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Morning Coffee

by Jurhael 2 reviews

Fayt/Albel short centered around statements and coffee.

Category: Star Ocean 3: 'Till the End of Time - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Published: 2005-09-01 - Updated: 2005-09-02 - 450 words

Just something that quickly came up for 100themes. Could shounen-ai if you squint. G-rated.

Morning coffee was a luxury Fayt Leingod couldn't always afford, but he had sure that he could as much as possible. He loved the idea that a nice, sweet and strong drink could decrease the length of his 'mornings' significantly. How he took it varied based on his moods. Sometimes, he piled on so much cream and sugar that Albel would snarl, "Would you like some coffee with that, fool?" Sometines, he would add nothing at all, preferring coffee so black that it had an acid base of negative five. Glyphian coffee was like this, and it was the only sort of coffee that Albel ever drank.

This time, Fayt's coffee had only a light amount of cream and sugar. Aquarian coffee was known to be sweet even when black, so there was no need to add much more of anything. Albel dismissed it as 'false coffee', often saying that coffee should only have one flavor: strong and bitter. Nothing else would do.

Fayt chuckled as he remembered Albel stating his preferences, but he also remembered how the Glyphian warrior responded when accused of being a 'good person under the bluster'. At the time, Fayt was horrified but not surprised. Now? He just found it a little funny. He took a sip of his coffee.


When Albel called his name, Fayt almost choked, but he quickly swallowed and turned around.


The Wicked One slowly walked in front of the table. "Do you really believe that nonsense you said about me?"

Fayt would have asked "what nonsense", but he knew better than to do that. Thankfully, Albel's hand was nowhere near the hilt of his katana, but that didn't stop Fayt from looking dumb.

"Oh, come now." Albel leaned closer to the table. "You know exactly what I'm talking about."

"Yes. Yes, I do believe it." The words came out of Fayt's lips as if all oxygen flew out of him. He looked down at his coffee, but he could still see Albel, who smiled.

"Heh." His crimson eyes glittered. "Fool."

"Maybe, but I know I'm right," Fayt replied, waiting for the usual threats and insults.

But, they never came. Instead, The Wicked One chuckled. "It figures you'd drink coffee like that, worm." He left as quickly as he came.

"Okay, that was odd." He leaned back against the chair and smelt his coffee. He could smell hazelnut and a tinge of Aquios berry in there. Sweet enough to render much cream and sugar unnecessary, but not even Albel could consider it weak.

As the morning sun filtered through the curtains, Fayt found himself laughing.
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