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They Say That Quitters Never Win

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Last chapter! Ahh! I'm not going to leave any summary here this time; find out what happens in this chapter yourself. ;)

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Chapter Thirteen:
They Say That Quitters Never Win

"So you guys are taking a break, huh?" The nosy interviewer said excitedly, pushing the mike closer to Brendon and Ryan. Ryan looked rather uncomfortable, shifting in his chair, while Jon spoke up tentatively. "Yeah...just for a year. No writing, no playing music...we're just taking a break."

"What caused this huge rift? Did something...ahem...personal happen to any of the band mem-"

"No! Nothing ever like that happens to the band!" Brendon suddenly blurted out unexpectedly. Ryan blinked at his friend. Brendon hadn't been talking very often, and when he did, it was in short blurts. (God knew why, though, right?) Spencer sat off to the side, next to Brendon. He stared nervously at Brendon, as if considering hiring a psychiatrist would work for him.

"Okay...we'll be back, right after this short break, folks! Stay tuned, because you know you want to hear ALL about Panic! At The Disco's latest news: that they're breaking up for a year!..."

As soon as the interview was over, Brendon stalked out of the building to take a smoke. No wonder celebrities die of drug overdose and shit... He thought depressingly. Ryan soon joined him. "You know smoking's bad for you, man..."

"Leave me alone," Brendon puffed, not bothering to look at Ryan properly when he answered him. Ryan looked contemplative, and rather hurt. Spencer soon came out, but once he saw Brendon and Ryan in an awkward pause, he decided against joining the two, and walked away to find Jon. Heaven knew what argument those two (Brendon and Ryan) were going to have next, anyways.

They seemed to argue a lot these days. That was why the band was going to take a break for a year, and then come back to start recording and writing lyrics again. (Ryan might even start writing before they all got back together again.)

"You know what, Bren? Forget it. If you don't want to come back...if it hurts too much...don't bother." Ryan said furiously, and turned on his heel to walk away. But he felt a tight grasp on his wrist all too soon.

Brendon said hoarsely, "No. I...I couldn't do that. Not after how much I sacrificed for this band. No, I think I'll stay..."

"Sacrificed? How much you sacrificed? I hope you know that the reason why we're taking a break is because of you!" Ryan hissed, taking his hand back. He didn't realize a random photographer walk by, taking a picture. Ryan blinked, his vision blurry from the flash. Brendon was unfazed, though.

"Because of me?...You know what I've been through, Ryan. How could you say that? You know I...I loved...her." Brendon gulped, not wanting to say Alice's name. Ryan rolled his eyes, responding with a, "You're so selfish. How could you only think of yourself at a time like this? You're always saying it was Alice's fault-" (this was where Brendon winced at her name being said) "-oh god, Brendon, stop wincing...but you can't always blame this on Alice! You gotta move on! Get on with your fucking LIFE, dude." Ryan insisted, and was about to turn around to walk away.

"Fine. I'll get ON with my fucking life." Brendon said loudly, crossing his arms.

"Good. I hope I see improvement on your attitude when we get back together." Ryan yelled before exiting the building.

Jon and Spencer was watching the whole time. Spencer slid down a concrete wall he was leaning against, slowly whispering, "Why?"

Jon shook his head. The two of them were stubborn. Too damn stubborn for their own good. He wondered how Alice was faring in this complicated mess of things.

He scrolled through his contact list, and found Alice's name. He placed his thumb over the 'call' button. But in the end, he decided against it. Just leave it as it is... He thought sadly, before sticking the phone into his pocket.

Brendon walked past Jon and Spencer, taking the elevator to exit the building as well. He didn't see any Ryan, so he must have gotten on a cab or something. He whispered to himself as he strolled down the street: "Give it a year. One year. And everything will go back to normal..." He almost sounded half-sad. His mind was still on Alice, no doubt. But he'd show her. I'll show her I DO love her. Someday.

