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Naruto sleepover

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The girls have a sleep over what the hell will happen...

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Megumi chan was bored one day, so she decided to hold a sleepover for all her ninja friends! Ino, Tenten, Sakura, and Hinata were all invited! Yea! They all seemed a little surprised; none of them had done anything so...normal before. When they weren't doing what shinobis did, they were....fighting, or killing someone, or something else. But Megumi chan had just started training to be a ninja, and had had a normal childhood (unlike...any of the other characters in naruto), thriving in the art of slumberparties. She had everything ready-pillows, popcorn, flashlights, random junk-yea!!!!

People started to arrive-Ino with her hair in an elegant ponytail, and Sakura with her peach coloured hair flowing to her shoulders. Hinata let her indigo hair fall over her back. Only Tenten kept hers up, not looking thrilled at the feminine concept of sleepovers. Wow-Megumichan thought-they're all so pretty! I'd bet they all have boyfriends....Lucky...She hung her head.

They unfirled their sleeping bags, and looked around. Wow-this was full blown. A disco ball was running-along with absolutely adorable j-pop music (ino couldn't help but start dancing)-popcorn and cake (hinata eyed)-countless Dvds, a big plasma tv (Tenten eyed), and loads of pillows. LOADS> Megumichan smiled. "What do you wanna do first?" she asked, smiling. Hinata was in awe. She'd never been at a sleepover. Tenten didn't care. She'd never been at a sleepover.

" you do at sleepovers, Megumi-chan?" HInata asked, poking her fingers together.

Megumi laughed, making a chill run through HInata's spine. "What do you NOT do at sleepovers?" HInata drooped her head as though she had done somethng wrong.

"I brought nail polish!" Sakura cried. Tenten twitched. "I say we give Tenten a makeover!" Tenten glared in an eeriely Neji fashion. "NO."

Megumi chan shouted. "I'LL HOLD HER DOWN~!!!!" Tenten screamed in disapproval, but she lost. Ino grabbed some puppy pink nail polish, and sakura the ruby red lipstick.

"Neji'll like this!" Hinata smiled, completely innocent-yet not. Tenten got just as red as the lipgloss.


HInata smiled. "I live with him-remember? I know all when it comes to Neji..." an eveil glint passed over her eyes, scaring Tenten. Megumichan smiled as she pulled Tenten's hair out of its signature buns.

"WHAT-" Tenten froze, "ARE YOU DOING?"

"We're gonna make your hair all Snazzy!" Megumichan replied simply, grabbing a straightening iron.

An hour passed-and Tenten looked no longer like Tenten. She looked in teh mirror in disbelief, and Ino and Sakura gave a high five. They did the impossible. They made Tenten look like a girl! Yea!!!!


Next, Tenten decided that they would have a pillow fight. It seemed right that her forte could go next, to compensate for the degregation she had just faced. She grabbed a pillow, but not before Megumicahn whacked her upside the head.

"You may be the mistress of shurikens, but you can't beat me with pillows!!!!!!" Megumichan threw five in Tenten's direction. All hitting target.

HInata reluctantly got one, lamely throwing it at Ino. Ino caught it, and swung it at Sakura, making feathers fly through teh air. Hinata stood there, defeated, until Tenten whacked her from behind.

"That's for what you said about me and Neji!" she shrieked.

Hinata then gave a pout, grabbing a huge pillow, banging the side of Tenten's head. After five minutes, there were no more pillows to fight with, so Megumichan brought out the sillystring. None of the girls had seen this before, so they poked it oddly.

"I say we go raid Naruto's with sillystring!" Hinata dropped her can. "I heard he was throwing some sort of party...thing," megumichan continued. "It'll be great!"

Ino and Sakura agreed, and Tenten decided it was worth a shot if she could bring some shuriken...just in case...Only HInata stood frozen, thinking "Naruto kun's house...."


The five girls held cans in their arms (there was a sale at KB Toys), sneaking up to the window of Naruto's apartment. Megumi let out an evil chuckle. Hinata looked at the ground which was now rather interesting in her mind. Tenten looked into the window-seeing Naruto, Shikamaru, Lee, Neji, and Kiba watching some movie-Naruto shouting "BELIEVE IT!" after a few minutes. Neji threw the popcorn bowl at his head.

"Ready..." Megumichan counted off, slowly prying the window open, no guys noticing.


Akamaru turned his head.


Hinata got red, but lamely held the can in position.

