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Deathly Chills

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When Charlotte get's home, she get's a not so great surprise from Gerard.

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"Charlotte, wake up, honey," Charlotte felt someone shaking her shoulders softly. She rubbed her eyes open and looked woke up to the sweet image of Donna Way.

"Charlotte, it's 8:00, hun, maybe it's time you should go back to Gerard," Charlotte slung her legs to the side of the couch and rubbed her eyes a little more.

"Thank you so much, Donna, for letting me stay here. You're the best!" Charlotte hugged Donna for the last time that day.

Donna walked Charlotte out to the porch and waved her goodbye, as she drove away. Charlotte took her time home, admiring tacky lawn ornaments on neighbors lawns, noticing how the street was cracked more on one side of the street than the other, getting out of the car at one point to look at it up close, just to keep Gerard waiting. She got back in the car once she got cold, which didn't take long since Jack Frost was being brutal that winter.

About twenty-five minutes after she left Donna's house, Charlotte finally pulled up in her driveway. It was felt like it was too dark and quiet for 8:30 on a Saturday. She jumped when she heard the wind whistle through the bare branches of the trees. Charlotte told herself how ridiculous she was acting, especially when she was a couple yards away from the front door of her house. On her way inside, she rubbed her jacket's arms in hopes of making herself warm. The front door was open, strange, Gerard usually locked it before going to bed.

"He probably just forgot," Charlotte thought aloud.

Charlotte felt for the light switch on the wall by the front door. She found it, quickly, and threw her keys and coat on the couch.

"Gerard?" silence was her only answer. She tried again, "Gerard?" still nothing.

Charlotte's feet took their time up the steps. There really was no sense of emergency, Gerard just forgot to lock the door. Why was she being so paranoid? She lazily dragged her feet through the hall, it seemed much longer, for some reason, than it did that morning. Charlotte arrived at the door, she hastily turned the knob. An icy air thrust at Charlotte's chest, when she pushed the door open. She paid no mind to it and poked her head around the corner of the door. Her eyes searched the room, the only light came from the open window in the corner, there was no except, wait...there was something laying on the bed. Charlotte pounced onto the bed, tackling the oddly formed object.

"Gerard?" Charlotte shook the object and felt it, a jacket, pointless.

If he wasn't home where the hell was he? Charlotte absentmindedly shivered. She might as well close that window, no point in giving her baby a cold just because Gerard was too lazy to close it. Just as she was about to shut the window closed, an idea popped into her head. Why was the window open? Gerard and Charlotte always agreed on closing the window once winter came. Charlotte pulled the window back up and stuck her head into the freezing cold night air. A new layer of white covered the shingled roof, but there wasn't enough snow to cover a foot print in the snow that caught Charlotte's eye. Charlotte leaped out of the window, slipping just like her husband.

"Gerard? Gerard are you out here?" Just as Charlotte asked, she felt a cold wet tear drop kiss her cheek.

If Gerard was out there she would have to hurry, since she left her jacket downstairs. Charlotte looked around the side of the building, looking for a foot print similar to the one she saw by the window. The snow wouldn't be strong enough to wipe it out for a long while so she had no worries about the tracks at all.

"Gerard, it's me Charlotte! Please, baby are you out...oh my god!" Charlotte ran to Gerard's side. He was laying on the floor, his lips were a light shade of blue, his hair was partially covered in snow, his mouth was slightly agape with a little frost on the corner of his mouth, and his left arm was out of the coat sleeve.

"Gerard, wake up!" Charlotte shook him, but soon figured it was no use trying to wake him outside, so she dragged him to the small opening in their room, which was the window.

It took some time, getting him through that window. He was at least five inches taller than her. Things were much more complicated than she thought they were. She had to slip him through, feet first, so that he wouldn't hit his head when he got all the way through. After all that she got through herself, hitting her head on the bottom of the window, in the process. Once she got back in, she took off the soggy coat Gerard was in and dragged him into the bed and covered him in as many blankets as she could. Once she was sure Gerard would be okay on his own for a little while, Charlotte raced downstairs and called Mikey.

