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Sonic's Wish 1

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Sonic makes one wish to keep Amy away from him forever. But the wish does not go the way he planned...

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Amy Rose, Shadow, Sonic - Published: 2007-02-20 - Updated: 2007-02-21 - 576 words - Complete

Sonic's Wish 1

Sonic is always tired of being chased my Amy Rose and being asked to marry her all the time. This thing has been going on like forever with Sonic. He only wished there was a way to stop the chasing for good.

It was yet another day and Amy Rose was at it again with chasing Sonic, and always crying out "Sonic!" Sonic is still able to outrun Amy Rose, but she never gave up on him which annoyed Sonic in no end. When Sonic finally got far enough from Amy, he was stopped dead upon a well. But this no oridinary well, there was a sign said that is was a wishing well. Sonic did not really believe in wishes, but he wanted to do it for the fun of it, he had no clue what he was in for.

Sonic reached into this pockets for a coin to throw in. He tosses the coin into the well and waits for it to hit the bottom. The he makes his wish, "I wish that Amy Rose would stop chasing me and asking me to marry her forever". Nothing seemed to happen, so Sonic just suruge this soulders and started to walk off. The he could not move at all, he tryed to fight it, but he could not. Then a glow surrounded this body, after the glow disappeared Sonic felt really strange with his body.

He went back to the wishing well to check his reflection to see what changes went on with him. When he looked down, he saw his face looked softer, more feminine, his eyelashes were fuller, his eyes seemed a little bigger and his nose was a little smaller. He was dumb founded at what he saw. Then he took a look at the rest of his body. He saw that he had nice sized breast on his chest, his waist was slimmer, his hips were wider, his butt was bigger and his legs were slimmer as well. This was pretty shocking to Sonic, he relized now that now he was a she.

Amy Rose finally caught up with Sonic, panting at how far she needed to walk after all the running. She only saw the back of Sonic, until she turned her around to ask once again about marrying her. Amy was in shocked to see what happened with Sonic that he was a female. Sonic explained to Amy the wish see made at the wishing well. All Amy did was cryed out load a sad cry and run away from Sonic that she lost hope and ever marrying Sonic. Sonic felt a little bad for Amy, but in the same time, the wish worked to keep Amy away from her, even though it changed him to a female.

Sonic did not cared that she was a female now, she now was freed from Amy's Grasp for eternity. Then Shadow showed up toward sonic. Sonic greeted Shadow and Shadow just sighed his usually dark sigh. But then Shadow perked up and sudden notice that Sonic seemed to be different. Shadow then had a lustful look at Sonic on how beautiful she is. Sonic was nervous of Shadow's looked and blushed, but also deep inside her she had some new feelings for Shadow.

Sonic may have solve one problem but now there is a new problem to handle. What will Sonic do? That's for a different story.

The End
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