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will she say yes?

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Delilah and julius have been going out for 2 months and everything has been going great until something unexpected happens. ****************************************** i hope you like it its on...

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Julius POV
"I'm going to ask Delilah to marry me" I said to Al smiling

"That's great man, what do you need help with?" he asked giving him a hug

"I really want to be alone with Delilah when I do this so could you keep the other students at the academy away from the balcony at 8 o'clock tommorow, that would be great" I said smiling more.

"sure man,but I want you to know I'm really proud of you" he said, as I left.

I left and went to go see Delilah. I went to her room and found her on her bed reading. I walked over to her and looked at the book, it was called 'parenting for newbies'.

"hey" she said smiling brightly

"hey, tommorow night can you meet me on the balcony at 8 o'clock?" I asked, sitting down beside her, putting my arm around her and kissing her.

"sure" she said kissing me back. We kissed until I parted and got up and left.

Before I left I turned around and said "I love you de"

"I love you too Juls" she said.

I was up on the balcony waiting for Delilah, I had the ring in my pocket it was a gold band with a beautiful dimond in the middle.I had the balcony set up with lots of candels and yellow daisies(her favourite flower) everywhere. I was starting to wonder if she had forgotten when I saw her walk out. She looked so beautiful in her maternity clothes, even if her stomach was big. She walked over and stood beside me.

"Hey" she said looking into my eyes

"hey you" I said smiling

"wow everything so beautiful Julius" she said looking around but soon noticed that I was looking really nervous

"so what's up?" she asked

"Deliah I love you, you know that right?" I asked

"Of course Juls" she said

"Delilah I'm glad your the one I'm going to start my family with.." I started

"yes juls?" she questioned

" Delilah.." I said getting down on one knee and pulling the ring out of my pocket" will you marry me?" I asked

"Yes!Yes!Yes!" she squeeled leaping into my arms after the ring was on
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