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A Fighting Spirit

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While stuck in a hospital bed Ranma find out something freighting that sends the pigtailed Martial artist on a path of new techniques and, a new series of adventures.

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The Fighting Spirit

Chap 1

By: Platinum Man

Summary: While stuck in a hospital bed Ranma find out something freighting that sends the pigtailed Martial artist on a path of new techqniqes and, a new series of adventures.

"Hai" -Talking
Hai -Thinking



Everywhere he looked it was nothing but White!

It had to be a form of hell.

A hell that was completely white.

What was this hell you ask?

It was a hospital room.

Yep, a hospital room that had one damn pissed off inhabitant. That inhabitant was the heir of Anything Goes School of Martial Arts.

Ranma Saotome

Ranma was studying his surroundings with an air of annoyance. An annoyance that suggested that he wanted out of there right now. But he bloody well couldn't move at all. Moving his sight to the reason he couldn't move, looking at his feet. That immediately made the pigtailed youth eyes narrow into a furious glare.

They're on each leg of his legs was a white cast on each of his legs.

Damn Casts his mind cursed.

But, it wasn't just the cast that his anger was focused upon it the reasons that he had gotten hurt of in the first place.

Happosai and Akane.

The perverted master of anything goes had pissed of some creature by mistakenly summoning it from it dimension. The creature decided that it would get it revenge on Happosai by killing his heir.

His supposed heir just happens to be one and only, Ranma Saotome and, the supposed true Heir of Anything Goes Martial Arts.

Damn Prev...

Ranma had just finished fighting with P-Chan, duck boy, Kuno, and then he lost fiancées' brigade. Then this creature shows up promising to kill Happosai heir because the bastard summoned it from it home. Ranma had tried to tell it that he wasn't the old mans student.

But, as always on one listens to Ranma.

That explained why Ranma was mad at the old fart but, why was he mad at the Tomboy that was simple she tried to fight that damn monster to.

That damn tomboy! Ya think that after Saffron that she would've learnt to stay the hell out of MY FIGHTS! But NOOOO... she has to butt in then I have to save the Baka Again for the hundredth time and, both of my legs pay the price for Tomboy's mistakes!

Ranma was more or less beating the creature when low and behold The Queen of BAKA'S. Akane screams and rush the creature and tries to attack it head on with her damn mallet of hers'.

Whatever Akane the hell Akane had been must have been thinking was that the monster was just going to stand there and take a hit from her mallet. So the monster grabs the head of the mallet with one hand, then it crushed it one hand (OH HELL YA THE WICKED MALLET OF PAIN IS GONE!! FOREVER!!!)

The monster then turned it focus onto Akane the monster backhands her into a wall then fires a blast of energy right at the now stupefied (well she was already when her mallet-sama was crushed) the baka wasn't going to survive a direct hit from that. So Ranma had to jump in front of the blast, at the same time throwing Akane (yes he tossed her as a rag doll) to safety. That left Ranma alone to take the blast head on with no time throws up any kind of defense.


For a while all that was seen was the dust cloud from the explosion. As the smoke cleared it reveled a sight that few would of ever thought possible.

Ranma lying face down, bleeding with lower half covered by a fallen rock fence.

Ranma silk shirt was destroyed by the blast but what made those that where looking at Ranma form was lying on his left side in an awkward position but that was making people sick. His Chest. It had taken the main force of the hit, his silk shirt was incinerated by the heat of the blast, what was seen was not a well defined muscular chest but his entire chest and arms where covered in his own blood but the worst was his legs. On his legs was the remains of the stone was that was caught up in the explosion.

Ranma was struggling with the immense pain that was now shooting up from his chest, arms and his legs trying to ignore the pain and try and remove his legs from prison that the rubble of the wall had made but he was not able to move the chunks of the wall that had trapped his legs.

But, what was really bothering Ranma at the time was that his Ki had taken a huge plunge from the monster energy blast. He had just about three quarters when he had lost the wreaking crew and started to fight the monster. But now he had barley enough to fire a Mouko Takabisha.

His danger sense began to holler at him like when he faced Saffron final attack.

