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Theresa goes to the first practice with the canadian idol coach, her name is Sue and she knows more about Jay then Theresa could ever imagine! On the other hand, the guys are playing a prank on Arc...

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"Is everyone here?" asked Ben (the host), there were 20 teens and or adults standing in a line on the vacant stage, all the chairs in the auditorium were empty.
"Good" he said, a women came in front of us "This is Sue, she's this years teacher, you'll each get 20 minutes today with her to perfect your song. Now please know that this is the last song that you can choose from any catagory. After your 20 minutes you may practice on the stage with the remaining competitors that are not practicing with Sue, they will be watching." Ben said, all 20 people nodded. And the list began, Theresa being last decided to put on her head set, and soon she had drifted off into a dream...

(ARCHIE AND ATLANTA BEING ALL TOURISTY-LIKE, THEY HAVE CAMERA'S!!!! we join our touristy nerdy buddy's in central park Ottawa aka capital)

"Wow! This tree is huge!" Archie cried, he was form northern Quebec where the trees were....small....very small. "Archie, calm down! It's just a tree" Atlanta said, she lived in the north too, and their trees were very small too, but Archie didn't have to know that!
"But look at this guy!" Archie said taking pictures
"Stop it Archie! People are going to start to think were tourists!" Atlanta said
"But we are tourists!" Archie said
"no, the mad tourists, you know, the crazy ones with cameras!" Atlanta insisted
"But i'm not crazy and i am a tourist with a camera" Archie kept on 'boy this guys dim as a blonde' Atlanta thought
"Ya, but we don't want them to know taht your crazy" Atlanta said this slowly so he could understand, Archie put his hands on his hips
"I am not crazy, i just so happen to find this tree interesting" Archie said, Atlanta gave him a nasty look, Archie recoiled in fear
"fine, for zeus's sake Atlanta, it's just a camera" Archie said, Atlanta smiled
"Do you know what trees are used for these days?" Atlanta asked with a sly evil smile on her face
"erm, no, there weren't any trees where i am from, please do explain" he said, she pulled him by his coller behind the tree out of sight, and we all know what happens when two love sick teens go behind big trees...two words....come on...gods if you haven't gotten it yet i guess i'll tell you: MAKE OUT!

(At the hotel)

" Man, he's kicking your ass" Jay commented as he looked over his book at the3 boys playing video games, Odie had brought his x-box withthem and he had set it up so they could play. Odie was kicking Neil and Herry's asses form here to Texas on his game (it had something to do with blowing little green guys up) Jay hadn't played since there were only 3 controlers. So he was sitting on Neil's cot reading a book called 'my lunch box smells like a cat died in it' It was a short book that he thought sounded funny, it was, but it was short. "Nice book Jay" Odie had commented snigering "When it comes to dead cats, taht's where i shine" he had joked dryly. "AND I WIN!!" Odie said happily "Well that's a shocker" Jay said not looking up from his book "Come on Jay, come and try and beet Odie with me, Neil sucks" Herry said "No way, i'm at the part when they wash the lunch box, it's totally thrilling, can't you see my inthusiasm?" Jay asked dryly, this was a sarcastic comment, cause he put his book down and grabbed a controler. "Neil, go to the front page of your PMR" Jay said as he and Herry started to play against Odie "alright...AHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHA!" Neil had started to scream then he had started to laugh, Odie jumped up to look at Neil's PMR, leaving Herry and Jay to win "Yes!" Herry screamed "Oh snap Odie" Jay said patting his african american friend on the back, Odie practically fell over laughing with Neil....heyt wait, he did. "What is it?" Herry asked looking at his own PMR, he too, joined Neil and Odie on the floor laughing.
"I-I won-wonder if that was a kiss or a love bite!" Herry said, Jay started tolaugh at this "wh-why do-don't you ask him?" Jay said, they were trying really hard to talk threw they're laughing.
"I-I ju-just mi-might" Herry said trying to regain his footing. Neil had collapsed in exhaustion on the floor. Jay helped them all there feet.
"If it's a love bite, i'm gonn have to wonder if Atlanta isn;t a decendant of Syberus" Odie said "He's right!" Herry said laughing again. (if you wanna know, Jay had posted the picture of Atlanta kissing or love biting Archie's neck) "Where are they?" Neil asked as he regained his composeur "Probably making out behind that big tree in the park" Herry said, Jay laughed "probably Herry" he said, soon they were organizing a plan to prank to love birds 'remind me to tell Theresa that if she ever go together with a guy on the team, to keep it to herself, otherwise, she'll end up like Atlanta and Archie' Jay thought. Soon they had a plan set and ready for action.

"That's disturbing" Odie commented to Jay as the two boys had quietly climbed into the tree that Archie and Atlanta were behind (well, Jay had climbed then pulle dOdie up behind him). "Herry, Neil, you in position?" Jay asked quietly in the PMR "were in position" said two seperate voices "good, we go first...1, 2, 3 go!" Jay whispered quiietly to the 3 boys, he then dumped a bucket of hot pink school paint onto there heads. Both Archie and Atlanta were bright pink "Herry! Go!" Jay said, Herry ran out of his hiding spot and threw leafs at them, that stuck perfectly to the wet paint and would dry on liek the paint "Neil! Your turn!" Jay said, Neil had a bag of saw dust and he dumped it on Archie and Atlanta. So now Atlanta and Archie were Pink monsters with multi-coulored leafs and saqwdust stuck to them, wow what a sight.
"JAY!!!!!" Archie yelled, Atlanta was still in shock as she looked at her paint dripping clothes and hair
"JAY!!!!" She screamed, the four boys bolted.


