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It's now or never

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After discover that Jessie is still alive, Pierre finds at least one person in the world who still cares about him and one reason to struggle to keep alive, but will Adam and Brendan just let them ...

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"Here's your little bitch!" yelled Adam throwing Jessie's already weak body in the ground
"Jessica!" I shouted kneeling by her side and hugging her as tight as I could while both of us couldn't stop crying one second only "Oh, Jessica, you just got me so scared! They told me you were dead!"
"They told me the same thing about you. Please, never ever leave me again! I don't think I can handle it."
"I swear I won't if you just can promise me the same."
"I do. I promise you anything you want me to." Saying no other word, she directed herself straight to my lips and started kissing me just like I wanted her to during the past 7 months and I finally felt that there was still something that could make my life worth. I was still important to someone.
"Adam, you told me many times you still love her, so why did you do all this to her?"
"As I told you earlier in the day you've been kidnapped, the only thing she did wrong in her life was to love you and she paid a high price for that." He replied smirking
"So that's what you were talking about? I thought that the high price you meant was her death."
"I'm very good with words, Pierre. In codes, I told you before that you were going to be kidnapped and locked in this room."
"What do you mean?" I asked confused
"Don't you remember my warnings? `Take a really good care not to get stuck in that room without the key or you'll end up stuck there for God knows how long time as long as no one can listen to what happen in there', don't you remember I said that? If you were smarter, you would have carried this key with you everywhere, so you would be able to open this door as soon as you found yourself locked in there."
"Well, I'm sorry Adam, but I would never in my life understand that when you said that, you actually meant: Take a really good care `cause me and my crazy friend here are going to kidnap you in three years." I said sarcastically "Adam, you told me there were only 5 keys of that room and that me and the guys had them all."
"Well, you have the 5 keys that my father made for this room but, remember the day you first got in the studio and I `completely forgot' to give you the key? Well, in that day I made 2 copies of the key. One for me and one for Brendan. The keys were with me all along. I told you about that, remember?"
"Gosh, you're sick!" I shouted disgusted
"Yeah, we know." He replied "People told us that during two entire years until we started acting normal and they let us go. But you know why we're like this? Because of you! Brendan was normal until you betrayed his friendship and kissed the girl he loved and I was normal until you kissed the girl I love! You two had been tortured during the past 7 months to give you a taste of what we felt, but now it's time to finish what we started!"

As soon as he shouted that, he took a gun out of his pocket and tried to shot my chest, but I moved away quickly and it hit my right arm. Even though I was still screaming in pain, I had to act fast before we were both dead, so I held her hand and started running as fast as I could to reach the first room I've seen. Luckily, there were over two hundred rooms in that floor and, as long they weren't expecting me to react, they didn't realize exactly where we went.

"What do we do now?" asked Jessie afraid "They're looking for us and they'll find us sooner or later."
"There's...there's a phone in the Mixing Room. We have to get there and phone the police as soon as possible. Then we...we'll have to stay alive until they get here."
"And how are we supposed to do that?"
"I don't know." I replied honestly
"I'm so scared." She said hugging me in between tears and completely breaking my heart
"Don't be. I'm right here and I promise I won't let anything bad happen to you." I said and soon kissed her forehead "We'll be okay, I promise you."
"How can you be so sure?"
"I never break my promises." I said trying to make her feel secure even though I wasn't that sure if I would be able to keep this promise. Still, I could see the fear taking control of her, so I tried to calm her down by approaching her ear and start singing exactly what I knew she would love to hear again "I'd do anything/ Just to hold you in my arms/ To try to make you laugh/ Somehow I can't put you in the past..."
"How can you be so sweet even in a situation like this one?" she said smiling at me
"Well, if we don't relax we'll end up like them." I stated "Okay, now, go a little bit further from me. I'll take a peek outside the room."
"Pierre..." she called worried
"Just do it. We need to leave here, don't we?" She just nodded at that and let go on me, still with fear reflected on her eyes

Slowly, I opened a little bit of the door and started looking around to see no one really close. Afraid to death, I opened the door enough to take my head out of it and I realized there was no one in the corridor. Not wanting to make any noise, I gestured her to come closer again and held her hand to lead her outside the room. Soundless, I closed the door and started staring at our objective: the Mixing Room.

