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You're all so fucking gay.

by TakeMeAway_X 16 Reviews

Brendon Urie, Pete Wentz, Jon Walker + more are all such ass holes. Why do you want to idolize people like them? R E A D.

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  • You're all so fucking gay.

    (#) LovelyxMistake 2007-02-18 10:20:31 AM

    But I'm writing a Brendon story.... 'cause I was rewriting a story for the bajillionth time. :\
    Does that make me gay? >:|

    Author's response

    No, cause you're usually a hell of a lot more original then these other kidds, Rhy.
  • You're all so fucking gay.

    (#) sing4me09 2007-02-18 02:54:09 PM

    what the hell...?

    Who are you to tell people how to spend their time?

    Writing fanfiction is an awesome way to begin writing, because the background has been predeternmined for you.

    And people can write about any band or person they want, it doesn't matter if they are ass holes in real life, that's why we write stories about them.

    Speaking of stories, maybe you should take a second to think and realize it's called fanFICTION. Thus in the title telling you it doesn't even have to be acurate or true, that's the glory of FICTION.

    And excuse me but how many times have you met Pete Wentz, Jared Leto or Brendon Urie in real life? Oh that's right, none, so don't tell people what to think about them since you don't know them.

    Perhaps if you did actually personally know them you could pass judgement, but since you do not, maybe you should just mind your own business and let people write what they want to write.

    And I love your modesty..."This is probably going over all your fucking heads." Wow I'm definately going to listen to someone who has already decided that they not only are better than me, but smarter as well. How old are you 12? Maybe I would respect your opinion if you could use more language that are actual words and not the word fuck, but since you can't you should do one of the following three things, 1. Shut up, get a life, and let people do what they want, 2. Just don't read it, which is the simplest way to get over it, or 3. My personal favorite, take a note from Darwin please and eliminate your stupidity from the human race.

    Get over yourself.

    I'm sure telling yourself you are better than everyone else makes you feel less incompetent and like you are an actual help to the human race, but since no one cares I would like to refer you to the three previous solutions.

    Author's response

    You have good points. Who the fuck am I to be telling people how to spend there time? No one. But there is a lot better things to do with yout life.

    hella sweet, because I hella said I was better than all of you. No, I didn't. No, I'm not 12. Honestly, I apretiate what you said, and honestly, I don't care if I say FUCK a lot. It's a frequently used word in a lot of people's vocabulary.

    I watch a lot of interviews and I like to write, I know things about people. And for your information, you think I'm being a bitch, take a look at what you're giving back to me. Cool, I love you.

    God. This site is so fucking iritating and so is everyone on it. And you haven't changed my opinion. I still think people are wasting their time fantisizing on something they'll never have. I mean, I guess I'm a hypocrit there but I'm not telling people to be like me, I'm telling people to get original.

    I don't know who the hell Darwin is.

    i think you're a bitch, but you shouldn't care. I'm sure you get that alot. And if you don't, you should.

    I don't care if people over the internet don't like me, I'm never going to meeet them and I don't want to.

    Have a good day. (:
  • You're all so fucking gay.

    (#) onecheckonelove 2007-06-02 01:46:38 PM

    you know. i read this...and i was like, yo uhave a really good point. I think a lot of people write about them because they'd like to imagine what they're like, not how they actually are. That's whats makes it so interesting. because Pete Wentz and Bredon Urie are displayed so many different ways in so many different stories.

    Though I must admit, i've never met Panic! At The Disco and probably never will mostly because I assume that i'd be letdown by gayness], its sort of fun to just make up their personality, you know?

    But kudos to you. I thought this was hilariously true :D
  • You're all so fucking gay.

    (#) XxmarybethxX 2008-08-22 10:09:20 AM

    dude, greenday fucking sucks compired to panic and fall out boy. and not everyone only cares that there goodlooking guys.
  • You're all so fucking gay.

    (#) PanicAtTheDiscoluvr 2008-12-16 01:09:26 PM

    I read this and i hate to say it but i kinda agree and i know that Pete Wentz is a fuckin asshole but i met Panic At The Disco and they were totally nice and cool! i really dont know about Jared Leto but from what i heard about him he sounds like an asshole. thanks for writing nonfiction it makes me happy! =) o and who is TBS? thanks CL
  • You're all so fucking gay.

    (#) thnksfrthmmrs_101 2009-01-17 08:34:13 PM

    ok first off, you might watch interviews of panic at the disco and say "wow these guys really are assholes" ,thats cool and all but you have to remember THEY ARE SARCASTIC ASS HELL.You might be getting confused. second pete wentz is an asshole because he's pete wentz. He may be arrogant but thats the way he rolls. deal with it. then again many people from chicago (not all) have his attitude.(i am one.)
    next you are talking all this shit when you have a panic at the disco story on your account.That really does tell me something about you.

    leave the the people who write and read these stories alone. Maybe they write to get their mind off of things at home or at school. I know thats one reason why i read these.

    i admit i don't know these guys personally, i met panic at the disco before... they were pretty cool. Still waiting to meet fall out boy... when i do i'll let you know.

    p.s. green day are too pussy shit to come back as their own band so they made a whole new one. go look it up and be their fan too.

  • You're all so fucking gay.

    (#) thnksfrthmmrs_101 2009-01-17 11:07:36 PM

    was the person who crated the theory of evolution... look it up if you haven't lerned it in science class
  • You're all so fucking gay.

    (#) xxMISSCOFFEExx 2009-07-03 08:38:26 PM

    Lmao, you can say all this shit about it, but yet you write a PATD story? Oh, real nice. That goes to fucking show you who the hypocrites truly are. When you can stop being a hypocrite, then you can talk shit about it. But don't say anything when you fucking have a story about PATD on your account. Call me a bitch, but I can say you're a hypocrite. Like thnksfrthemmrs_101 and singforme09...well, I agree with them.

    Have a good day! (:
  • You're all so fucking gay.

    (#) xxMCRMYxx 2009-07-13 06:09:06 AM

    I enjoy reading and writing about Brendon and Jon and Pete aswell as reading and writing about MCR and shit like that
    We are allowed to spend our time how we want
    No we don't know them personally but just let people do their thing. Don't judge them for what they like. Sure you don't like Pete or Brendon or Jon, you don't have o force that on the peopl who do like them

    xx Tilde
  • You're all so fucking gay.

    (#) chocolatechortle22 2009-07-16 12:15:18 PM


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