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Chapter 2 You Can't Keep a Secret if it Never Was a Secret to Start

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Cloud gets taken by Sephiroth when he looks for him in the mountains. Leads to a relationship, but the past can never truly be forgotten. dark themes sc zc

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Unrequited Desires

Sephiroth walked out of the door quickly and shut it just a little too harshly then it probably deserved. After all it wasn't the door's fault that Cloud's little confession had affected him so much. I mean really what was he 12? Though it did affect him and he couldn't do anything about that, all he could do now was try to ignore his 'mother's' voice screaming in his head that this was a bad idea. He had almost learn to completely tune out the Jenova cells that were rushing through his body, he had learned to tune down the whispers that he should destroy, that he should trust no one, or his favorite that he should complete his destiny.

No his mind wasn't on killing at the moment, quite the opposite in fact. After all the furthest thing from his mind was killing Cloud. He had always been found of the spiky haired soldier. Throughout all of his time at Shinra he had to listen for hours upon hours of Zack going on and on about him. Really he had only talked to him a few times, but he felt like he knew him about as well as he knew himself.

That was probably why Cloud's confession was affecting him so. He had to endure hours upon hours of useless facts about Cloud. Like how his favorite color was blue or how he only drank coffee in the evening. The weird part is that he hadn't forgotten any of that, which is why somehow he doubted that something as important as the recruit being head over heels for him would slip his mind. Of course he might have forgot to mention it to Zack, but he told Zack everything. Though considering, Sephiroth really wasn't all that surprised that Zack had no idea.

Alright so Cloud used to be in love with him. There was no way in hell he still was. Sephiroth seriously doubted that after all he had put the blond through including burning his home town and killing all of his family and friends, impaling him with a sword, being mildly responsible for two years of being poked and prodded by Hojo, killing Tifa right in front of him, and then of course there was his most recent which was almost raping him tied down on a bed. Yeah I'm sure Cloud would be more than willing to get into a serious relationship. Sephiroth actually scoffed at his own thoughts, this was getting him no where.

How did he feel about Cloud? There was no doubt in his mind that he was immencely attracted to the wanna be SOLDIER, but did it go beyond that? Did he have real emotional feelings for the spiky haired brat? The silver haired man's lip curled upwards in distaste. He didn't care about anyone or anything, not for a while now, and yet he felt himself obligated to care for the person who currently happened to be tied down in a rather compromising position to his bed.

"Sephiroth you better get your pale ass back in here before I come out there and put one of my boots up it!" Well speaking of the fiery blond. Sephiroth couldn't help but smile at Cloud's outburst and felt it was only right to go see what he wanted. Trying to put a scowl back on his face he opened the door and stepped through to see the blond still glaring at him.

"Is there something you wanted Cloud?" Sephiroth had to bite his lip to hold back a smile at the look of absolute disgust on Cloud's face. The look only lasted for a moment or two and then Cloud was back to struggling against his restraints. Sephiroth raised an eyebrow at the vain attempt before finally making his mind up and walking over to the bed.

"Cloud Cloud Cloud you never learn do you?" He reached out and pushed the blond's chest down, which seemed to still Cloud for the moment. "That only thing that you're going to accomplish acting this way is slitting your own wrists from the struggle." Sephiroth tsked him before taking a seat on the edge of the enormis bed.

Cloud continued to glare. "What else would you expect me to do" His words were growled through clenched teeth. "lay down and take it?" Sephiroth smirked at Cloud, he really was adorable when he was angry.

"Oh no it would take all the fun out of this if you submitted." The hand that was resting on Cloud's chest moved up so that it rested in his blond locks, and Sephiroth was more than pleased when he felt Cloud unconsciously lean into the touch. "All I'm saying is that you'll get nowhere doing that. Those ropes are never going to brake, so if I were you I would try to think of a different solution on how to get yourself free."

"Oh yeah? And tell me oh powerful one just what would that so called solution be?" Sephiroth smiled, Cloud had played right into his little plan. The silver haired general leaned forward so that they were chest to chest, and so that his lips were right against the blond's ear.

