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Omens and Prophecies

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Chapter 2

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Awakening: Chapter 2

Moonfrost, Yellowwing, and Suncloud went into the nursery to see Whitefur's kits. Suncloud was Whitefur's half-brother and Moonfrost was surprised that he hadn't come to see them before. Suncloud licked the both the kits in turn.
"They're beautiful!"
Moonfrost couldn't help the feeling of dread she got when she saw the kits, especially the tom. "They're very healthy, they'll make good warriors." She tried to believe what she said as she looked at the two unusually quiet kits. The tom stared at her with his blood red eyes. She felt a shiver run the length of her spine. She didn't trust this kit.
"I hope I get to mentor one of your kits, Whitefur! They just seem so..." his voice trailed off, and Moonfrost could tell that Yellowwing felt the same as she did about the kits "Attentive." He finished blandly.
Suncloud and Yellowwing left the nursery to go on evening patrol. Moonfrost stayed, but not with Whitefur and her kits, instead Moonfrost went over to Gingerheart to see her kits. A male, Thornkit and a female, Mauvekit.
Mauvekit was sandy-orange with brown splotches and Thornkit was dark ginger. Moonfrost licked Mauvekit and Thornkit, who were both sleeping.
"Thornkit can't wait for Whitefur's kits to be old enough to play with!"
Moonfrost lowered her voice and said, "There's something.... strange about Whitefur's kits."
Gingerheart sighed. "Yes, I know. I find Bloodkit... frightening."
Moonfrost licked her friend's head. "Well, he can't do any harm as a kit."
Moonfrost left the nursery and headed for the fresh-kill pile. She picked out a stoat and started eating. Windreed took a hare and sat beside her.
"I know this is going to sound mean," Windreed began,"But there's something I don't trust about Whitefur's kits."
"I know. Bloodkit creeps out Gingerheart."
Windreed stared at Moonfrost for what seemed like forever. "I think his red eyes are an omen. A few nights ago I had a dream. Ambertail was there and she told me that 'There will be snow from the south, and with the moon it shall destroy the vile blood.' I-I think that Bloodkit is what she meant by 'vile blood'."
Ambertail was Windreed's mentor and the medicine cat before Windreed. Ambertail was old and had died form greencough last Noleaf.
Moonfrost looked thoughtfully at Windreed.
"If you're right, we have to find this 'snow from the south'."

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