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So Pete is so close to finally meeting her parents, they've come all the way to her home town and he decides to let her know his real intentions...

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We boarded the flight to Brazil, my heart racing like never before.
I've tried to make him tell me exactly he was thinking, but he was irreducible.
"So here we are, already boarded and ready to go, now spill!" I smiled nervously.
"Nah not yet, but we have lots of time to kill in this flight baby...actually, I'm dying for a kiss..."he leaned in and I turned away.
"I'm sooooo tired Pete...I'm sorry but I'm going to take a nap...when you feel like telling me what's going on you can wake me up." I turned on my side and heard his outraged voice coming from behind me.
"You are so dead! Just you wait when I get you alone..."he threatened me.

I woke up sometime and Pete was leaning back apparently listening to some music, his eyes were closed and his hand rested on top of mine, his thumb caressing my skin slightly; I looked out the window and my stomach turned, I'd never get used to flying, but somehow flying with Pete made it more bearable. I held his hand stopping his motion and his eyes opened up immediately. He pouted and turned his head to the other side, I smirked and leaned in kissing his neck. He turned around his eyes narrowing at me.

"Now you feel like being all cute and stuff, uh?" he then leaned in and we kissed passionately. I missed this since our morning had been so crazy and fast paced. We pulled apart when the flight steward appeared, a smile glued to her face. "Would you like anything to drink?" she asked politely.
"I want a sprite 0" I ordered and Pete ordered a coke, the she moved away. I was about to comment on the flight door catching us when he kissed me again, I kissed him back with a little less reserves seeing that the other travelers were basically asleep.
"Wanna join the mile-high club?" he whispered in my ear. I coughed, he certainly was not implying that we...
"Are you nuts?" my eyes were wide. "Off course, I'm not doing it...God! You are so kinky Pete..." I blushed then, as he giggled.
"I bet you'd be too...I just feel you have a kinky side in there...but I've notice you just let it come out when you are too caught up to stop it." He nuzzled my neck the kissed it, I tried to push him.
"I just don't like to feel exposed...I can't even imagine if we got caught doing it." He smirked. "See you are even thinking about being are totally tempted, just admit it!" he let go of me and sat back as the flight steward came back with our drinks.
"Do you have any idea of how long until we land?" I asked her.
"Uhm apparently we have at least some 4 hours ahead of us." She smiled and left.
"God! I slept for that long?" I must have been tired.
"Nah we spent the first hours talking, so you slept about 6 hours or something." He shrugged.
" didn't seem like that long." I whispered.
"Yeah because you were totally out of it to notice." He licked his lips and looked at me, and then he looked at my lips.
"I'm going to the restroom...if you decide anything let me know..." he then got up and went towards the restroom. I sighed. The temptation was building in the pit of my stomach but I braced myself in the sit and tried to think of something else.../I was going home with my boyfriend/...that was even worse and my stomach clenched. I couldn't even imagine my father's reaction to Pete, it was my first boyfriend, who was much older and on top of that had his arms covered in tattoos. My mom would probably be more welcoming and all. I didn't have to mention how much my sister would love this.
My parents were aware of me dating him but I didn't know if they really knew who he was even though I was sure my sister would show them the pictures I'd send.
"I'm disappointed in you..." I heard from my side, I looked up and there he was pouting.
"I never said I'd do assumed that I'd go..."
"yeah, a man can dream, right? But I see it took some strength to not follow me seeing you are gripping on the arm sit like your life depends on it." He chuckled as I let go, I shrugged.
"There was a little turbulence and I held on it...since you left me alone..."I pouted. His arm came to rest around my shoulders as he bumped our heads.
"Feel like teaching me some useful Portuguese?" he smirked; I had taught him some bad, bad words and silly stuff.
"Ah let me see..." and then we went on some practice on what he would probably never use it, since I would be most likely around him all the time.

I don't know how but we ended up sleeping snuggling together when the flight steward woke us up to fasten sit belts 'cause we were about to land.
My stomach quivered. We looked sleepy and like a mess I was sure of it just by looking at Pete, his bangs were all over the place. I held his hand as we landed as I kept my eyes tightly shut. "It's okay baby..." he whispered squeezing my hand.

We moved around the airport, going to the baggage claim.
I noticed that he had brought the luggage that had most of the presents for my family and I fell in love with him all over again.
"I can't believe you thought about it!! I didn't even notice when you brought it along." I smiled at him, reaching for his cheek.
"I just...knew you'd be pissed if you came home empty handed." He blushed.
"Hell yes! Some of these presents are like...a year old! Ha-Ha" I had 3 luggage's in total, only one of them had clothes.
"Here, Alex...we have to get to this place." He handed me a printed out paper.
It said we'd be staying in one of the best hotel in the city, my eyes widened and I looked up at him startled.
"Let's just be the two of us for a couple of days...then we can go meet your family, if that's okay with you." He smiled.
"Of course it's okay. I mean...I'm just speechless...for how long you've been planning this?" We walked around hurriedly; he helped me wheeling my luggage's as we made our way towards the exit.
We hailed a cab and made our way towards Sheraton Hotel, I was excited because I knew how beautiful and expensive that ish was. Pete couldn't take his eyes from the window view as I showed him places that I liked and stuff.
"God I missed this..." I whispered my heart beating so fast, my eyes misted.
" Awww." He side-hugged me and kissed my forehead.