In the most seductive voice he could muster he whispered his next words. "Beg me." Sephiroth actually laughed when Cloud turned a deep state of crimson and began sputtering incoherently. Perhaps those so called feeling Cloud was talking about hadn't dissipated entirely, which meant good news for him.

Sephiroth stood up again and watched how Cloud was desperately trying to get his emotions in check. "Are you hot Cloud?" Worried glowing blue eyes snapped to attention at that, and if it was possible Cloud turned even redder.

"What?" Sephiroth smirked down at him and actually licked his lips in anticipation. He felt like a predator stalking his prey and getting ready to go in for the kill.

"I asked if you were hot." Cloud's face was full of confusion, so Sephiroth decided to elaborate further. "It's just you're so red...I thought you might have a fever or something." He bit his lip to bite back laughter as Cloud's eyes went impossibly wide and he turned his eyes away towards the pillow. Sephiroth half suspected that if he had the option at the moment Cloud might have smothered himself with it in embarrassment. The silver haired man removed himself from the bed. "I'm going to leave you here with your thoughts, when I come back we'll just see how you feel." With that he was gone again.


Appalled was probably the only word to describe how Cloud felt about himself after his little display. I mean really dear god what was he some gushing school girl? So it was a crush! A crush three years ago that was with a completely different person than the one just in here molesting him a minute ago. He may have had the same face as the person he was in love with. Cloud mentally slapped his head, scratch that used to be in love with.

The Sephiroth he knew would never have done any of those horrible things he claimed to do. He wouldn't have burnt down Nibelheim, he wouldn't have tried to destroy the planet, and he definitely wouldn't have just murdered Tifa right in front of him! That man encased in the shell of Sephiroth is a monster and nothing more. Cloud bit his bottom lip, a habit he had had ever since he could remember. If he was so sure that that wasn't Sephiroth than why was his heart telling him that it was?

Granted his little 'obsession' with Sephiroth had never been a normal one, okay so it was a borderline stocker scenario, but he couldn't seriously still feel for him could he? He couldn't possibly still be in love with him, could he? As despicable as it seemed, it was suddenly made perfectly clear to Cloud that that was exactly what he was.

Cloud bowed his head and resigned himself to his fate. "Sephiroth you can come back in now." Cloud shifted against his bindings so that he was mildly lying on his side. "I know you're just lurking out there anyways." Cloud could mentally see Sephiroth smirking at that, and felt very satisfied that he could sense the other man out there. But really where else would he go? Cloud had never seen this place before, for all he knew the place could consist of a two room shack, which means Sephiroth would have to be out there. Though he very doubted it.

As if on cue the door slid open and in walked Sephiroth, graceful as usual. It had always made Cloud so jealous how the man could carry himself as if he didn't have a care in the world. He had always wanted that kind of confidence. Really look at how Sephiroth was acting, strutting in here like he didn't have a care in the world when the real fact of the matter was that he had a person tied to his bed against his will who as far as he knew would rather kill him than look at him.

"Is there something that you wanted puppy?" Cloud scowled. What the hell was up with that ridiculous nickname anyways? Cloud wasn't that vane that he spent hours and hours in front of the mirror looking at his appearance, but he had seen himself enough times to no that he in no way resembled a dog.

Okay so his hair was a little floppy, but he was pretty sure that no breed of dog had long blond spikes for hair, or glowing blue eyes for that matter. Whatever he was going to stop thinking about such trivial thoughts because really where was it getting him? Nowhere that's where! Where was he? Oh yeah Sephiroth...

"Yes as a matter of fact there is something you can do for me, many things in fact." Sephiroth raised an eyebrow obviously intrigued. "For one you can stop calling puppy!" Cloud, albeit feeling a bit childish, did his best to pout. "I in no way resemble a dog!"

The sound of Sephiroth's laughter startled Cloud. Not that he hadn't heard Sephiroth laugh before, but this was the first time in such a long time that it hadn't been twisted by a maniacal glint. The blond could feel little butterflies fluttering around in his stomach and did his best to stamp them all out with a hammer. "May I ask what seems to amuse you so much?"

