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Chapter 4

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Jedi Apprentice story AU ObiWan first step as a Jedi, his first adventure a and first meeting with QuiGon Jinn.

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Chapter 4

Qui-Gon Jinn walked in the coc-pit his blue-grey eyes met with the small boy's gaze. He laced down his mask so the youngling could see his face.

"My name is Master Qui-Gon Jinn, what's yours boy?" this sentence came out harsher then he wanted, he saw when the boy flinched at his voice.

"Obi Wan Kenobi, sir." came the answer timidly.

"Look Obi-Wan, I don't know how you ended up in my ship" he saw the boy, Obi Wan open his mouth to answer him, but he continued before the boy could voice his explanation. "And did not even concern me at the moment, but you need to understand this is an undercover mission which could easily lead one or both of us death." Obi Wan paled significantly at his words, maybe he should not said so much, but he was not too good with children, particularly not so young.

"I understand."

"Good. We play father-son for now, they think it's true I don't see any problem if we let them in their belief. You stuck close to me and do exactly what I tell you."

"Yes Master Jinn." Quin-Gon groaned, Kenobi hurriedly corrected himself. "Yes, Father."

"Good boy." Jinn could not help but sight it will be a long, very long mission.


Obi Wan watched the Jedi as they walked down together of the ship's ramp, he understood the danger they were and the importance of the missions could be, but it was a bit frightening and exiting the same time as well. He never stepped outside the Temple's protective walls. He did not want to disappoint the Master, but he managed anyway. He swore he will do better.

Of course his promise was soon forgotten when this new and exotic place fully showed itself the first time. The Force swirled around everything and everyone, the people's aura on the street was hundred if not thousand different shadow. There were hundred different race, animals he never saw before, aircrafts zoomed only meters from him.

A tingly in the Force slowed him down to look around, it was familiar and strange time, it called him and pushed him away the same. It confused Obi Wan, he ran his hand thought his short hair, making it stood up all over. He shocked his head and looked toward Master Jinn, just the Jedi was not there.

He lost the Jedi Master, his hart raced, his eyes filled up with tears, he was lost. But how the big Jedi was just a few feet away for him , and he did not even stopped just slowed down a bit, but the Master vanished and left him here. 'Damn it Obi Wan don't panic it won't do any good.' He schooled himself. He bit his lip, looked around and thought. He saw a window steel which was height enough for him to see over the peoples' head who traveled on the street, he hoped he would be able to see the Jedi.

He ran over to it and climbed in the window steel. He looked around, but all for nothing The man just disappeared. 'Where is he, the man should be here somewhere, he is so tall' thought desperately Obi Wan, he was so sure he will see the tall Master in the coward.

He was so engrossed in his searched he did not felt as a present closed up to him until it was too late, and hands grabbed him from behind. He yelped out in surprise.


Qui-Goon jerked back in surprise, he felt like someone slapped him, a yelp echoed thought his mind. He looked behind him and he felt his hart stop for a moment. The boy was gone. What Jedi Master was he if he did not even noticed if the boy in his care went missing.

It just now occurred to him he did not even felt the boy present on the ship, how far he fallen from the Jedi road. But it was not the right time to thought about it, he felt the Force nudged him to hurry to the boy. He rushed back toward where he came from and hoped he will find his boy.


The dark haired man jerked back he felt someone slapped him, a yelp echoed in his mind, he did not knew but he felt exactly like his old Master at the moment who was only two street away from him.

Xanatos searched with his mind for the source of his uneasiness, he felt the Force washed over him, jarred his against his shields. It was the same feeling he got not an hour ago, when he was in the palace. But he could not tell what was it, and he could not go against its call and some strange reason he did not even want.

He pulled the Force at him and opened up to it, he felt the resonance I the Force and started to follow it, without noticing his road lead him toward the spaceport.
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