Shooting a glance at the monster again, he saw why it was powering another energy blast but this one was more powerful then the one that it shot at Akane. If the previous one had been a regular Shishi hakudan then this one was the prefect version of the attack.

Seeing what the monster was about finish him off. Ranma began to collect the remains Ki he had left and hoped that he could weaken the blast enough to survive it. And, hoped that Ryoga or someone else would show up and save his and Akane Asses.

It was fucking hilarious that he was hopping that they would show up just after he had lost them. Hilarious!

Once Ranma had finished gathering his remains of his Ki he waited to the monster was going to fire. He had just one chance to deflect as much of the energy as possible with this last shot.

He didn't have that long to wait.



The two beams of energy lanced out toward each other one to destroy another to defend, one a blackish red the other a bluish white.


The clash of the energy vs. energy had begun for one millisecond it looked like it was going to be a tie. But, Ranma bluish white Ki-blast was quickly losing to the monsters energy.

It was obvious that the monster was going to win this struggle. With out being able to use his legs for better balance and leverage. Ranma had lost a huge chunk of control already to the monster. Slowly Ranma's blast was losing cohesion and started to shrink and lose what ground it had even faster.

Damn it! At this rate I won't last no more then a few more seconds.

He needs more power fast

Sending his sense inward Ranma dug for any scrap of Ki that he had left. Deeper and deeper he search slowly the outside world disappeared. Deeper he went the faster Ranma was losing hope of finding any thing.

Wait what that! ?


Ki there it was.

It was the power that would and could save him. Ranma sent his conscious into the Ki, what Ranma found there was not normal Ki it had a darker taste then his normal Ki.

This Ki felt as if it was alive. But, it also felt like his Ki?


Ranma continued to study the strange Ki of his trying to figure out what to do? He could use the power and damn the consequences or Akane and he could die by that monster.
Tough Choice. The sarcastic thought flashed through his mind making his choice Ranma mentally grab hold of the Ki and brought it to him then he guided it to his hands and his normal Ki.

Drawing him out of the trance that he had put himself into instantly snapped back to the present.

The Ki that he had just found was merging to his normal ki way to easily for Ranma liking. But, right now that didn't matter he find out about this strange energy latter now he had a monster to finish with right NOW.

Ranma's vision was starting to go black around the edges of his sight. He was starting to pass out.

Now! The fight had to end NOW!!

The new Ki had change Ranma's bluish-white ki-blast a deep purple ignoring that, Ranma pushed all of the new found ki into the blast. The revitalized ki-blast easily blasted through the monster energy blast back as if it was water. Soon the blast had reached the monster and crashed right into the creature. There was a bright flash of light then the sound of a gigantic explosion.


But, for Ranma that was all that he saw as unconscious took him into that lovable darkness.

When he had come to he was here in the hospital. With Doc. Tofu checking him over.
After finding out as to what happened to the monster, he found out that his last ki-blast had defeated it. Cologne had found out as to how Happosai had summoned it and sent it back to its own realm.

That was great and all but there was a big ass problem he had both of his legs broken by the debris of the stone fence. Plus something was up with his ki. He then explains the strange ki that he had found in him during the final moments of the fight. Explaining to the doc as to why he used that strange ki was no problem. But, now what was this strange ki?

According to the doc he would be here for a month but what had concerned the doc the most was that abnormal ki that he had used to finish the fight with the creature.

Doc was unable to figure out as to why he had a different ki? But, he knew someone that might be able to figure out as to what it was? According to Tofu it should take a couple days until they got here.

That was two days ago and he was still waiting for the doc to bring this mysterious person to see him. So they should show up some time to day.

I wish he would hurry up.

Trying to find something to occupy him until they showed up.


The sound of the doorknob and the door being opened made Ranma turn his attention unto the two people that where entering his hospital room. Immediately he recognized Doc. Tofu and with the doc was an old lady. Great, not another old hag to deal with, just great what was it with him and old crones. He did not want to deal with another Cologne.


"This is it sensei." Dr. Tofu said to his companion. His companion happen to be a little of lady. The little old lady was just four foot two, her hair was a grayish-pink that went down to her shoulders, and she was wearing martial arts uniform. Her brown eyes locked onto the door that the young doctor had led her to.

