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Of Course I'm Human! Where Would You Get The Idea That I Wasn't?

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The full moon rises- surprising Raine. Even if she was a lycanthrope, and could turn at will, she was still forced to turn into her shape when the moon's up.

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((I got sick, of course. I couldn't even sit up to type another story, so sorry 'bout that. Anyway, here's another chapter. Thanks for all of the reviews!))

"No, Ian, stop. If my dad sees you he'll-" But I was cut off when he leaned forward and kept kissing my lips roughly. I paused and broke contact, looking into his light green eyes. "Or you'll be lucky and Frank will be here and he'll just bring it up every time the word kiss or love is mentioned." Ian laughed, and I smiled when I realized how lucky I was. You're also lucky that he doesn't know that you're a Lycan, or he would think you were a freak. I let the thought slip my mind, and then pushed him away.
"Really now." I said, and he laughed.
"Oh, come on. Is your Dad really that protective?" I laughed and shook my head.
"It's kind of a long story." I said, remembering how he had found me on accident as his daughter. He had been protective ever since- he probably wouldn't act that way with just a regular daughter. Ian ran a hand through my blonde hair and I shook my head as he did so, turning back to the TV that we weren't really watching. The black-haired boy leaned over to me and whispered something in my ear.
"Ian! Come on, is that really something Superman would do? You're thinking along the lines of James Bond there." I always brought up Superman because of his last name, Clark.
"Oh, I was just kidding." He said, and for a moment I looked at him with uncertainty as he looked back at the TV.
I thought he was the 'hot player emo boy' at the school, and he might be. Who is he to ask about my virginity anyway? I shook my head. We had only been together for two weeks, and he was making out with me easily. Should I dump him? I thought, and then turned to the TV. I tried to picture myself telling him I was a Lycan, and it didn't end well. If he knew you for a million years he'd still freak out if he knew you were a Lycan. Ditch him. It seemed that since I was a Lycan, the wolven side of me always caught up and gave me these absurd ideas, and it seemed like we were two different people. Maybe we were. I just hoped I didn't become that person someday. Ian looked over at me and brushed my cheek gently with his hand.
"You okay?" He asked, and I smiled, nodding.
/It takes one to know one./ For a moment, I couldn't believe that I just yelled at myself as if I were another person. I shrugged it off mentally and kissed Ian gently on the cheek.
Well you know yourself, don't you?

Fri, June 2nd
2 more school days until summer break

I held my bookbag close as I got off of the bus, a Freshman at the school still. A couple more people got off of the bus, but I was basically the last. I looked at my watch, frowning.
6:00. I wasn't even allowed into the school yet- the first five minute bell rang at 6:45. I sat on the bench, staring up at the sky on the warm day, wishing I had the legs to wear shorts. Instead it was jeans everyday. Ray had told me that I was the skinniest girl alive, and I guess I could be considered good-looking.
Yes, you are hot, if I do say so myself. Why would Ian kiss you like that if you weren't? There it was again. The wolf in me.
"Hey, Rachel, how're you doin', babe?" I looked over to see Jeremy looking at me- yet not even at my face.
"Fuck off, Jeremy. I'm not that busty anyway. And my name is Raine." He smiled.
"Are you going out with that player Ian? He's cheating on ya." He asked, sliding his arm around my waist. I slapped him and stood, crossing my arms and taking several strides away.
"I never went for the easy girls," He said in my ear, and smiled, kissing my slightly on the cheek, then putting his hands around me and beginning to kiss me. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I shoved him, punching him across the face.
"You're just a fucking bitch who tries to get laid every night with a new girl!" I shouted, seeing a couple people look at me as if I were crazy. He frowned, coming closer to me and looking down at me.
"You're just a little slut. Ian's cheating on you. I saw him kissing Sandra." I slapped him again, and he stared where his gaze landed, his hand where my hand had hit. "Bitchy little whore!" He shouted, punching me across the face to make me stumble onto the parking lot. I didn't even manage a scream- the bus came at me too fast.

at the hospital

I'll name you Raine. You'll always remember me." Said Alexis, smiling and putting her hand on my forehead. I looked at her funny, still a baby, as if she was weird- ans she was.
"My name is Alennia Doum. People know me as Alexis Dow, but that's okay. I know you can hear me, Raine. You should be dreaming this when you're about fifteen years old. Have your permit yet? Oh, nevermind. I hope you've found your father by now. He was actually quite handsome- I hope you take after him. Really, my sluttish instincts can get in the way." She smiled. "Yes, I admitted it. I almost didn't know your father was your father until I saw your eyes- they were his exact color right away. I couldn't forget his eyes." She smiled, as if dreamily. "Anyway, you're probably wondering why you have these teeth right here when you've just been born. It's because you're a Lycan, obviously. You get your fangs right away, but you'll keep them in your gums most of the time." She seemed amused, and then laughed. "A witch giving birth to a Lycanthrope. Almost unbelievable! Your father must be something special. Oh, by the way, you must check in. You'll know my number, honey. By the way, I'm proud of how you reacted to that man. It's a shame you broke some bones, though. I never saw the bus coming." She smiled. "I'm a witch. What do you expect? I see the future." With a laugh, she waved goodbye.

