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[character death] Tohru's word seemed to be confusing Akito, but how is it really affecting him? Akito decides that his business with Tohru Honda isn't over, yet and unfortunately, Momiji is locked...

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By: Chibi Silver Neko

Summary: Tohru's word seemed to be confusing Akito, but how is it really affecting him? Akito decides that his business with Tohru Honda isn't over, yet. He still has plans for her and unfortunately, because he over head the Sohma Leader's plan, Momiji is locked away in the Dark Room. Dark and angst

Pairings: Undecided

Silver: based on my deep research on Fruits Basket, mainly about a female Akito and the rooster and the horse, I have come up with this story, but Akito will remain a guy, why? Because this story goes more along the lines of the anime. This supposed to be a dark kind of fic, with only a slight hint of yoai here and there.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I have no rights to anything. I only have a right to write Fruits Basket fan fiction because I love it. I have nothing. So, no suing. All you'll get out of me is food and/or my computer. please don't sue . . . my computer is all I have . . .
" . . . " speaking
' . . . ' thinking

italics - flashbacks, dreams, or someone's conscience speaking


note - There maybe a little bit of a spoiler from the last episode, please do not be offended.

"Because the most important thing, Akito-san, because the most important thing is that you're alive . . . and that's all that matters, Akito-san." She looked up at him, tears forming at her turquoise eyes.

His dark eyes widened as he loosened his grip on her brown locks, "W-what? W-why? Why are you crying? Stop it! Stop crying!" Akito demanded, gripping her hair tightly once more, anger and confusion wracking his entire being.

"Onegai . . . A-akito-san . . . Please . . . Tell me, tell me how you feel?" Tohru pleaded, her tears now streaming, "Onegai?"

The Sohma Head stared at her, stunned at her kind words. Her eyes stared back at him, pleadingly.

"Onegai . . . "

"I . . . I don't . . . I don't know . . . " his voice whispered, the words barely escaping his lips as he slowly released her.

The silver-haired teen and the dark-haired man, on both sides of him, both stared at their leader in confusion.

"I don't know how I feel . . . " Akito whispered again.

The sick Sohma quickly and roughly pushed Shigure and Yuki away, pulling his arms out of their grasps before running out into his garden. The Inu and the nezumi exchanged nervous glances as Tohru stood.

The sickly Sohma held out a pale finger as a small, white bird landed on it with a happy chirp. His dark teal eyes narrowed slightly, almost as if to shoot daggers at the small feathery animal. Her voice rang in his ears, like a recorder, not wanting to stop.

"Because the most important thing, Akito-san, because the most important thing is that you're alive . . . and that's all that matters, Akito-san."

"Foolish bitch . . . " the Sohma whispered to himself, "now she has me confused . . . " Akitosaid tohimself againas the sad look on Tohru's face appeared in his mind, "That ugly bitch . . . "

The bird chirped, tilting its head curiously at him.

"You've seen her before . . . she's ugly and disgusting . . . but yet, they protect her like she's their god . . . Their ruler . . . she isn't . . . I am." The sick Sohma growled angrily, grabbing the bird roughly.

He squeezed with all his might, crushing the white bird in his hand. The poor bird let out a strangled cry before going limp , breathing its last breath. A satisifed smirk played across the God's lips as he stared at the now dead bird in his hand.

"She might easily die at my hands. I really do wish she were dead, like you, bird." He quietly said to the dead bird, "One day, I will die! Why? Because of the damned curse!" He yelled, angrily throwing the dead bird onto the ground.

He stood and started walking. His feet softly hit the floor, barely making a sound as he made his way inside, to his room. Once he made it halfway across the room, he stopped. Sensing another presence was with him, he turned his head and his dark eyes met the red-brown ones of a dark red-haired Sohma. A smirk played across his lips once more.

"Kureno . . . " He said after staring at the Jyuunishi member in silence, "How long have you been standing there?"

Kureno bowed in respect, "Not for very long, sir."

"Kureno . . . " Akito said once more.

"Hai, Akito-san?" Came Kureno's soft reply.

Akito slowly made his way to the rooster until he was a few inches away, "I want you to take me to Shigure's. I believe my business with Honda Tohru-san is not over."

"Business, sir?" Kureno questioned, looking at his leader half in confusion and half in curiosity.

His dark brown-red eyes blinked, staring deep into the dark ones of the sick god before him. That only made him tear his gaze away and look at his feet as his god continued.

"A few months ago, maybe about four or five months, Honda-san came . . . That damned dog and the damned rat brought her over." Akito began to pace, back and forth as many confusing thoughts filled his head.

Kureno never tore his gaze off the dark-haired Sohma, "And?"

"It was unnecessary. Absolutely unwanted." The Sohma said, mostly to himself, "She said some of the oddest words to me, Kureno . . . "

"And what were Honda-san's words, Akito-san?" The red head asked, trying to hide the curiosity in his voice.

What had the outsider said to make his god so wound up and confused?

