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On her birthday, Sakura recieves the one gift that's worth waiting for.One shot! Drabble. Sakura,Sasuke

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Sakura,Sasuke - Published: 2007-02-08 - Updated: 2011-11-02 - 180 words - Complete


Sakura always loved her birthday, though not for the reasons you would expect. It wasn't the cake, cards, flowers, party, or even the gifts from her friends and family.

No, the real reason she loved her birthday was at the end of the day; when the party was over and the chaos of the day complete, her children tucked into their beds, she received the one gift that she had waited all year for...

It never mattered that he always got her the same singular gift because she'd never tire of receiving it. For on her birthday her husband would draw her into his strong embrace and in the stillness of the night whisper that one precious sentence that never escaped his soft lips the other three hundred and sixty-four days of the year.

His obsidian locks would fall into her face as she leaned against him, his breath warm in her ear; and ever so softly, he'd whisper, "I love you, Uchiha Sakura."

And in that moment, she could swear that heaven could be found in an utterance.
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