It was already past midnight but seeing it was a Sunday morning, the streets were packed and the city seemed to be fully awake.
"wow this is nice!" I heard Pete saying as we reached the hotel.
We jumped out as the cabbie helped to move things out and a bellhop approached us and took our stuff inside.
I felt underdressed to be in that hotel lobby, it was so fancy.
Pete checked us in and we were taken to our room.
My jaw dropped from the view, the bed was huge and the sheets were nice.
I went straight for the huge balcony thing and stared at the beach.
"woah! That's so nice..." he approached me wrapping his arm around my waist.
"This is beautiful!" I whispered, my hands wrapping around his arm too.
"I'd never ever think you'd turn out to be this romantic man." I turned around to look at him, my hands reaching up now to his face bringing him down for a kiss. The kiss was just an expression of our love, there was really nothing sexual about it, we smiled at each other before pulling out.

"What do you want to do?" I asked excited wheeling my bag towards the bed so I could get a change of clothes.
"I don't are the one that's going to show me around." He sat besides me on the bed. "Are you feeling tired?" he asked
"Nah, I think I've had enough of sleep in the flight." I giggled and he nodded.
"Yeah, that you did. Now you have to stay awake and play with me..." he went to his luggage as well.
"Why don't we go to the beach?" he suggested.
"I don't must be chilly under there."
"So? It's my job to keep you warm, right?" he looked up at me grinning.
"Yeah I guess you are right." I reached for my bikini suit.
"okay, let's go!" I went to the bathroom and gasped. Whoa this was beyond nice. I was definitely not used to this fancy stuff.
I changed my clothes and come out in my bikinis only.
"I see you've already changed." I noticed he already had his trunks on.
"Yeah. That way we move faster..." he got his camera and we moved out the door after I pulled on some shorts and bringing my hoodie, just in case Pete failed to make me warm.

We walked hand in hand, in the private beach the hotel provided for the guests, we sat down in the sand close to the waves. There were a lot of people around for the time. For some we stood there in silence, it was not as chilly as we thought.
"You know...I think I'm ready to tell you why I brought you here..." he whispered in my hair as I sat with my back to his chest in the sand, I looked back at him as best as I could.
"I wanted to know everything that makes you the person you are, like you met my parents, you even lived with them and I don't even know if your parents know about I...i think this trip will probably make us stronger or break us...I'm not going to lie for you...I'm very, very inclined on proposing to you..." I gasped and he shyly smiled at me then he looked at the ocean that was in front of us. "But it'll depend...on how your family takes this and how you will take this...I don't want to do long distance relationship because I know they don't work." My eyes brimmed with tears.
"Pete...I...." he didn't let me finish. "It's okay...we still have 2 weeks to see this through, okay...I just wanted you to serious this is to me..."he kissed me lightly, imitating the way I liked to kiss him, first the eye lids, the tip of the nose, each cheek then for last the bottom lip.
"See I learned from you..." he whispered kissing the corner of my mouth. I smiled then nodded.
"Pete, let's go in the water?" I changed subject before things could heat up.
"Okay...fine." He smiled.

It was around 4am when we finally made it to our room, after swimming around for some time, we decided to head over to the bar, where they asked me for my id. I had to come up to my room to get it, at first I think the guy at the bar thought I was a hooker or something because he kept on staring at me disapprovingly. I told Pete about it and he noticed too.
"Please a sprite 0 for my fiancé, please." He said before I could say anything. Immediately I saw that the guy's face fell and he retreated to get my order.
I had sipped on Pete's drink and was slightly buzzed from it, he was buzzed but hardly drunk, we were uh...happy?

Yeah definitely , and we were even happier as we panted from our love making as the sun rose in the sky right across from us in the room, it was breathtaking.
"I could live like this forever" he said nipping on my ear, his arm locked with mine around my chest as we lay spooned staring towards the big glass window.
"Uhm I'm not complaining" I smiled sleepily.
"Uhm someone is already giving in to sleep?" he teased pinching my arm.
"I always get sleepy you should be used to it." I giggled as he grunted.
"I know...come here...make me sleepy know I need a certain dose of loving to get me sleepy..." he teased biting my neck lightly.

I woke up with the sun heating my bare back, it felt like I was involuntary tanning. I woke up, feeling for Pete in the bed he had to be awake.
"Peeeeeeteeeeee" I moaned from the bed. No response. I sat up holding the sheets to my chest. I got up finding his shirt on the foot of the bed and slipping it on.
I went towards the bathroom and showered deciding to start the day with a fresh start.
I finished and went back to the room; there was a bouquet of beautiful red, lavender and coral roses. I smiled and looked up as I saw him coming from the balcony, sunglasses, swim trunks and a sleeveless shirt. Oh how hot!
"OMG! Is this for me?" my face hurt from smiling so big.
"Yeah, I went downstairs for a bit and bought it." He came closed and kissed me sweetly. "This is so sweet!" I gushed holding him.
"Ah by the way it's around noon already..."he whispered.
"Oh I suspected, I'm sure I got a nice tan going on in my back." I laughed.

We headed out to lunch, we got a cab and we headed to some steak house place. It was crowded but it was fun and we had trouble getting up from the table since we were so stuffed.
"Let's go for a walk in the beach?" he suggested.
We waked around hand in hand and decided to sit down and lazy around, Pete took some hot pictures and we took some cute pictures together.
A guy selling some craft stuff, like bead earrings, bangles and necklaces come around and I went nuts on some of the earrings, Pete got me 2 pairs and we got matching bracelets.
I had put his on, and he had done the same and we sealed with a kiss.
Pete and I were staring to look a little reddish so we left before we looked like lobsters.
That day we saw the sun setting from our balcony sitting on the floor sipping on some red wine. Tomorrow would be a long day and I was a little apprehensive. I mean...I was freaking out!!!

A/N: If this chapter sucks please let me know...I wouldn't mind changing their travel location to Hawai tho..the only porblem is that i've never been to Hawai so it'd be very limitaded on details.

So here's a funny video of Mr Wentz, swearing in portuguese.
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