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Cold Tea

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Smut. SasuSaku. Sakura, Sasuke, and sake. Sakura never liked her tea cold, but somehow she has to reconsider.

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Sakura never likes her tea cold. Konoha has a large population of frigid bastards already, or at least she thinks so.

Not that she doesn't love them. They, after all, are
her frigid bastards.

...And they
were/ fucking hot, but that was completely unrelated./

Cold Tea

"He's late," Sakura pouts. "Bastard."

"Sakura-chan, that's not the polite language to come out of a cute little girl," Naruto teases with a grin so signature and redundant that Sakura can't believe how it still has an effect. (She reasons that with Naruto, he was too dense to be sneaky enough to pull it off, not making anything and everything genuine.)

"You have no right to speak, Dobe. It's not polite for seventeen year olds to peek at women at the local baths, or to suck his food up like some vacuum, or-" Sasuke cooly began to reply.

"No one asked you, Sasuke-teme!" Naruto yells and rough houses. She's happy that they rented out a private room of the tea house, for she didn't want to have to deal with stares at Naruto's behavior, nor admirable, distracted stares at Sasuke. (They'd still be waiting to get their own tea, for only Sasuke would be given a cup.) The table shakes and Sakura wonders how the hell the tea hasn't leapt out of delicat cup and soaked through everyone's clothing like a disease. She doesn't vocalize this thought though; she'd rather not jinx it. She's always been superstitious, and when she was thirteen, she had enough love charms (unsurprisingly for Uchiha Sasuke) from the local shrine for an army.

"Naruto!" Is all she says in protest.

"Aw, Sakura-chaaaaaaaaaan-" If ninjas had to only see behind deception, Naruto would still be in the academy.

Sakura had already set the board to play a little game with Naruto, before even a second had passed after "teme".

And as usual, if not on the battlefield, he was none the wiser.

"That idiot!" She says, trying to lead him deeper in her trap with more support on her part. She can feel Sasuke's light amusement at his realization of her plan with a smug smirk. And if her calculations are right, Naruto's going to say-

"GAH!!! I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER! I'll get him!" Bingo. Hook, line, and sinker.

That said, Naruto springs up like a grasshopper, pulls open the sliding door, slips on his shoes, and closes the door with little care for having to pay the tea house for potential damages. (which she'd make sure he did) Sakura swears the whole building shakes like a ship in a storm, but it soon calms down from hurricane Naruto.

It's suddenly very quiet, and Sakura stares at the fading ripples in her tea. She can't bring herself to stare at her teammate, and with Naruto gone, she suddenly feels self-conscious in her choice of wear. A plain, white, semi-short skirt and her yellow spaghetti strap top; she wanted to feel like she wasn't ninja. She had no time to change her clothing, considering she had come straight from the hospital.(and she did spend some time bitching with Tsunade, accompanied by an ever-lovable sake cup.) The weather was perfectly fine in the morning. (She had learned to screw whatever reports the weather system came up with. It's always raining shuriken in the world anyway.)It's cold, and a trail of goose bumps travel down her back. She feels her nipples push out in the cold from her cotton bra, and blushes hotly. Sakura eyes Sasuke's abandoned jacket. She dodders her mind like a toy that won't work in an attempt to remember what Sasuke is wearing, and almost thinks of looking up before deciding that they'd probably end up having their eyes meet and making it more awkward. (for her at least.)

Kakashi's the one who organized everything; to her surprise. When she got to the tea house entrance, she simply stated her name,(the worker she was talking to giving her a jealous glare, probably because of the ever-handsome Uchiha) and saw Sasuke waiting passively. The tea was already there, piping hot, and she saw Sasuke's cup half-empty.

Sakura decides that the tea probably isn't too bad, and takes a sip. The tea is pleasant enough. She can taste a hint of something sweet; almost bittersweet.

/Almost like life/, she muses.


She looks up to him, and into his eyes.

Bad move.

She turns away from those eyes, though not really looking at them,(it was a fear of making a fool of herself, because his eyes could bring many things out of her.) and feels warm despite the cold. She's terrified, like a moth to a flame except she knows she'll catch on fire but doesn't turn away because she's too absorbed.

She's looked into his eyes before, so why should now be any different?

She breaks the silence, "W-what?" Fuck. She stuttered.

Sasuke continues to stare at her, making her even more self-conscious than she thought possible, but then he simply says, "I'm going to the restroom, so if the Dobe comes back and I enter afterwards, he won't annoy me with questions."

Sakura couldn't help but smile at this, "Yeah, okay."

