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The teens find out what their mission is.

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Suddenly a blast of light shot out of the PODs and hit them in the forehead knocking them unconscious.

Joe opened his eyes and squinted at a bright light over his head. He heard a voice shouting, “They’re waking up!” Slowly he sat up and saw that his friends were doing the same.

“Man, that’s twice today that I’ve been knocked out!” He moaned massaging his temples.

“What happened?” Lara groaned as she blinked away the stars in her eyes.

“That’s what we’d like to know,” one of the blue clad men announced.

“There was a flash of light and the next thing we knew you were all unconscious on the floor,” another man explained.

Cal looked around at the walls. “How long were we out?” he started to say then, in surprise shouted, “I can read the walls! The PODs must have downloaded us with the language.”

“So, what does it say?” prodded the men in blue.

Cal read out loud the following,

The Chamber of Chasa
3006 BC
Here lies Queen Chasa of Wezg. Put here today to be enslaved for 5000 years.
Cause of Arrest: Attempt at the destruction of Kxzron.

When Cal finished reading there was a moment of complete silence.

Alex cut the silence after much thinking. “Well that’s ok. We have a couple thousand years ‘till she’s released.”

Lara stared at him blank then said sarcastically, “Wow, aren’t you the smart one.”

“Umm… Alex. This is the year that she’s supposed to be released,” Cal told him as if he was a child.

“It could happen anytime now,” Joe added, taking off his hat and running his fingers through his thick hair.

“What really sucks is that we don’t know when exactly this year she’s coming back,” Lara pointed out.

“I suggest you guys get some sleep right now. We can figure out what to do tomorrow,” one of the men kindly said. They jumped since they had completely forgotten that the men were there. “We can put you up in one of our hotels if you like.”

“Oh, finally they show a bit of courtesy,” Lara snapped still sour about their initial aggression.

“Yeah, that’d be great,” Joe said, ignoring Lara’s comment.

They were lead out of the chamber and down the street to a tall, hot pink building. When they got inside, the men in blue handed them over to a tall man wearing a suit of red and gold.

“Greetings gentlemen and welcome miss. My name is William and I will be assisting you today,” the man said addressing the teenagers. “Please follow me.”

William led them up three flights of stairs before he stopped. Realizing that it would be faster and easier, he led them to the nearest elevator and pressed the up button. The elevator took them up to the forty-second floor where William opened a door to a large room. Most of the room looked like a normal hotel except for the odd colors and four objects that looked like clouds floating against the north wall. Bowing, William left them to explore their room.

“Those must be the beds,” Alex stated referring to the clouds.

Lara walked over and sat on one. She sank in but didn’t fall through or get wet like you normally would if you sat on a cloud.

“Wow, that just about breaks all the laws of physics,” Cal said flatly.

Joe looked to the far wall and saw a glass door leading to a balcony. He walked over and the door slid open automatically. “Hmm, high tech,” he thought out loud. Joe walked through the door and looked around outside. “Hey guys, there’s a hot tub out here!” he yelled back at them as he noted a Jacuzzi sitting in the corner of the balcony.

He turned around so that his back was to the Jacuzzi and stopped in awe. “Whoa,” he breathed as he walked over to a corner of the balcony. Softly he stroked a golden telescope, glancing down the length of it, before standing behind it and peering through the lens. What he saw made his jaw drop. The swirls of color that they saw in the sky were made up of tiny, shimmering diamonds. He turned the telescope to a non-swirled spot of the sky that had darkened down quite a bit with the coming night. The darkness seamed to go on forever. He changed the focus and looked again. Streaks of light came into view. It took him a minute to realize that they were stars zooming around the night sky.

“What d’you see?”

Joe jumped at the sound of Lara’s voice and spun around.

“Oh,” he said after he got over the initial shock, “Come look.”

Lara put her eye up to the eye piece and softly said, “Wow, it’s beautiful!”

“I don’t know about you guys but, personally, astronomy is a boring hobby. I’m going in the hot tub,” Alex said eyeing up the invitingly warm water.

He pressed the yellow button and spoke clearly, “Swimming trunks.”

Nothing happened.

“I guess relaxing in a hot tub isn’t very noble,” Lara said with a smirk.

Joe laughed and walked over to the phone. “I’m going to check room service. They might have some swimming gear or something,” he said as he pressed the speed dial for the main desk. A few minutes later he hung up and turned to the others. “Amazingly enough they do. They’re going to send some up.”

Seconds later they heard a knock on the door. Cal went and answered it.

“Your swimming apparel, sir,” William said handing him four pieces of clothing.

“Thanks. How much do these cost?” he replied.

“I would never charge you four! You’re Xonars!” he said stunned.

After William left, Cal realized that he was lucky that they were free. What would he pay them with if he had to pay? He handed the others their swimming trunks and Lara a bathing suit. They quickly changed and Lara was the last to come out.

She came out in a tiny bikini tugging at her P.O.D. “Hey have you guys noticed that this thing doesn’t come off? It won’t budge!” She looked up after a moment of silence and saw the boys gawking at her. She let out a low groan.

“Wow, you look good!” Alex finally spoke. Joe, who was speechless, just stared at her.

Lara blushed. “Man it gets annoying being the only girl among all boys,” she walked out onto the balcony and vaulted over the edge of the Jacuzzi into to the steaming water. The boys were left embarrassed of their gawking but shortly followed her.

They sat in silence until Cal finally spoke. “You know, I’ve been thinking. The wall says that Chasa is trapped in the chamber, but where in the chamber? I didn’t see any sign of a queen.”

“Maybe she was buried or hidden behind the wall,” Lara suggested.

It fell silent again.

Joe sunk lower into the water and sighed. “This is nice.”

“It is, but I think I’m going to go to bed,” Lara announced standing up and crawling out of the warmth of the water. She shivered as she stepped onto the balcony then disappeared into the hotel room. The boys stared at her as she walked away.

Lara quickly got changed out of her bathing suit into some pyjamas that she got out of her POD. She lay down on her cloud and the puffs of cloud swarmed over her to cover her, making a blanket. She was very comfortable and it didn’t take her long to drift off to sleep.

In the hot tub Alex turned to Joe and said, “She’s a good catch. You should make your move before it’s too late.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Joe muttered, blushing.

“Come on, you totally like her. I can see it in your eyes. And it’s obvious that she likes you,” Alex continued.

“I think your hallucinating,” Joe said as he climbed out of the Jacuzzi. “I’m going to bed.” He disappeared into the hotel room, leaving Alex and Cal sitting in the water.

“Well I guess I’ll hit the sac too,” Alex said getting out of the water. “Or rather the cloud.”

“I guess I’ll come too. No use sitting here alone,” Cal said following him back into the room.

Everybody went to sleep on their clouds, each cloud engulfing them. They snuggled in comfortably and, exhausted from the day, it didn’t take them long to fall asleep.
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