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Me and You

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Mark gets a letter from an old girlfriend. Will he get back with her or stay with Aki? Series two finale.

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Me and You

Today started out normal as usual. Aki was typing yet another paper. Mark walked into the dorm with a handful of letters. His "girlfriend" tried her best to look like she was still working while she was trying to spy. Mark stopped in his tracks when he was right next to Aki and her smooth black desk. "You can stop pretending now," her "boyfriend" spoke up. "I know you. You are the noisiest person on the planet. So to be rid of any questions you have, I will broadcast what is in the mail!" Aki looked up from her paper and to the Scottish man in intent. "Bill, bill, bill, the next three are bills, a letter from your aunt..." Mark went on annoyed as he chunked down the filled white envelopes. Then, he paused and went silent. Aki looked up from picking up the fallen pieces of mail. "What?" she asked in concern. Mark just kept silent. "Tell me! Tell me!" Aki cried out. Mark still didn't say a word. The journalist had to look for herself to see what the problem was.

In his hands was a lavender colored envelope. Mark remembered the last time he saw one of these. His hands felt numb just by the whole sight of it. His heart raced faster. Could it be? "Hello!" Aki called out. "What is it? Why are you going all silent on me?" Her "boyfriend" still didn't budge. At long last, he slowly drew his hand towards the lavender-colored envelope and torn it open gently. A scent of honeysuckles escaped from the open letter. Sentimental things ran through Mark's head all at once. He could barely speak. The man was frozen stiff with shock. Aki couldn't take the silence anymore. "Earth to Mark!" she shouted at the top of her lungs. "What the hell is the matter with you? Answer me! Speak!" The guy finally walked slowly and palely back to his head. That only pissed his "girlfriend" off even more. "So that's it, then?" she asked loudly. "Fine then, don't tell me! See if I care!" Only the sound of a door shut responded back to the journalist. Then, Aki sat back down at her desk bitterly and started back up on her paper.

Mark just lied back onto his bed and slowly pulled out the letter. It was really her! No one else wrote on light pink paper like her. It just had to be her. Who else could it be? Well, there was only one way to find out. Mark quickly unfolded the light pink honeysuckle-scented letter. The words on the page were heavy and dark navy blue. The guy began reading its content. What he read shocked him. Here is the letter itself:

Dear Mark:

I have realized the mistake I have made and now I want you back. I saw what a jerk Marco turned out to be. Oh God, I miss you so much. I looked around Japan for you. Someone finally told me you were at Tokyo-Zion Academy. I would I love to meet you again. I just have to see you again. I am coming to Tokyo this afternoon. Meet me at the Golden Goose Bar. I really do miss you. I really want to give our relationship another chance.

Love, Kelly

Mark didn't know what to say. He had dreamed of this moment for a long time and now it was coming true. You see Kelly was his girlfriend years ago. The couple had dated since high school. They were once in love and really close. Mark was never seen without Kelly. Everything was just like a fairy tale love story. Until, Mark took Kelly to meet who would soon become his nemesis. They all met in a pub in Scotland. On the surface, Marco was all smiles and innocence. But, that was only hiding his true intentions. From the first time he met her, Marco was plotting to steal Kelly for himself. He kept everything looking sweet and rosy. But last summer, the plan went into action. Marco and Kelly were secretly cheating on Mark. Before summer was over, Kelly had just randomly dumped her boyfriend for his nemesis. Mark was completely devastated. He kept hoping that they would get back together. At first, that looked next to impossible. Now, that chance had finally arrived.

But, what about Aki? What did it mean for both of them? Mark thought at that question for a while and reached a decision quickly. Bump her! They never were in a real relationship anyway. Aki would understood.

Oh, Mark couldn't have been more wrong. "You're going to some bar to meet some girl who dumped you for your best friend?" Aki asked him as if he was nuts. "Yes." Mark replied. A pause came. Aki sat up in her chair. "Mark," she said at last. The Scottish man kept his eyes straight on her. "Yes?" he asked. "Can I ask you something?" Aki asked in a soft voice. "Yeah." Mark answered. "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR EVER F***G MIND?!?" Aki yelled at the top of her lungs. "What about me? What about us? You just can't walk on this now! We've come so far!" Her "boyfriend" couldn't help but laugh. The journalist glared at him angrily. "What the hell is so funny?!?" she snapped. Mark stopped laughing at her and stared at her with a smile on his face. "You are a mess." he replied. "There never was an us. Yes, I can walk out if I wanted. As for you, you're on your own." This was the final nail in the coffin. Aki whipped back to her laptop. "Fine!" the journalist snapped. "See if I care, go off with your whore!" Mark just smirked to himself. "Great." he said. Then, he walked out of the dorm with a new sense of freedom. When the door slammed shut, Aki looked up and razzed it. Then, she went back to typing.

The night became later and later. Aki experienced something that had never happened to her before in her life. She was bored with typing her paper. Aki tried to take a bored and come back. But that reliable trick failed her tonight. Her mind was just drawing blanks. In defeat, Aki just saved her paper and cut off her laptop. She sat back on the black sofa in boredom. This dorm had all of a sudden gotten so quiet. It was driving her insane. Aki's first thought was to go and get Mark back. "/No!/" she thought proudly. "/He's with that slut now! Let him be! You can manage on your own. He said you could! So prove him!/"

Aki had that attitude for oh say, like.... thirty more minutes. At long last, she gave up. Aki rose to her feet, put on her shoes, and headed out to any bar just to find her "boyfriend." It took a while to find him and Aki almost gave up hope. But then, she looked into the Golden Goose. Inside was a complete Asian wonder world. Old world Japan was here. Aki was breathless. She had never known that this place ever existed. "/This is worth twenty papers to write about!/" the journalist thought in bliss.

Then, Aki heard a loud whistle. She looked around to find the source. Finally, the journalist saw an arm waving frantically in the air. Right away, she knew who it was. Aki rushed over to the booth. Mark was staring right at her in bliss. "Is this booth taken?" his "girlfriend" asked jokingly. Mark looked around quickly. "No," he answered at last. Aki smiled. "Great." she said. Then, his "girlfriend" sat down in front of him. "So," Aki began. "Where's Kelly?" Mark sat quiet for a moment. Then he said, "She came, it was like good times, and..." Aki waited patiently. "And...?" she asked. "I just didn't want to get back with her after all." Mark finished. Aki was confused. "Why?" she asked. Mark just smiled and shook his head. "Don't know." he replied. "Just lost the desire to halfway into the conversation." "Hm." his "girlfriend" replied.

Both sat quiet for a while. Mark looked around for a bit. "Care to dance?" he asked his "girlfriend." Aki gave him a little smile. "You know what," she replied. "I would love to!" Her "boyfriend" smiled back at her. Then the two got up and danced the night away.

Bai-Bai (For Now!)
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