Genkai, the master Reikou Hadou Ken (The Spirit Light Wave Style) had two days ago received a call from a young doctor that she had met about six-years ago when he had come to her temple about this strange disease that he had come across in one of his patients ki. He had told her about what it had felt and appeared like how it was acting with the person ki. It had taken her a few minutes of studying the person herself to fix the infection with the person ki.

Since then she had been in contact with Tofu, he had become a friend and colleague in the ki-healing fielded.

When Tofu had told her about this young man ki and this second ki-source that he had tapped during a fight. It was like no ki that he had ever seen or heard about in his life that was why he had asked if she could come and see what she could do about this new ki this young man had tapped.

So her she was about to meet this Ranma Saotome. Grabbing the door handle to the room where the young man was. She readies herself for the worst and the migraine that was to come.

From what Tofu had told her about the young mans life she got that he was a battle junkie just like her apprentice Yusuke with a sense of humor to match. But he had a sense of honor that was a mix between Kuwabara and Hiei.

Just great why, was she getting stuck with these idiots' kids all of a sudden?

Preparing to meet another Yusuke Urameshi, she opened the door and saw her patient for the first time.

There he was looking at her just as she had open the door was the young man that she was here to see.

The first thing that she immediately noticed was that his ki was huge, his shields to hide his power sucked. What also caught her attention was he was looking at her with some distrust in his eyes. From what Ono had told her about his happenings with Elder Cologne and Happosai it wasn't suprising that he wouldn't trust her right away.

Oh well...

"Sooo... Doc who's the little old lady?" Ranma asked.

"Ranma, I would like to introduce Genkai-sensei; Genkai-sensei this young man is the Ranma Saotome I told you about on the phone." Tofu introduced the two.

"Watch the old lady remarks brat, or I'll leave ya without seeing what up with your ki." Genkai stated.

Immediately Ranma's attention was focused onto Genkai. Staring at the old woman, Ranma tried to figure out if the old woman was telling the truth or not. This old lady had a poker face that would make Nabiki cry out in joy and probably want Genkai to teach her how to have an indifferent face like hers.


"Now... lets take a look at your ki and find out what all wrong so I can fix it and get back to my temple."

Walking over to Ranma, Genkai placed her hands onto the pigtailed martial arts chest right over his heart was and began to send her sense into the martial arts ki seeing if she could find out what was wrong. Slowly the outside world fade for Genkai as she pushed past Ranma's ki shields and entered his ki and began to search for this strange ki that Tofu had told her about. Seconds began to become minutes, minutes became hours as she searched until she found it.

There it was?

This ki was in a way the brats but something else was with it. It had the flavor a darker flow then the boys' normal ki; it appeared to be more beastly then anything else. But, this kind of ki was neither a humans nor a demons ki.

Something strange was up with this second source of ki? For some reason this ki was familiar to Genkai but she couldn't remember as to why?


Something was in this ki like a spilt personality? Or could it be a form of possession? Stopping her probe from heading any further she would need more info before she went any further. So she began to withdrawal form the boys' ki and return her conscientious and back to her own body.

As everything came back into focus Genkai turned her attention unto the beds inhabitant her mind racing with questions and ready for some damn answers to what the hell see just felt.

Seeing the look that the old woman was giving him Ranma just knew that he wasn't going to like what she was going to say. Nope not at all!

"So Brat, can ya tell me as to why you have a second entity in you?"

"Huh? What cha mean grandma? Second Entity?" Came Ranma's confused reply.

"What do you mean Genkai-sensei?"

Taking a deep breath and letting it out Genkai began to explain as to what she came across while she was searching the boys' ki. "While I was studying this second ki I felt another presence within it." Genkai stated" this means one of two things. One you I have come into contact with something that finally started to break free from it confinements and trying to take control or Option two is that you have a pathetic attempt at some feline spirit is trying to possess you." Genkai looked from Ranma to Tofu seeing as if they had any better clue as to which of the two options that could be the influence as to what was in the boy.

"WHAT DO YA MEAN F-FLEINE SPIRIT!" Ranma cried out in alarm.

Genkai was startled by the boys' outburst but what really caught her attention was the boy saying the word feline.