Sasuke didn't move.


She almost quirked an eyebrow, but decided that by his movement (or lack there of), he wasn't really in the mood to being given such a look. Not that he usually was. So she simply replied, "Yes?"

"...Do you know where the restroom is?"

Sakura wants to laugh, but she decides to be merciful again (Inner Sakura commends her with a pat on the back.) and holds it in. Sasuke didn't ask for help often, and he abandoned pride for a moment and trusted her.

...Maybe that was over doing it. She looks at his dark blue shirt, and realizes that it was very dark by his chest. Most likely from Naruto's last and final jerk before he left. (She was too caught up in her own thoughts to notice the tea cup the laid on its side.) Sasuke probably isn't in the mood to search in the large building for a restroom, nor have to deal with girls who seek for something to clear away the cobwebs between their thighs.

"Well?" He's impatient, for he's realized with no actual indication of noticing (big surprise there, emotionless bastard) that she's figured out the predicament in the few seconds he's given her. "I smell like tea."

"Yeah, yeah, wait-" She's about to get up, but her legs weaken and protest against movement. The gears shut down, and she's left supportless.

She's falling.

She feels weightless for a moment, and shuts her eyes in a reflex. In a swift movement, Sasuke's unique and strong, male scent invades and tickles her nose, and she knows she's safe when Sasuke grabs hold of her. It's then too late to move from the position, or move the position at all. She recalls him having gotten slight fracture that prevents movement sometimes on his calf muscles from a mission the other day. In fraction of a second, she's laid down against the hard floor while her short hair is let loose from its pathetic excuse for a ponytail. Sasuke's on top of her; barely supported by his two hands and two knees on either side of her; sheltering Sakura.

Sakura curses herself. She had a long, busy shift at the hospital, and was standing up pretty much the whole...six to seven hours, "Sorry, sorry, I just-"

She opens her eyes, and it just clicks. Somehow, she notices the jagged curves of his face that give him an air of manliness and roughness; she wonders if it feels soft or just as jagged as it seems if she traced it sheerly with a finger. She knows he is attractive, (knowledge and experience being different have a completely new meaning, she breathes) but she suddenly sees why in greater detail than she ever thought and is hypnotized. His eyes, once thought wholly black, are an enticing and a stormy blue-gray like his personality. (she wonders, if that's so, why she doesn't see the luster of obsidian more often.) His hair is dark and feels so soft; it tickles her alabaster skin but she's too shocked to react. His breaths are calm and tranquil, and she can hear his echoing heartbeat in sync with her own. The aroma of the tea on his shirt is inviting.

Too inviting.

There's nothing on their faces but their raw emotion.

At this, Sakura; with little to no thought,(damn sake) brought her warm hands, tiny and delicate, to Sasuke's face. She runs her hands over his face, tracing and memorizing every bend and curve, his hair tickling her fingers, before cupping the face (-too structured to be real, yet too warm to be fake.) smoothly.

He doesn't dare to speak, and much to her surprise, he doesn't move away either.

"Ne, Sasuke-kun..."


"Could I have a kiss?"

She giggles at her statement. There's something funky going on, but she doesn't care about the skirt that rode up past her mid-thigh or the bra strap that revealed itself. Sasuke's the only thing here, as far as she's concerned.

Sasuke eyes the pale, flat stomach exposed, for her shirt rode up. He somewhat blindly places a hands on her thigh.

The tea can wait.

She settles her hands behind the nape of his neck, tracing the curse seal as he lets out something between a growl or a hiss; she's not too concerned since he doesn't pull away. She latches securely onto him, hiding emerald between eyelashes, and pulls his lips to her own. It feels like something is being released, /something/, and yet she feels a burning inside her and she doesn't want to let go. She knows what to do, it's all instinct and she's not innocent. She lets out some sound, a moan or something, and it all gets faster from there. She can taste the small traces of sake in his mouth, (a Jounin tradition; every Tuesday.) on his tongue as it mingles clumsily with her own, and she breathes his air, his scent, him. The scent something that she hasn't dreamed of, not better or worse, but there and she's just /addicted/.

Sasuke breaks the kiss, and his other hand travels up Sakura's torso, up her hips, up her waist, until the yellow spaghetti strap shirt is high enough out of the way. His nimble fingers tickle her a bit, and he teases her by running his hands up and down her sides. He's known her long enough to know what she likes. He plays with the strap of her bra, and she blushes in embarrassment over how it lacks. He notices this and quickly moves on with a simple glide of his hands over the thin material of her plain bra; nipples perking up at the cool air and burning pleasure. She doesn't hold back a moan of almost primal enjoyment. His tongue strides down her neck, softly, then she feels a bite on her neck and holds back a gasp.