"Theresa?" Called a voice, Theresa snapped out of her music indused coma "yes?" Theresa asked bolting out of her seat "Your turn" it was Sue that was calling her, Theresa got uop and followed Sue into a room behind stage that had a piano in it.
"What do you plan on singing?" asked Sue, she was a black women with long black hair in dread locks, she was quite pretty in her own way though, but she must have been 40 something. "Awake in a dream" Theresa told her, she smiled "Please sing it for me" she said. Theresa started to sing as Sue played the piano with her, once Theresa was done Sue smiled at her.

"Who was your teacher?" she asked "um, a friend" Theresa said "Only one person i have ever met could sing that song better then Kaylan Porter himself, and you sound a bit like his teaching. Best student i ever had, till that awful day....what is his name?" Sue asked "Jay" Theresa addmitted "oh! I was right! You are a VERY lucky girl Theresa" Sue told Theresa smiling happily "What happened on that awful day?" Theresa asked "well, Jay had just won a singing competition for his province, and a man offered him a record deal! Me and his Mother had been his teacher, he was so talented, he barely needed us! But then, his mother died not an hour after he was offered the record deal. Jay swore he'd never sing again, as it was his mothers gift to him. Eventually his father re-married and they moved back to Grece" Sue said, she looked teary-eyed as she told her story. Theresa stood dumbfounded in her place "I think you need no more practice, go on stage, i'll QU the music" Sue said getting up "Don't tell Jay i told you" she warned as she left.

Theresa sang her song perfectly, but she felt numb, why hadn't Jay told her? They told each other everything! She liked him, and she thought that he liked her....what was going on?


"Oh my gods!" Odie was saying over and over again threw laughter "i love this place" Herry said, They were on the bigger bed in Neil, Herry and Odie's room. There was a soft knock on the door then there was a scream "HOLY SHIT! WHAT IN HELL HAPPENED!?" Asked a screaming Theresa from outside the door, there was muffled whispers then a loud girls laugh, Theresa, and she ran inside the room, closing the door on the 2 pink, leaf and saw dust covered monsters aka Archie and Atlanta.
"YOu 4 are nasty people" she said laughing
"That's what we've been told" Odie said
"How'd it go?" Jay asked
"er, good, um, ya" Theresa stuttered
"alright, i guess i'll go to the room" Jay said, sending a major hint for THeresa to follow "ya, alright" she said. Jay went towards the balcony, he climbed over the railing and jumped to the balcony to his, Theresa's and the monsters room. (It wasn't safe to go inthe hall witht he monsters there).

"What did she say?" Jay asked once Theresa was there
"She...she knew you and she said that she knew oyur style, and that i was very lucky cause my voice is a lot like oyurs so it's good for oyur teaching" THeresa explained in a rush.
"Was it Sue?" He asked
"Yes" she said
"Did she say anything...different to you?" he asked
"er, no" Theresa said, trying to lie. Jay knew different, he could tell she was lying
"If you don't want to tell me, just say Theresa, you suck at lying" he said said looking threw the key hole in the door, looking for the monsters most assured.
"Sorry, i just...never mind" she said and sat down on her bed "are we gonna let them in?" Theresa asked
"If i can get my hands on a hose" Jay said "or an extendable shower hose" Jay said
"What did you guys do to them?" Theresa asked
"we painted, and did a nature collage" Jay said
"You sound like girl guides" Theresa said laughing
"Ya, all we need now are some cookies" Jay joked. "We need to get them to the pool" Jay said, Theresa gave him a evil grin "that, i can do" she said "I'll come behind you" Jay said, Theresa opened the door and ran into the corridor, she was greeted by the monsters (Archie and Atlanta) "Hey guys! Archie, pink is just not oyur colour, i think you'd look better in purple, hey wait, you hair! Of course! You already have you gay purple maskot...on your head! And Atlanta, i'm glad to see oyur taking the whole 'girl' thing seriously! I mean, you and pink are like Herry and cookies!" Theresa said, soone nough she was being chassed down the staires towards the pool, Jay followed. He found the 3 of them, the monsters had cornered Theresa at the edge of the pool, it was so late that no one was there, but a sleeping staff memeber.

"haha" the monsters laughed as they planned to push Theresa in, Jay jumped from behind and kicked Archie in the back to get in and gave Atlanta a quick throw. Then, Theresa and Jay bolted as the pool started to turn bright pink. "Nothing happened" Theresa said "well, nothing we had anythign to do with" Jay said, they laughed as they went to tell the others.

"Let me see! Let me see! Ares! Move your fat ass out of the way!" said a very angry blond girl, Aphrodity was trying to look at the crystal ball, but Ares and some others had swarmed it "I told you all to NOT look at the heroes! They deserve privacy!" Hera scowled, Ares moved so Hera could see, she laughed at the look of the now almost not pink monsters in the now pink pool "I guess, it can't hurt" she said, the gods cheered "Pop corn?" Zeus asked "oh ya!" Hercules said and grabbed it, he was soon gobeling it up "i'll make some more" Zeus said looking rather ticked at his hunger crazy son.


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