"Just like I said moron. It like a cat spirit is trying to possess you nothing to be worried about if that the problem I can deposes you no problem." Came Genkai calm response but, when she said the word cat the boy flinched something was up here and she wasn't getting all the info and she wasn't one to be without the information. When dealing with a problem like this.

"What cha your problem with cats anyways kid?" another flinch. Hmm... Something about this is familiar... but what is it?

"Ain't... nothing wrong ya... Old Hag!" Ranma snapped.

"What did I tell you about calling me old and if you ever call me a hag again hospital or no hospital I'll break your jaw so that you never can speak again, BRAT!"

"Ranma, calm down... Sorry Genkai-sensei it just Ranma doesn't like to know about this weakness of his..."

"I ain't got any Weakness!" Ranma Interrupted the Doc.

Ignoring Ranma interruption, Doc Tofu continued on as if nothing happened "... anyways sensei I think I know what you felt. Have you ever heard of the Neko-ken?" Tofu and Ranma saw Genkai stiffen. "Sensei... what wrong...?"

"The Neko-ken..." Genkai hissed. It made sense now no wonder the brat was afraid with cats and any feline, plus now she knew as to why that strange ki had felt so damn familiar to her in the first place. Damn somebody had taught the boy that damnable technique? Who could be such an idiot?


At the Tendo Dojo...

A panda sneezed twice in a row forcing it to look away from the go game that it was playing with a man with a mustache. Pulling out a sign from nowhere with the words written on it.

"Probably... your wife Saotome."


And with that they went back to their game of go... well back to cheating at go.


" Who taught you that banned technique...Brat?"

"Who else...'Snort' ... my old man."

" When where you taught that damn technique?"

"When... I was six... I think... What that got to do with anything?" Ranma asked trying to figure out as to why when he was taught the neko-ken had anything with what was going on and making a note to beat the hell out of his old man for this latter.

Rubbing her eyes Genkai tried to figure out how to do this.

" Tell me you two... do you know as to why the nekoken was banned in the first place?"

'Snort,' " Of course I do Granny... the trainee become insane from learning the technique." Ranma answered, his voice full of disgust for the technique and it training method.


This time Genkai was that snorted at Ranma's answer looking at Ranma she replied to his answer. "That brat is the minor sided effect, the main reason and problem with is the nekoken power."


"What do you mean minor side effect... sensei?" hesitantly Tofu asked Genkai.

`Sigh` "What you two have to understand first that the Neko-ken isn't just some technique... its... hmm... how should I explain it. I got it. Ok... listen first the nekoken absorbs the trainees more beastlier instincts and compress them, then it intensifies them. Once that is down it then begins to absorb the ki from the cats that are in the pit with the trainee. Once the trainee has absorbed enough ki from the cats it then creates a personality of a kitten." Taking a breath looking at her audience " are you two with me so far?" Getting a nod from both see continues with her lecture." Alright... as with any normal kitten the older it gets the more mature it get... but when the kitten personality reaches ascertain point it transforms into a fighting cat that is the true problem with the cat fist..." Before she could continue Ranma interrupted her.

" Ok, let me see if I get it so far... the nekoken that I've used before is just the kitten personality...right?" `nod`" ok... what will happen when the neko-ken matures?"

Shooting Ranma a look"... if you hadn't interpreted me brat I would've all ready told ya. Now ...Where was I before the brat interrupted me?"

"You where about to tell us about the mature cat personality, Genkai-sensei." Doc Tofu informed Genkai.

"That right... anyways when the neko personality reaches maturity it then begins to transfers it power unto the wielder of the neko-ken. To some this might be a great thing having more power but there is a price to having the Cat-Fist power... before either of you interrupt me again..." looking at Ranma then moving from where she had been standing at Ranma's bedside and moving to the window in the room and looking outside, she then continued on with her explanation. " The price is that the wielder of the neko-ken pays, is that his/hers lifespan is shortened to about two years of life left."


