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Ice Cream

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Touma had never really liked ice cream. Until he ate it with Ryuichi, of course. From that point, every date between them ended up much the same. Chocolate, vanilla, and a kiss. [RyuTouma, oneshot,...

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A/N: I needed to write this. God. I feel useless. This will suck. I don't even know what I'm writing yet. Guess I'll play it by ear.


Touma had never really liked ice cream. Something about the cold that hurt his sensitive teeth, or the brain freeze that went with it. He loved sweets, but ice cream is one that he never really could stomach.

But when Ryuichi bought him a soft serve chocolate ice cream cone as congradulations for a job well done at the latest Nittle Grasper concert, he thought it rude to refuse. The brunette had already paid, and he looked so eager, and the brown goop was melting off the cone and dripping onto the floor of the ice cream shop. Touma sighed, taking the sticky cone from his bandmate's hand and running his tongue around the edge to catch the drips that were about to fall.

And to his suprise, it had a pleasant taste, not at all what he had expected. And so he took another bite. "It's good?" Ryuichi looked hopefully at him, and Touma nodded, not managing to get words past the mass of melting chocolate goo in his mouth. Ryuichi looked pleased, and went to devour his own vanilla cone.

When they were done eating, Touma politely thanked Ryuichi, and then said brunette smiled broadly.

And kissed him.

Kissed him.

Touma had always thought that kissing Ryuichi would be disgusting. It had happened once when they were teenagers, and it had been on a dare, and Touma was too drunk to remember the details. But this taste was a mix of chocolate and vanilla and Ryuichi, a divine taste that melted in his mouth as easily as the ice cream and left him craving more. And so he kissed back.

Every date between them ended up much the same. Chocolate, vanilla, and a kiss.


A/N: Wrote that in ten minutes. Not bad.
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