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Recap: 'Toni!' The shout came from behind where they were sitting. She looked up from Frank's shoulder and saw Brian and the other two frantically running towards her.


She peeled herself away from Frank as her uncle grew closer.

'Oh My God, thank god you are okay.'

Brian was out of breath and leaning his upper body strength on his knees.

'You are okay right?'

Brian asked again this time checking for any signs that she might be in any way hurt.

'Oh yeah, don't worry these got to me before I had a chance to slit my wrists or OD on something.'

Toni said sarcastically with attitude, almost mocking the fact that her uncle had been worried about her.

Brian looked around the group and they took the hint instantly and headed back to the cars. Brian had also told them to phone Joey and let him know that Toni was safe.

'Hey... can we talk?' Brian asked walking over and sitting down next to her.

'You're already talking aren't you?' Toni replied not looking at him.

'It's about something Joey said to me earlier. Well... he said something about your dad.' With this statement, Toni's head shot up and she twisted her neck to look Brian directly in the eye.

'What did he say?' Her blue eyes had clouded over and were now more of a dark grey colour.

'He just asked me if you had told me about him. What did he mean Toni?' He could see that there were more tears forming in her eyes and they were in danger of spilling over the edge. Toni searched deep into her uncle's eyes and decided that she could trust him enough now to tell him.

' dad wasn't exactly the nicest person in the world. I mean I loved him when I was a little kid, he would buy me really cool things and take me with him wherever he went. But the when I was around thirteen he just didn't want to know anything about me anymore. I must have really pissed him off one day though.'

She stopped for a second to look into Brian's eyes again. He was still listening.

'Well... I was just in my room, just in from school, and he came barging into my room and he just started shouting at me... I...I can't even remember what he was shouting at me for... I just remember his voice.'

By this time the tears were flowing freely down her already stained and raw cheeks.

'It started out with that.... Then as I got older... he got angrier. Until every day almost... I would hide from him when I got in from school. But he would always find me.' Now she sobbing in loud breaths.

Brian could not believe what he was hearing. Just as she finished that sentence, he pulled her into a much needed hug. Rocking her back and forth to try and calm her down. If she was anything like her mother, then she was moments away from a panic attack.

'Shh.... Sh.. I promise I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.. Y'hear me?' He felt her grip on his shirt tighten and her sobs softened a little. The anger that Brian was feeling in that moment was indescribable. He swore that if David hadn't already been dead, he would have killed him with his bare hands.

'And no more secrets ok? You can tell me or any of the guys anything you know that right?' He felt her nod in response and soon after her body went limp in Brian's arms. He looked down to find that she was sleeping. Albeit it was not a peaceful one. He picked her up and walked back to the cars.

The rest of the guys were sitting on the hoods of the cars and talking about random stuff when they saw their manager with a sleeping Toni in his arms.
'Hey how is she?' Gerard asked nodding towards the sleeping teen.

'I think she's gonna be okay...thanks guys, you've all been a great help and I'm sorry to of had to ask it of you.' Brian answered while placing his niece into the car that she had been driving.

'No way man... like I said ages ago... If she's your family then she is our family.' Gerard gave a smile a Brian which he gratefully returned. Nothing more was said and all three cars headed back to the bus. Brian carried Toni to her bunk, took off her shoes and gave her a fatherly kiss goodnight on her forehead.

The next morning Toni woke with a slight headache and her eyes were sore. She got out of her bunk and made her way to the kitchen area. She walked through the small door way to find that she was yet again the last one to get up.

' Hey sleeping beauty awakes.' Joked Ray as he was the first one to see her. At the sound of this all the others looked up from what they were doing to give a small smile and a chuckle. She made eye contact with Brian and saw something flash through them that she had never seen before. It was a look that told her that she could trust him with ... nearly anything now. She sat down beside Frank after she had made her self some coffee.

'Oh, hey, do you want this back?' She said pulling on the black hoodie that she was still wearing from last night.

'Nah, keep it. I got plenty where that came from.... Just think of it as an early birthday present from me.'

'Thanks.' She said simply with a genuine smile.

'No problemo kiddo.' He smiled and went back to looking at the scenery flying past them out the window.

Her birthday was coming up soon. And would you believe it? It was on the same day as Frank's. He was probably the only person she had ever met whose birthday was on Halloween too. They were both kind of crazy about it. It was the end September and they were both counting down the days until his 26th and her 18th.

They were going to be stopping soon, they had this thing that was kind of like Warped Tour.... But it wasn't. All she knew was that they were going to be stationary for about a week... and for that.. She was grateful. There was also some more good news. The band was going to be filming their new video for 'Famous Last Words' that week too. It looked like it was going to be a fun week.
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