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Waiting to cross by the river, a wolf is noticed and the group gets a lot interesting.

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Chapter 4: Yers

We were resting by a river a couple of days later. Elkas hadn't said a word since last he had talked. I made a deck of cards from the pages of my diary, and Steven and I would play go fish or war when we stopped on our occasional breaks. This day was weird, yeah every day was weird here, but this one felt more so. Right in the middle of our fish game I saw something in the shadows moving. "Elkas..." I said slowly. "I think ther-" Something moving fast came forward to attack me. Steven saw it and jumped in front of me. It was a wolf! The wolf snarled a warning at Steven and Elkas. I stood up slowly and the wolf started running towards me. I screamed and started running in the other direction. The wolf chasing me was right behind me. Me, being clumsy, tripped over a log that came out of no where! The wolf turned me over and showed his bloody red teeth, while drool fell from his mouth. Suddenly his tail began to wag, just like a puppy dogs, and he started licking my face. I heard feet running towards me and the wolf. Steven had a stick and was about to club the wolf in the head. "Wait!!" I screamed. The wolf backed away and raised his head questionably.

Then he saw Steven with the stick and growled warningly. "She's mine to guard, so leave her be!" I looked at Steven and Elkas. I couldn't believe one of them had said that!

"Excuse me?" I said. They both looked my way as if I had lost my mind. "I can protect myself thank you. I need no help from either of you! And!! I am no object to handle!!" With that being said, I went back to the camp and sat by the water. The wolf came up to sit beside me. "What do you want?" I asked knowing he wouldn't answer.

"I want to be your guard, your companion, and most of all your mate!!" the wolf said seriously. I looked at the wolf like I had lost my mind. Elkas and Steven were back in camp by now.

"Steven." I said calmly. "Could I ask you something, with you thinking me weird?"

"Sure, though that is hard.." he said with a little laugh.

"Did the wolf just talk?" As I asked the question he started to look weirdly at me.

"He barked, if that's talking." he said.

"The 'wolf' as you put it, is able to talk, only a select few are able to hear. Those that are able to hear, he protects. Elkas said

"Elkas is right!" the wolf said. "My name, by the way, is Yers, I'm 21 in dog years, and 3 in human, but for you I'll be 21!" he said with a wolf smile. "Oh, look what I can do!" Within a second he had turned from a wolf into a naked man!

"Oh my." I said. My jaw dropped as I looked over his perfect human form. From his shaggy jet black hair, to his feet. He had the darkest set of blue eyes, the kind you could drown in. Steven looked over at us then ran over to put a blanket over Yers.

"Hey!" Yers said. "I'm not shy!" He thru the blanket off him and sat down across from me.

"Well some eyes," Steven said as he looked pointedly at me, "Aren't to keen at looking at nude guys, so cover up."

"Are you jealous? I think you are! Afraid of some competition!?" Yers said with a bright smile.

"Competition??" Steven asked, "Competition for what?" He asked quizzically.

"For this beautiful young lady!" Yers said excitedly. He got up and walked around a tree. When he walked fully around the tree and was seeable again, he was wearing flimsy pants and a shirt, something like on Romeo and Juliet. "Tada!!" He said holding his hands up and turning around. "Well you didn't answer my questions, so I believe we have a competition on our hands! The first to kiss, yes I said kiss!! this beautiful lady wins! What does he get you ask? Well he gets the lady!!"

"My name is Jade." I said slowly.

"Jade! My beautiful female, may I have a kiss from you?"

I laughed. "Hmm. Let me think." I took a side glance at Steven, he didn't look like he cared. "Okay."

"What?! You're seriously going to let that flea bitten dog kiss you? You don't even know him! I hope you don't go around kissing random strangers all the time at home!" Steven said loudly. I stood up slowly, walked over to Steven and slapped him. Then stormed away to the other side of the camp. I heard Steven and Yers yelling at each other. I pulled my diary out of my backpack and started writing.

Dear Diary,

Today I met an exciting young, wolf-man. I bet he could bring happiness to any ones sour day. He wanted me to kiss him lol (laugh out loud). I would soo have too, if Steven hadn't interrupted. He's always spoiling things...

I stopped when I heard someone coming near. It was Elkas. He sat down and stared into the forest, opposite of the river, with me. "Looks as if we have a new companion now." he said. I nodded my head in agreement. "What is that book of yours?" he asked looking at my diary.

"Oh, this old thing?" I asked. "It's a diary. Back where I live most young girls have one. They write about what goes on, who they love, hate. Stuff like that." I answered.

"Oh, yes I understand now. It conveys ones feelings into a book."

"Yes, something like that." I said laughing. I turned around looking at our new companion and Steven. Steven was making food, and Yers was making a big bed for hemself on the other side of the camp near no one. "Where are we headed next?" I asked looking forward to something.

"In the morning we will be going across the river." I looked from him to the river, which didn't look to promising.

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