Just not right now. Now's not the right time. Brendon thought quietly to himself. He half-grinned. A year to himself with no restraints. He would get rid of the cigarettes, go home for a little family reunion, and get a job. Well, he'd get a few jobs. He would be too bored with only one, anyways.

As he walked out of the building, his cell rang. "Hello?" Brendon asked.

"Hey man, I'm going back to Las Vegas. Are you?" Spencer asked over the phone. Brendon thought for a moment.


"I thought you were going to your parents--?"

"No, man, I got some stuff to take care of. Like get these cigarettes out of my system. Maybe I'll go get a job down in southern California, then go back up to LV." Brendon replied. How did he figure it out all so quickly? He'd never know...

"Huh." Spencer said, a little while after Brendon told him his plans.

"Well, Spence. Guess this is 'bye for now?" Brendon smiled into his receiver. He could almost feel Spencer's grin back at him. Even though they couldn't see each other.

" 'Bye, dude. Have fun. Keep in touch, alright?" Spencer murmured. Brendon nodded, and hung up. He closed his eyes briefly, and felt the wind rush upon his face. This is good. Real good...for now. He whistled a small tune, and continued down the street. He could use a bite to eat.

A clean break was going to be good.

"You're entirely sure about this?" Sarah asked, prodding Alice's shoulder. Alice shrugged. She had tried to get over her infatuation for Brendon, but it wasn't coming along too well. But she had to go for an important interview later on that day-an internship at a lawyer's office-and she couldn't be delayed.

"I gotta go, Sarah. I'll be back tonight." Alice said, trying to stay off the topic of Brendon.

"Alright." Sarah murmured, and watched Alice walk out the door in a subdued manner.

Alice made it to the lawyer's office, her suit nicely pressed and heels as shiny as a whistle. Earrings hung delicately from her lobes, and on the outside, she looked fabulous.

But how did she feel on the inside?

Sort of weak. Clumsy. Unanimated.

But she needed to be the opposite of the above to win the internship. She needed to get her life back. She couldn't get her own fanfiction ending. And besides, fairy tale endings were only for the fairies in books.

She didn't belong in books, or in fanfictions, and she definitely wasn't a fairy.

"Alice?" A man in his late forties tapped Alice's shoulder from behind. Alice, a tad bit frightened at the sudden touch, turned around quickly, nearly knocking the coffee out of the poor man's hands. The man cried, "Oh!" but Alice, wide-eyed with fear, caught the coffee just in time-and didn't spill anything.

"Sorry!" Alice apologized profusely, handing the unspilled coffee back to the man. The man chuckled, his eyes sparkling with laughter.

"I'm Mr. Lowenberg. I believe you came here for an-"

"Interview. Internship." Alice finished as she beamed at the man. Mr. Lowenberg. How quaint.

"You're quick on your feet! Come, my darling, my office is just this way." He eyed Alice's huge folder of resumes tucked under her arm. Alice blushed, and walked into Mr. Lowenberg's office. After a cup of tea for her (she didn't like coffee too much), and a small talk about what she wanted to do and why, Mr. Lowenberg hired her. She was to be his assistant-in fact, she was very surprised. As an intern, she didn't expect to get so high a job. (AND, she was being paid. What a bonus!)

That did a lot for her ego, so she went off for a victory dinner later on that night by herself. She went by herself because she felt an epiphany coming on. She was beginning to realize something within her-something she had wanted all along.

She had found her own happy ending, and although Brendon was one hell of a ride, she couldn't enjoy herself more with what she had. She was content now, and at rest. Besides, if she were with Brendon still, she'd be tied down. She was going to turn 21 that year! No one deserved to be tied down even at THAT age.

What she realized was that she was starting to get something she never got from Brendon-or from anyone else, for that matter.

She got freedom.

Her own job (fully paid), and as college finished up, she would be soon off her feet and into the real world-which meant no more Sarah. She'd be restarting her life, in a way.

Miss Independent. find someone to live for in this world...

And she found that someone to live for. Herself.


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