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Here is Where the World Becomes Something Different

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When you're brought into something that's already a steady routine as an assistant, how do you adjust? Can relationships form, or will they just pick-up where they left off at? Is this life all tha...

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Ok, first I should probably give a little background information on the story. Let's pretend that in real life, Spencer has a younger sister named Courtney, who is also P!ATD's tour manager, and she is very well-known with the fans. I know there is more i should add to this, but I'm kind of out of it at the moment. Oh, also I couldn't think of a name for the venue they're at during this chapter and google wasn't working for me, so there is no name.

This is my first attempt at a P!ATD story. I don't particularly like this so far, but I do have a plan for this story. Hopefully, I wont decide to go and change this or delete it. So on to the story...

Chapter one: Here is Where the World Becomes Something Different

Music echoed from the tall, black stadium in Hartford, Connecticut as two men drove by on a golf cart. With a hand on her hip, Lacey Collins stood akwardly in a backstage area not knowing what to do. Very high-pitched screeches were heard in the distance and Lacey turned her head trying to discover where they were comming from, trying to find some hope of a human being who would be nice enough to help her out.

"BRENDON I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU DON'T PUT ME DOWN I'M GOING TO SLAP YOU ON THE HEAD WITH THAT FUCKING GUITAR HERO CONTROLLER WHILE YOU'RE SLEEPING TONIGHT!" the screeches had now turned into yells as a skinny young man walked around the corner wearing a pair of black jeans, a green hoodie, and green Nike shoes. Over his shoulder was what appeared to be a young woman, feet kicking in the air-her frontside facing his back.

"Court! She's here!" the man said as he looked towards Lacey way and picked up his pace.

"Hi, I'm Brendon, you must be Lacey. This is Courtney, she's the one that hired you. Court, say hi," Brendon said speaking a mile-a-minute. Lacey opened her mouth to speak, but he quickly turned around and Lacey was now face-to-face with a very pretty young woman.

"Courtney Smith, pleasure to finally meet you Lacey," Courtney said, her blonde highlighted, brown bangs falling in front of her white trimmed big sunglasses as she extended her hand. Anyone of everyone knew who this crazy, sophisticated, right now very aggrivated looking woman was; the one and only tour manager/video poster for the P!ATD YouTube channel/unofficial fifth member/younger sister of Spencer Smith, or simply known to all the other fans as Court. Her name was heard equally, or even more, than that of Zach's on internet message boards, websites, and in interviews.

"Hi, nice to meet you both too," Lacey said, shaking Courtney's hand and putting a simple smile on her face, the only way she could hide the scared-shitless feeling she had inside.

"I know it's like she never shuts up. It's yakity-yak-yak twenty-four/seven with this woman. I'm suprised she gets anything done with her mouth moving as much as it does. It's such an annoyance most of the time. I really don't know how she's still able to talk at the end of the day," Brendon said, turning around and doing a talking motion with his hand as he looked at Lacey.

"Brendon Urie, I swear on all that is holy on this Earth, I will kill you in your sleep if you don't put me down, and I'd appreciate if you would cease with the shit-talking. You're going to scare poor Lacey away, and if I have to search for a new assistant you're the one that is going to be dealing with their paycheck!"

"See what did I tell you? Yak-yak-yak-yak-yak."

"Brendon!" Courtney yelled as she smacked his butt.

"That was hot Court, do it again," Brendon replied, smacking Courtney's ass in return as he smiled at Lacey.

"Oh for fuck's sakes." Lacey heard Courtney mumble before she lifted her duffle bag, grabbed the handle to her roller suitcase, and followed them to the bus, not knowing what she had just gotten herself into.


"So basic rules. No pooping on the bus, everyone knows that one though, keep your own shit in your bunk; there's no telling what happens to it when it gets into the hands of other people, no smoking; you don't smoke do you?" Courtney said as she gave Lacey a tour of the bus.

"No, I have bad expierences with smoking," Lacey said as she placed her purse and duffle bag on the bunk that was now hers.