"Your kidding right... right?" Ranma pleaded to Genkai back, hoping that she would turn around and say `Gotcha` but she wasn't. Still staring at Genkai back, he couldn't believe it he had about only two years left to live. No way... this had to a sick joke it to be... it just had to be. Glancing at the doc he saw that he to was in shock, that was it. For Ranma that was the proof, the doc wasn't somebody that kidded like this then that meant that he had only about twenty-four more months left to, him to live.

Staring in shock at the occupants of his room Ranma muttered "That it for me... I've got no more then t-twenty-four months l-left t-to live?" He just couldn't believe that after all that he had gone through dealing with fiancées', rivals and stupid people trying to kill all his life. Plus his entire entire life he-gone trough since he was five for the art this was how it repaid him!

Hearing Ranma mutterings snapped Doc Tofu out of his shock-induced stupor, shaking his head to clear it. There had to be something that they could do for Ranma, there just had to be.

"Genkai-sensei, isn't there anything we could do for, Ranma?"

Turning back to look at Tofu," Ono...hmmm... there is a small chance that he could live." Seeing Ranma snapped out of shock and looked at her with some hope in his eyes, she stopped it before it could get out of hand" LISTEN..." seeing that both where focused completely on her she continued "...when a said a small chance the chance is about impossible."

"What da' ya mean nearly impossible?" Ranma didn't like, how the old lady was making it sound that his only chance to live a full life. Saying that he couldn't get what he needed to live to be an old man. There was nothing... that was going to stop him for finding this cure for the nekoken.

Giving Ranma a flat no none sense stare she replied to his question" What I mean brat that the only way for you to survive, is for you to take absolute control of the Neko-ken itself and become it master."

Blink, Blink,

That was it?! All he had to do was master the cat-fist and he would live!

All right!!

"Ok... all I've got to do is master it then I'll live?" Seeing Genkai nod. A huge smile slipped across Ranma face. He had away to have a full life plus now he was going to get rid of his greatest weakness the Neko-ken and he intended to master the neko-ken as well. " ...Heh... then their no problem!" Ranma stated with a grin spreading across his face.


"Don't think so brat..." Seeing Ranma focus solely on her once more" ... you think it that easy?" Easily reading Ranmas' confused look"... in the history of the cat-fist their has been only three true masters of that style out of thousands. Some of them had been the greatest ki-adapts, Reiki Masters and the best martial arts that have tried to tame the cat-fist all but, three have failed."

Silence once more descended upon and across the room.

"T-Thousands... M-Masters failed to tame it?" Ranma couldn't some of the greatest fighters couldn't tame the Neko-ken. NO Way! To Ranma that was impossible. That couldn't be that so many martial art masters had tried to tame that damnable style and failed to do so. Could he do it...could he tame what so few had been able to? Doubt was something that was a feeling that was very foreign to Ranma he hardly felt that there was nothing that he couldn't defeat but, so many had tried and failed to do so... s-so would he be able to do it? Maybe he couldn't?



Shaking away those depressing thoughts, that right Ranma Saotome never loses! There was no style that neither existed nor was they're any Technique that he couldn't master! With that thought in mind Ranmas confidence rose to that untamable height that had given him the courage and the ability before to over come the odds before against opponents that at the time had seemed unbeatable before. But, he had overcome them all and won! Opponents like Herb, Saffron, Cologne and even Happosai. He had defeated them all and like them he would defeat the Nekoken!

Genkai could see that doubt was flashing across the boys face. She sighed this was one thing that she hated about telling people that had barely any chance of living a full life and she could do nothing to help them. She was no saint that was the truth but, she hated it when people like the boy was so full of life then she had to be the one to crush their spirit with the cold hard truth.

Suddenly something flashed through the boy eyes? Determination their was determination was rising in the boy then his face took on a determine look. Could it be that he was going to try and master the Cat-Fist. Hope began to rise in her chest. So few had a spirit like this boy a spirit that wouldn't admit defeat, a spirit that strove to be nothing more then the best. A spirit that she had only seen in just two other people throughout the countless people that she had seen in her entire fifty plus years of life. It was good to see it once again in another person.

"Ain't... going to happen!" Ranma voice was so full of confidence that it cut through the silence as a hot knife through butter.

"R-Ranma... w-what do you mean?" questioned Tofu.