Sephiroth sauntered over to the bed with a hidden smile on his face. Despite all the lecturing he had given his body Cloud couldn't help but feel a little nervous with him this close. "Oh you misunderstand Cloud." Cloud shut his eyes when Sephiroth's slender hand traveled to the lips his had just been covering only moments ago. "It's not the looks, it's the actions." Cloud gasped when Sephiroth leaned forward to nuzzle his neck. "How you whimper when I touch you." Cloud's eyes rolled to the back of his head when hands traveled up his shirt and onto his bare chest. "How you're always so playful." Cloud could feel his entire body begin to heat up with each one of Sephiroth's touches. The blond almost cried out when a hand settled on his pants right above his groin. "But mostly how when I stroke you how you howl in pleasure..."

Sephiroth was smirking down at the blushing blond, and Cloud's keen eyes picked up on how his tongue was slightly sticking out of his mouth in an almost tease. That was it! Cloud couldn't take it anymore. You could only take so much before you just...snapped. Cloud raised his head off the pillow it was lying on and pressed it to the older man's mouth.

It seemed that was all the convincing Sephiroth needed for the next moment he was on Cloud like he was a life support. Cloud didn't protest, far from it in fact. He was guiltily enjoying ever much as the silver haired man seemed to be. Though his enjoyment level was cut short when Sephiroth tried to twirl him towards him and ended up almost pulling his still tied shoulder out of joint.

Cloud pulled away out of shock, and turned to the side trying not to cry out in pain. He could feel Sephiroth's hand on his shoulder, gently trying to massage it and ease the pain away. If Cloud was going to be truthful he would say that it wasn't working. "Sephiroth..." He managed choked out reply. "Do you think that maybe you could throw your 'puppy' a bone and untie me?"

From where they were laying side by side on the bed Cloud could feel him tense up beside him. Apparently the idea of letting him go didn't appease to him. Making a decision Cloud struggled to turn in bed so that he was now facing Sephiroth. "I won't run...I promise I won't run." Damn that was a lie, who was Cloud kidding the first chance he got he was heading towards the door. But then again he didn't have to know that did he? Cloud leaned forward and gently nibbled on the ex-general's bottom lip. "Please...I want to touch you."

The sultry look in the silver haired man's eyes was all he needed to assure him he had fallen for the act, but then again the more Cloud thought about it was it really an act? Cloud gave him a reassuring smile, and with that Sephiroth sat up and with a pocket knife slit the restraints holding Cloud back.

No sooner were his hands free than did Cloud spring out of bed and head for the nearest door. It really wasn't that far away, and he was really close, close enough to make it one might think. That is until his movement was effectively halted by being slammed up against the closest wall. Cloud was dignified enough not to whine, but it really was what he felt like doing at that precise moment.

He did wince a little when Sephiroth's elbow dug into his neck as it pressed his face closer up against the wall. "Do you really think I'm that stupid Cloud?" Would he get the answer wrong if he said yes? He didn't get a chance to answer his mental question because he was spun around and a hand fitted his neck perfectly.

Gasping for air he did his best to kick Sephiroth away, but it was really half-heartedly anyways because he knew there was no way he could get out of this certain predicament. "Of course not Sephiroth, but I am a SOLDIER and I was told to take advantage of every opportunity given to me." Hah! When in doubt of what to say just spout some military mumbo jumbo that Sephiroth is guaranteed to understand. He used to live for that stuff after all...probably still does.

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow at the statement, as if he didn't believe him or he knew something he wasn't telling him. Cloud really hated that look, but really for all he knew he could have been wrong he really did just spout that last part out of his ass. "Indeed Cloud." Sephiroth smiled, and while doing so cleaned his perfect teeth with his tongue. "Is that what you really thought happened? That you took advantage of me..." He leaned in so that he was against Cloud's ear. "I let you go puppy because you begged me to."

Cloud's eyes widened in realization, and suddenly he felt like a fool. Of course he couldn't pull one over on Sephiroth, though for the life of him he still couldn't figure out if he was acting or not. The way Sephiroth kept playing with his hair he was leaning on not, just like he was leaning into the touch. Seriously what the hell was wrong with him? This man had destroyed everything he had ever lived for, he had just murdered the woman he thought he loved in cold blood, and he wanted to jump into bed with him?