"Okay, umm... I don't know what else to tell you about rules. Being here, on tour, it might seem very hectic, I mean, I bet your first impression of this whole experience wasn't that of a normal job, but you learn to get into routine, and it'll become second nature before you know it. We're a family out here, especially the guys and the crew; we take care of our own, and you're part of that now. So I guess that allows me to say welcome to the Panic! At The Disco family. I bet it's a little overwhelming right now, but don't worry. I'll be with you all day today and tomorrow to make sure you learn stuff and that you're comfortable with everything. If you're not, don't be afraid to speak up," Courtney said, leaning against the bunks on the opposite side as she watched Lacey lift her roller suitcase next to her duffle bag.

"Ok, sounds good," Lacey replied not really knowing what to say. An akward silence fell between the two as the bus door opened.

"Oh, the guys. Come on, let's go meet them," Courtney said with a sudden realization.

"Hey Zach this is Lacey, she's my new assistant," Courtney said as she brought Lacey before her and introduced her to the very tall, rather large looking man. He kind of reminded Lacey of a teddy bear when he smiled.

"Nice to meet you Lacey," Zach said as they shook hands, "Jon's looking for you." he said as he looked over lacey's head towards Courtney.

"Ok, we'll see you later," Courtney replied, walking off the bus. The sun was shining very brightly that afternoon for it only being March. A few guys from the other bands Panic! was touring with were riding skateboards around the cemented area by the busses. as others were sitting at a picnic table Sidekicks in hands.

"Here, this is your all-access pass. Always, and I mean always/, have this with you. This allows you to go anywhere and everywhere." Lacey grabbed the laminated pass with a clip from Courtney and looked at it. It had a black background with red text that read /Panic! At The Disco All-Access and on the back had a picture of herself with Lacey Collins under it. After weaving through some crew guys rolling different stage props and instruments and going down a few long halls, they entered a black dressing room door. "My Love" by Justin Timberlake playing in the background as the band and the dancers lounged around the spacious dressing room. Two couches were in an L shape as four plus chairs were scattered around. Along the back wall was a rather long table with a maroon cloth draped over it, different food and beverages scattered across. A nice sized TV was set up in front of the couches with a Play Station 2 counsel hooked up to it. Spencer and Ryan were standing on their knees, intensly foucused on their current game of /Guitar Hero 2/, as Brendon sat on the couch watching them. Other members, who Lacey figured were the dancers, were scattered in the other chairs and on the floor, eating and chatting amongst themselves.

"Court, tell Spencer that Saved By The Bell was the best show ever on television," Jon said as he looked up from his Sidekick III.

"Best is an understatement. It's the greatest show on television period," Courtney replied as she took a seat on one of the couches, motioning for Lacey to follow.

"See I told you. I keep saying you should listen to me more often, but noo, no one listens to the bass player," Jon said, looking over at Spencer who rolled his eyes in return.

"I don't understand why you always run to Court, she's not going to save you," Spencer said, glancing sideways at his sister before focusing fully on the game.

"Cause she's the only one that can take you down in five seconds flat."

"Ok as much as I'd love to sit here and defend Jon, because we all know he's correct, I'd like everyone to meet Lacey, my new assistant. Lacey meet everyone," Courtney said panning her arm infront of her to represent everyone. Warm "Hello's" and "Hi's" were said as Lacey smiled and waved, becomming very shy as she looked at all the attention that was on her.

"Where are you from Lacey?" Brendon asked as he sat next to Jon on the other couch, the new issue of Alternative Press in his hand.

"San Diego, born and raised," she said as she tried to read the cover headlinings.

"Fucking Padres," Jon muttered under his breath.

"Don't mind him. He gets a little too into sports," Courtney said, noticing the look of fright that appeared on Lacey's face at his comment.

"Like you should be talking! This is comming from the girl who cracked the TV glass when the Oilers' goalie missed that last shot in the shoot-out in the play-offs last year," Spencer scoffed as he stood up and handed the guitar controller to one of the male dancers.

"That was an important game! If he would've just saved the fucking shot, then they would've gone to the Stanely Cup and the Oilers would've been champions, but no the fucking Hurricanes had to win," Courtney said throwing her arms up in the air and letting them fall to her lap.

"Yeah, you just need to chill with the hockey emotions. It's just a game," Spencer said as he looked over Brendon's shoulder to look at the article on that page.

"Put a plastic bag over your head and breathe deep Spence, very deep," Courtney said as she began replying to a text message on her Sidekick.
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