"555-4363." I said, sitting up abruptly to feel a strong hand push me back down.
"Gee said no moving. You'd better trust him." It was Mikey, standing next to my bed. "Dammit, your face is bleeding again. Stop moving." I groaned, not out of pain, but of annoyance. Before he could do anything, I tightened the bandage on my face with my left hand, looking at my right, which was in a sling. Damn, I thought, sighing.
"My head kind of hurts." I said, touching my forehead to feel a wrap around my head. With a smiled, I added, "Wonder how many math problems I'll get wrong in the future because of this." Then an idea popped into my head. "Good excuse, though. 'I didn't finish my homework 'cause I got hit by a bus, Mrs. D. Perfect."
"You better not joke around when your Dad gets back in here. He's freaking pissed at this Jeremy guy. What did he do, anyway? I like stories." I didn't notice but he sat down, and I sighed.
"It's short, though. He just started kissing me, I punched him, and he punched back. Except I was the one who fell in front of the bus."
"Details are accepted gratefully." He said, crossing his legs and leaning back into the chair.
"Okay, you know Ian? My boyfriend?" He nodded and I continued. "Well Jeremy kept telling me about all of this cheating on me bullshit. And when he tried to put his arm around my waist I slapped him and walked away. Then he did all of this making out with me crap, and I finally punched him, and he kept telling me that Ian was cheating on me and he was a player, and I slapped him again. I guess I got him mad enough to punch me, and he did, and I fell right in front of that bus, I guess." I was talking weird, considering my jaw was sort of screwed with, but Mikey seemed to understand most of it.
"How long do I have to-" I began, but I was cut off when my Dad burst through the door.
"Raine!" He said, coming over to me instantly. "You okay? Does anything hurt?"
"Well, my pride, just a bit. I kind of just got nailed by a big, flashy yellow bus." I saw Mikey shake his head, but I guess he had been serious when he said not to joke too much, because my Dad ignored the comment.
"I was so worried. They said they're going to talk to that Jeremy kid. What happened exactly?" I almost sighed. Perfect timing. Right when I'm done explaining it to one of the Ways, another one comes in and asks for it...
"It started out," I began, and told him the rest. When it was done, he sighed.
"That son of a bitch's gonna talk to me after this."
"Dad you shouldn't," I began, and then sighed. "Okay that'd be really cool if you beat him up because he's the biggest asshole I've ever met, but seriously. No thanks." He smiled and kissed me on the cheek.
"I can see you're doing perfectly fine, aside from the head and the arm thing. You know, you're actually pretty lucky." I smiled.
"Yeah, I am lucky. I found you, didn't I?" I said, smiling. I saw Mikey slowly backing up towards the door. "Aww, Mikey, don't you wanna join the huggie-kissie circle?" Mikey smiled and laughed fakely, sliding out the door.

June 3rd

I awoke from my nap to hear a knock at the door. I almost moved but of course, for like the billionth time in two months, a hand pushed me down.
"It's Ian." Called my Dad from the doorway. I almost said let him in, but instead I said,
"Could you tell him I'm asleep?" I asked, and my Dad almost objected when he realized what I said.
"Okay." He said, and I turned away, laying on the couch with my feet over Ray's lap as he watched TV.
"Something going on between you and Ian?" He asked, and I sighed.
"Sort of." I turned towards me slightly.
"I love drama. Do tell." I smiled and shook my head.
"Honestly? Well. To put it simply I think he's a player and I think he's cheating on half of the good-looking girls in the school that are blind enough to fall for him." Ray raised an eyebrow.
"I don't think there was this much drama in freshman year of highschool. Really? I didn't think a fifteen or fourteen yea rold could manage to cheat on girls very well." I laughed slightly, wrapping the maroon blanket around me tighter.
"There's more drama than you'd expect. Did you sleep through the first year of highschool, or did it really change that much?" Ray smiled, and sat back in the couch as Frankie came over and lifted up my feet, sitting down and then dropping my feet across his legs also.
"I feel like a TV tray." I said, and they laughed.
"Why do you think you live here? You make a really good bacon-cheese omelette, and you even provide the table for it." I stuck my tongue out at Frank.
"At least I don't make kissy faces when I sleep." I said, and they laughed.
"Okay, that was sort of fake. I was like half asleep. I love freaking you out." I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes.
"You had your eyes closed. How could you see me freak out?"
"I didn't. I heard you. You were gettin' really pissed."
"Oh, okay, so was the whole teddy bear and cuddly thing fake, too?" I asked, and Ray looked at Frankie.
"Teddy bear?" Ray said, laughing. Frank blushed very slightly.
"I have a habit of cuddling up to anything near me in my sleep." I looked at him.
"What about the teddy bear thing? You were saying 'teddy bear' when you very nicely slept on top of me."
"I was not!" He said, and Ray and I laughed.
"Next time, don't dare me to sleep next to someone. I'll always get back at the person that slept next to me and the person who dared it." Ray laughed, and Frankie smiled. Bob must've overheard, because he yelled from the kitchen,
"Watch it, Raine, or you might find some condoms drawn on your cheek next time! It'll be in red, so it will 'really bring out your eyes!'"
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