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Ok, theres only one more chapter after this!!! =D

Category: CSI - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Archie Johnson, Catherine Willows, David Robbins, Gil Grissom, Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle, Warrick Brown - Published: 2007-02-11 - Updated: 2007-02-12 - 408 words

The Stokes Home

" Oliver." Nick said as he knocked on his son's door.

"What?" Olli said.

"Can I come in?" Nick asked

" Yea." Oliver answered.

Nick opened the door and walked into Oliver's room. He sat on his Olli's bed and motioned him to come over and sit next to him. Oliver came over and sat next to his father.

" I'm sorry Oliver, I'm sorry I yelled at you without hearing your side of the story."

" It's ok." Olli said

" No, it's not ok, I want to hear your side." Nick said

" I was sitting down eating my lunch and reading that new forensic book that mom bought me. Josh came over and took it from me and then threw it in the mud. Then he started to push me and I pushed back to defend myself, then I turned around to head back into the school, but he pulled me to the ground and started to punch me. That's when I punched him in hopes of getting away."

6 Months later

Sara gave birth to Nicholas Jr. 5 months ago. Oliver is continually worrying his parent because he is growing farther away from them. He seems distant, especially towards Warrick.

Grave Danger

Grissom, Sara and Warrick are watching the tape of Nick in the coffin in one of the lab rooms.

" Mom! They won't tell me anything about Dad!" Oliver barges in the room and sees his father on the tape.

" Dad...wha.....why...." Then he covers his mouth like he's going to puke and runs out of the lab and into the men's room. Oliver barely makes it to the toilet and pukes.

Warrick runs after him, and he holds Olli's shoulders when he throws up. Olli walks out of the bathroom and goes into the locker room. He acts as if nothing ever happened. He gets on his Cougar Marching uniform and gets ready for the football game that the band is going to play at.

" What do you think your doing?" Warrick asked

" I have a football game to play at."

" Your not going."

" You cant tell me what to do!" Said Oliver furiously.

" I know I can't, but you should stay with your mom."

" She's not my mom. She never will be."

" If you ever say something like that again I will smack you into tomorrow!" Warrick threateningly said.

" I have to go." And with that, he was gone out of the crime lab.
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