"Ain't... going to happen Doc... I'll master the nekoken and I'll live until I die of old age!" Ranma stated to the confused doctor.

She had to be sure that the boy truly had what it would take to master the nekoken. " Yeah right brat." The boy threw her a glare that if it could incinerated her it would have instantly." As you are now you having no chance an hell to conquer the power of the cat-fist." Genkai stated.

"What do ya mean? As you are now?" snapped Ranma.

Frustration began to creep into Genkai voice "What, I mean brat that you barely have any control of your ki. Ya... think having pathetic control like you will have on the nekoken and make you instantly able to tame that which is considered by so many to be nearly impossible? Yeah right. Brat it could happen in about ten thousand centuries... maybe, not."

Genkai sarcastic comment made Ranma bristle.

"I'll show you ya hag. That I'll tame the nekoken and become the fourth person in history to do so." Ranma stared at the old woman with competent for dismissing his skills. He'd show her that he would master the Nekoken.

Genkai didn't respond to his statement, instead she just continued to stare at him with a look of deep contemplation as if she was testing he worth to his statement. Her stare was starting to unnerve him but Ranma held it back. Like hell was she going to scare him with that damn look of hers?

"Is that so brat?"

"Yeah." He wonder as to what she was up to.

"Fine! You want to master the Cat-fist then I'll teach you to control your ki better for the next six months and show you as to how face the Neko-ken."

Stunned by Genkai words but that didn't last that long, used to people wanting something in return for training he had to find out as to why she was going to help him. "What in it for you?" staring at Genkai, Ranma watched her face trying to figure out her out. So he could tell if she was going to lie to him. He was startled when he saw sadness as well as some grief flash across her face before she hide it.

"What in it for me is that one less person won't die by that damn technique."? She spoke with a solemn voice. Ranma and Tofu where shocked at the pain that was in her voice. "You see I was one of the two people that had to kill the previous user of the Neko-ken fifty years ago."

Ranma looked at her in confusion and a little distrust. " W-What hold on a second. I thought you said that the user of the Neko-ken die after two years of the Neko-ken power begins to merge with it host. But, now you're saying that you had to kill the previous wielder. What the hell do you mean?"

"Yes G-Genkai sensei what do you mean?"


Looking at the two other people in the room before she let her mind drift back about fifty years ago before the Toguro lost his students when they had been forced to stop someone that they had considered a friend. Recalling what had happen then she told them what she meant.

"Your right when I said that you'll die in about two years time. What I mean is that the nekoken will destroy your mind and the cat spirit or better yet let say the power of the nekoken will take control of your body and become a fighting cat that can only fight and kill. That was what I mean when I said that the nekoken will kill you." Sigh..." and now what I meant about killing the previous user was true. Me and a friend had to stop the previous user for a reason or he could have kill countless people." Turning away from them Genkai let a lone tear fall from her eye." What was worse was that person who was called Kyoshiro. He was a dear friend someone that I had consider a brother to me. He to had been taught the Neko-ken but after the two-years had passed he was unable to tame the nekoken. Then the person that I had considered a brother was gone and all that had remained was a fighting cat." Looking back at the other occupants of the room. " So you see why I don't want to see another person go through that. Like I had to?"

The two men looked at her with sadness in their eyes after what Genkai told them. Ranma broke the silence one again." well it ain't going to happen to me!" Ranma stated.

Looking the young man in the eye she hoped that he was right she didn't want to have to do what she had done fifty years ago again.

"Good thing brat. Your going to need it to get better a lot better if you're going to tame that damnable technique."

Sending the old woman a smirk. That practically screamed 'Just watch me' looking down at his leg again he let out a sigh. "Well it take a about a month until I can start training again."

Rising an eyebrow at the pigtailed youth response "Why?"


Jerking his thumb at his feet at his plastered encased feet " that why not. They won't be healed enough for about a month." Ranma grumbled.

Looking at his cast Genkai snorted. "That it brat. No problem." With saying that Genkai moved to both of his legs and raised both of her hands one over each. Then her hands began to glow with her Reiki. Streams of energy flowed down and encircled his broken legs. This went on for about a minute then she stopped. Then she hit both of the cast with her knuckles breaking each of the cast in to powder and not even hurting Ranma legs in the process. Then she just dusted her hands off. Rising her eyebrow in question "All fixed. Anything else brat?"

