin won't get hurt. (Leaves the kitchen and heads upstairs to help his sister in law down with the convieniet help of Damien while Kristin opened the door to the house for the Ambulance attendants)

Krystin stops on the way downstairs and says: Dominic, my water just broke a few minutes ago and labor is actively progressing, By the time we get to the clinic the baby will be born! Oooohhhh...(Bears down on her stomach as yet another contraction hit and rides it out remembering to breath through the contraction and says) Just take me back up stairs to my room before I have the baby right here on the stairs! There is no time to get me to the Clinic to have this baby,it's on it's way and it's on it's way NOW! Just take me back up to my room and let me have this child the exact same way I had Todd's children,in bed with a midwife waiting to bring the baby out. A C-Section won't be necessary,all the doctors were wrong about me being three weeks over due, I'm three weeks EARLY! I consulted my pregnancy journal and worked from the first entry forward and this baby is full term and ready to come out! There was alot of water that came out when my water broke, I think this is just like when Nicky was born! She had two amniotic sacs surrounding her one broke and three hours later the second one broke signalling she was ready to enter Todd's life!

Dominic heaves a sigh and says: Obviously we have no other choice BUT to get ye back to yer room!! (Helps Krystin to step back up onto the landing and walks her into her bedroom ensuring she laid down comfortably then runs downstairs saying) It's no good, she's in full labor and her second water just broke! There's no time for her to get to the blasted clinic even with the lights going there's still the paper work that has to be filled out, the preliminary exam, hooking her up to iv drips and monitors to check the baby's heart beat and by the time all that is done, she'll have delivered the baby!

Tara: It's alright we won't be needing these gentlemen's services, we thought we had time but the baby had other plans. So terribly sorry for all this we all thought she was never going to go into labor and we had figured we would have time to get her to the Clinic so a doctor could ensure nothing was wrong.

Troy: This isn't anyone's fault, this happens quite often but it's best that after the baby is born, we get her to the clinic so that the Doctor who is on stand by can check her and the baby over.

Tara: It's alright, I'm a trained Mid Wife. I have a doctorate in Medicine and a Masters Degree in Pediatrics so I'm quite qualified to check over the baby and ensure both mother and child are going to be fine.

Troy nods and says: Alright then, she's in good hands and we've got another call to get to. (Turns and leaves the house pulling the gurney along behind him and shuts the door)

Tara swings into action saying: Jenna I need you to boil me up at least four or five pots of water, Dominic you know the drill from when I was having the girls. As for you my dear, all I need you to do is check on Shane and ensure he's alright and try to keep him from getting up out of bed. The more rest he gets the better he'll feel. Now then do you happen to have anything I could use to pull my hair back with?

Kristin nods and says: Hmm I do! (Picks up her school bag and pulls out a hair net saying) I just bought this 'cause I'm going to be cooking in class on Friday and I can't pull my hair into a pony tail without headaches so I went and bought hairnets instead.

Tara gathers all her hair up and brings down the hair net to cover her hair saying: I meant to ask you, how did you get here? I thought you were with your friends else where?

Kristin: I've been here since Krystin arrived in search of a place to have her baby, I couldn't very well tell her to go back to her original time because that would screw with the flow of time. She's here so I gave her the upstairs master bedroom off of which is the room Shane is sleeping in. When the time is right and he's gotten at least twenty-four to fourty eight hours of sleep, then I'll tell him she's here. Until then he's out like a light and won't be waking anytime soon, I've had sleeps like the one he's having and I haven't woken up until the next day but still felt kinda sleepy even after having a nap.

Tara: So Krystin was the first of us to arrive here, would explain why no one could find her anywhere. Well lets get to work and help her bring her first child by Shane into this world. (Heads upstairs to the master bedroom with Kristin in tow behind her,sits down beside Krystin and gently prods her stomach saying) Hmm sees like the little tyke is almost ready to be born, I'd say six good strong pushes and you'll have Shane's first child in yer arms. (Sees that Krystin was about to go through another contraction and says) Don't fight it dear. Don't fight the contraction when the urge to push hits, for heaven sakes PUSH and push HARD! The harder you push,the quicker this will all be over just like with Nicky's birth!

JC comes up the stairs and enters the room with a pot of water followed by her dad saying: Here's the water you asked for.

Tara: Set the pot of hot water down beside me and the pots of cool and warm water down on the table there so that Kristin can cool her down and have the warm water to clean her up after the birth is all over and to clean up the babies.

JC sets the pot of hot water down beside her mother then waits while her dad set the pots of cool and warm water down on the table and left the room to check on Shane's condition.

Krystin feels another contraction hit her and the urge to push hit and pushes as hard as she could until she let out the breath she'd been holding and drew in a new one and pushed yet again

Tara: Good,good! Now on the next contraction, I want you to bear down as hard as you can and hold for a ten count ok?