"SAN!" Megumichan belted out as she flew the window open, and jumped in with Tenten. The guys all turned. It was too late. Silly string flew-first into Naruto's mouth. Akamaru started barking, running towards Megumichan. But Tenten hit Akamaru with fluorescent orange string. "ORANGE!" lee belted out, and Sakura hit him with light pink string. Neji sat there, thinking this was very stupid. Very stupid. But Tenten hit him with the fluorescent orange string next, wrapping it around him. Then Hinata came with dark blue string, madly spraying her cousin, and enjoying it. Neji was soon one mass of silly string.

Naruto liked this sudden change of mood, and grabbed Hinata from behind, stealing one of her silly string cans. HInata blushed, liking this moment, but Megumichan shouted, "NO! DONT LET THE ENEMY GET ANY!!!!" So reluctantly, Hinata turned around and sprayed Naruto in his hair.

"This is very youthful..." lee said enthusiastically, until more pink string hit him-all over his green jump suit.

"What a drag..." Shikamaru muttered as Ino spun around him, yellow string spraying him. Megumichan's purple string dangled from Akamaru and Kiba's hood. He looked cuter that way, Megumichan reasoned.

The pandemonium lasted for a good long time-until Hinata's last silly string ran out-dangling all over Naruto's bright ORANGE! o__O suit.


Megumi hadn't thought this far ahead. "Hehehe-sorry about that," she lamely said, as she headed for the window.

"Oh-no you don't" the guys came with pillows (and Neji with the popcorn bowl).

"YES! JUST IN CASE!" Tenten grabbed her shuriken and threw it above Neji's head. The pandimonium continued on. YEA! ~~~ Naruto found some random junk to throw, and Shikamaru threw Akamaru (NO! Kiba shouted WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!).

Hinata hit Naruto in the arm, and when he shouted OWW! she suddenly retreated, guilt spreading through her.

Tenten went insane, throwing things at the guys, eventually pinning Neji to the wall with his long hair. She started to laugh. She had wanted to do that for a while. Neji wasn't amused, and threw the popcorn bowl at her.

Once again, the pandemonium died down. Naruto sighed. "That was FUN!" he shouted, the girls sighed in annoyance. "You should do that again sometime!" Neji strangled him, shouting "SHUTUP!"

"That...would miss the point of surprising..." Ino muttered, still shocked at how stupid Naruto was.

"oh ya!" Naruto surprised at his own stupidity.

Megumichan jumped out the window, hoping to sneak away, but Kiba grabbed her arm, which made her get very red in the face.

"Do you want to finish this movie?" Naruto innocently asked. The girls shrugged-heck-why not? It was a stupid movie. Something about this guy named Napolean Dynamite (who Naruto apparently admired-) and something about a Ligar (that interested Kiba...), and Neji was about to jump out the now open window.

"Well..." megumichan muttered. "That was not at all what I expected..." But she enjoyed the movie, especially seeing lee put his arm around Sakura; that made her day.

The girls eventually escaped, and ran back to Megumichan's house. Naruto looked confused, but shook it off. Now, his living room was coated in sillystring, broken crap, and Akamaru on his side, Kiba freaking out. "Oh well!" Naruto said lamely.


Back at Megumi-chan's Everyone lined up their sleeping bags and crept in. Megumi-chan filled the room with pretty candles of DOOM-and held flashlights in hand. In case it wasn't bright enough already.

"TRUTH OR DARE!" Megumi-chan offered. Hinata looked reluctant, but Ino and Sakura seriously liked this idea.

"Ok-who should go first...." Sakura spun her finger around, then aimed at Tenten-the victim of the day. "TENTEN! Truth or DARE!"

"Dare, duh," Tenten muttered, thinking it would probably be something like "spin around twenty times" or something stupid like that.

"I dare you to...Hinata! Think of something!" the blue head rose in surprise.

"Hm...Well..." Hinata had an idea, but it was a little hard to do here. "I have an idea but..."

"WHAT?!" Ino and Sakura looked intently interested, and Hinata whispered her idea. Ino and Sakura loved it. Megumichan felt left out. It was probably because her second bff was Tenten. So yep.

"We dare you..." Ino looked slyly at Tenten, who was bored. "TO KISS NEJI!"

"WHA-" Tenten froze, very disturbed by this. Her face was white, and she looked around, hoping Megumichan would object... "How am I supposed to-"

"Simple-we sneak over to his house! It's Hinata's house too-so we can just say that we're getting her another pillow or something-especially since we killed all our other pillows..." Megumichan reasoned, looking forward to seeing one of her Best Friends kiss her Best Friend's cousin.

"NO!" Tenten refused, frozen in her sleeping bag.

"Come on, Tentenchan -mistress of knives!" Sakura added with a too sweet tone.

