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Memoirs 18

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Rimfire and Wirr are on their own now, now that everyone believes their dead...

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18. ARC 3 - Chibi Nezumi


With a grunt, Rimfire sat down on the little bench. The chains rattled as he lowered his weight upon it. He couldn't understand one bit of it. He didn't understand why it had happened. What he did understand was that Wirr wasn't equipped enough to ride a motorcycle through the deserts of Mars during battles. Her slight mistakes - only a five year old would make - were the reason they were captured. He couldn't help it but he was very angry with her. Inside, he scolded for hours at her. Outside, he remained calm and waited while the time passed by. She had trusted someone strange and didn't escape him. Mace. She had redone Stoker's mistake.

Wirr sat on the floor with her knees pulled up to her chest. She rested her forehead on her knees, not able to look Rimfire in the eye for her errors that cost them their freedom. She didn't hear him sigh; her own thoughts were louder than the loudest sound around. Every minute she tried to think of a way out, a way to escape, but the only way she saw now, lay in death. God! There had to be some way to correct her errors? Or... Wasn't there a way?

Rimfire shot up like shot in the heart when he smelled another human approach. The Catatonians didn't flinch when the human passed by them, but saluted them, greeted him with respect.

'Chibi Nezumi.' A familiar voice called for her. For the first time in hours she heard another sound than her thoughts.

The man was dressed in black, like Wirrenth once was. A tulle cloth covered his eyes from sight. Apparently he saw well enough, for he went straight for the cell blocks. Especially their cell block.

'Chibi Nezumi.' There was only one person who called her that way, and with Rimfire in front of her in a defensive position she knew it wasn't Charley. She didn't know the words.

'Chibi Nezumi.' Again, the same voice. From her position she stood up, without her hands to support her. Due to everything that had happened, she lost her pride. There was nothing left of it.

O'Connell smiled when he saw her, but his heart felt sad. From all off his students and apprentices, she was the best he had ever had. Strong, headstrong and powerful for a woman, she was the price winning young woman of his clan. Numerous prices won in every fame she attended. And now... like he choose the best to train, she had chosen the best of the best. A young successful Trooper named Rimfire Maverick. The nephew of the great commander Modo Maverick and younger brother to Primer Maverick.

'Chibi Nezumi.'
'Hai, Sensei?'
'Chibi Nezumi. I need to talk to you.' The words were spoken quickly, like he was in great hurry. Rimfire could hardly catch them. Wirr on the other hand, understood what he said.
Two guards approached to the cell. O'Connell stepped aside to let them pass. Two other guards joined the first two guards. Rimfire turned around and ushered Wirr to the end of the cell, to the solid wall that was their only obstacle with the free outside world.
Wirr shivered, while Rimfire stood in front of her, 'Whatever happens... I love you.' His tail stroke her hands, that soft tail.

Two guards entered first and aimed for Rimfire with their lasers. Rimfire squared his shoulders, like soldier - he was one - while the other two guards approached him and grabbed his wrists. Quickly they pulled him along, out of the cell. With the lasers aimed at his chest, Rimfire couldn't begin a fight. If he would avoid them, Wirrenth would get hit and die. With all his might, he forced himself to go along with the guards.

Rimfire was escorted out of the cell, with Wirr staying behind. Now, the two guards were split up, one aimed for Wirr and the other for Rimfire. The situation was clear, one move and both die. Rimfire nodded as a goodbye to Wirr. She was afraid, afraid that he would die. Suddenly, the guards pulled him along. When the two remaining guards had left the cell, Wirr fled towards the entrance of it, screaming his name. The cell door was slammed right into her face, but still she tried to battle the door and get out, to Rimfire.

Rimfire heard her voice, crying out for him. She was afraid, an almost hysterical undertone in her voice. He wanted to fight, to turn around and forgive her all her mistakes. But that would kill them both. The muscles in his jaw tightened as he followed the guards, to whatever place they were going.