He could feel his body responding to every touch, every caress Sephiroth was giving him and he found that he just couldn't fight his desires anymore. After all only a few years ago Sephiroth had been everything he had ever wanted. Would it really be so hard to fall back into that mind set? It wasn't like he was likely to get out of this room alive otherwise, so really what was there to fight for?

Cloud smirked at Sephiroth. "Sephiroth I thought I told you not to call me puppy." Sephiroth opened his mouth, probably to spout out some smart ass commit no doubt, but the blond stopped him before he could continue. Cloud practically lunged at his mouth, so much so in fact that he knocked Sephiroth off guard so that they were both pushed off the wall, and Cloud was now being fully supported by Sephiroth and the legs that were wrapped securely around his waist.

The pair's mouths were locked in what seemed to be a never ending battle. They were so engaged in this that Sephiroth couldn't even keep his balance when the back of his knees hit the bed, causing both of them to fall backwards onto it. Cloud broke the kiss to gasp at the change, but then went right back to nibbling the silver haired man's lips, taking full on advantage of the fact that he was sitting on top of his chest.

Sephiroth for his part did his best to remove Cloud's tank top, and his own shirt. If Cloud was being honest he definitely wouldn't describe it as gentle, but then if he was going to be doubly honest he would say that he really could give a fuck less at this point. Cloud with shaky hands reached down to clasp on Sephiroth's leather pants, only to have a hand halt his movements.

Glowing blue eyes stared up to glowing aqua's in confusion. "What's wrong?" Cloud looked down at himself and then Sephiroth in confusion. Was his body so repulsively ugly that he had to stop himself? Cloud suddenly feeling very self conscious went to cover himself, only to have that grabbed too. "I don't understand Seph...isn't this what you want?"

Sephiroth reached up and stroked the side of the blond's head. "Of course this is what I want Cloud." Sephiroth was still staring at him, and Cloud was getting more and more confused by the second. If this is what he wanted then why did he stop?

"Then why? Did I do something wrong?" Cloud normally went into terribly long rambles when he was nervous, and he was more than a little nervous right now. "Because you know I could be doing this wrong, because you know I've never done this that why you stopped because I'm like not as experienced as you thought I was, because you could teach me and I don't want..." Cloud was silenced from further rambling nonsense by a finger on his mouth.

"You misunderstand me Cloud. You've done nothing wrong...quite a few things right in fact." Sephiroth smirked up at him, and Cloud couldn't help blushing at that statement. "It's just that I want to be absolutely positive that this is what you really want before we do this this." Sephiroth leaned forward and touched their mouths together in an almost gentle way. "Are you sure Cloud because after we do this you can't go back..."

"No." Sephiroth's confident look seemed to fall at that word. "I'm not sure of anything anymore Seph..." Cloud didn't fail to notice the hardening of the silver haired man's features, and could feel him start to push him off, obviously not satisfied with the answer he received. Really some people could be so impatient. In a quick move to get him from leaving, Cloud pushed down on Sephiroth's chest. "But that doesn't change the fact that we are going to do this." It was probably the first time in his life Cloud had actually seen Sephiroth look confused. "So that means you're not going anywhere right?" Sephiroth didn't respond, he was still dumbly staring up at him. "And if you're not going anywhere than you might as well kiss me right?" Cloud smiled his first genuine smile of the night, and that simple act seemed to snap Sephiroth out of whatever world he had traveled to for the next moment he had pulled Cloud to him.

He switched positions so that he was now the one on top. "What can I say puppy your wish is my command."


It was cold. Why was it so cold? Hadn't he been just been nuzzled in the warmth of Sephiroth's arms? That warmth that could only come from being nuzzled in someone else's body heat seemed to be MIA, and there was another thing that seemed wrong with this picture...was he lying on flannel? Hadn't Sephiroth's sheets been made of silk?

