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Half the people on the world are different. You can tell by there invisible symbol on their head. Reanna has to find her mate out of thousands. She also has to deal with the animal inside of her.

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Chapter 1: Symbols.

"Alright, quiet down now. We're ready to begin." said a tall tanned man standing in front of the crowd. A crowd with nearly twelve thousand sweaty bodies standing around waiting for him to go on with what he had to say. The crowd didn't look like it was going to quiet down any time soon so he started speaking anyways. All I could hear were bits and pieces of his speech. When the speaker mentioned symbols everyone in the crowd hushed. "Now when everyone is in a line don't push and shove. You will all get a turn. We have to find out who is what. When we separate you stay where you are! There are only 2 groups, so this wont take that long."

/Just great, tonight is going to take forever.../The crowd started to disperse as everyone chose a line to join. As I waited in the line for my turn I met many new people. A girl named Jessica was born in West Virginia. She has three bothers, four sisters, and lives with her mother and step father. Her mother and father broke up because of her father forging her mothers checks. Eventually her mother got over it and found a new husband, while her ex was in jail. Jessica has an assortment of animals in her life. The usually animals dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and than spiders, snakes, and squirrels on the side.

Everyone has powers, its only a few who notice the crowd here tonight noticed theirs. I knew her two life powers, foreseeing, and mind reading. By the time we got to the table in front of the line I knew her whole life story until that moment.

The men who were seated at the table in front of us scrounged through the papers for a clean sheet. They took our name, and age...basically all our information. "I'm going to hold this light up to your forehead to see what your sign is." The guy on the right said. As he held the light to my forehead he got this weird expression on his face. "Hmm. That's weird. Hey Leo come look at this." The other guy at the table came over to make the same face.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well it seems that you have both symbols on you...We have to go find the director." As they left the people in the crowd started grumbling that it was taking forever.

A few minutes later the guy who gave the speech came marching back with the table guys. "What's this about?" he said looking at me.

"It seems she has both symbols Lenso. What group do we put her in?" said the other table guy.

"We'll start another group, if there's one like her there will be others. She has to have a mate." said Lenso looking me over thoroughly. He led me to the center of two crowds. "There will undoubtfully be others here in a short while." He walked away soon after to help others with problems. Some people had already found their mates, with the guys leading the females to the separated tents scattered all over the grounds. I sat on the ground tired of standing for a long time with no other people in my group. I started thinking it might only be me in this...until a girl walked over towards me. She was a girl with straggly dirty blonde hair. She wore glasses and a school uniform as if she had come here straight from school. She looks as skinny as a stick and probably just as fragile as one too.

"Hello, I'm Sarah." she said shyly looking down.

"Hey I'm Reanne. Do you have two symbols also?" I asked.

"Yeah I thought I was the only one with it because of the big deal they were making of it!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean." I said to her knowingly. "I wonder if there are any more. I've been waiting here for hours and you've only just arrived and the crowds are clearing out...maybe we're one of those special know a lesbian couple." I suggested towards her.

Her eyes got wide as she sat down next to me. "You don't think fate would deal us such cards do you?"

"What? You wouldn't want to end up with me?" I asked teasingly. She smiled and looked away. Just as soon a guy walked up with dark hair that was to his shoulders. He was tanned, muscled and stood tall. With a white shirt, jeans and boots on he looked just about good enough to eat.

"Do you have two symbols?" Sarah and I asked at the same time.

"Yeah, I do, I suppose you have them too..." he said looking at us. We nodded as he sat down across from us inspecting us. I sat inspecting him in return. I felt a sexual pull toward him and the animal in me demanded to be let out to rip his clothes off and have my way with him right there and then. I looked up and saw that he had caught me looking at him and was smiling an arrogant smile. I rolled my eyes at him and noticed another guy standing behind him.

"Hello," I said staring at him. His blond hair cut short, blue shirt and jeans. He looked like a jock you'd see anywhere.

"I'm guessing we're the rejects of tonight..." he said slowly looking at each of us in turn. I decided right then that I didn't like him and hoped that he wasn't my mate.

"Well we have an even number. So do any of you feel pulled to anyone?" said Lenso who had walked over. I sure did feel a pull towards someone, but I wasn't going to be the first to say so.

"Both girls appeal to me." said the dark haired guy.

"How's about a test." Lenso said smiling.

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