After a while, Wirr fell tired of crying out Rimfire's name. Sobbing she fell to her knees, whispers filled the room, whispers that asked him forgiveness for her mistakes. Whispers that he should live and hold on, until they were freed in one way or another. O'Connell studied her. Did his wife scream out his name in terror, when the Catatonians killed her? Or did she do everything to protect Sakura, their daughter? Were their last thoughts with his? Was his name on his wife's lips?

'Chibi Nezumi.' He begun when he couldn't hear her sobs anymore, 'Chibi Nezumi.'
Wirr gave him a dark look from underneath her bangs, but didn't oppose him, 'Chibi Nezumi.' That little name, that name that meant Little Mouse. Her nickname although she was pretty tall for a woman.

O'Connell smiled inside. Broken through her barriers he took of in Japanese with a steady voice, 'Since you won't answer, Chibi Nezumi, I will speak. I hope you listen.' He said to her, 'Remember the Final Fantasy Movies? The seventh movie? Advent Children?' With a smile he touched her bangs, 'I know you do. You loved the motorcycle of that cloud Strife so much. You drew it many times and even managed to recreate it as a clay model. I know you remember. How can you forget something you loved so much? And this Mouse you've found... he is not exactly Cloud Strife, but he can compete with him easily.' A chuckle escaped his throat, 'Yeah... you remember.'

'What is your point, traitor to both Earth and Mars?' It wasn't said like a proud woman, but as a weak pride less young girl.
A bit distressed that she didn't oppose him like he expected her to, he continued, 'Your love mate is tortured, even as we speak. Not only for answers, but also for sport. I will get to the point, for I know it is what you want.'
Wirr gave him a sad surrendered look, O'Connell knew that deep within, she didn't surrender at all, 'Say what you want to say and leave me alone.'
With a sigh, he took off, 'your motorcycles were beyond repair, and to prevent that the information gathered on the hard discs would be used for the Catatonians, I blew them up. In the same time, I had asked Cataclysm for two motorcycles. I convinced him that you will fight on our side. That is also said to your love mate. I hope he doesn't believe it for your sake that is.' He sat down at her level, 'Wirrenth no Maverick, listen to me. Those motorcycles are different from the other motorcycles, their true Martian motorcycles, complete with AI. Rebuild so they accept anyone for a driver. You know of what I speak. You don't need to train them, for the AI's inside are most sophisticated and of superb quality. Remember those racing games? That is how you are supposed to drive them. You'll remember. Just think of it as a big racing game. That's all. These motorcycles will belong to you and your love mate.'

'Chibi Nezumi, I greet you fare well.' He kneeled in front of her, his forehead touched the ground three times before he got onto his feet and left the cell blocks. No one questioned his motives, no one questioned his actions. He came and went as he pleased to.


Two lone figures were left alone - one bound in shackles on a table, the other in freedom standing. From all rooms this was the most decorated. Not paintings and furniture... Nothing nice and common. This was a room designed for torture.

Electricity run through his body, it made his body stiffen, and he could relax whenever the electricity was shut down. Then he gasped for air and relaxed his pained body as long as he could.
'but that is not all... Mouse.' The Catatonian stated with a low dark voice, 'I will hear you scream in total fear... before you will give your secrets to me.'
Rimfire saw his eyes glitter with pleasure and he couldn't help it, but to be afraid. For Wirr. Again, the electricity run through his body. Again, he felt the pain, his heart that stopped beating, his lungs that couldn't pump air anymore, his brain, that screamed for oxygen. When the trigger was released, he relaxed, tried to catch his breath and was happy his heart still was still beating. He could still find a way out! If he could ever release himself.

In silence, he prayed that Wirr could stay alive, that they wouldn't hurt her. 'Tell me.' The Catatonian begun, 'Tell me everything you know.'
Really... You can't break me that easily... The muscles in his jaw tightened and he closed his eyes, for he wouldn't speak, not even in death!

The Catatonian gave a disappointed look at his master, Cataclysm, and continued the torture. When the Mouse really wouldn't speak, he would find out another torture to break the Mouse.