One bleary eye snapped open and found that there was indeed something very wrong about this picture. He wasn't even in the same bed! At this realization Cloud jumped to his feet, well he shouldn't say that. What he meant was that he tried to jump to his feet but his body wouldn't budge. What was wrong with him? Why couldn't he move himself?

"Awake already? God Cloud it's like 7:00 in the morning." The hell? Cloud didn't reckognise that voice, and as his eyes seemed to move of their own accord he caught sight of who that voice belonged to. The blond didn't get to good of look, because the man was half buried under sheets in the bed next to his, but from what he could see he looked friendly. The man's skin was a golden sun kissed color that made his golden eyes stand out. Wait were his eyes glowing? Did this mean that whoever this was they were with SOLDIER? The man rolled over and Cloud watched as thick black ridiculously long spikes fell onto his face. Damn and they said Cloud's hair was bad.

"Well you know you wouldn't have known I was awake if you hadn't have been awake yourself staring." Cloud went to clasp a hand over his mouth, but found that again he didn't have control. Had he just said that? No he couldn't have said that because in his mind he wasn't even thinking that. Really what the hell was going on around here?

"Hey I have an excuse Strife! I had guard duty till 6:00 remember?" The man's voice was a little harsh, but the huge smile that was plastered on his face ate through all of the unfriendliness. "What's your excuse?" Cloud tried to struggle against his unruly body as it raised itself up off of the bed of it's own accord and made it over to the one beside it.

Very ungraciously the blond plopped down onto the twin sized bed the raven haired stranger was laying on. Cloud felt his body begin to struggle and laugh as he was barraged with tickles from the stranger. The thing that really annoyed Cloud was that he couldn't seem to have any control over what was going on, but he could still feel the damn really sucked.

"Stop...stop...I give up!" The hands drew away and Cloud felt himself begin to breathe again. If he had any control over his body Cloud would have gasped in surprise when the two hands that had previously been torturing him wrapped around his waist.

"Of course you do Spike." Cloud felt himself wanting to shout at his body for leaning into the raven haired stranger's arms. "Cuz I always win..." Cloud felt himself getting repulsed and comforted at the same time when the man nuzzled his face in his neck. By no means did he want this to happen, but he felt his body totally relax under the touch.

"Bit confident of yourself aren't you?" Cloud felt his head turn and he nuzzled into the man's neck, taking his scent in. Cloud was fairly discomforted by the fact that he smelt like vanilla and sweat, he must have been working out. "But I wouldn't be bragging too much my big bad SOLDIER, you did after all only beat a lowly trooper...what would the general say?" He heard a chuckle come from the apparent SOLDIER, and Cloud felt himself become very very confused.

"You know what Spike I think Seph would definitely congratulate me on this victory." Cloud felt the hands that had been around his waist travel up and pull him into a backwards hug. One which he felt himself respond to by using and arm to place on the very muscled forearm of his companion. "Besides I'd rather win over you than the strongest monster anyday." Alarm bells went off on his head when he felt a small kiss placed on his neck. He was not allowed to ponder this any further as the feeling faded, as did his vision.


Cloud sprang up in shock, and found that he was back to where he needed to be. He was still lying in bed where him and Sephiroth had just occupied, and he looked over to see that with disappointment the silver haired ex-general was no longer there. Damn and he really wanted to tell him about that dream. Is that really what it was though? It had felt so...real, almost as though it had already happened and was just a memory. But he knew that had to be wrong, he would know if that was one of his memories. He had never known someone with the description of his companion, and he fairly sure that no one in SOLDIER held that description of him. Plus though his mind might be fucked most of the time he was fairly certain that he wouldn't forget someone he had obviously been so involved with.

And really how had his first thought of action to tell Sephiroth about it? Sephiroth was his captor! Damn he was really starting to loose sight of that, among other things. Plus now that he was lying alone in bed in the now soiled sheets he began to feel very very dirty, and well a bit used. How had he let that happen? Why did he not fight it? The part of Cloud's mind that he found most disturbing was the part that told him that if Sephiroth came back in here he would probably let him do it again. That small part of his mind was what really scared him the most.


