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Shattered hearts

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"GEE!" I yelled through his door "What?" "I need you to sit on my suitcase!" I felt him walk close to the door and put his hand on the knob "Why?" his soft voice echoed "Because it won't clos...

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"GEE!" I yelled through his door
"I need you to sit on my suitcase!"
I felt him walk close to the door and put his hand on the knob
"Why?" his soft voice echoed
"Because it won't close" I pouted
"Why don't you get... boyfriend to do it?"
He hesitated before saying boyfriend; and when he did; he didn't sound too happy
"He's already on it and I need someone else too." The worry was showing in my voice
"Okay" he opened the door and all I saw was a tear stripped face; the tears were pouring out like crazy and all I wanted was for them to stop
"Gee...?" I asked; my hand went out caress his face
"What's wrong Gee?" I asked; my eyes had nothing but pitty showing
When I finally touched his face; it was ice cold, ice cold and bitter; like it wasn't loved for years. The soft touch of his cheek to my hand sent shivers down my spine and my heart ached for him
"Gee? What's wrong?" I asked again; hoping for an answer this time
"Nothing" his cold hearted tears were falling harder and his voice was spotting
I never had seen him cry so hard in his life. Not when Mikey was in the hospital; not when Bob was deathly ill; not when Ray's mom died; never. It worried me.
"Gerard?" I asked again; my voice soft and low
"Gerard, answer me!"
"It's nothing!!" his voice raised and he backed away from my hand
"Gerard you can tell me! All I want to do for you is help!" I looked into his pouring eyes; and my eyes were beginning to well up too
"You'll never know! NEVER!!" he yelled out his sobs
"Gee..." my eyes softened into a small slit and the tears flew freely out
"Gee why are you like this? Why are you yelling; why are you crying? Why are you so locked up!? What's wrong with you?"
He softened and sobbed harder
"No; no; I don't want to hurt you too!" his cold hands went to his deathly pale face
"Gerard; you could never"
I walked over to him and wrapped my long tan arms around his neck and whispered soothing words in his ear
"No matter what" I whispered "You could never ever hurt me by what you say"
He just stayed in my arms and cried; it shattered my heart into a million pieces.
"Gee; you know you can tell me anything" I backed away from the hug and looked into his eyes
"Yea; but not this one" his crying was slowing to a couple of hiccups now and then
"Gerard; I won't judge you!"
"That's not it!! It's not like that!!" He hissed
"It's something that I know will ruin all of our friendship, Frankie, you; everyone" his head lowered to the blue cotton carpet
"You know we would let something stupid ruin our friendship! We're not like that! We have a stronger bond than any other family I know; and I don't think well lose it just because of what you say!!" I looked over at him
"But if we have such a bond; then why are you forcing me to say it?!" Gerard head lifted up as his anger grew
"I am not! I just want to know why you are so upset ever night? Don't think I don't hear you! I stay up all night listening to you cry in your sleep; I'm worried!!" my anger now rising
"Well I'm fine" Gerard threw me a look of hurt and slammed the door
"Gee..." I whispered to myself "What is wrong with you?"

Sorry if this is short but i need to know how i did
and how do you do that?
(And rating won't hurt!)
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