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WHat happens next!!>??? so sorry it took soo longg

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Jay - Music, hey

Music - hey stripes wat up?

Jay - o well...

Jay couldn't confirm if Musicluver was ACTUALLY Theresa. He didn't know what to say (type I mean)

Music - anything wrong?

Jay - not...realyyy

Music - well, spill.

Jay - I can't really do that

Music - why not?

Jay - I can't spill anything anymore...some things are just uneven

Music - wat do u mean?

Jay - er, forget it

Music - lol seriously what???

Jay - honestly just something troubling me but it's nothing serious

Music - :D ok

Jay - do-

Odie with Archie behind him slammed open the door.

"Heard of privacy much?" Jay asked.

"I tend to avoid it." Archie replied, he plopped next to Jay.

"I really wonder if it's her..." Jay starred annoyingly at screen.

"Well..." Archie gave the spark in the blue eyes towards Odie.

"Nuh uhhh, not any more schemes!!!" Odie backed away.

"Just ask Theresa for like...a pen or something she IS in her room..." Archie gave a good answer.

"Fine. But guys you really DO owe me." Odie walked out the door.

Archie nodded with a big smile.

Archie and Jay watched the chat window to spot any suspisions.

Music - Stripes???

said the last message of Music luver's.

Odie paused infront of the wooden door.

And his brown knuckles tapped the brown wood lightly.

He heard the faint tiny footsteps of Theresa's feet fall out of her desk or either her bed as she answered the door.

Her golden strands of hair swung by with a bright smile.

"Hey Odie." she said cheerily.

"Hey Theresa."

"What's up?"

"I was wondering...", He stratched the back of his neck.

"Can I borrow your CD?"

"Sure...which one did you have in mind?"

"Oh...well..." Odie never listened to what his friends listened to usually...he tried to think of one of the names they mentioned before.

"That guy...Fergie?"

Theresa giggled a bit.

"You mean girl."

Odie's fragile cheeks turned brown to pink.

"Yeah, sorry I was mixing HER up with that other know...Ferkie???"

"Yeah...whoever he is...never heard of him, but sure come right in Odie." She opened her door wider.

His eyes trailed toward her computer he moved towards the dsk to get a better look as Theresa searched through her pile of CD's.

The screen had 5 windows. The one open was a google search, one of her projects for school.

"I still can't believe Archie and JAY would order you to help hack into our computers..." Theresa took out a box.

"Uh yeah." He looked away from the screen.

"Yeah...sorry about that."

"It's okay Odie, I'm over it now, but I'm still mad at Archie of course."

But you could never get too mad at Jay Odie thought with a smile.

Theresa dropped a couple of things off her nighttable as Odie quickly checked through each window on her computer.

He minimized the google search and found a window, it was her Inbox in her MSN.

He saw a long list of Atlanta Hunter

Atlanta Hunter - Socials help!

Atlanta Hunter - Math Problems!

Atlanta Hunter - Can't survive!


Atlanta Hunter - Crazy teacher


Odie snickered.

The next window contained a site, called Ficwad, she was doing a story in the Pirates of the Caribbean category. Theresa did love that movie, especially Orlando Bloom.

Odie rolled his eyes.

Theresa stood up.

Odie clicked the google bar and put on the ost innocent look as possible.

Theresa turned her head a bit and smiled.

"What?" She laughed.

"Nothing." He smiled.

"I think it's in this box." Theresa flipped through the CD's.

Odie payed his attention on teh computer again.

he read the bars...Google, Hotmail, Ficwad... Lululemon...what was that?

Odie clicked it.

Oh of her clothing stores, didn't want that.

Oh...what's that... People's-

"Here we go." Theresa took the CD out of the box.

Odie almost tripped over her office chair.

Theresa giggled once more.

"Here you go Odie."

"Thanks Theresa for the...Fer...nie Cd." He basically ran out of there.

"Well...!!!" Jay and Archie were all over him.

"I couldn't find out what that last window was!!!...sorry guys."

The two boys leaned to the side hands on hip.

"What's that?" Archie pointed to the object in Odie's hand.

"Oh, this, it's the Fer...Ferry Cd I asked to borrow from Theresa, you know to distract her."

"Oh...can I see?" Archie put his hand out.

Odie handed it to him.

"uhh, haha, it's Fregie Odie."

"Right, knew that!"

"Hey she pretty hot..." Archie said.

Jay rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, ok Arch." He studied the computer screen.

The last message was:

Musicluver - Hello???

He eyed it carefully, with his full obsession over Theresa, this really bugged him.
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