Ranma had watched her in shock. No Way! He thought. But it was true the pain in his legs had disappeared then he could feel his bones in his legs speed up their healing until they both where fine. He couldn't believe it! Both of his broken legs where fixed in less a minute. Maybe he could learn that from her? Hell being trained by this old lady wasn't sounding that bad after all.

Finding his voice Ranma mumbled out a "No." looking at the woman that was going to be teaching him he asked " sooo... when do we leave to start training and can ya teach me that healing trick."

Smothering a chuckle at the brat's sudden eagerness. He was a lot like Yusuke, according to her apprentice that had been the same he hadn't wanted to learn from her from the start but after she had shown some of her power he had wanted to learn from her then and there. Just like her new student.

"Well brat, well leave once you have your stuff and tell your family what going on then while go to my temple to start your training."

Ranma had to stifle the groan as he closed his eyes, when she said `tell your family'. Just great that means I'll have to do with Pops, Mr. Tendo, Shampoo, Uyko, duck boy, probably both Kunos and both the Perv and the Ghoul.

"Alright lets get this over with." Ranma stated.

With that Ranma got up out of the hospital bed and went to the closet that held his cloths. Grabbing his stuff Ranma took off the hospital gown and put on his silk shirt and pants. After changing his cloths Ranma turned to Tofu and Genkai he said, "let's go and get this over with." And with that the trio head out of the room and to the Tendo Dojo.


Later at the Tendo Home...

Ranma looked around at the people at the table. Mr. Tendo, Akane. Nabiki and Kasumi where all huddled together sitting at one of the ends of the table. Cologne, Shampoo and Mousse where at the opposite end. Across from him was Uyko; both his mom and pops and Ryoga who they had stumble across on their way back from the hospital.

Sitting beside Ranma was both Genkai and somehow a sane Dr. Tofu. Which was strange because that usually when the chiropractor saw the eldest Tendo daughter he would usually flip out and start acting crazy in her presence. The reason as to why the doc was still sane was probably the importance of what was about to go down at this meeting.

Ranma contemplated on how to start this meeting. He was saved by Nabiki "So, Saotome what up?"

Internally heaving a sigh of relief at not having any reason on how starts this gathering and silently saying thanks to the middle Tendo daughter. Trying to stay calm Ranma answered Nabikis and everybody question all at once.

" It simple Nabs, I leaving..." Ranma stated. As Ranma expected the room occupants explode before he could continue with what he had been saying.



"Its not manly to abandon your fiancée, my son."


"Oh my."

"Aiaya... Airen leave Shampoo."

"Yea ain't abandoning me again sugar." And so forth.

For a while Ranma let them yell until he had enough. "SHUT UP!"


Everybody froze at Ranma outburst. Nobody had ever heard Ranma shout like that before. Seeing that everybody was quiet, Ranma decide to continue with what he had been saying in the first place. Sending everyone a glare he continued with what he had been saying.

"...As I was saying. I am leaving... " Sending a Look at everyone that screamed shut up! Seeing no one was going to interrupt him this time. Ranma continued on"... I am leaving because what of what I found out to day in the hospital about what had happen to me during that fight with that monster."

"What did you find out my son?" looking at his mother Ranma knew what he was about to say was going to hurt her feelings.

"What I found out was that the Neko-ken is killing me." When he said that he saw Cologne eyes narrow as everybody widen in shock.

"WHAT!" came about from everyone of his fiancée's, Kasumi and Nabiki looked on in shock, his old man with old man Tendo paled at his news? The worst was seeing his mother she had paled but, it looked as if she was going to faint.

"What do you mean, Ranma?" his mother questioned him.

"What I mean mom is this technique that I had been taught is killing me and according to Genkai-sensei..." jerking his head in the direction of the old woman that was sitting beside him."... Told me the real reason as to why that technique was banned for."

"What Ra-chan?" looking at Ukyo" I thought that was because it cause the user to go temporally insane?"

"No child, that is the minor side affect." Seeing everybody focus on Cologne. She continued on" it is when the true power of the nekoken is awakened is when it is at it most dangerous."

