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An Unlikely Appearance

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Ryan gets a call from his girlfriend, Amelie answers it. Then she screams at Brendon and Spencer. ENjoy.

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A/N: Wee Okay, so then this is the.. I believe 11th chapter. I really didn't think it would get this far, especially without too much happening, but it'll start getting a little more interesting now I hope. Enjoy If any of you also read "A Catastrophe Destined To Be" and "Stolen Hearts, Swollen Egos" by /squeakyfromme/, then you will definitely recognise one of the characters in this chapter. She does not belong to me, but to squeaky, so thank you for letting me put her in this chapter :D:D:D


It was week two on the road, and most of it- at least to Amelié seemed to be spent on the bus. She never considered herself claustrophobic, but she was starting to. To occupy herself and keep sane, she cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. Until the normally messy bus shined in all it's original brilliance. There was dirty laundry all over the place and pizza boxes and Chinese food cartons, Styrofoam boxes, all remnants of days passed that were now finally in their respective places: laundry or the garbage. The bathroom sparkled, the kitchen gleamed, the carpet in the living area had vacuum lines, and the leather couches smelled of armor all. Even all of the beds in the bunk area were made. You could drop a quarter on them and it would bounce.

Ryan was in the bathroom doing- well, what most people do in bathrooms, Spencer was sitting at the little bar in the kitchen area eating a bowl of Rice Krispies, Jon was taking a nap in his bunk, which would immediately be made up after he vacated it, and Brendon was standing in a corner of the living area, not really wanting to sit down in case he dirtied anything and got yelled at. Never interrupt a woman when she is cleaning. Amelié was using pinesol on the table for the second time in five hours. She picked up Ryan's sidekick to wipe the table under it just when it started ringing and vibrating in the otherwise quiet room.

"AH " Amelié jumps, the phone flying up out of her hands, but she manages to grab it again, as both Spencer and Brendon start and then laugh at the sight. "Ryan, you're sidekick is ringing " She yells, heart still beating rather fast and not knowing what to do with the phone in her hands. A muffled reply from the bathroom was heard.

"Answer it please "

She pressed the button on his phone and answered.


Saffron paused for a moment, the female voice on the other end of the line making her smile falter. She doesn't even bother saying hello, not feeling like the woman deserved it until she knew who she was.

"Who am I speaking to?" She demanded, rather than asked.

"My name is Elly. Can I ask who I'm speaking to?" Elly asked politely back.

"Why are you answering Ryan's phone?" She ignored the question.
"Oh, he's just in the bathroom, he'll be out any second." Elly still tried to be polite, has a guess of who it is, and has heard a lot about her. Saffron gets to the point.

"My name is Saffron Verde. I'm Ryan's girlfriend." She stated in a somewhat cold and blunt manner. Elly immediately understood and brightened a little more, even though she was now a little nervous. She'd heard so much about her and held her in high esteem.

"Oh, Saffron Ryan has told us all about you From what I hear, he's a very lucky guy to have you." Saffron could tell she was smiling over the phone, probably just glad to be talking to another girl. She remembered Ryan telling her something about Amelié being the only girl on their bus. Vaguely, she also remembered a little hint of jealousy in herself, but quickly brushed it away.

"You had better not be trying to steal my boyfriend, because he loves me. I know he does." Is brought back to that moment when he said he loved her and all the chaos surrounding her was silenced at that instant. The butterflies returned to her stomach. Amelié was momentarily silenced, more with abrupt shock and surprise than anything.

"No, of course I'm not. No, actually, I have my eye on someone else. You have no need to worry." Amelié kept her patience with her, knowing what she was like, from everything Ryan had told them about her. After that confirmation was out of the way, Saffron started to get a little more friendly- as friendly as Saffron gets to a strange girl on the phone that is. Two minutes later, Ryan came out of the bathroom, he had been doing his hair and getting ready.

"Oh, here comes Ryan, I'll give him the phone now. It was nice to finally talk to you Saffron." Amelié was about to hand the phone to Ryan before she spoke quickly to her.

"Wait, I have one more question for you." Saffron blurted, then became a little ashamed at her question, but she needed to know. "Are you.." There was no going back now. "Are you blonde?" She half dreaded the answer, but almost wanted to hear it as well, it would confirm that he was still human, and that he was still a guy and of course he was too good to be true. After a pause that seemed to take an eternity, she answered.

"No, my hair is dark brown." Saffron breathed a sigh of relief, and sooner than she expected, she heard Ryan's voice greeting her on the other line where once Amelié's voice was heard.

As Ryan talked on the phone, Amelié finished wiping off the table and was about to walk into the bathroom to clean up the (almost nonexistent) mess Ryan made, when out of the corner of her eye, she saw Spencer go to sit on the couch, right beside where Brendon was about to sit. Both had apparently been waiting until she left the room, and for obvious reasons. She snapped, yelling at them.

"Spencer, I spent all morning scrubbing that counter of all the grime you guys had built up on there because you leave your dirty dishes lying around so put your bowl in the sink- and Brendon, if you think your sitting on that leather couch and messing it up with your oiled hair, I'm going to stand over you and make you scrub that couch clean again. And if you even think about putting your feet on that coffee table I'm going to kick your ass so hard you won't be able to sit down for a month " After they were so deservingly put in their place, she nodded her head, satisfied and walked into the bathroom, starting to scrub it from top to bottom.

A/N: Okay, I know, that chapter was pretty short, but I think it added a little plot advancement, so that's good. Anyway, I hope you liked it. :) And yes, I know I had some corrections to make pertaining to the tense, I'm really sorry about that, but I've been so busy with homework and I didn't want to keep this any longer because I'm also holding squeaky back and I'm very very very sorry.

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