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this is a story [part one]..

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love will find a way.

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I sat on the side of the stage, watching him play his heart out, spilling his guts out to every kid in the crowd so that they could realise that no, they weren't alone. I smiled, this was his dream and he had made it. He was making it. He was making a difference. I crossed my arms over my chest and rubbed my hands on my arms. Even though the guys were sweating like crazy, off to the side of the stage it was cold. I stood on the side with one of the guitar techs, watching the show mouthing the words to the songs. I knew every word by heart, every chorus, every bridge. I knew it, I had been with these guys for song long, the words were like the bible to me. I pushed my sunglasses up onto my nose again, I lived behind sunglasses. It made me feel more secure as a human being, especially when I was at shows with the guys. I didn't necessarily mind being here, but when people recognized me as his "girlfriend", the looks I got would probably kill. I smiled when he turned around, still playing his guitar and winked at me. A smile played at my lips and I shifted my standing position and screamed 'Im not okay' in sync with Gerard. The show would be over soon and everyone would be going home, sweaty, disgusting and completely satisfied. This was the last show for the guys before the tour was over. The guys were going to take a much needed break to get themselves together and have a break before heading into the studio to record their new album. I'm not going to lie, I was kind of excited to be spending some time at home again. Sleeping in a bunk gets quite uncomfortable after a while. Of course there were perks to travelling, a new city each night with a lot of good people. Enjoying new sights, new cultures, new atmospheres, but after awhile, you do get to miss home.

I sat down on one of the sound equipment boxes, crossing my legs and arms as well. Tonight, we were in Florida and this is where the spirit of the tour would end. The tour would stop here, the good times would stop, people would go their seperate ways but the memories and friendships would last forever. I had personally grown closer with the guys in the band, they were my family away from family. If we had a problem, we would fight, we would throw things, we would curse, we would yell, we would threat, we would hate. It would be world war infinity to us, but there would always be forgiveness, there would always be love between everyone. I had an extremely loving boyfriend who would go to the end of the world for me if I asked. I had four amazing older brothers, adopted of course, but it was almost as if they were through blood. I had a connection with these five guys, stronger than I've ever been closer to anyone. It was if nothing would stop us being together, ever.

The last chords of the song played and Gerard bid farewell to the crowd. The guys walked off stage, drenched in sweat and with an adreniline high. I felt mildly disgusting as I recieved four very sweaty hugs. A grin creapt accross my face as I saw Frank walk up to me with his arms wide open. I stood up ontop of the box that I was sitting on and jumped into his arms. I may not like sweaty hugs but coming from him they were always welcomed. Frank caught me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I grinned like an idiot and wrapped my legs around his torso. Sure, he was short, but so was I, so it made no difference what so ever. I was extremely happy to be in his arms, sweaty and disgusting, but I couldn't be happier to be there.

Frank put me down on the ground, and grabbed my face. Pressing his lips against mine, I giggled into the kiss. This was our routine after every show, a kiss before and a kiss after. He pulled back from the kiss and grabbed my hand. We walked back to the locker room where the rest of the guys were presumably with their other halves. Everyone was busying themselves with getting the equipment together and packed away for the ride back to the record label. There was a bunch of commotion coming from the change room, where everyone was. Frank pushed open the door and I walked in right after him. Everyone was hugging and remember the funny tour memories, going over the details of the show. Everyone had brilliant smiles on their faces, everyone was beaming.

Gerard grabbed Frank away from me and pulled him into a brotherly hug. I laughed as the rest of the guys joined in the hug, this was their moment. I grabbed the hair elastic off of my wrist and pulled my long hair into a pony tail. I smiled at the guys having their moment and then crossed my arms over my chest and waited for them to get done. I started to look around the room and the next thing I knew I was being jerked forward into the big group hug as well. These were the moments that everyone grew as a person, they made you realise that we were lucky to be where we are and that we should never, ever take this position for granted. Everyone stopped talking and just enjoyed being close with each other, regardless of the smell of body odour and sweat, this was friendship and trust.

"To the end of an era and the beginning of something amazing." Gerard smiled and looked around, we all agreed.
This was the beginning of something brilliantly amazing.
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