"NO! I refuse to!!!"

"Wait-" HInata added, liking this, "We need to redo her make up if we're gonna pull this off-"

"YA!" Sakura and Ino attacked Tenten with lipgloss, and curled her hair, and put all sorts of blush and crap (that pegleg can't name...) on. Tenten looked even better than before.

"LETS GO!" Sakura grabbed Tenten's hand, and dragged her out.

They ran down the street like maniacs, Tenten dragging behind. She did not like this at all.

"PErfect!" Hinata whispered. "There he is!!!!" she pointed at her older cousin, who was walking inside. "Hurry!"

Ino shouted "HEY NEJI!" really loudly from behind a tree, making him turn. He didn't feel like using his byakugan.

Sakura then thrust Tenten out of nowhere, making her run into Neji. Neji got very red, wondering what the crap was going on.

"I'm supposed to be....getting more pillows....for the sleepover," Tenten said lamely, obviously not interested, and knew that Neji was not either. Hinata scowled, and Neji noticed her from behind a tree.

"Hinata-san?!" Neji asked, then looked at Tenten, then his cousin. HInata came up from behind him and hit his head, which conveniently hit Tenten's lips-and yah-they were kissing. (Dont ask pegleg how this works...) Everyone stared at HInata, who was greatly enjoying seeing her cousin kiss her friend. "YEA!"

Megumichan wolf-whistled, and that was it for neji. He stopped, then hit Megumichan with some lawn gnome. Tenten was very red, and Neji looked at her again, noticing now that her hair was out-and that she looked really pretty...

Sakura and Ino ran into the house to grab more pillows from Hinata's room, while Hinata just smiled brightly, telling Neji, "I've been waiting to see you two-"

"WHAT?!" Neji glared at his cousin. Tenten was surprised too. HInata's timidity began to seap back in, but she said nothing.


"So will you kiss her again?" Hinata asked, making Megumicahn laugh, even though she had fractured parts of lawn gnomes in her hair.


Neji shrugged. Why not? So he gave Tenten another kiss, and she got totally red across the face. Since when had Neji been like this?!

Ino and Sakura ran back out, arms stuffed with pillows, which they dropped when they saw Tenten still in Neji's arms. "Wow..." they both muttered.

"Let's leave them here!" Megumichan suggested, as the four ran back to the house. It took a few minutes for Tenten to notice this, when she broke from Neji and looked back at the tree.

"...Where'd they go?" Tenten asked, knowing Neji could figure out.

"They're back at Megumi's..." Neji replied, uninterested in anything but Tenten's dark umber eyes.

"..." Tenten looked at him oddly, wondering why the heck he was looking at her like this.

"..." Neji got red, realizing that Tenten noticed.

"I probably should...get back," Tenten said reluctantly.

"N...." Neji muttered, walking back into the house.

"I'll see you later--Neji--" Tenten stuttered, blushing. Neji turned to face her, then nodded, walking back in.

She fumed back to the basement, where the four girls were laughing, Megumichan showing off some instant pictures she took of Tenten with Neji. "YES!"


" every time..." Megumichan muttered to herself as Shino hurried back to his bedroom. "But-we can't torture Shino forever-so we probably should try to go to sleep..." she had to admit that she had a soft spot for being nice to her brother, even if he was a chocolate addict and a bug collecting nerd. And he hated her hugs. ¢¾


As they walked to the living room, Sakura treid a new tactic on Ino."Then-" Sakura tried again, "I dare you to tell us your feelings for SHIKA!!!!!!!"

....o___O "Ok," Ino said simply. It didn't bother her. Sakura looked defeated. "He's Ok-I've always liked his smile, though ^_^!"

...o___O "I wish I was that open about Naru-" HInata stopped. o___O all eyes on her.

"Well then, HInata chan-tell us about Narutokun! Enlighten me, since I don't know him at all!!!" Ino said, enjoying this again. Sakura looked agape, not getting Ino, but rather, making Hinata sad now....

"Well-well" HInata stuttered. It wouldn't hurt to tell them, right? she mused. "He's really determined.........and he's really... nice," Tenten almost gagged. Megumichan smiled. Hinata had told her a year ago about her love for Naruto-but it was cute to see Her BFF explain it. She thought they were a cute couple.

"Can't we talk about something vaguely interesting?" Tenten asked dully, "Like kinds of knives or something????"

..."You sound a lot like Neji!" Hinata added, smiling naively.

">?!" Tenten turned around, getting ticked off. "TOO MUCH ROMANCE!! CAN"T>.....PROCESSSSSSS>>>>>>>" >
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