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Episode One: The Empire's New Enemy

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This story is about Canth, after spending 5 years in training he's come back seeking vengance against his brother. Does Canth really have what it takes to take on the empire and live?

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Disclaimer: I created all these characters, the plot, the setting, the story, everything about this story short of the English language was created by me. Never use this story/idea and
claim it as your own. Enjoy!

I'm going to keep writing these stories regardless but I would appreciate feedback on if you like the story and how I can improve it. Please send me feedback.

Episode One: The Empire's New Enemy


"It's been 5 years since the Empire declared war on all other nations. At present only two war-torn nations are putting up any form of resistance against the Empire and its ambitions....."

BOOM! The ground exploded nearby.

BOOM! The explosions were getting closer.

BOOM! The men started scrambling to get out of the way.

BOOM! It was too late.

"Heh pathetic resistance as always, only took 4 blasts to take all of them out." The man in charge said out loud.

"Lieutenant-Colonel Ulmgor what are your orders?" a commander came up and asked.

"Well, this was obviously not the main Din army since they're supposed to be farther north and in greater numbers, not to mention the fact that the main army shouldn't have any idea that we pushed this far west. Knowing this, these were obviously just worthless minute men protecting their village. So tell the men to march into the village, loot it, and kill any man who's fighting fit. Since we're such a small regiment we can take any supplies we can't use and send it back to the eastern base."

"Uh...? What did you say? You said too many things at once." The commander said confused.


"Y-y-yessir" the commander said as he scrambled to get away.

The regiment moved out, moving through the trees towards where they thought the village was. After no more than five minutes of marching they came upon the village.

"You heard the Lieutenant-Colonel, plunder this village, kill any soldiers in your way."

The soldiers ran through the village, plundering it. They met no resistance, the village was nothing but women and children due to all the men were either killed minutes before, or they were drafted into the Din army.

"Ah!" one of the soldier screamed stumbling backwards. More soldiers ran to assist him what they found was a young man sitting down, leaning against of one of the huts.

"Ulmgor's orders, we kill all able bodied men so they can't be put against us." One of the soldiers told the others.

"You guys are outmatched, you should leave now, I wouldn't want to hurt you." The man told them defiantly

"You hurt us?!? Ahahahah" all of the soldiers began laughing.

"Look around you, everyone in this village is a woman or a child. Leave right now, and I won't have to kill you." He told them again.

"Enough talk, let's kill him." A soldier said getting serious. The soldier then began charging at the man. The man got up, and in one swift move, kicked the soldier in the head. The soldier was sent flying into the other soldiers, his face cut open and bloody.

"Why you!" another soldier yelled, he only got a few steps before being kicked in the stomach.

"Wait you fools! Retreat back to the Lieutenant-Colonel, he can take care of this pest!" the commander from earlier said with a sly smile. The soldiers ran away tail between their legs. The man decided to follow them so none of the villagers would get hurt. Only one of the villagers followed him....

The cowardly soldiers ran through the trees, back the way they came, pursued by their enemy. When they came into a clearing they saw their small camp. Ulmgor was sitting on the ground almost in a trance, he had white hair tan skin and he was wearing a yellow and black vest and black pants. Around his wrist was a band made of rock.

"Lieutenant-Colonel!" The commander yelled. Ulmgor opened his eyes rather annoyed at the commander. "We have... a problem." He said shaking in fear.

"Commander, tell me something, why is it every time you idiots run into something you can't handle such as a village full of women and children I have to bail your asses out? It's rather annoying going through this all the time, so tell me what the problem is before I decide to kill you!" Ulmgor sounded pisssed.

"Well..." the commander was kicked in the back before he was able to finish. The other soldiers around him scattered and hid within the forest of trees.

"Oh that's the problem, how pathetic, my soldiers are in need of strict discipline" Ulmgor smiled "EARTH CANNON!" he yelled. Suddenly a cannon made of rock sprung up from the ground. "I'll make this quick" the cannon fired, a rock hurdled out of the cannon. The man simply jumped over the cannonball (also made of rock).

"If that's all you've got then I'm going to go ahead and finish this." The man said. He then pulled out the hilt of a sword.

"You're going to kill me with a hilt?" Ulmgor began to laugh. His laughter was cut short when out of the hilt emerged a glowing blue blade. The blade was curved like a katana.

"...You... you have that sword too?" Ulmgor said scared.

"So you know of someone else with a sword like this? Tell me his name." the man said with a glare. Ulmgor didn't answer, instead five more cannons sprang out of the ground and all six opened fire on him. The man leapt in the air over all the cannonballs and also managed to close the distance between them. As a last ditch effort the rock band on Ulmgor's arm materialized into a hand cannon and fired it upwards at the incoming man. The man stabbed through the rock cannonball spun around 360 degrees and hit Ulmgor in the face with his own cannonball. The ball shattered on his face, sending him flying. Ulmgor stood up the left side of his face was oozing blood and had bits of jagged rock sticking into it.

"Now tell me, do you know of anyone named Siln? Tell me right now!" the man yelled, but remained completely calm. He began approaching Ulmgor. Knowing he couldn't betray the empire he did the one thing he could think of.

"ESCAPE CANNON!" he yelled out. The man was almost close enough to kill Ulmgor, but suddenly a cannon sprung up from the earth around him. "FIRE" Ulmgor yelled out, the cannon obeyed. Ulmgor was shot over the horizon.

"Damn it, he knew something too!" The man yelled out in anger. He suddenly noticed the presence of someone else. "Show yourself! Friend or foe?" A girl came out from where she was hiding; she was about the same age as he was from what he could tell.

"Would you... would you teach me how to fight like that?" she asked.

"No." he responded "I'm on a mission, and I can't afford to be held down by training. Sorry but you'll have to seek help elsewhere." He said.

"Could I at least tag along and learn by watching?" she asked.

"I can't allow that to happen, I'm going to kill my brother, and he's a very powerful person. I can't allow anyone else to interfere. But you can help, do you know anyone named Siln?" he asked with a stoic expression on his face.

"No, I've never heard of anyone like that" she responded "but could you at least tell me your name?"

"My name..." he said " Canth."


Thanks for reading, I hope to post more episodes soon (at least on a weekly basis) so keep coming back to read more :D.

Be sure to read my other story: Age of Psychics.

Special thanks to: Adrian H. Grepe and Steven Tang for helping me with some of the names.

Thank you for reading!
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