Aeris blinked awake. Her bright green eyes snapped open to stare at he surroundings. Where was she and how had she gotten here? She appeared to lying on a cot of some kind, a cot whose springs had broken and were now jabbing her painfully in the ribs. To avoid further pain she used her hands to push herself halfway up to get a good look at where she was. The whole place was damp and musky, and the walls and floor around her were all made of concrete. The part that really caught he attention though were the bars in front of her. Was she in some kind of a prison, and if so how had she gotten here?

Memories rushed back vividly through her mind, and a hand shot up to her mouth in a silent scream. She now remembered why she was here. It was all Sephiroth's fault. The young ancient girl did her best to hold back the sobs that threatened to escape out of her throat at the mere memory of what had happened.

He had killed her! He had killed her and then taken Cloud away. Was he also dead? If that was true than why was she still alive? What had happened to the rest of them. Aeris sprang from where she was seated and rushed to where the bars were. If she was still alive than maybe the rest of them were too. The brunette was still rather disgusted with how easy Sephiroth had been able to take them all out after Cloud had fallen. How could one person be so powerful? Even if he was Jenova's son he disposed of them as easy as if they had been cockroaches.

The Ancient stuck her head as far through the bars as it could go, and sighed in relief. Five other cells could be seen, all with occupants she was immensially happy to see were alright. Vincent sat in the cell across from her with his head in his knees, but Aeris could see his chest rising up and down so she knew he was just resting. She could hear Yuffie, Cid, and Barret talking about their current situation so she knew they were okay. She also saw Nanaki prowling back and forth where he was at and seemed unharmed. That only left Rude as their possible means of escape, and with some sadness she saw that the suit he had been operating had been sliced to bits, effectively halting her plan of Rude being able to help from Shinra headquarters.

The thing she couldn't understand was why he had left them alive. After he had so brutally killed Tifa, god rest her soul, Aeris thought she would have no chance, but then he had simply fought them until they had been knocked out and taken them here...but why? What would the possible reason he had to keep them alive, and where was Cloud?

Aeris was startled when Vincent's ebony head suddenly snapped up and he jumped out of his sitting position and into a full out defensive stance. She was about to inquire what could possibly be wrong. Though if she thought about it so many things were wrong right now that she really should have thought about asking what was right. As it turned out though she didn't get to ask either, because the door at the either side of the dungeon they were in slammed open.

The girl's mind began to flare with voices from the planet, and she had to put a hand to her temple in order to quiet them. She was going to ask the voices what had happened to make them so upset, but she need only look at who had come in to know what had upset them so. Sephiroth. Was there really anything else needed to explain their worry? The creature Jenova's child, the destroyer of her people, the man destined to once again destroy the planet, but mostly the man who had just killed her best friend.

There were a million things she wanted to scream at him at that moment, but somebody else beat her to the punch. "You asshole I'll kill you!" That would be Barret. Of course he would be upset, he had after all known Tifa the longest next to Cloud. Aeris felt sorry for him as she felt his sadness run through her, and she used her powers to try and calm down his emotions. She couldn't see if it worked, but he didn't yell anymore.

"I'd like to see you try you gun toting fool." Sephiroth's voice was eerily calm, Aeris couldn't quite make it out because the man was so easy at harnessing his emotions but Aeris would almost describe him as happy. She couldn't feel the madness that usually surrounded him anymore, no it was like he was at some sort of temporary peace.

"Yeah well why don't you just let him out of this cell to try!" That was Yuffie no doubt. The young Wutanese girl was obviously upset, and as fiery as ever. "Unless you're too afraid to face us Seph-Roth." Was she egging him on? It sounded very much so, but despite the fact that Aeris felt the same way they were really in no position to face him at the moment.

"Silly girl don't you remember we already played that game?" Aeris didn't have a good look at his face, but she could almost feel Sephiroth smirking. "You lost..." With that said he seemed to think that was all he owed her and continued to walk towards Aeris. She got a sick feeling in his stomach when he made his way over to stand in front of her.

"Ah Cetra how are my little accomidations treating you? I hope that you're comfortable here because you'll be...well you'll all be here for quite awhile." Green eyes narrowed and burned with hate as she tried to give Sephiroth the best death glare she could muster.

