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this is a story [part three]..

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love will find a way.

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I was nineteen. I was young and carefree. To put it nicely, I was fucking rebelious. I had no rhyme or reason to be either. My parents were always good to me, spoiled me right rotten. I had always gotten my way and I still continued to. My way of life was comfortable and easy. I never had to really work for anything, my parents lived a well cushioned life. I had everything that I had ever wanted. Everything that I needed and more, much more. I didn't look like one of the normal teenagers that you would see in the so called 'scene'. I didn't have black and blonde hair, I didn't wear fish nets or have drawn on eyebrows. I wasn't the type of kid to get into trends. I was who I was and that made me completely satisfied with myself. I was really into music. I loved being at shows, it was the only place where I felt at home. I never really would consider myself the type of person to date anyone from a band, or a guy with long dark hair and piercings any day, however that whole thought changed the minute that I met him.

I was at a local show in Jersey, this was before they even thought about being where they are today. I had somehow pushed my way up to the front of the crowd and was at the barricade. I was disgusting and sweaty, but I really didn't care whether or not I looked good or not. I was here for the fun and the music, I was here for a good time and I was going to enjoy myself while I could.
I was only here to hear one song, the song being Demolition Lovers. After they had played that song I started to get out of the pit, but I felt a pair of eyes land on me. It was that unmistakeable feeling that someone was tearing a hole right through you with their eyes. I turned around and what I saw took my breath away. I was met with the most gorgeous set of eyes that I had ever seen in my life.

I kept my eye contact with him for so long that I must have looked like a deer in highlights. I heard the opening cords to 'Im not okay' start up and the lyrics kick in again, the only thing that got me out of my gaze was the fact that Gerard had come over and slapped Frank on the back, breaking him out of the trance as well. Frank went back to paying attention to the show, I went back to pretending that I wasn't in love with a boy in a band.

The show had ended not far after that, I walked outside and walked behind the buidling to where I had parked my car. I really didn't feel comfortable leaving my car at the front of parking of the building, so whenever I attended a show at this venue, I always parked behind the building. I never had any trouble with parking back there ever.

It was somewhat chilly evening after the show and I pulled my sweater close to my body. I had goosebumps on my skin from being so cold in the mosh. I walked around the corner and saw someone standing there having a cigarette and talking with another guy. I went out of my way to walk around them and did not make any eye contact. Jersey was a sketchy enough city and I didn't want any trouble tonight. I shoved my hands into my pockets further and kept my head low to the ground, this was the best way to avoid an contact at all. I heard footsteps getting closer to me and I started to speed up walking just a little bit faster. The faster I got, the faster the steps got. I started walking to a pace where I was almost running. I wasn't paying close enough to where I was stepping and the next thing I knew I was falling flat on my ass on the ground. I had slipped on some black ice on the pavement and as soon as I hit the ground, the footsteps came to a hault beside me.

"Holy fuck!" I gasped and grabbed a hold of my ankle.
"Jesus christ Frank! I think you fucking killed her dude!" I watched as another set of legs walked up beside me and crouched down beside me and attempted to touch my ankle.
"Fuck off, does it look like I want your goddamn help?" I snapped.
"I'm trying to help you and your being a bitch! Your ankle might be broken." The guy with the longer hair stood up and lit up another cigarette.

I pushed my hoodie off of my head and looked up at him.
"Smoking kills you, you know." I had such a venomous tone in my voice but I was in a lot of pain at the moment.
"You're that girl that I saw in the crowd tonight." I looked over to my left and I saw the eyes I had seen earlier. He was gorgeous, absolutely amazing. My breath was caught in my throat and I swear for a brief second I couldn't talk, at all.
"That girl eh? It depends, was that girl amazing? And would you chase her down in the back of an alley way, and make her fall, possibly breaking her ankle? Because if you're thinking that I'm that girl, then you're right. Thats me."
He blinked at me for a second, before trying to help me up. I groaned as I stood up and hobbled on one foot.
"I'm Frank and I'm really, really sorry about this."
"I'm Katie. I don't date boys in bands nor do I have sex on the first date. Sorry to rain on your parade."

The boy to my right with the longer hair, started to choke on his cigarette. I shook my head.
"Smoking kil.."
"I know, smoking kills you. But hey, so does an axe to the head, right? Right!"
I shut my mouth and hopped over to the wall. I leaned up against it in the most comfortable position that I could get with ankle that was possibly broken.

"You have a lot of attitude, Kate." Frank walked over and leaned down looking at my now two times puffier ankle
"Dont call me that name, I hate it." I leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes.
"Why not, I think it looks cute on you." A smiled played accross his face.
"Then I'm calling you Frankie, babe."
"Dont call me that name, I hate it!" he said with the most serious tone yet.
"Why not, I think it looks cute on you, cute boy, cute name. Sounds good to me." I smirked back at him.

Reaching over I grabbed the smoke out of Frank's friends hand and took a nice long puff off of it. Inhaling and handing it back to him, I was met with two very confused stares. I exhaled and leaned up agianst the wall a little bit more.

"Smoking kills you know."
"I know smoking kills you, but so does an axe to the head baby." I grinned to him and he smiled back and shook his head.

Frank let out a stiff chuckle and placed my arm around him and I leaned up against him for support. Franks friend stomped out the rest of his smoke and then went inside, bidding Frank and I goodbye until he saw Frank inside. I let out an esasperated sigh and looked over to Frank. I placed my whole foot down on the ground and put as much pressure on it as I could stand. Frank watched me the whole time as I was doing this and I very carefully eased myself off of him.

I finally let go of him and stood on my own, favouring my ankle quite a bit. I grabbed Frank by the face and kissed him on the cheek and started to walk away. He followed after me quickly and stopped in front of me. I stopped as well, taking a deep breathe before steadying myself on my two feet. Frank grabbed my face back and kissed me full on the lips. I kissed back but quickly pulled away and smiled.

"It was extremely nice to meet you Frank."
"You too." He looked at me like he was searching for something more from me.
"Hey kiddo, it's not the end, if you want it bad enough, you'll search for it in the right places."

I walked away from him that night thinking that nothing was ever going to happen between us again. That yeah, maybe I would see him around town once and awhile, with the awkward hello's and amazing goodbyes, but nothing would ever happen. That was the very last thing that fate had in store for me considering when I walked into my dads office the next morning after being at home, I was met with two of the most familiar faces I had ever seen.
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