'The question is easy, Mouse.' Rimfire's torturer said to him, 'give me the exact location of Stoker Blackruby, and the location of the Freedom Fighters Head Quarters.'
The muscles in his jaw tightened, he wasn't about to answer. And as he closed his eyes, he felt the electricity run through his body again.


For a long time, it was silent in her cell. Every minute that went by, was a knife in her soul; torn around in the wound. Every minute, the knife went deeper and deeper into her soul and tore a little bit more of her soul away...

The guards didn't move, her former sensei - damn that traitor - had left, and only the sound of the wind blowing outside held her company, like the loneliness. Wirr wondered if she would hear him scream, if he would talk or that he would die without one word. Would his last thoughts be with her, the clumsy stupid idiot who assured their captivity, or would he hate her for the rest of his life - how long that may last?

It was long before Wirr heard him scream, and as she heard Rimfire scream in pain, she cried back. In that way she told him that she was still alive, and that he shouldn't surrender. In the end... she didn't hear him anymore, but felt him.

His pain...

His agony...

His child.


Fast were his hands as he finished the last adjustments to the two gigantic motorcycles. One cheered happily, the other waited his new master. There was only one difference between these motorcycles and normal Martian motorcycles: these had handles, but not for stirring and manoeuvres, but for grip. The manoeuvres were done by adjustments of the weight.

O'Connell remember her as being one of the best with these motorcycles. In simulators that is... and those motorcycles weren't that heavy and these two were. It would take a lot of practise and a lot of flaws before she could drive this one.

Cataclysm slammed the door behind him shut, 'I still don't understand why you created these things.' He grunted, 'You give two good warriors two beautiful designed machines and you allow them to run with it.'
O'Connell rose to his feet, his hands were soaked in oil and transmission fluids and who know what more fluids were on his hands and cloths, 'You don't understand?' a deep laughter followed, 'Oh my... that your kind tries to take over this world. You are so funny you know.'
'Explain to me... or this will be the last day for your daughter... I know what she means to you...'
The man fell silence and took off when he inhaled, 'I will gain her trust again. And free her love mate. She's pregnant you know? Her love mate will fight for her and not allow her to fight. That is, if you are correct about Mice and their pregnant females.'
'Martian Mice are overprotective towards their pregnant females. Pregnant females are not allowed to fight, and the Males are very aggressive towards every enemy.'
The human man smiled, 'She only carries her baby for a month or three, not much, but I know when she is in her period. According to Earth time, she should be in the middle of it right now. And she isn't, according to her reactions and the fact that she isn't in pain. Human Female periods can be very painful, you know?'
'I don't want to know.'
'But... If you let me finish, Wirr will believe me once again and she will bring me to the FF's HQ.' O'Connell smiled at Cataclysm, 'And you my dear Cataclysm... You will have the opportunity to capture Mr. Stoker Blackruby himself with your own two clawed paws.'

Cataclysm lay eyes on the two motorcycles, 'Have you installed trackers?' but his Human ally shook his head, 'Not necessary, Wirr will do the trick. She will trust me again.'
'What if she won't?'
'She will. If she wants her Mouse back.'
'Her little love toy?'
'yeah... you can call him like that...'


Something was fishy about this; O'Connell wiped the guards out and no one called for help. Wirr paid enough attention to understand that something was wrong. But for the time being, it was good. At least she was free and without shackles around her wrists and feet. For reinsurance she felt her lower abdomen. Her heart told her the child was still alive and that Rimfire was still alive. Maybe... just maybe they could manage to escape this place.

All sorts of thoughts run through her brain as she followed her traitorous Sensei through the corridors of the prison; left, right, left, left again and again left, right, downstairs, two more stairs and through the door to the right downstairs again... How many stairs did this place count? Wirr forgot as she run right behind him. In Japanese he said something about garage and motorcycles, but all she wanted was Rimfire and a chance to fix her mistakes.

Wirr felt like an idiot, when she run into her Sensei's back and slumped limply to the ground. O'Connell rubbed his back. He had forgotten that she had a very rare bone disease: Osteogenesis Perfecta. It made her bones as hard as steel; almost unbreakable. O'Connell once by accident cut her wrist. With that much force, as he yielded his samurai sword, he should have cut of her hand. But in stead, he only damaged her main artery and a his blade. Painful grunting he rubbed his shoulders, as Wirr rubbed her painful nose.