"Aiaya... Great Grandmother, you what Airen means?"

Looking at her great granddaughter then turning her gaze unto her son-in-law. "Yes granddaughter I know what Son-in-law means. What Son-in-law is saying that he has only two more years left to live before the cat fist consumes him and he is no more."

"So you know Granny."

"Yes Son-in-law I do."

"What?" turning towards his mother, who now was about as white as a ghost.

"What where saying is that the power of the Nekoken is so wild that in the entire history of this style only three people have tamed it and lived once its power awaken. And all of the rest have been consumed by it power and turned into nothing more then a fighting cat that destroys all that in it way."

Still staring at his mother he pressed on with what he was saying. "That is why I am leaving with Genkai-sensei to train and be able to tame it and live a full and long life. You see Mom it my only chance to live a long life." Staring into his mother eye hoping that she could see that he had to do this so that he could have more time together.

"Well, if that the case then it no problem the." Turning to his old man wondering what the hell he was up to. From the feeling of dread that was growing in the pit of his stomach he wasn't going to like what he was going to say.

"What do you mean Saotome?" Soun was looking at his old friend.

"Mahwah...hahaha... It simple Tendo, Ranma can marry Akane then he can go and master the cat-fist then when he returns and everyone learns that the dojo has a true master of the Cat-fist here. Everyone will come here to learn the art."

"Excellent ideal Saotome!" Soun cried out in joy at his old training partner ideal. However they forgot one thing.

The Fiancées!

"I don't think so, Sugars" Uyko said as she hefted her Gigantic spatula.

"Airen married only to Shampoo!"


With that the fiancées began a beating of the two disciples of Happosai.






Then silence...
Looking at the old man no one could say that they didn't deserve that.

Shampoo and Ukyo looked at him and said at the same time...

"Don't worry, Ra-chan I'll be with you since I am the cute Fiancé."

"Shampoo...go with Airen."

Both girls turned their attention onto each other they began to glare at one another.

"No sugar, I am going alone with Ra-chan!" Uyko stated.

"No Shampoo go not Spatula Girl." Shampoo snapped right back at the chief.



Everyone looked at Nodoka Saotome. "I will not tolerate any fighting until now do I make myself clear." All three girls meekly nodded to the Saotome Matriarch.

Looking to her son she had a couple of question left to ask." My son, how long will you be with Genkai-san? And are you going to come and visit me every so often. Plus are you going to take Akane or any of the other girls along with you to give me grand children?"

Staring at his mom he couldn't believe she asked that last question. Actually he could. Sigh...

Shaking his head. "No mom I am going alone so that I can focus solely on my training that was the other reason that I wanted everyone here. So that I can say not to follow me or come after me to drag me back to Nerima. I need to focus solely on my training and training alone."

"I see... Very well my son then you shall be left alone but promise me a couple of things."

"Come and visit me and defeat the Nekoken okay?"

"Heh... ya got it Mom." With that Ranma got up and moved over to his mother and gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek.

"Yes...Son-in-law please do tame that technique. It would please this old woman to have help teach a master of the nekoken. And my granddaughter and me will not trouble you on your journey. But, please do come and visit us at the Nekohanten. Come Shampoo, Mousse." With that the Amazon trio left.

"Good luck Ran-chan." Giving her friend a hug good-bye Uyko then left the Tendo Dojo.

Akane seeing Ukyo just 'hmpf' stomped up to her room. Kasumi and Nabiki said their own goodbyes. With the old men out cold Ranma, Tofu and Genkai stepped out of the Tendo home and dojo.

"Ranma, I wish you luck and I plan to be seeing you in about two years time being my patient and fixing you up from your fights. Good luck." With that Tofu extended his hand to Ranma. Seeing this Ranma clasped his own hand with the docs and gave it a good shake.

"Thanks doc, for everything."

With that said Ranma hoisted his pack and turned to his new sensei.

"Ready, brat?"


With that said Ranma Saotome left with Genkai Master of Reikou Hadou Ken (The Spirit Light Wave Style) and left on a new set of adventures to learn how to tame the Neko-ken.


More in the next episode.

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