This room was in the other side of that huge principal room, but it wouldn't be that hard to get there if there wasn't another corridor close to that room and we could see if there was someone in there or not. We were confused and decided to stay quiet for a while and see if we could hear something. Everything was just so quiet that we could even hear our hearts rushing in fear, but we didn't dare move or speak until we knew we were safe. Not too long after that, we started hearing some steps coming from that corridor in the other side of the room, so I leaded her under the stairs and kept hidden in there, begging them not to see us.

"Fuck, Adam, we had them right here. We could have killed them already." Shouted Brendan
"Yeah, but at least we know they have to be in the studio. Sooner or later we'll find them and they'll pay us for make us play hide and seek with them." Replied Adam angrily

Walking fast, they reached the door of the room where we were and opened it ready to shot the first living thing they could find in there. Thanks God we weren't there anymore. When they got in that room, I found the opportunity we were waiting for, so I grabbed her hand and started running in direction of the Mixing Room, but they realized us and I soon heard a shot. Together with that sound, I saw Jessie starting to fall in the ground and screaming in pain, but I grabbed her in my arms before letting her fall and kept running like a freak until I reached that room and sat her down at the first chair I've seen. Not even giving me enough time to breath, I rushed back to the door again and started holding it with my backs.

"Where was the shot?" I asked her concerned
"On my leg."
"Oh, thanks God. Now, quick, phone the police, we have no time to waste. I'll keep holding the door."
"You can't do this. If they decide to shot the door you'll die!" she shouted worried
"No, I won't. All of the doors in this studio are bulletproof, but I have no keys to lock it so hurry up and phone the police before we die."

Simply nodding with her head, she took the phone and dialed 911 with her hands trembling and I couldn't be surer that she was really shocked about all those things that had been happening.

"Hello? Sir, please, me and my fiancé are kidnapped and locked in one of Lava's studios at 312, Principal Street and they are trying to kill us. Please, we need help." She shouted in panic and kept hearing the answer "Okay, we'll try it, but if you could rush we would be really thankful." She finished hanging up the phone
"What did he say?" I asked curious
"That they'll be here in 15 minutes."
"15 minutes? I can't hold this door all this long! I'm alone here and there are 2 guys pushing the door."
"I know." She said concerned "Wait, I had an idea."

Going against all the pain she was feeling in her leg, she stood up and started pushing the heaviest mobile in the room in the direction of the door. She doesn't have this kind of strength and I could see how much she was struggling to move it, so I just prayed as much as I could that she would be able to do it in time.

It took her sometime but, being as stubborn as me, in some minutes she had that mobile in front of the door and I placed a few more things in front of it just to make sure we would handle 15 minutes.

After that, I tried to open that window but it was stuck, so I started punching it until it was completely broken.

"What was that for?" she asked me
"Just to make sure if we need to escape again. Guess now we're gonna be okay." I said sitting down in the ground and patting the space by my side "Come here." Soon, she sat down by my side and laid her head over my shoulder and I passed my arms around her and kissed her forehead "You know I love you, don't you?"
"Yeah, I love you too, Pierre. A lot." After that, she just raised her head and kissed me again

Those 15 minutes seemed to last a lifetime and we weren't calming down for nothing in this world. Every time we heard a stronger punch on the door I could feel her body trembling in between my arms and, even though I was scared as well, I tried to pretend I wasn't just to keep her calm.

I don't know how long time went by since that, but when I looked back at the mobiles I could see the first one starting to crack and, as soon as it finishes on crashing, the door will be open.

"Jessie, I don't mean to scare you but...guess we'll have to use the window."
"What? Why?" she asked me as I simply replied by pointing the mobile cracking
"I'll jump first, then you jump in my arms, okay?"
"Pierre, you just got a shot in one of your arms, you won't be able to handle it."
"Yes, I will. I'll think about the pain later." I said being as stubborn as always and soon jumping from the highest place I've ever jumped from. I could have broken both my legs doing this, but I didn't have time to think, we just had to go "Come on!"

I could see she was trembling, but she was much more afraid of staying in there than from jumping from the window, so she soon did this. In the moment I had her in my arms, I heard shots in the room where we were. Brendan and Adam were already there and they would soon look at the window and shot us, so I kept carrying her in my arms and started running as fast as I could to reach the gates of the studio and we soon heard the police arriving there. Gosh, after it all, we're finally safe and free.
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