Phone Conversation

"Hello?" it was Alicia, wide awake as ever.

"Alicia? Where's Mikey?" there was a short pause on the other end of the line.

"He's playing with Pumpkin, in the other room I think. Why what's up? Are you and Gerard okay now?" the words had barely half a second pauses between each word, if there was no pause at all, in between some words.

"Yeah, me and Gee are fine, but Alicia, you need to get over here right now, Gerard fell asleep or passed out, I have no idea and now he's turning blue and I'm scared as hell right now!" Charlotte could barely finish the last of her words. she wanted to cry so badly but Gerard needed her, right now.

"Okay, just relax and watch Gerard. Me and Mikey'll be there really soon, promise!" Before Charlotte, could thank her or say anything else, Alicia's end of the line went dead.

End of Phone Conversation

Charlotte ran back to Gerard, no other thought in her mind but him. She tripped on the last stair but didn't let it slow her down to an amble, in any way. When she arrived back at the room, Gerard's chest was the only thing that was moving in the room. She went to his side and cuddled with him, trying to warm him as much as she could. He looked so much like a corpse, it was scary holding him in her arms no matter how much she loved him. All she wanted was to see his blue lips turn back to its original bright, rosy color and his pale face to come back to life. It felt like Charlotte was lying with Gerard for half an eternity by the time she heard a honk outside the window. Charlotte decided it would be better if she just stayed with Gerard, Mikey and Alicia knew about the spare key in the potted plant by the front door.

She heard a car's engine turn off and the slam of a car door, followed by footsteps running up to her house. There was a knock at the door and Charlotte stood by her decision to let them find the spare key. obviously, Alicia was thinking straight, unlike Mikey who she could hear hyperventalating when she didn't come to the door.

"Mikey, control yourself!" she heard Alicia say, shortly after, she heard the clang of a ceramic pot.

"Hurry up, Alicia!" a small ping was heard. "Alicia pick it up! How can you drop it at a time like this?!?!"

"Mikey! I love you with all my heart, but SHUT THE HELL UP!" Charlotte was pretty sure that last part could be heard clearly by all her neighbors and probably subconsciously Gerard.

The front door burst open and something hit the wall with a loud bang. Footsteps noisily ran up the stairs and another loud bang was made when Mikey stormed in.

"Gerard? Holy Crap!" Mikey jumped onto the bed and landed right in between Gerard and Charlotte, making Charlotte roll to the floor. "Shit, sorry, Charlotte! You know how I get!" Alicia walked in with a puzzled look on her face.

"Charlotte did he do this to you?" Alicia asked while helping her sister-in-law up. "He's so sorry, right Mikey?" Alicia looked as if she was about to strangle Mikey.

"Alicia, it's okay. I'm fine, see?" Charlotte spun around quickly. "Just help Gerard, please."

"Okay, well I don't know much, so maybe we should call, Jamia. Stay with him Mikey!" Alicia ran down stairs, maybe she had the same idea in mind as Charlotte did when she made a call. Alicia fumbled with the phone at first, but then she dialed the number.

Phone Conversation

"Uhh...Hello?" Frank answered groggily.

"Frank, put Jamia on, quick!" Alicia demanded.

"Okay, okay. MIA!!" there was a loud crash and Alicia heard Jamia yelling and asking what Frank needed. "It's Alicia, its important!"

"Hey, Licia what's up?"


" you want me to come over?" her kind little voice offered.

"Can you come really fast? We really need you Mia, you're so good in situations like these!" Alicia pleaded, not knowing whether she wanted her to come or not.

"Yeah, I'm half way to the door right now, I'll see you really soon but in the mean time, put on the heater, cover him with as many blankets you can possibly find and try to get him to wake up!"

"Okay, I'll see you! AND HURRY!" Alicia screamed into the receiver, but Jamia had already hung up and was out the door.
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