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Dawned day

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About Inuyasha finding out he has a sister. When his sister starts traveling with them she falls in love with Inuyasha's rival, Kouga.

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of these Characters, except for Hara Emi, and maybe a few more I make up along the way.

I was sitting by the river one lovely spring morning when I heard all the young girls from the lake houses come by whispering to each other about the new arrivals. We were always getting new arrivals, but there was something special about these visitors. I could tell there was something about these new visitors I could smell it on them, especially one of them. He had the scent of something I miss, and longed for.

I knew I was different from everyone in the village but they looked after me because it was my mothers last will. Its not like they hated me, but the people did leave me out of certain things. I wasn't aloud to play certain things with the other children when growing up. All the adults were afraid that my strength might have hurt the other kids. Some of the kids would make fun of my looks, and I would silently cry to myself every night. I lived with a kind woman. Her name was Hasegawa Kumiko, I loved her like any child would love their mother. She was getting old as the years passed and was now 75. She loved me as if I was her own child, and I loved her even more for that. When I would cry myself to sleep at night, she would come in and make me feel a lot better, until something else got me upset.

I got up from my sitting spot on the rock near the river. I followed the group of girls from a distance. I was light on my feet and I could sneak up on anyone. I was also known as a demon. The strangers scent beckoned me to follow. The group of girls were finally upon the newcomers and blocking my view. I stood by one of the cherry blossom trees staring and overhearing the conversation with group and the newcomers. It was a little strange. One of the newcomers was asking all the girls around him if they would bare his child, some of them not surprisingly said yes. Then there was a loud blow, and dust was all around the group. A little fox demon came out of the dust first, shaking his little cute head and laughing. Next a strange looking girl with a weird looking apparel on, that wasn't very modest. Next a demon hunter came out. I held my breath, maybe she had came to hunt me down. Maybe the towns people had gotten sick and tired of me and wanted to be rid of me from now until forever. Maybe Hasegawa didn't really love me like I always believed. All this now coming out into the air really started my anger. My fingernails grew longer. My doggy ears were up in attention, white hair long and blowing carelessly into the wind. I walked over to the group emerging from the dust one by measly one. I was almost upon them when the last one to emerge looked just like me, except he was male. My breath caught in my lungs. He was wearing red clothes and he was barefoot, long white hair, and doggy ears. I couldn't believe there was someone else who looked like me.

He looked over at me. I began to breathe slowly. His eyes grew big. The girl who was dressed weirdly looked at him then me and a weird expression came over her face as she continually looked back and forth at us, until she pieced the puzzle together. "Oh Inuyasha! You have a sister, you never told us about!" The other in her group looked towards me and more weird expressions came. The villagers came to gather around as well. I turned around and ran back to Haseqawa's hut. The one that looked like me I could tell was following me. I hid in my room while he and Hasa were talking.

" Hara dear, I believe you should come out now." I didn't answer. I didn't need to, because she knew I wouldn't. A few hours later everything had quieted down, I slowly left the room. The hut was filled with the group that I didn't want to meet. They were all sleeping, but one was missing from the group. I walked around the bodies on the floor, and out the door.

"So your finally over your surprise. I didn't even know I had a sister, I knew I had a brother, but now a sister. Are you a half sister, or whole sister?" he asked quickly.

"I don't know." I said quietly. He was looking my way sitting on the ground near a watering pot.

"Well I've talked with Hasegawa, and I've made it clear that you're coming with me when I leave." I looked at him stunned that my whole world could change in a matter of moments.
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