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Separation Anxiety.

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In this sequel, Brendon and Chelsea's relationship will be tested in a much harsher way then ever. They will face drama to the extreme, temptation, and heart break...can they over come it?

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So don't expect another update until probably Saturday afternoon sometime. I'm going to visit my brother in Joplin so I won't be writing. Have a great weekend!!!

Brendon spent the morning in the studio writing songs with Ryan and Spencer while Jon sat in the middle of the table on speaker. Needless to say, Brendon was having some major separation anxieties from his son who, under normal circumstances was the reason it took them six months to write a song...he loved being in the recording studio.

'What is your deal today?' Ryan complained.

'Ryan be nice to him, he's having separation anxieties.' Spencer laughed.

'Shut up. He shouldn't be going to school yet, he's too young.' Brendon mumbled as he wrote down some chords.

'Better get use to it, he's going to be in school for a long time; besides, now we can get some work done.'

'We got work done before.' Brendon defended.

'No, the three of us got work done, you played with BT.' Ryan said bitterly.

'Do you not like him?' Brendon asked with a saddened look.

'What?' Ryan asked.

'Do you not like my son? You're always so bitter towards him.'

'Liking him has nothing to do with it.'

'Are you sure because I don't think you like him very much.'

'Brendon you're being ridiculous.' Spencer said.

'I just think that maybe you're a little young to be married with a child. Chelsea isn't even out of school yet and you two already have a family.'

'Thomas was an accident but that doesn't mean he isn't our son. He's a part of my life, a huge part of my life; you're going to have to get use to this Ry.'

'I know I know it's just going to take me a while.'

'But we're cool?' Brendon asked.

'Of course, you're Brendon and I'm Ryan, we're like Macaroni and Cheese.' Ryan laughed.

'Hey it works. Speaking of which, I'm hungry.' Brendon said leaning back and rubbing his stomach.

'Me too, definitely almost lunch time.' Ryan said.

'What time is it?' Brendon asked frantically.

'Uhh about 12:15, why?' Spencer asked.

'Shit!' Brendon said frantically standing up and grabbing his phone and keys, 'I'm supposed to pick Thomas up at 12:30 across town.'

Brendon ran to his car while trying to listen to the voice mail his honey left him.
'Hey babe, it's me, don't forget to pick Thomas up at 12:30. Love you talk to you soon.' Chelsea's voice ran out.

'Yeah yeah I know.' He said as he threw the car in reverse and floored it.

Brendon strolled into Thomas' school at 12:31, luckily for him; most of the kids were still there as Brendon walked into the class to see Thomas sitting in a chair with his bottle in his mouth while Karen sat next to him talking to a tall blond with a little girl in her arms.

Brendon smiled as he walked over to his son; Thomas looked up at his dad and smiled one of the biggest smiles Brendon had ever seen. 'Hey buddy.' Brendon smiled picking his son up out of the chair, 'I missed you so much.' Thomas laid his head down on his dad's shoulder while Brendon smiled placing a hand on the back of his head, 'How was he?'

'He was great for the first day. He was a little upset for a while after you left but as soon as we started playing he warmed up to us.' Karen smiled.

'Good, I hope he wasn't too much of a hand full for you.'

'Of course not, but he is tired.' She smiled.

'We'll go home and lay you down before mommy gets home.' Brendon cooed to him.

'We'll see you tomorrow Brendon.'

'Thanks Karen.' Brendon smiled picking up Thomas' bag and carrying him outside.

'Bye Brendon.' She smiled as the blond followed him outside.

'Did you have fun today little man? Mommy will be so excited to see you.' Brendon smiled kissing the top of his head.

'How old is he?' the blond woman asked as she put her daughter into the car parked next to Brendon.

'Nine months.' Brendon said absentmindedly as he bucked Thomas' car seat into his SUV.

'He's very cute. He looks just like you.' She winked.

'Thanks.' Brendon said as the woman flirted with him. Brendon walked around the other side of the car and got in, 'Talk to you later.' He smiled before shutting the door and starting on his way to meet the boys.


'How was he today?' Chelsea asked as Brendon lay on the couch, minus a shirt but with a nine month old baby asleep against his chest.

'He was okay. Karen said he calmed down a few minutes after we left.' Brendon whispered.

'That's good. He's pretty tired.' Chelsea said sitting down on the bottom of the couch. Brendon looked over at her as she looked down at their son.

'I love you.' He whispered caressing her cheek. Chelsea looked up at him as a smile formed on her perfect lips.

'I love you.' She whispered in the same tone before gently pressing her lips to his.

'Let's have another baby.' Brendon said.


'Let's have another baby; that way they are both close together in age and because Thomas is growing up and he's not our baby anymore. He's getting big.'

'Honey you really aren't taking him going to school well.'

'Chelsea, it has nothing to do with him going to school. I just don't want him to grow up.'

'Baby, he's going to have to grow up sometime.'

'I know but I'm not ready for it yet.'

'18 months, when he turns 18 months we can start trying for another one.'

'18 months, I can deal with that.'

'Alright, go put him in his head and I'll cuddle you.'

'Okay.' Brendon said reluctantly getting up and taking his son into his bedroom.

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