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Heart of Glass

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Aki remembers a love from the past. Not my best because I was sick, so bare with me.

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Heart of Glass

While Aki sat there watching Mark play his little video game, she began to remember her last boyfriend. Oh what happy times they were. His name was Hotaka. He was the joy in her life.


Aki met this young man one summer during a festival. She was only twelve at the time. Her mother had died two years ago. Haru raised them with scary perfection. So except for her older brother, Aki felt pretty much alone. That was until he came along. It was the third day of the summer festival. Young Aki managed to get away from her nagging older sister long enough to enjoy the peaceful afternoon. She loved how the soft grass felt against her small bare feet. The soft summer breeze felt good through her long black hair and up her light blue summer dress. The sweet smells of eel and other seafood grilling over a hot fire. And to top it off, she didn't have to hear Haruko's mouth nagging her on how to be a lady in public. Yes, festival days were always the best. Could this day have gotten any better?

It suddenly did. Aki suddenly heard a loud shuffle behind her while out in her happy place. Startled, the girl quickly turned around. A boy was standing behind her. He looked about her age and very charming looking. His eyes were a deep greyish-brown color and his hair was gorgeously messy. The boy looked great in those hot jean shorts tore to his thighs. And the shirt, don't even get started on the hot shirt! Young Aki was instantly over taken. The boy smiled innocently at her. "Konnichiwa." he said in a normal voice. Oh, that was it! The little girl crush was spiraling out of control. Young Aki was blushing like crazy. The girl could've put a strawberry to shame. She rushed forward and hugged the boy wildly. They both fell backwards to the ground. The boy was completely confused. "Sweat drop Uh... okay..." he said at last. Young Aki looked up. "Ohayoo," she said at last. "I'm Aki. What's your name?" The boy was still lost. So much that he couldn't speak for minutes. "I'm Hotaka." he answered at last. "Hotaka..." Aki repeated in a sigh. Sweat drop forms on Hotaka

From then on, the rest was history. Hotaka and Aki were always seen together. They were an item in the child world. Hotaka seemed a little annoyed by her presence at times but Aki didn't care! She was just happy to with him! (What would a twelve-year-old really know?) Her younger sisters and older brother smiled upon it. But Haru tried to keep her mouth shut in public. When alone with Young Aki, she wasted no time with lecturing the girl. But it never really sunk into her younger sister's head. All that floated in it was Hotaka. But sadly, that would all come crashing down.

On the last day of summer, Aki began looking around for Hotaka. She just couldn't find him in their usual place by the river. Strange, he was usually waiting for at the river as usual. Young Aki looked around for him. "Where could he be?" she thought in concern. Then, Young Aki heard a giggle in the reeds. This set worry into her heart. The girl raced all the way down the river to investigate. What she found next crushed her to no end!

Young Aki found Hotaka lying in the reeds with another girl! Tears formed in her heavy brown eyes. "HOTAKA!!!!!" she screamed out. Both her "boyfriend" and the other girl looked up startled. Young Aki was trying hard to fight back her arriving tears. "HOW COULD YOU?!?" the girl cried out. Hotaka raised up his hand in shock. "Aki-chan, wait!" he called out. "I can explain!" But it was too late. His "girlfriend" was running away crying.

End of Flashback

Did she really miss that little rat? The journalist thought about that for a moment. Her answer? Hell naw, buddy!

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