"Where's Cloud?" Her eyes narrowed if possible further. "Why are you keeping us here?" At the mention of Cloud's name Aeris could Sephiroth's mouth twitch into an almost smile. Her confusion continued to blossom when he actually did smile.

"Oh believe me he's fine." Aeris didn't like his tone, like he knew something about Cloud that she didn't. Her heart fluttered in worry, where was Cloud? "And as to your second question you'll find out soon what my purpose for keeping you around soon enough." Really did he think that would satisfy her? He hadn't really answered any of her questions, actually he had only added a whole line of new ones.

Aeris pounded her fist against the cage she was imprisoned in, surprising even herself. "Don't lie to me! Tell me what really happened to Cloud you murdering lunatic!" She couldn't keep the raw emotion out of her voice, and only got more pissed when Sephiroth smirked down at her. How dare he smirk at her! After all he had just did, how dare he have the audacity to smirk at her!

"He's not lying Aeris." Aeris was startled by Vincent's calm voice. "Wherever Cloud is he's not hurt." The ex-turk after all rarely talked, this was like some rare treat if you thought about it. Which at the moment she was trying very desperately not to. She had bigger matters to waste her time thinking on at the moment.

Sephiroth also seemed to be intrigued by the man's smooth voice, because he twirled around to face him. "Is that right Valentine?" Aeris could see Sephiroth place a hand to his chin. "And tell me how do you know I don't have him in some room right now sliced into little itty bitty Cloud pieces?"

Aeris' breath caught in her throat at that, and she started getting sick to her stomach at the mere thought. Vincent however only smirked. "I know because you do the same thing Lucrecia did when she was bluffing...your hand twitches." Aeris saw how Sephiroth visibly stiffened, and she could almost hear a growl come from his chest.

"Lucrecia?" His voice was barely a whisper, and then he slightly grabbed onto his head. "No...Jenova is my one and only mother." The odd thing was that Sephiroth didn't sound all that sure of himself, in fact he seemed rather shaken up by the whole ordeal.

Vincent turned his back on what could have been quite possibly his son. "Indeed..." Aeris could almost see the holes burning into Vincent's back from the daggers Sephiroth was glaring at him.

Aeris could see Sephiroth's shoulders shaking in what appeared to be a mixture of anger and confusion. Was he really that confused on where he really came from? He finally seemed to get a hold of himself and walked back to the door. He opened it rather roughly and was about to walk out, but thought better of it. Instead he turned around to glare at them all. "Have fun rotting you pathetic fools..." His face lightened considerably. "And don't worry yourselves I'll take care of Cloud." With that he shut the door and was gone.


Cloud was roused from his slightly dosing state by the sound of the door quietly opening. He pulled the blanket off of his head so that he could see, and was only mildly surprised to see Sephiroth standing there with a tray of food. He didn't say anything, only walked over to the bed side table and set it down. He was unusually quiet, more quiet than Sephiroth usually was, and if Cloud looked carefully enough he could see that his hands were slightly shaking.

"Umm Sephiroth...what...what's wrong?" He placed an uncertain hand on the the leather clad shoulder, and flinched when it was ripped from his grasp.

"I brought you some food." His voice was cold, not that Sephiroth's voice wasn't always cold but this was different. This sent a shiver down his spine. Cloud glanced at the tray and found that he wasn't in the least bit hungry. No strike that he was starving, but the thought of food right now made his stomach turn.

Instead of focusing on his upset stomach he instead focused on the man he could just recently now call lover. He didn't know what possessed him to do it, he was a little weirded out by the fact that he did, but it didn't change the fact of what happened. Cloud crawled up behind Sephiroth and wrapped his arms around his chest. Mirroring what had just happened to him in his dream. In an effort to further the reenactment he placed a small kiss on the man's pale neck.

Cloud heard Sephiroth inhale a shaky breath at the contact, and then relax considerably in his arms. A hand reached back and entwined in blond spikes and pulled Cloud closer to him. "You really should eat. It's been almost two days since I brought you here and you should keep your strength up or you'll get sick."