In the garage were the lights dimmed. Tools were everywhere, neatly ordered and placed in order. Fluids, oils and gasoline stood beneath shelves, on top of those shelves stood little cans filled with other fluids or air... All sorts of machinery and tools to repair and create were sorted out in the large garage.

This was a place Wirr could only dream about. O'Connell had spoken the truth. Inside the garage, in the middle, underneath the dimmed lights of the lamps, stood two gigantic motorcycles. They were similar to each other, and matched the motorcycles of the Martian Freedom Fighters perfect. Wirr almost drooled when she saw that the motorcycles came to life. 'complete with AI's, blade storage and lasers for your boyfriend.' O'Connell saw she was happy with those, 'You do remember their manoeuvres, don't you?' Wirr gave him a small nod, she did remember. 'Remember the simulators and the computer games? That the controls of the Nintendo gave you the same backfire and trouble when you yielded those blades?'
Again, Wirr nodded. Lost in trance, she walked to the motorcycles and touched one of them. The motorcycle hummed as a welcome, 'How do they work?'
'The same as normal motorcycles, only these are manoeuvred with weight. No more trouble driving them properly. You can do this... it's easy. Remember.'
/ 'But this is not simulating...' /a little insecurity came in her voice, 'What about my companion?'
The man in black smiled at her, 'We'll free him. Just follow me.' He hopped on the other motorcycle; immediately it started, just by the weight of the man. The engine hummed soft, 'Just like the simulator Wirr!' He pushed a button on the control panel and lasers shove out on the sides of the motorcycles. With a gentle touch at the handles he fired and the walls in front of him were blasted to smithereens. 'Follow me, Wirr!' He yelled at her. Wirr raised an eyebrow. If this was truly this easy... no. This wasn't easy. This was another trap, to break Rimfire and get her killed like a traitor. But on the other hand... Wasn't Wirr known for her stubbornness and head strong attitude? Didn't she tried things out until it worked?

Quickly she hopped onto the motorcycle, this one started right away and she blew the outer walls to smithereens either. Gentle she adjusted her weight and revved the motorcycle. She went back to were she came from. The prison.

Balancing on the last wheel, she made her way upstairs, the motorcycle roared loud as she revved it up, time and time again. Finally she was back at her prison cell. O'Connell did his work perfect, all the guards were dead; slaughtered. She stood with one foot on the blood soaked ground; her other foot rested on the motorcycle. From the simulators she remembered that there was a button for the storage of blades, this one perhaps? The two sides in the front of the motorcycle popped open and two blades - one at each side - were shown to her. With the left hand she would continue to drive, and the other held the blade. The two sides closed as she took the blade out of the right storage part. Then she revved the motorcycle again and disappeared into the dark corridors of the 55th floor of the prison.

Damn... this is truly a Martian motorcycle... it has everything! Storage room for blades, rifles and guns, high speed, weight controlled manoeuvrability, extremely powerful atomic engine, lasers... this is everything I need to help Rimfire and correct my mistakes. Then... Then... I don't know what we'll do. If there is still an us left...

Still, this was way to easy for Wirr. No one at the corridors, no one to stand guard, no one to question why the heck she drove the motorcycle through the corridors, in her way to... whereto anyway?

For a minute she stood still, both her feet on the ground. 'NEZUMI!' She cried through the corridors, but there was no answer. Not even gunfire. Wirr tried again, and again, before she fell silent. Maybe he wasn't here after all?
'NEZUMI!' Rimfire's voice roaring through the corridors, 'NEZUMI!' and as fast as she could, she sped up, made a wheelie and drove straight through the walls in her way to Rimfire.


'So... you're name is Nezumi?' the Catatonian turned to Rimfire, 'And you call out for Nezumi?' with a heated knife in his hands, 'Well... it means Mouse... you know that? And you... my dear pest... Will no longer resemble a Mouse when I am done with you...' He grabbed on of Rimfire's antennas and jerked it, 'you will resemble an Earth like Mouse...'