Krystin breathlessly: Ok Oooh (Feels another more powerful contraction hit)

Tara: Now PUSH two three four five six seven eight nine and ten and relax and again three four five six seven eight nine ten! Almost out Krystin, the little one's out from the shoulders down so I need you to give Kristin a good hard shove so she can easily remove the baby from the birth canal. Ready?

Krystin breathlessly: Uh huh oooh (bears down for another contraction)

Tara: Good strong push you've got going five six seven eight nine and ten and again three four five six seven eight nine ten one last push six seven eight nine and ten and the baby's out! (Picks up the clamps that were on the tray and clamps the umbilical cord then picks up the scisors that were on the tray beside her and cuts the umbilical cord saying) Poor Shane was looking forward to cutting the cords but he's in no shape to do anything but sleep. Alright take and clean her up.

Kristin: Ohh look a baby girl for Shane to make up for Nicky's absence. Where IS Nicky anyways?

Krystin: Training to control her magic that grows and matures as she grows and matures. Her magic is much like Todd's magic deadly when used improperly and safe when the user is trained to use it right!

Kristin: Having three types of magic in her that are hard to control must be difficult for her to learn to get all three to work together at the same time not at separate times at the inappropriate times.

Krystin feels another contraction hit her and the urge to push hit and pushes as hard as she could until she let out the breath she'd been holding and drew in a new one and pushed yet again then said: These past few years of her maturing have been hard on her as each magic matures differently then the other one does.

Kristin carefully lays the baby down in the cradle and grabs yet another recieving blanket and within seconds another child was born as she said: Awww you have fraternal twins a girl and a boy! You didn't have the double sac goin on, you were carrying fraternal twins!

Tara picks up the clamps that were on the tray and clamps the umbilical cord then picks up the scisors that were on the tray beside her and cuts the umbilical cord saying: Poor Shane was looking forward to cutting the cords but he's in no shape to do anything but sleep. Alright take and clean him up.

Kristin takes the baby to clean it off reaching into the pot of warm water she pulled up the cloth and washes off the birth gunk until nice pink furless skin showed and with the edge of the cloth she gently wiped the gunk out from the baby's eyes and ears then picked up a warm towel to wrap the baby in then picked up the turkey baster and inserted it into the baby's mouth and suctioned out the gunk from inside until all the gunk was clear and a loud scream rang outas she said: Well we can't say they don't have healthy lungs! I think I'll be deaf for a few hours but that's alright.

Tara: Give me one last powerful push to bring out the placenta then I'll wash you up and you can bond with your children. (watches as Krystin gave one last push to expell the placenta then reaches into the warm pot of water to bring up the wash cloth and washed down Krystin's birth canal saying) There we are, we're all done. Time for you to see your children.

Kristin brings the twins over to Krystin and says: Here is your little pearl and your little Soldier.

Krystin carefully takes her twins from Kristin and Tara saying: Oh they're perfect, so tiny yet so perfect. I'm going to wait before letting them nurse,I haven't felt this tired since Nicky and her sisters were born!

Kristin: I'll let you rest and get to know these two. If you need me, you can get in touch with me using either my pager number or my spare com link. As for me, I have to get back to the Pond and get some sleep, I have a HUGE and busy day ahead of me so it's best that I get back home and get some sleep, provided I'm not busted by my nosy neighbours. I'll probably be back in about three or four days depending on how much time I have in my schedule. Hopefully by then my sick puppy who is resting in the next room,will be healthy again after being on a med drip. Oh and though it may SEEM like time is moving on for you, but for Shane,time is at a stand still, though he missed the birth of his children, he WILL awaken with in a two week period, his body needs the sleep. It could be two weeks or it could be with in a forty eight hour period of time before he awakens. We'll just have to wait and see how much sleep he needs to fully charge his powers and his body. (Turns and heads out the bedroom door,downstairs grabbing her jacket on the way out the door,stopping only long enough to pull on her helmet and skating gear and blades then stepped out the door closing it behind her then skated around the porch checking each way to ensure the nosy neighbours weren't around and made a mad dash across the street and down the hidden alleyway towards the pond where she was let in by Phil and headed directly to her room.)

Meanwhile back in the Cemetary,Corrin excitedly exited the hidden door way expecting to find Shane trapped between dimensions due to the Black Crystal Collar only to find the collar fastened around a Praying Angel Statue.

Corrin turns and darts back inside to relate his findings saying: He's not trapped between dimensions! The collar is laced around the neck of a praying angel statue! He's gone! That collar was designed with the purest dark crystal magic ever! No one can touch it even with gloves on! (hears the outraged cries of his Master and Mistress)

Meanwhile as time went on, Shane's crystal continued to glow brighter and brighter with each passing day as he slept until it blinked one last time and was accompanied by a bright rainbow colored flash that signalled to his comrads that his charging was finally complete and he'd be awakening with in the hour.

