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Chapter 11

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God this story is never going to end!

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"Congratulations Mr.Iero and Miss. Armstrong! Miss. Armstrong is pregnant."
That sentance hit them like a smack in the face.
They were silent on the way out of the hospital.
Silent in the car.
Silent when they got in the house.
Adie went to thier room and slammed the door.
Frank sat on the couch white faced.
Gerard sat next to him.
"You okay?"
"No. She's pregnant."
Frank started crying.
Gerard held him.
"Arn't you suppossed to be happy?"
"I am happy!"
Frank said defensively.
Then he lay back down in Gerards lap.
"I'm just confused. What if know...doesn't want it?"
"Trust me man. Adie would never get an abortion."
Gerard said.
"How do you know?"
"She doesn't belevie in that."
That seemed to ease Franks troubled mind.
He fell into a deep slumber there on Gerards lap.
The next morning Adie was discovered sitting at the breakfast table reading a book about babies.
No one said anything to her.
She sighed loudly.
Frank looked at her sheepishly not wanting to endanger his life anymore than it already was.
"That isn't very encouraging."
She growled looking at him.
He stuttered.
"This is your baby too. If you don't help me now, how am I to know you won't disown the child?"
"I would never do that!"
Frank shot up from his chair and glared at her before he'd even known that he had.
He looked unnerved then ran out of the house.
"That wasn't necessary, was it?"
Ray asked inching away from Adie.
"Maybe that'll get him out of his depressed state and into the fact that he's a father."
She said putting her dish in the sink.
Gerard sighed and followed after Frank.
"You know, I liked it alot better when they hated eachother."
Bob said.
Mikey and Ray nodded in assent.
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