Just as the Catatonian tried to cut of his antenna, a huge motorcycle busted through the wall; bricks flew around and the front wheel of the motorcycle dropped on the head of the torturer.
'Nezumi...' Her heart broke into thousands of shards when she saw Rimfire chained to the table.
'Nezumi...' he whispered to her, 'Why'd ya came back?'

Tears fell from her eyes when she saw his battered and hurt body. Blood plastered to his once so creamy fur, guts and lashes everywhere and the disgusting scent of burned flesh and fur. He coughed loud and rasping, as if his lungs or windpipe was damaged. Careful with a sai, she cut through the leather shackles that held him chained to the table. Then she tried to lift him of the table, but the Mouse was to heavy for her.
'A little help here...'she grunted as she tried to make him stand on his feet. As if the motorcycle understood her words, it circled around. The rear end was near Rimfire and Wirr, and Wirr helped him climb up the motorcycle.
Rimfire didn't ask any questions about the motorcycle, he coughed loud and rough, and as Wirr climbed upon the motorcycle, he held her waist faintly. Immediately, the motorcycle started and Wirr made her exit by busting through the walls again. The motorcycle beeped a warning, she had reached the outer wall. She revved the motorcycle, went to five and with a thundering blast of the lasers, she blasted her way out through the wall.

But what happened next, wasn't well thought off. She was still at the 55th floor... and now sailing through the sky. Panic struck her mind as she tried to figure a way out.
'Push the... motorcycle... down and fire the rockets...' Rimfire whispered to her in pain. The panic faded with his soft voice and she did as he told her to do. She fired the motorcycle, flames shot from the exhaust pipes. It gave her enough power to make a soft landing in the sand...

Wirr huffed in fear as she rested on the sand. The landing was successful, but this wasn't something she wanted to do every day.
'I suggest... that you... do.... Your best right now....' Rimfire said in pain, coughed again, 'Go..'
She felt his tail swirled around her waist and his body that slumped against her back, he was in danger and Wirr feared for his life. With one gentle kick-start, she sped up and gained speed faster as she dropped to sixth gear. The little windshield held a perfect scan form her surroundings; like in the simulator. Avoiding every little obstacle with only the use of her weight. For once, her big butt came in handy, so she thought. She felt Rimfire's almost limp body as he tried to hold a grip onto her.

Suddenly the scanner showed her several troops moving fast towards her. There was only one mountain ridge between her and the moving troops. Wirr knew that in order to get Rimfire into safety, she maybe had to fight. In silence she prayed that it wouldn't be necessary. As she came closer to the small ridge of the valley below, she heard more motorcycles. Again, she prayed that these were the Freedom Fighters Alliance and not some idiotic Sand Raiders troops. But... she had to admit to herself, these troops moving onwards... there were just to many and there weren't so many Sand Raiders. Or these had to be Rats. But Rats didn't drove motorcycles, or did they? Well, only one way to find out!

Wirr took the motorcycle into overdrive, drove off the ridge and made a perfect landing in the sands below in the valley. From what she could see, these were Mice! Martian Freedom Fighters on motorcycles! And all the guns were pointed at them.


In another part of the desert O'Connell finally came to a stop. He took op his helmet and gazed around. He was alone. Completely alone. Why didn't she follow him? Didn't she want to go home? Didn't she cared about her old Sensei? Didn't he freed her after all?
A deep animal like roar came from his throat. What little animal life was present, fled. The roar echoed through the desert. Then he revved his motorcycle up again and went back to the base. He would strike Wirr there where he could strike her the best and hardest: through her child. And since humans carried children for nine months and had the worst labour ever, he had to wait. She was about three months, so that meant six months of making perfect plans... if he was allowed to make perfect plans...

Cataclysm needed her for his own plans. The way of fighting of O'Connell and Wirr was different, and good enough to train other Catatonians, so they could win this war against them Mice. With only one old mentor at their side and Wirrenth on the side of the Mice, the Catatonians were doomed to loose...


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