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Party time.....or not

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I looked out the window just in time to see Ryan walking towards the car, and Annie was with him. Annie got in the back seat with me, and Ryan got in the driver's seat. I couldn't hold it anymore. ...

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I decided that I would leave after dinner, that way I wouldn't raise suspicion. I was going to have to take a cab there, seeing as Ryan wouldn't drive me. That meant I had to take some money out of my must-get-a-car-when-I-turn-16 fund. I ate my lasagna in silence. I think Ryan was suspicious, because he kept giving me looks. "So, how's the lasagna guys?", asked mom.

"It's good. Thanks mom", I said, putting my plate in the sink and going up to my room. I got on my laptop and sent Annie an e-mail letting her know that I might be a little late. Once I heard the footsteps of Ryan and Sean walking up the stairs, I put my plan into action. I got up and put my cell phone in my purse, and went down stairs. "Bye mom. I'm going to the party now.", I said. "Ok honey, have fun!", she said. I walked out the door and called for a cab. "The coffee shop on Center Street, please", I told the driver. He nodded and started the car. When we got to the coffee shop, I got out of the cab, handing the driver a twenty dollar bill.

I walked in and saw Annie, immediately. It was hard to miss her! Besides the fact the she was wearing a bright pink shirt with a matching hat and white jeans, she was the only other one in there. "Hey!" I said. "Hey! Are you ready?", she asked. "Yeah, let's go!", I said. We walked out and she called for a cab. "2nd street, please", she said.

We got to second street and got out. I could already hear the music, and I wasn't even in the yard yet! The cops are definitely going to be here tonight! "Annie, aren't you worried that we might get into trouble?", I asked. "Nope, why?", she asked. "Well, the music is a little loud", I said. "Ok, come on, Jenn! Live a little!", she said. I rolled my eyes as we walked up the side walk.

I rang the door bell and Annie looked at me like I was insane. "What?", I asked. "Um, this is a party. You don't ring the door bell. Just walk in!", she said. "Ok....", I said walking into the door. I walked in as the smell of beer reached my nostrils. "Annie, I don't like this", I said. "Chicken!", she said. "NOT!", I shouted. "No need to shout!", she said.

"Oh, hey! Annie!", shouted a small blonde girl. She looked goth from all the eye liner she had on. "Hey!", said Annie, walking over to her. Great! So now I'm left alone at a party full of slutty girls and horny guys! Well, this is brilliant! I stood there for a second then found what I was looking for. I walked over to a table full of food and refreshments. All I could see was beer, beer, and more beer. These people are 15 for crying out loud!

There was a boy standing near by. I walked over to him. "Um, excuse me", I said. He turned around. Wow! He was hot! "Yeah?", he said. "Um, I was just wondering, is there anything besides beer here?", I asked. He chuckled a little. "Well out here, no", he said. "Ok, thanks", I said. "Wait, are you thirsty?", he asked. "Well, a little, but I can't drink this!", I said.

"Oh, I know! Come with me", he said. He took my hand and led to what looked like the kitchen. "Wait, where are we going", I asked. "Chill out, we're just going to the fridge!", he said. "But, won't Josh get mad that we're getting into his fridge?", I asked. "No, he won't mind", he said, opening the fridge.

"So, you wanna soda or what?", he said. "Oh, a soda is fine", I said. He pulled out a soda, opened it, and handed it to me. I took it. "Thanks", I said. I just stood there, glancing around. "You can drink it. I didn't do anything to it. Promise", he said. "Oh! I know! I'm just looking around. Getting to know my surroundings", I said. "Cool", he said, walking back over to the food table. I followed. "So, you know Josh?", I said.

"Yeah. He can be a dick sometimes. But, he's got good intentions. Usually", he said. I smiled. "So, do you know his brother?", I asked. "Yeah, Kenny. Big jerk. Don't want to get involved with him!", he said. "Yeah, that's what I've heard."

"Well, you heard correct!", he said. I smiled again. Something about this boy just made me want to smile. "Speak of the devil. Here he comes now", he said looking over at a teenage boy coming our way. He was one of those wannabe gangsters. His pants didn't fit, and he wore a bunch of big gold chains around his neck.

He walked up to me. "Hey, sweet thang!", he said. "Go away, Kenny. She doesn't want to talk to you!", said the boy. "You don't know that, punk!", he said. "Oh, actually, he's right. I don't want to talk to you", I said, feeling brave. "Now why wouldn't you want to talk to a stud like me?", he asked, putting extra emphasis on the word stud.

"One, you're are NOT a stud! And two, I've heard bad things about you!", I said. "From who?", he asked. "My brother for one", I said. "Yeah? And who's your brother?", he asked. "What's it matter?", I asked. "I guess it doesn't", he said. He then grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him. "Hey! Let go of me you creep!", I said.

"Hey! Let her go!", said the boy. "You wanna fight, Landon/?", he asked. "If you don't let her go I will!", he replied. "Don't think so!", he said, reaching his hand up my shirt. His hand was cold and rough. I started to cry and scream. "Stop it! Let me go!" Then, Landon did something unexpected. He walked up to Kenny, no, sorry, he /ran up to Kenny and tackled him. When he did, Kenny dropped me. I fell to the ground. I looked over to see Kenny punch Landon in the face.

He then walked back over to me. I tried to get up and run, but he was too quick. He walked over to me and lifted me over his shoulder, carrying me upstairs. He just got to a bedroom, I'm guessing it was his, when I felt a pair of strong arms pull me away from him. I couldn't see who it was, my tears made it hard to see. The body set me down and grabbed Kenny by his collar. "Don't ever touch my sister again, you bastard!", said the person. Oh God! It was Ryan! He looked over to me. "Get in the car!", he said, angrily. I did as he told me. I walked out of the bedroom just as Ryan started to beat the snot out of Kenny.

I walked down stairs and found Annie. "I have to go now", I said. "Ok, what's wrong?", she asked. "Nothing, I'll e-mail you.", I said before walking out the door. I walked over to Ryan's car and got in the backseat. Just when I thought that the day couldn't get any worse, I noticed that Sean was sitting in the passenger's seat, probably waiting for Ryan.

"You alright?", he asked. "Yeah, I'm fine", I lied, trying to hold back some of my tears. I looked out the window just in time to see Ryan walking towards the car, and Annie was with him. Annie got in the back seat with me, and Ryan got in the driver's seat. I couldn't hold it anymore. I broke down in a stream of tears.

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