Sakura doesn't like being outdone. She guides his hips to hers, grinding them as if trying to make a fire to match the flame in their eyes; the friction almost unbearably pleasurable. She feels him hard against her thigh, and his eyes tell he's biting back any indication of enjoyment. Noticing this, Sakura rubs harder and he lets out a groan, moving away, and preoccupies her by (shockingly so) expertly unclasping of the fabric of her white bra (that mark of innocence is false now) and licking the pink bud of the pale softness that rests on her chest.

The hand on her thigh just moves higher, higher, and he can feel the slight frill on her pink panties. She jerks at that, making a somewhat begging sound, (reluctantly so, she's not weak enough to really beg) and he rubs vigorously through the cloth covering the spot most sacred. She moans; spreading her legs apart wider in reply. Surges of pleasure shivered through thunderously like a storm.

And then he suddenly stops, (much to her chagrin.) and Sakura calls out.


Sakura could hear the faint trampling like an elephant, getting closer and closer-


"Sakura-chan! Sasuke-teme!" Naruto beckons, closing (slamming) the door behind him, Kakashi is hold on by his collar and Naruto pulls him like a bag. (And he turned a page of Icha Icha like nothing happened, the bastard.)

"Hey Naruto," Sakura gives a smile, and sneezes lightly. Her nose is scrunched up cutely.

"Dobe," is Sasuke's acknowledgment.

"I found Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto exclaims like a child bringing a pet over. (and the pets usually ended up dead.) "Anyway, I bet you guys were bored without me, ne, ne?!"

Surprisingly, it's Sasuke who answers, "We found a way to amuse ourselves."

"Meh. Coming for a person like you, I won't believe it," Naruto sticks out his tongue, and Kakashi seats himself. "Ano saa, ano saa, Sakura-chan, why are you wearing Teme's jacket?"

Sakura turns red, "A-ah, I, uh-"

Sasuke answers again, "She was cold. I gave it to her."

"Y-yeah," Sakura feels like a human tomato. (Though, it was a plausible explanation to Sasuke's attraction to her...) "Anyway, Kakashi-sensei, why didn't you come?!"

Kakashi's eye suddenly seems too all-knowing as he looked at her, and Sakura is even redder as he turns away and gives an "explanation", "I thought you were having fun without me anyway," He strikes a dramatic look, "and I was told by a beautiful lady with golden, parted hair forcefully to come into her 'office'. Then- "

"PERVERT!", "LIAR!", and "..." They say in reply.

Suddenly, Kakashi's expression darkens, "You have no right to call me a pervert, Sakura." He mocks them, "Especially since I gave you and dear Sasuke-kun start on rebuilding his clan! Like rabbits in the spring!"

"...what?" Naruto stared wide-eyed. "The asexual, 'he-with-no-sex-drive', gay teme and Sakura-chan-"

"I'MGOINGTOGOASKFORMORETEA!" She speaks hurriedly and rushes out.

"Was it something I said?"

Kakashi receives a growl from the Uchiha and a look of wide-eyed curiosity from the Uzumaki.

Sakura returns to the arguing of Sasuke and Naruto; happy everything was back to normal. In such relief, she even holds back kicking Kakashi's (would have been) unfortunate ass from the "I-know-all-the-crap-you-do-Sakura" look.

The new tea she has (She'll be damned if she ever drinks sake anytime soon; she didn't want to wake up naked next to Lee or Kakashi or something.) deluges blood to her frozen fingers. She looks at her cup, and she took a sip of the little tea left over.

Taking a quick glance to the Uchiha, she suddenly doesn't mind her tea cold.


All love to Crimson Mad Bomber at DA for editing.

Spur of the moment. Horny. Random, with an ending that sucks. The style is a bit different...basically, I was craving SasuSaku like a pregnant woman, so I read some, so now I'm inspired. I don't know how tea houses work too well. Surprisingly, I did not write the smut first.

...only because I hadn't exactly decided how to draw the scene. Speaking of drawing, this does sound fun to draw...and anyone know who Kakashi's blonde lady is? Cookie/Ramen to those right.

Her frigid bastards are Kakashi and Sasuke, incase you thought she had some affair with Neji and was cheating on him. :P Yeah. I haven't been kissed. Frankly, I'm still very young, so I'm sorry it sucks. But I just couldn't give the story up...
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