The blond once again ignored the request, and instead shifted his movements so that he swung one leg over Sephiroth's waist, effectively straddling the silver haired warrior. Sephiroth's head dropped to Cloud's chest, and the blond knew something was definitely wrong with him. He put one hand on each side a the finely shaped cheek bones of the general and raised his face to look at him. "I'll eat later. What's wrong with you?"

Cloud gasped in both surprise and pain when both of his wrists were grabbed and ripped away. The blond grit his teeth as the grip on them tightened considerably. "There is nothing wrong with me Cloud." Sephiroth's eyes were blazing and Cloud swallowed in slight fear. "Why don't you stop being such a pest and worry about your own problems." His hands were dropped, and he was effectively pushed off the older man's lap.

He could help it, he felt hurt. How dare Sephiroth treat him this way? After what they had just done, after all he had sacrificed to do that with him. Cloud suddenly felt very disgusted with himself and jumped out of the bed and scrambled around grabbing first his boxers and then his pants and shirt. The blond could feel his eyes water up and blinked furiously to try to dispel the tears.

"What are you doing Strife?" Sephiroth's tone was if anything bored, and what was with the surname? Strife! Strife! Cloud couldn't help it if he seemed to be overreacting, though really after everything he's been through he hardly thought he was.

Cloud spun around to face Sephiroth who hadn't moved from his position. "What am I doing Sephiroth?" Cloud waved his arms around animously to get his point through. "I'll tell you what I'm doing, you unbelievable bastard, I'm leaving!" The blond reached out for the door knob, which he knew for a fact Sephiroth had forgotten to lock, but stopped when he heard a laugh behind him.

He could have kept going, he should have kept going, but instead he turned around to face the source of the laughter. Sephiroth was staring at him now, though he still hadn't moved from his seat on the bed. "Do you really think I'd let you leave Cloud?" Aqua eyes darkened considerably. "You're mine until you die." His voice cut to the bone, and Cloud felt himself faltering a little, but then remembered what had just happened.

"Yours until I die?" Cloud snarled. "Then kill me you possessive bastard because I'd rather be dead than to ever have you lay your disgusting hands on me again." The growled out response actually made the blond feel a bit better, and it didn't occur to him that he had no chance as he was against Sephiroth.

Sephiroth stood up then, and Cloud felt himself back against the wall. It was always a menacing thing to see Sephiroth, it was even more see when you were unarmed and he appeared to be as pissed as he was now. Cloud tried his hardest to become one with the wall, and gulped as the silver haired warrior was against him.

"These disgusting hands you speak of were the things you were begging to touch you a few hours ago...don't tell me you've changed your mind so quickly..." Cloud closed his eyes and let his head loll back when Sephiroth's hand ghosted up his thigh, past his groin, up his chest, and coming to rest on his face. The blond didn't even try to hide the moan that came from his throat.

A thumb reached out tracing his swollen pink lips, and without realizing what he was doing Cloud kissed the appendage. Earning him a slight laugh from Sephiroth. "That's better isn't it puppy?" The hand drew away and blue eyes snapped open at the lack of touch, only to shut again when Sephiroth's thumb was replaced by his lips, which Cloud guiltily devoured.

When Cloud's lungs felt like they would burst from lack of oxygen, Sephiroth pulled away and rested their foreheads together. "Do you still wish to leave me?" Cloud shook his head before turning it to the side. "I'm very glad to hear it." Sephiroth took advantage of Cloud's position to fully assault his neck.

Cloud let one of his hands travel to silky silver hair and couldn't help but stroke it. "Sephiroth?" He didn't get a reply but he was fairly certain he felt a 'hmmm?' against his neck. Cloud took this as a sign to continue, and still a little zoned out stated rather more calmly than he probably normally would. "I think I love you..."

He could feel Sephiroth smile against his neck, before looking up again. Cloud really didn't know what he was expecting to see in his glowing eyes, rejection, amusement, something, but he didn't see anything of the sort. In fact Sephiroth only smiled at him before placing a small kiss on his lips. "You know what Cloud I think I love you to." Cloud couldn't help but smile at the revelation...Sephiroth loved him to, who would have thunk it?

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