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Chapter 2

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Jay and Theresa go to the museum. Will Theresa's vision come true? Read to find out!

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Theresa POV

I'm having that dream again. I've been having it since I first had my vision. What did it mean? I don't get it. Where was I in the dream? Was the sound really a gun shot. Why Couldn't I just realize what my own dream was about!! What is that loud beeping noise?!!

End of Theresa POV

Theresa was snapped out of her thoughts by the loud beeping of her alarm clock. Today was the day she was going to the museum with Jay.

"Oh no, what am I going to wear!!" Theresa screamed. Normally Theresa would have thought of that on the day Jay asked her out, but she had been so busy trying to figure out her dream.

Finally after about half an hour, Theresa had decided on a beautiful pair of light blue jeans with a diamond design on the but, and a nice simple tee-shirt with some nice calligraphy on the front. Once ready, Theresa went down the stairs, only to meet a pair of dark chocolate orbs.

"Are you ready to go Theresa? I was just coming to see if you were up yet." Jay asked.

"Ya, I'm ready." Theresa replied, finally getting excited.

"Ok, then let's go, are we taking your convertible?" Jay asked hopefully. You could tell her wanted to drive it.

"Ya, sure" Theresa replied, handing him the keys.

"Okay, then let's go!" Jay yelled happily.

The two drove for about an hour and talked about a few things together, but Theresa wasn't as talkative as she usually would have been. As they were parking at the museum, Jay finally said something about Theresa's quietness.

"Theresa, are you okay?" Jay asked.

"Ya Jay, I'm fine." Theresa said as she stepped out of the car.

"Okay, whatever you say." Jay said, although he wasn't convinced with her answer.

As the two walked up to the museum, Theresa almost had a heart attack. This was the place from her dream.

The two walked into the museum and looked at all of the different sculptures of Greek heroes. Theresa wasn't really enjoying herself, but soon she felt warm fingers sliding through her own. She looked up and met the face of Jay.

"Are you sure you're okay? Because if you're not feeling well we can just go home and come another day." Jay said. He really was worried about her.

"Jay, really I'm fine. I'm having a great time with you." Theresa said as she gripped his hand tighter. This was the truth. She really was having a great time being with him, but she couldn't help worrying about her dream. She decided she wouldn't worry any longer. In her dream she was alone. There wasn't much of a chance of her separating from Jay since neither of them wanted to separate hands.

Jay smiled at this and Theresa kissed him on the cheek to show him her appreciation of his protectiveness of her. After this Jay had a very sheepish look to him. He didn't look like he was thinking clearly but continued to walk hand in hand with Theresa with a smile on both their faces.

Finally they came to an exhibit that seemed to be fairly popular. This exhibit was where a
very valuable jewel was located. There were so many people it was hard to move. Theresa and Jay tried to squeeze into the room and still continue to hold hands. Theresa knew she couldn't let go of Jay. She couldn't be alone.

People were pushing and shoving all around them. Theresa couldn't really see Jay, but she could feel his hand still wrapped tightly around her own.

Finally the security did something about the number of people in the exhibit. They split up the room and sent some people outside into this courtyard. Theresa suddenly felt a man grab onto her shoulder and push her outside. The only thing she felt around her fingers was the cold air. She was no longer with Jay. She was alone.

'No! This is the courtyard.' Theresa thought to herself. She had to find Jay. Theresa tried to get back into the building but unfortunately the exhibit that she just came out of was the only entrance into the museum. Theresa walked up to the door but the security guard stopped her.

"I'm sorry miss, but we have to wait until the others clear out to make room for more visitors." The guard said as he began to speak to someone else.

Theresa then began to walk around the courtyard and was looking for some other way into the museum. She began to panic when she saw the exact same people and objects in the courtyard as in her vision. Tables were set up and people were walking around trying to sell things.

Suddenly Theresa had another vision.

Theresa's vision

It was the inside of the museum and was at the exhibit with the very valuable jewel. The exhibit seemed to be empty, but the security guards were on their lunch and forgot to unlock the door. It was unable to be open from the outside but could be opened from the inside. A man was standing over the jewel and he had just opened the security case. Somehow he knew the code.

Suddenly Jay walked into the room. He seemed to be looking for Theresa. He saw the man standing over the case and called to him. The man turned to Jay and told him to stay away.

Jay realized he was trying to steal the jewel so by instinct he turned and ran at the man.

The man seemed to have fast reflexes and pulled out a gun from inside his jacket.

Jay was not fast enough. The man pulled the trigger and the last thing Theresa heard in her vision was a gun shot.

End of Theresa's vision
'No, this can't happen. I won't let it.' thought Theresa.

Little did Theresa know she was far away from the entrance to the museum. During her vision, she had wandered to the other side of the courtyard. She turned around and began to sprint back to the other side of the courtyard.

Unfortunately she was too late. Once she could see the door in the distance she heard it. The thing she had feared above all others. The gun shot.

Just like in her first vision she heard the sound of people screaming and could see people fleeing from the building. Theresa continued to run as quickly as she could and tears started to pour from her eyes but she didn't notice.

She pushed people out of the way as she reached the door, scared about what she would see once she entered it. She rushed into the museum and saw many people crowded around a small area. Security was trying to keep people back and Theresa could faintly hear sirens in the distance. She pushed through the people and saw her love on the floor with the security trying to help him. Jay was covered in blood from his chest to his stomach.

He had most definitely been shot. Theresa rushed right toward him but the security stopped her.

"Miss stay back. This man is injured." The security man said as he pushed her backward.

"No you don't understand, I'm his girlfriend!" Theresa yelled at him as she pushed him out of the way. She didn't know if she really was his girlfriend but at that moment she didn't really care.

"Theresa!" Jay cried as he saw her. His voice sounded hoarse.

"Jay don't worry, I'm here." Theresa said as she grabbed his hand. This time she wouldn't let go.

The ambulance had arrived and the paramedics were now pulling Jay in a stretcher. Once Theresa came to Jay's side and grabbed his hand he fainted from loss of blood.

Hopefully he would wake up.

Well I'm sorry to end it there but I wanted to make a cliffhanger and hopefully I was successful.

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