Maybe she broke through the barriers of ice around his heart, perhaps? Kureno asked himself in his heart as Akito's pacing continued.

"Curious rooster, ne, Kureno?" Akito smirked, almost glaring at his precious rooster.

Kureno blinked before looking away, "Iie, no, Sohma Akito-san, I was just thinking . . . "

"Of?" Akito questioned, approaching him again, his teal eyes narrowed.

"Wondering what Honda-san's words were . . . " Kureno answered, glancing at his god out of the corner of his eyes.

Akito chuckled eerily, an odd and scary smile tugging at his lips. He shook his head and continued his pacing.

"Her words, her odd words . . . She said, 'Because the most important thing, Akito-san, because the most important thing is that you're alive . . . and that's all that matters, Akito-san.' Tell me, Kureno, what do you think of Honda-san? Giving the fact that you only met her once or twice within the past year?" He glanced at his rooster, who stood there in silence.

There was a moment of silence before the rooster finally spoke, "Well, Honda-san seems to be nice, although she's not the brightest person around, but she's sweet and Shigure-san seems to be very fond of her, as does Yuki, Kyo, and the younger Jyuunishi . . . "

'Fond?' That very word burned Akito's heart, a rush of anger flooding his entire being, 'how can they be fond of a monstrous woman like her.'

"Because the most important thing, Akito-san, because the most important thing is that you're alive . . . and that's all that matters, Akito-san."

As his anger grew, her words suddenly filled his head, replaying themselves.

The Sohma God quickly glanced at Kureno and then he faced him, "Kureno."

"Hai?" Kureno asked, meeting his gaze once more.

"Take me to Shigure's. Now." Akito ordered, walking out.

"Hai." The rooster replied, following his leader outside.

Momiji gave a startled jump as the door to Akito's living quarters slid open. The German rabbit quickly stood as the Sohma Leader came out, followed by Kureno. Akito immediately glared over in his direction, a flicker of hatred passing through his eyes as his gaze met the frightened ones of the scared rabbit.
"How . . . long . . . have . . . you been standing there . . . fucking rabbit?" The god growled, briskly walking over to the whimpering child.

"I . . . Gomen, Akito-sama . . . " Before Momiji could say anything else, the Sohma Leader roughly grabbed Momiji by his pale blonde hair, yanking his head to meet his gaze.

"Tell me!" Akito growled menacingly, yanking the blonde close, earning a whimper.

Kureno eyes widened and he quickly ran up his god and fellow Jyuunishi member, "Akito-san, let Momiji-chan go."

Akito glared at the rooster, baring his teeth at the rooster's indirect order. His fingers still clenched in Momiji's hair.

"You dare give me an order, Rooster? And here I was thinking you were on my side . . . " Akito's dark eyes burned with complete hatred, "But I guess not . . . "

Kureno shook his head, glancing at his younger cousin. Momiji's chocolate brown eyes were filled with fright as Akito kept a good grip on his head.

"Akito-san, I am loyal to you, but there's no reason for hurting Momiji . . . He just might've been passing through . . . after all, his house isn't too far from here . . . " Kureno said quietly.

Akito narrowed his eyes and he gripped Momiji's hair more tightly and his other hand grabbed Momji's arm, starting to twist it, "Get in there!"

He growled, roughly shoving the younger Sohma into his room. Momiji landed on the floor with a whimper and a throbbing pain on his arm.

"Kureno, lock in him in the dark room and then we'll go to Shigure's . . . " Akito said, walking past the quiet rooster.

"Hai . . . " The rooster bowed before turning to his scared cousin, "Momiji-kun, did you really hear anything at all?"

Momiji held his throbbing arm close, "Kureno-kun . . . I didn't mean to . . . "

Kureno walked up to him and knelt beside him, "Gomen, but I have to put you in the dark room . . . If I don't, Akito-san will hurt you further. Just pray that he'll only lock you in there and not do anything to you at all. Be grateful he didn't hurt you like he did to Yuki-san . . . "

"K-kureno . . . Onegai . . . don't . . . " Momiji whimpered, gripping his older cousin's arm.

His injured arm stung with pain as he reached out for Kureno. A stabbing pain poked at Kureno's heart and he soon found himself embracing the rabbit, comforting him.

"Momiji, I'll visit you and I'll tell Honda-san of your situation, I promise . . . " He whispered as Momiji cried silently into his chest.

After a few moments of crying, Kureno released the frightened rabbit and he stood. The rooster offered the german-japanese boy a hand, knowing what's going to happen next. Momiji sniffled and he accepted his cousin's offer as he was led to the door, which concealed the dark room.

Japanese Words and Terms
-san - usually used at the end of one's name in respect

Onegai - please

Ne - right?

Jyuunishi - Cursed members of the zodiac

Gomen - sorry

-sama - used at the end of one's namein admiration

-chan - used at the end of a child's or girl's name that is closed with one

-kun - used at the end of a boy's name

Silver: It sounds kind of sad. Please no flames. You can leave some reviews on your way out though.
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