Dominic lowers his hand away from his eyes to find Shane siting up with a confused look on his face and says: How're ya feelin bro? You've been out of it for two whole weeks!

Shane: Two....weeks? I've been asleep for two weeks?

Alix: Yes two weeks ago today we brought you back here to rest. We found you after ten thousand years of searching and wondering where you were. Dominic went U.C. to find out what had happened to JC after a bright light flashed and she vanished, from there we found you and you passed out from sleep deprivation and hunger.

Shane lets the news sink into his mind and finally accepts the fact that he had indeed slept for two weeks and eases back against his pillows only to jolt back up again with a wild look in his eyes

Alix: What now? What's the matter?

Shane: Krystin! The last I seen of her she was expecting our first child together after four miscarriges! I have no idea where she is!

Alix: She's through that door in the other room resting. You were so sleep deprived that you slept through the births of your children. We've told her nothing of your where abouts nor of your condition when we found you or where we found you. The last thing we wanted was for her to get upset and go into premature labour so we told her nothing. Can you manage to get up out of bed and make it into the other room to see her and the kids?

Shane flings back his covers to find himself clothed in a clean pair of pants and a clean shirt and swings his body around letting his legs hang over the edge of the bed and stuck his feet into his boots and slowly stood up on his feet and walked to the door opening it saying in a relieved tone: Krystin?

Krystin looks up from her book and says: Sh-Shane?!

Shane: Krystin!

Krystin flings her book aside,slides off the bed and darts into Shane's arms as they closed around her enveloping her in a tight,warm,strong,relieved hug as she said: Are you alright?

Shane tightly closes his arms around Krystin saying: I'm fine now! I should be askin ye if yer alright! Last I seen of ye, yer belly was full and firm with child and now it's flat and childless! Don't tell me they were still born after all this time!

Krystin: STILL BORN?! I should hope NOT! (hears a tiny frustrated cry come from the bassinet and says) Does that sound like still borns to you? (untangles herself from a startled Shane's arms,takes him by the wrist and leads him over to the rocking chair saying) Here why don't you sit and I'll bring them to you?

Shane sits in the rocking chair and waits while Krystin easily picked up the baby saying: my god, there's TWO bassinet's? Ye were carryin TWINS?

Krystin brings their daughter over to Shane and says: Yes twins, I AM one of six identical children all born on the same day. It's genetic for me to be carrying twins. Hold on a minute and you can meet your son at the same time. (Goes over to the second bassinet and scoops up her son just as he was about to cry in frustration and says) There there sweet pea, momma's still here. She hasn't gone no where without you. (Gently lays their son in Shane's arms and says) Alrighty then here's your son,little Anthony Shane and your daughter Noelle Caitlin. They were born last weekend but they were due this Friday.

Shane: I-I can't believe they're actually here! 'tis a shame I missed cutting the cord.

Krystin: I'm sure meeting you for the first time is good enough for them. This dark and trying time for us won't be told to them until they're old enough to understand what you went through. Though I worry about their asking who the 'other' man in the pictures is when they're older. How do I explain it's Nicky's dad? More then likely they'll ask if we're divorced, how will we tell them about the ultimate sacrifice Todd made for us and his kids that stormy rainy night? It took me a year to fully comprehend that Todd was killed by his own magic that he used up draining the crystal dry.Nothing could bring him back no matter what we tried.

Shane: We'll figure that out in the future m'dear. We'll do our best to explain that the 'other' man was yer first husband who was a spell binder magician caster who gave the ultimate sacrifice of his own life for ye and his children. He put his life on the line to keep his wife and young children safe from that wacko and in the end he gave up his life and is in an permanent eternal sleep with no hopes of awakening anytime soon until a reversal spell can be translated out of latin and into English but no one has ever gotten the translation correct so now we wait another ten thousand years for someone to correctly translate the text and correctly cast the spell that will awaken Todd from his slumber. Nicky and her siblings have all tried to translate it and cast it properly but to no avail, he didn't stir from his sleep. His own father tried to awaken his son but not even he can correctly translate the spell needed to awaken Todd from his sleep, his sister Carrie died in the same battle that sent Todd into his permanent eternal sleep. Terrenceran lost two children in one battle and it broke his heart in pieces.

Krystin leans down and reaches in to her stachel to pull out the spell book with the encrypted awakening spell marked and opens it saying: Maybe it's HOW we're PRONOUNCING the words not how we're SAYING the words that's making it not work. There's only one person that I know who can correct my pronounciation of the words and that's Mahaad or Aknadin maybe even Siamon can help out. I WAS part of the Pharaonic Court before we married and I left, anyone of the priests should be able to tell me what's up with what I'm doing wrong.
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